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بسم الله
في هذا الثريد ستكون ثاني خطوة لك في طريقك الى الذكورية
فضلا اقرا الثريد الاول قبل قراءة هذا الجزء،،
احذرك قبل القراءة ان هذا الثريد قد يحتوي على معلومات لن تعجبك وقد تكون مؤذية لك لكن كلها مثبتة علميا
(اكرر لا تتحمل الحقائق المؤلمة لا تكمل القراءة)
دائما نسمع ويقال لنا : ان المراة هي امك هي اختك هي بنتك ومن هالكلام الكثير،،
الكلام هذا على السطح يبدو ان صاحبه يذكرك بصلة القرابة بيننا الذكور وبين الاناث، وكاننا كنا نعتقد انهم حيوانات وليسو بشر مثلا.......
........ المعلومة السابقة ولو انها بديهية بشكل كوميدي
الا انها تستخدم دائما في سبيل الوعض ولكي نتعامل بحذر واحترام وادب مع الجنس المقدس (الحريم™)
ومافيه احد يتجرا ويقول للحريم ان الرجل هو ابوها واخوها الخ.......
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#RedPill Time.

Note the title of the book. Epstein definitely had a secret life.

He had blackmail material on the powerful.

Who was he an operative for?

Mossad, like Maxwell's father?

The Council on Foreign Relations?

The CIA?

Everyone who paid him?

#qanon #maga #wwg1wga
What was the thesis of #Pizzagate, really?

Powerful people in Washington, DC and elsewhere abused and trafficked children.

With what we know now, is this so hard to believe?

Vatican. Jimmy Savile. Denny Hastert. Epstein. Clinton. Prince Andrew. NXIVM.

#maga #qanon #wwg1wga
What is the primary thesis of #QAnon?

There is a global conspiracy to subvert democracy for power and profit.

Isn't blackmail an EXCELLENT means of doing this?

Isn't there plenty of motive?

#maga #qanon #wwg1wga
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1. My deepest dig. I believe I've found the meaning behind many of #Q's latest drops, establish what recent events are all about and why they're happening. You must understand, this is NOT a game. We are at war. They've killed to stop what's happening.

2. We see in #QDrop #3570 that the meaning of [C] and [D] has been cleared up. [C]oats before [D]eclas. But, the rest of the drop may still be a mystery. I hope I can help.
"The month of AUGUST is traditionally very HOT.
You have more than you know.
3. Each year congress takes several extended breaks. Right now they're out for the August break and will return September 9th. Something most people don't understand is that these people are protected from arrest for most crimes while they're in session.

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1. @realDonaldTrump tweets on January 31st, 2014 and it MAY fall directly in line on the #QClock with today's QDROP of a tweet from the Pope about human trafficking. The name "GodFatha702" is in Trump's post, and Q drops "GodfatherIII" regarding the Pope's tweet. Coincidence?
2. GodFatha, like Godfather as in GodfatherIII? And 702, like the FISA bill that was abused to spy on DJT and others during the 2016 election?

And, an @realDonaldTrump tweet, even before his presidency, with just 9 retweets and 11 likes?

9/11 huh? All just coincidence, right?
3. The #QClock. Here it is, then a zoomed in portion to show you where I'm looking with some markers to show you what I see. Folks, I will READILY ADMIT, I do not pretend to understand the clock. But, I see January 31st and July 30th in the same line as "55" seconds. 55 = 5:5?
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بسم الله وعلى بركة الله،،
هذا الثريد هو أول خطواتك للذكورية،
إذا كنت شخص ضعيف نفسيا ولا تتحمل الحقائق المؤلمة أو كنت نسوية أو كلب زينة من فضلك توقف عن القراءة ورح شف شغلة تنفعك...
وإذا كنت رجل قوي نفسيا وتبحث عن الحقيقة استمر في القراءة، انا على وشك اعطيك ما يعرف بالـ #Redpill
كرجل انت واحد من اهم اهدافك في حياتك هو انك تتزوج وتنشئ عائلة ولهذا كثير منا تحت ضغط انه يطور نفسه ويلقى وظيفة محترمة ويقوم بتكوين نفسه وجعل نفسه مرغوب من الجنس المقدس (الحريم™) ،،
الحصول على الوظيفة والمنزل والمال كثير مننا يقوم به بهدف اساسي وهو جذب جنسي، الى جانب اشياء اخرى
لكن المؤسف هنا هو انك كرجل، معظم اللي قيل لك انه يجذب الجنس الاخر وانه وصفة لعلاقة زوجية واسرية سعيدة وناجحة هو عبارة عن "اكاذيب" وكلام فارغ بل وله نتائج عكسية راح تنعكس عليك وتتسبب في دمارك النفسي والمادي.......
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Jim Jordan! #BOOOOOM!


AND of course, NADLER stepped in and stopped Jordan. Folks...there's some SERIOUS #RedPill statements going on today!
@Jim_Jordan I sincerely hope that someday I am able to buy you a beer sir, or iced tea or coffee or whatever you're having!

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1a. FILM: The MATRIX UNLOADED is playing again! Watch on AMC TV or online.
Great movies, replays now & throughout the day.…

#Trump @realDonaldTrump #Qanon #WWG1WGA
#TheMatrix #RedPill #Wakeup
1b. FILM: . #News ~ Also 'The Bourne Ultimatum' reruns on AMC TV today or watch Online. Another GREAT movie!

"Jason Bourne dodges a ruthless C.I.A. official and his Agents from a new assassination"…

#Trump @realDonaldTrump #Qanon #WWG1WGA
2. FILM: #Q

Coincidence the Matrix (movie) grew people as a crop, used for energy, and controlled their mind?
Sound familiar?
Wonder where they derived that idea from.

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I went on a dive simply to find info to out Alyssa Milano as the obnoxiously divisive paid for mouth piece she is, so we don't have to hear her irrelevant name again and again. GUESS what I found...

(&reply w/your finds below plz. Let's hold up the mirror for her)

Those Who Scream the Loudest, right?
She was part of that child actor group Corey Feldman keeps talking about as having been used as sex slaves. Milano dated Corey Haim from '87-90 (whom Feldman alledges was severly raped & abused again&again until he eventually died)
Milano is now married to David Bugliari of Creative Artists Agency(CAA) representing Joe Biden across all areas including his initiative to end cancer&the Biden Foundation as well as 'Cait' Jenner, Oprah, Beyonce, Jimmey Fallon, Colbert, Miley Cyrus, Lady Gaga, Alec Baldwin...
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1. #RedPill time! "The 2020 US census won't include a citizenship question...a huge victory for activists, who argued that adding it would scare millions of immigrants off of filling out their mandatory surveys and skew the population counts used to draw Congressional districts.
2. "Activists" = liberals. They readily admit without the ILLEGAL immigrants being involved in the census, the Republican party will show dominance in voting districts. Whichever party dominates a district will earn that districts electoral college vote.…
3. Democrats know that pro-conservative/Republican influence is growing through grass roots, PATRIOT movements and that America is being #RedPilled at an alarming rate. This is only happening because Americans are waking up to democrat establishment lies. #MAGA is growing!
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1. PAY ATTENTION: “Federal authorities are warning that white supremacists and other political radicals could look to attack Independence Day revelers on July 4, noting in a bulletin to law enforcement around the country that domestic terrorists ‘have attacked perceived...
2. ...oppressors, opponents, or enemies engaged in outdoor First Amendment-protected rallies or protests during past summers,’” reports ABC News.…

I'm about to give you everything you need to understand the PLAN that is about to unfold.
3. Remember...WE HAVE IT ALL, which means we have their play book.

Also from the Hannity article: "“A U.S. military airstrike Sunday struck an Al Qaeda leadership and training facility in northern Syria where militants were ‘plotting external attacks’ against American...
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🕵Hey #WalkAway movement. Can I ask you something?

Do you know about #Q?

Do you follow #QAnon?

I'm just wondering because waking up from the democrat/media lies and walking away is and #Awakening (#RedPill).

Did you keep digging?

What are you thoughts on Q?
Who is Q?

Q is a movement to stop globalism. A one world government would give one person (or small group) control over the world.

Our Constitution would be void. We wouldn't have it anymore. Our freedom wouldn't be up to us.

Go to Qmap●pub and dig (research).
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Optics = Ability To Red Pill.

Red pilling can be a delicate process. The right words & topics have to be picked.

You are trying to interrupt a life long thought process. Don't try to make them see, try and get them to look.

When trying to #RedPill the masses, every move
...has to be calculated. You have to be patient, timing is everything. Each chess move has to be timed.

People will lead you to what they want to talk about, let them. The topic they care most about can be the best one to red pill them with. They might research that topic
...trying to prove you wrong.

If you are talking to someone that doesn't like Trump, don't talk about #Trump or anyone they support. There are a million of red pills, give them the right ones. Jumpstart the "think for self" mechanism in their brain.

When I'm talking to
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The things I do for pussy.
Now she’s crying.
She just said, she hates being beautiful.
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#1 So today on my way to the airport I got to #RedPill my driver. He is a Legal immigrant and he said he doesn’t really like Trump, I said why he said bcuz he doesn’t like everything he does. I said how’s the economy he said great I said no miles from NK he agreed
#2 I said thought about people crossing illegal since you did it the right way he said I hate it not fair I said Trump is trying to Chamge that for us he agreed. He then told me about in Queens how it’s horrible there and people are suffering. I said take a look at anywhere
#3 that the Democrats are in control it ends up being riddled with crime poverty and homelessness he said wow you are right. He then starte saying many great things about @realDonaldTrump and I said who are you going to vote for in #2020 he said #Trump2020 and thanked me.
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The #CIAclowns have their hands literally in everything that is wrong in this world. #JFK knew this & was literally killed 4 wanting to completely dismantle the organization. What did he know? Let's look👀.…

They call it an alleged operation but those #RedPill poppers 😁 know the #Truth. #OperationMockingbird was a full scale deceive the population into being divisive, angry, hateful & in constant fear. #Q #Dark2Light…

It's said that the operation was stopped but seeing what we do in today's media it's done exactly the opposite. #OperationMockingbird had grown into full fledged deceit throughout all #FakeNewsMedia
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@Ilhan who I don't care for personally, made so-called controversial statements about #AIPAC and "#Israel's evil doings"... which are NOT FALSE.

Below I will give you irrefutable 'doings' and you tell me if they are good or evil in this #RedPill mega thread.
In 1967, Israel attacked the USS liberty, injuring and killing our sailors. They did this even after learning that it was our ship. Why did they do it? In order to trick us into joining their war. It failed, but still happened. Is this a good doing or evil doing?
In 2003, an Israeli bulldozer operator ran over AMERICAN CITIZEN Rachel Corrie for protesting against the illegal settlement expansions. Now imagine if Iran or Syria ran over an american citizen with a bulldozer. Israel got away with it and no one cares. Good doing or evil doing?
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🕵Message 2 #Patriots/#QAnons

The stage has been set for #Trump in 2020 and our #enemy knows it. [They] will do anything to stop it.

We know [they] want a #CivilWar and that [they] are trying to set it up. A #Trump2020 win will put [them] in an all or nothing position.
The only move they have left is civil war. Rip the #country apart and we wont look at [#them].

Watch your backs. Be ready for anything. See something say something.

The tables have been turned. We are #winning. [2020] is [their] #lastStand.
As we bring #DarkToLight, remember that it is always darkest before the #light.

Not only do [#they] know it's [their] last chance, [they] have the #sleepers convinced it's theirs.

Some people are only #enemy's because they are #trained to think #Patriots/#DigitalSoldiers are.
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🇺🇸HUGE! James O’Keefe Strikes Again! Releases PROOF of Facebook Targeting and Censoring Conservative Publishers! (VIDEO)
This information describes how Facebook engineers plan and go about policing political speech
🇬🇧 #NationalPopulist
🇺🇸 Andrew Breitbart: In Remembrance | National Review
🇺🇸 I was about to go to Confession in Jerusalem when I learned that my friend Andrew Breitbart had suddenly died, seven years ago today

🍕 #Pizzagate #PodestaBros #FactsMatter
🇬🇧 #WeAreQ
🇺🇸 Prepare to See a Whole Lot More of Don Jr.
The presidential son makes the case for his father better than his father can. 🔗…
Don Jr.’s appearance was headlined on the agenda as simply “Live.”
🇺🇸#WeThePeople #GreatAwakening #Qanon
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2. #QDrop #2737 gives an article correcting a false statement about the border security bill.

Correction = integrity…?

Video from Hannity sets it straight. The bill does NOT provide for amnesty. 1:35 mark.

3. In multiple drops, Q says #CarefulWhoYouFollow


"Why do so-called Patriots challenge this?
Careful who you follow.

An internet bill of rights to solidify free speech! Only the ignorant or a dictator would fight it!…
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& quote: the five stages of grief is an apt model for describing awakening to the red pill. people do not always go through all the 5 stages, on occasion they will enter directly into the anger stage, often as a result of coming face to face with #redpill truths in their lives.
often the result of such manifests either in the form of depression, bargaining or anger, that serves to jolt the person from their social conditioning.
the 5 stages of red pill 💊: denial, anger, bargaining, depression, acceptance.
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1. #QDrop #9 is epic. Surprisingly enough, a LOT of #PATRIOTS in #QAnon have avoided weighing in on it. Others have given counsel on it that I find highly suspect or just plain wrong. Sometimes it may be better to just read it, pray, and think before breaking it down.
2. I'm think I'm ready! One line at a time, and like always, these are just my opinions.


I'm going out on a limb here by heavily defining this word. Merriam Webster is probably the most trusted source for definitions so here's their take:
3. Projection can mean ALL SORTS OF THINGS can't it! It is important to note too, #Q does NOT give pretext here. Q does NOT tell us what manner to use in approaching this word in this drop. It is important to understand, at other times, Q DOES tell us what approach to use.
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1. Breaking down #QDrop #5!
You all know I'm just giving my opinions on what I think these drops mean. This one is SO pertinent to today! Check it out #QAnon, one line at a time.

"Follow the money, it’s the key." - Can we all say this is absolute truth?
2. Q reminds us repeatedly throughout the is everything to these people. Money buys allegiance and control and power. We'll look at some of the drops associated with big money.

Please don't leave this thread till you see me write "End".

VERY important info!

There's a list here of what Q says are THE puppet masters. Their wealth and their connections have orchestrated life on this planet as we know it today. They have "pulled the strings" of world events, they are "The Powers That Be". And, they are evil.
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WHAT IF Chernobyl was a hoax ?

WHAT IF: A small explosion was made, and billions of dollars of highly enriched uranium stolen?

The animals and plants are all thriving now. Cancer rates in humans are far lower than expected.

Gardens on #RockyFlats ?…
1998 - Al Gore visits Chernobyl. Looking relaxed. Handmade suits used in 1987 to cleanup the waste ?
How much more #RedPill can you handle?

Have you had enough ?

Nuclear danger is a HOAX!!! It is only heat! via @YouTube
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1. I want to finish #QDrop #2 before I move on. To be honest, the work load of going through these is massive. I wish I would've started a year ago! But, I will BRIEFLY discuss the rest of this drop.

#QAnon #WWG1WGAWORLDWIDE #RedPill #PeacefulResearch
2. "Who has ultimate authority over our branches of military w\o approval conditions unless 90+ in wartime conditions?"

POTUS can. It has happened several times.…
3. What is the military code? - Despite some people saying this is the Uniform Code of Military Justice which equates to military law,, I believe Q is actually referring to the military communication code which is used in drops frequently.…
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