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🧵#Bioinformatics in #drug #discovery and development, a THREAD🧵🧵:
#Bioinformatics is playing an increasingly important role in the discovery and development of new #drugs. In this thread, we'll explore how #bioinformatics is being used to identify new targets for drug intervention and optimize drug design.
One key aspect of #bioinformatics in drug discovery is the identification of potential #drug #targets.
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(1/6) In the new RDG organisation, The Blue Horse Squadron will be our Fire Support squadron. It will contain 4 x specialist Troops, with expert #soldiers in each field.

Want to know what they are? Read on…

@TheIronFist @3rdUKDivision @RoyalArmdCorps
#Future #Soldier
(2/6) #Sniper Troop will contain the Regiment’s snipers & #marksmen.

Trained in stealthy #Reconnaissance and able to kill high value #targets at extreme ranges, Sniper Troop are also responsible for Counter-Sniper ops, and are the Regiment's DCC marksmanship experts.

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(3/6) #Surveillance Troop will contain the Regiment’s experts in the use of spotter #drones, #cameras and sensor equipment.

Masters of the ‘sub-surface Observation Post’ they are the Regiment’s OBUA (#Urban warfare) and #SERE (Survive, Evade, Resist, Extract) experts

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1/x. Mijn #Analyse in een "draadje" inzake de #Euraziatische #Geopolitieke situatie &
de inschatting van de waarschijnlijke situatie
(#Tactisch) op korte termijn (#Targets),
gebaseerd op alle nu beschikbare informatie.
De kaart bevat de samenvatting.
De bevolking is erg verdeeld. Image
2/x. In 't Noorden & Oosten meer #Europees, in 't Zuiden & Oosten meer #Russisch.
Na uitschakeling van luchtafweer, luchtmacht +
andere #Militaire Infrastructuur, blijken voor de hand liggende directe doelen te zijn:
1. Inlijven van de rest van #Donbass.
2. Landbrug naar #Krim, Image
3/x. de kust van de Zee van Azov.
Zowel vanuit Donetsk (Mariopol), als vanuit Krim.
3. Havenstad Odessa, vanuit zee en vanaf de Krim.
4. De rest van de Zwarte Zee kust en aansluiting op Moldavië en Transnistrië.
Ook mogelijk:
5. De rest van Oekraïne Oost van de Dnjepr. Image
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Since takeover of Kabul by the Taliban on 15 August, #ISKP claimed 28 high&low profile attacks mainly in Kabul, Nangarhar, Kunar&Parwan provinces.
While 2 attacks were recorded in 2nd half of Aug., both in Kabul, in Sep. there were 23 attacks& in Oct. up to now, the number is 3.
Distribution of all 28 attacks in provinces was as follow:
Nangarhar (Mainly #Jalalabad City): 17
#Kabul: 5
Kunar: 3
Parwan: 3
Types of #ISKP attacks: With exception of two Suicide & one Rocket attack (IDF), other attacks mainly included IED detonations, shootings & few ambushes.
#Targets of ISKP attacks:
While civilians were directly&indirectly affected by the ISKP attacks, the group mainly targeted Taliban in their all 28 attacks except the 2 against Kabul International Airport (one suicide&another an IDF attack, where Taliban were not primary targets).
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The evolution of the #RStats script (a thread).

1. You make some analysis with a R script.
You want to share it with some collaborator so she can explore and review the code, propose modifications, fixes, improvements, etc. You send the script by e-mail, along with the data
Problem: The script is not portable. She needs to substitute some platform-specific packages and functions and modify all paths to the data and to various files. When she sends back her edits, you need to manually revert those changes back again so that it works at your place.
2. The project directory.

You organise files in a directory with a standard structure (src, data, reports) and only use relative paths. You adopt UTF-8 encoding and cross-platform packages and functions.
Your collaborator sends a document reporting and discussing the results.
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 03/17/2021…
Covid-19’s harm reduction lesson: Ask people to be careful, not perfect - Vox…

#reduction #COVID19
Understanding Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs)

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My interview w/ @GrecianFormula:

With its continued dev't of #ASBMs & associated targeting architecture, #China continues to work on changing the game in #SCS & beyond—but so too does US w/ its own developments & countermeasures.…
The game is afoot, and much is at stake.

But by no means is the game over for @USNavy, in the #SouthChinaSea or anywhere else.

My #BottomLine: there’s no cause for declinist defeatism.…
In @Princeton @PUPolitics's PhD program, I had many great colleagues, incl. @ChongJaIan; w/ @osmastro & @AdamPLiff to follow!

I focused my research on #Chinese #Aerospace Development. Historical summary:…

#BottomLine: PRC prioritized #ballistic #missiles.
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You’re familiar with the Los Angeles portrayed in #LaLaLand & #OnceUponATimeInHollywood. Maybe you’ve even seen #RebelWithoutACause & #SunsetBoulevard. These 15 movies, though, show a side of the city rarely caught on film
#TheExiles (1961) follows Native American twenty-somethings who move to L.A. They hang out on Bunker Hill and shop at Grand Central Market. Watch for sights of downtown before the stately Victorian homes were torn down to make room for office buildings
Peter Bogdanovich hit screens with #Targets, his 1967 directing debut set in the San Fernando Valley. The area’s garish mid-century look, by cinematographer Laszlo Kovacs and production designer Polly Platt, provides a saturated backdrop for the film
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10 years ago #DHS sent American law enforcement agencies an intelligence briefing warning of a rising threat of #domestic #RightWing #extremism, including #WhiteSupremacist #terrorism.
#economicrecession & election of America’s 1st #blackpresident fertile ground #radicalization
Military #veterans returning from #Iraq & #Afghanistan, would be attractive #targets for #recruitment, #Republican #politicians & #conservativepundits reacted with outrage & demanded a retraction. The small team of domestic terrorism analysts who had produced report was disbanded
and analysts were reassigned to study #Muslim #extremism, according to Daryl Johnson, the career federal intelligence analyst who had led the team, By the next year, Johnson had been forced out of the #DHS altogether..
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