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Pro-#Taliban accounts on Social Media:
"Right now, #ISKP Khawarij are under siege in #Jalalabad city, and a fierce clash/battle is going on."
#Nangarhar intelligence chief confirmed to media that 3 #kidnappers were killed & 2 more arrested in a raid against their hideout in Qasaba area of #Jalalabad City, last night.
#Taliban recently designating the #ISKP members as kidnappers/criminals.
Nangarhar media office officially confirmed that a Talibam operation against armed kidnappers in Qasaba area, in PD1 of Jalalabad City, resulted in the killing of 3 kidnappers, one TB fighter&a goldsmith kidnapped by those criminals. Two kidnappers were arrested&6 weapons seized.
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Since very early in the morning, #Taliban launched an operation against a suspected #ISKP hideout in #Jalalabad City. The clash is still ongoing.
The sound of small arms fire, RPGs& other explosions heard by locals in the area.
Details of the incident will come later.
A pro-TB source released an alleged video of the ongoing clearing operation of the #Taliban agajnst an #ISKP hideout in #Jalalabad City:
Pro-TB sources:
"At least 4 #ISKP members, including a suicide bomber, were killed & Atta-u-Rehman, a well-known figure of the group, was arrested (in today's Taliban operation against their hideout in Jalalabad)."
Below is a video from the incident scene:
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#Extrajudicial_Killings in #Nangarhar:
"Last night, Haji Yunus was evicted from his house in Lalmi village of Chaparhar District&later killed in Saparo village.
Also, a man named Sakhi Dad originally from Khogyani, was beheaded in Surkh Rod district," Shinwari Kara News reported.
Meanwhile, the same source reported that "Unidentified gunmen shot dead a man near the 40-meter road in PD4 of #Jalalabad City, today evening."
No details are available about the identity of the victim & the reason behind his killing yet.
#ISKP claimed responsibility for yesterday's #shooting incident in PD4 of #Jalalabad City:
"Caliphate soldiers targeted a member of the intelligence of the #Taliban in PD4 (of Jalalabad City), in #Nangarhar (Province), with automatic weapon, which led to his death."
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@EnikassT Reports:
* Unidentified gunmen shot dead 3 people in #Jalalabad today.
A few minutes ago, three people were shot dead by unknown gunmen in Daman area of Behsud/ Jalalabad's PD8.
* #Taliban / #IEA banned the movement of armed men, incl. TB, in rickshaws in #Nangarhar. ImageImage
Meanwhile, @sw989fm reported about an #explosion in PD2 of #Jalalabad City today. Hospital sources confirmed that they received at least three dead bodies from the incident scene.
Another source said that two explosions, followed by gunfire, were heard.
#ISKP claimed Sunday's #explosion in #Jalalabad:
"Caliphate soldiers targeted a Taliban vehicle in PD4 of Jalalabad City on Sunday, by detonating an IED, which led to the killing& wounding of 3 TB&damage to the vehicle."
Note: Conflict in number of police district (PD) is normal. Image
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#Explosion(s) against Taliban vehicle(s) on outskirts of #Jalalabad City in #Nangarhar Province today...
Details of casualties to come later...
#ISKP claimed responsibility for yesterday's #explosion against a #Taliban vehicle on outskirts of #Jalalabad City:
"Caliphate soldiers targeted a vehicle of the Taliban in PD8 of Jalalabad, by detonating an explosive device, which damaged it & killed& wounded those TB on board." Image
In yesterday's #ISKP claimed explosion in #Jalalabad, Abdul Karim, a civilian, was also among the casualties (killed). He repotedly left behind a wife and seven children, including six daughters and one son (below you can see the photo of the victim and his son).
@ziaryaad Image
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While one person was shot killed by unknown gunmen today morning in #Jalalabad, @bsarwary now reported about 12 hanged bodies in various parts of the city.
#Extrajudicial_killings in Jalalabad is a new normal but 12 hanged bodies in one day, if confirmed, will be a shocking news. Image
#ISKP claimed responsibility for today morning's target killing of an alleged #Taliban intelligence agent in #Jalalabad City:
"Caliphate soldiers targeted a member of the intelligence of the Taliban, in PD5 of Jalalabad City, with pistol shots, which led to his death." Image
#Target_killings in #Nangarhar Province continue. Shinwari Kara News reported about two new incidents in the province, as follow:
1. On Thursday evening, at 07:00 PM, unknown gunmen shot and killed a person in Farm-e Adda area of PD6 in #Jalalabad. No more details are available. Image
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Shinwari Kara News:
"Two incidents took place in #Jalalabad today. In the 1st explosion, Mawlawi Mubarez, #Taliban's director for Nangarhar NGOs, escaped unhurt but his 2 comrades were killed.
A roadside IED detonated in Behsud/PD8 against TB, killing 1 child& wounding 2 others." Image
The first incident of today in PD1 of #Jalalabad City was not an explosion but an armed attack by unknown gunmen, that killed two Taliban, as reported by @EnikassT. Image
#ISKP claimed responsibility for the armed attack in PD1 of #Jalalabad City yesterday:
"The soldiers of the Caliphate targeted two members of the Taliban, in PD1 of Jalalabad City, with automatic weapons, which led to their killing." Image
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Since takeover of Kabul by the Taliban on 15 August, #ISKP claimed 28 high&low profile attacks mainly in Kabul, Nangarhar, Kunar&Parwan provinces.
While 2 attacks were recorded in 2nd half of Aug., both in Kabul, in Sep. there were 23 attacks& in Oct. up to now, the number is 3.
Distribution of all 28 attacks in provinces was as follow:
Nangarhar (Mainly #Jalalabad City): 17
#Kabul: 5
Kunar: 3
Parwan: 3
Types of #ISKP attacks: With exception of two Suicide & one Rocket attack (IDF), other attacks mainly included IED detonations, shootings & few ambushes.
#Targets of ISKP attacks:
While civilians were directly&indirectly affected by the ISKP attacks, the group mainly targeted Taliban in their all 28 attacks except the 2 against Kabul International Airport (one suicide&another an IDF attack, where Taliban were not primary targets).
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Infographic of the latest issue of Islamic State's Al-Naba weekly: #ISKP once again topped the casualties list with 36 killed&wounded during the last week, but with 11 attacks, in number of attacks took 2nd position after Iraq. A next page of Al-Naba shows details of all attacks. ImageImage
The #infographic of the 307th issue of Al-Naba weekly of ISIS is showing that #ISKP with 10 attacks& 100 casualties, is on the 2nd position after Iraq in number of attacks& on the 1st position in number of casualties, among all Islamic State provinces during the last 1 week.
#AFG Image
News of #ISKP took the front page of the latest issue of Al-Naba weekly.
Also, one&half pages in the weekly are allocated to the news of Khurasan (#AFG), that mainly consists of ISKP attacks against #Taliban.
Al-Naba also confirmed Taliban raids on ISKP hideouts in Parwan&Kabul. ImageImage
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Recently, I noted that the #incidents &developments in #Afghanistan, even in big cities, remain un-reported.
Yesterday& today, in two separate #explosions in #Mazar-e Sharif City of #Balkh Province, several civilians were wounded (&one child killed). Image
@ZabihGhazi wrote yesterday:
"The Taliban say the whole country is safe, but in the east there are explosions&killings.
Today a bomb exploded in Kama district, #Nangarhar&Mullah Imam was shot dead in (Qarghayee) #Laghman." ImageImageImage
In the comments on @ZabihGhazi's post we read the below unauthenticated news about other incidents:
...a young man was beheaded in Chaparhar district of Nangarhar Province...
...a head cut from the body was found in Jalalabad City and it was not clear where the body was located..
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1. On 19 September, following weeks of inactivity, #ISKP once again started reporting attacks from #Afghanistan.

That day alone, it claimed seven operations—this is the largest number of attacks reported by #ISKP in a single day in years.
2. This spate of attacks has so far focused on what #IS is calling the ‘apostate #Taliban militia.’

It appears to signal the start of the new, reinvigorated #Afghanistan campaign that #IS first said was on the horizon back in August.
3. Notably, aside from #ISKP’s two attacks on #KIA at the end of August, it had been entirely inactive in #Afghanistan until this week.

The last time it went dark for that long was in June/July 2020.
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📡✈️ I wrote an article about how aircraft traffic situational awareness can be improved by capturing aircraft transponder signals, using open source-based software defined radio receivers

Let's consider the Islamic Emirate of #Afghanistan's airspace

cc @TGhazniwal2 @TGhazniwal
Here's what I wrote last time about #Iraq, and how to improve aircraft traffic situational awareness over Iraq, by capturing the transponder transmissions the aircraft are broadcasting. #ModeS #ADSB #ADSBexchange… Image
The largest cities in Afghanistan are #Kabul, #Herat, #Mazar_e_Sharif, #Kandahar, and #Jalalabad. If any cities in #Afghanistan were to have telecom infrastructure and internet access, it's those five cities. Image
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⚡DERNIERE MINUTE - #Afghanistan : Des manifestations anti-talibans ont lieu dans plusieurs villes du pays en ce moment. #talibans #Taliban #Islamisme #Islamistes #AlQaeda #Kabul #TalibanTerrorists
🔴ALERTE INFO - #Afghanistan : Des informations font état que les terroristes #talibans ouvrent le feu sur des manifestants à #Kaboul. Les manifestants protestent notamment parce que les #talibans ont changé leur drapeau national en un drapeau islamique. #Islamisme #Islamistes
⚡️DERNIERE MINUTE - #Afghanistan : Les #terroristes #Talibans tirent en l'air pour effrayer des manifestants qui protestent contre leur arrivée au pouvoir. #Islamisme #Islamistes #talibans #Taliban #AlQaeda #Kabul #TalibanTerrorists
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#BREAKING: People of #Afghanistan have started nationwide protests against #Taliban terrorist organization over changing their National flag to an Islamic one. This video is from #Jalalabad now. There are reports about Taliban terrorists opening fire at protesters in #Kabul!
#BREAKING: Protest against #Taliban over destruction of Statues and National symbols of #Afghanistan in #Bamyan. ImageImage
#BREAKING: People in #Nangarhar are protesting against #Taliban terrorists. They have removed Islamic flags of the terrorist group from the city center and have raised national flag of #Afghanistan again. There are reports about brutal suppression of the protesters by Taliban. Image
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Ennesimo thread sull’#Afghanistan. Stavolta sul serio non mi attendo tante notizie oggi, però conviene lo stesso riportarle in un thread unico. ⤵️
Qualcuno fa notare che una delle cause del caos enorme degli scorsi giorni possa essere stata la decisione affrettata degli americani di abbandonare #Bagram, un aeroporto molto più grande e difendibile di quello di #Kabu, ma anche più lontano da raggiungere dalla città va detto.
Gli americani hanno evacuato fino a ieri circa 1.100 americani con le loro famiglie ed attorno a 2.000 civili afghani che hanno ottenuto il SIV, visto speciale per immigranti dato a coloro che hanno collaborato con le truppe americane durante la missione in Afghanistan.
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#Jalalabad, the capital of Nangarhar province, 90 miles from Kabul, is the first provincial capital to fall to the #Taliban todau [15 AUG], and the 23rd overall.
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#Breaking :Taliban entered #Jalalabad city the capital of Nangarhar prvince…
#Taliban in Police headquarter of #Jalalabad
#Taliban #Nangarhar #Jalalabad
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● Les #Talibans sont ce samedi 14 aout soir à #CharAsyab, à 11 kilomètres au sud de #Kaboul
■ August 14, #Taliban reaches Char Asyab district, just 7 miles from the Afghan capital, #Kaboul…
Avec la chute ce samedi soir de #CharAsyab à 11 kms de #Kaboul, son siège est imminent et sa chute davantage question d'heures que des jours. Toutes les ambassades accélèrent les évacuations.
Une nouvelle nuit noire tombe sur l'Afghanistan. #Tristesse…
● Une panne d'électricité plonge #Kaboul dans le noir ce samedi 14 août soir, annonciateur probable du siège #Taliban.
■ A power outage plunged #Kabul into darkness on Saturday 14 August, a likely precursor to the taliban siege.
(( HT & Pic @RebeccaRambar ))
#AfghanistanBurning Image
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#Afghanistan 🇦🇫: thread aggiornamenti situazione dall’Afghanistan, sera del 14 agosto 2021.
Continua la fuga di uomini e mezzi dell’esercito afghano verso l’Uzbekistan dopo la caduta di Mazar-i-Sharif nelle mani dei #Talebani.
Aerei americani hanno condotto raid aerei contro le forze talebane presenti nell’aeroporto di #Kandahar nel sud del Paese.
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Catastrophic 72hrs for #Afghanistan, as the #Taliban capture 5 provincial capitals -- taking military bases, airports, emptying prisons etc.

The U.S. (then NATO) withdrawal is clearly an utter disaster, but that ship has sailed -- muted response from #Washington says everything.
#Taliban control in #Afghanistan:

Mid-April: 77 districts:
Early-August: 229 districts

Nearly 50% of provincial capitals are now under #Taliban threat.

(via @LongWarJournal) ImageImage
@LongWarJournal NEW -- Early reports emerging that the #Taliban may have just captured its 6th provincial capital in 4 days: #Aybak, in #Samangan.
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1. Most #Afghanistan analysis of late has been preoccupied with the strategic inroads being made by the #Taliban.

Meanwhile, #IS’s affiliate in #Afghanistan, #ISKP, has been experiencing a dramatic resurgence in the country, one that has gone almost entirely under the radar. Image
2. Yesterday, #ISKP reported 3 attacks, killing and injuring 44. The day before, it claimed to have killed/injured 20.

(While devastating, these ops are small compared to the 4 biggest of 2020, in which more people were killed than all other attacks combined since Jan '20.) Image
3. While #ISKP’s attacks in 2021 have so far been of a smaller scale than the biggest ops of last year, they are increasingly being targeted at civilians.

This graph shows how, since Jan '21, #ISKP has been walking back its war on the #ANDSF and focusing more on non-combatants. Image
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International Affairs /1-1
#Myanmar #Burma 🇲🇲
Myanmar's Generals
Run A Nearly Sanction-Proof
Long Before Seizing Control
Of The Streets
by @oanhha @jwf825
& Khine Lin Kyaw
MAY 11, 2021
International Affairs /1-2
#Myanmar #Burma 🇲🇲
- Area : 676.5K km²
- Population : 53.6 M
- Capital : #Naypyidaw
largest city : #Yangon
- #Bamar 68%
- #Shan 9%
- #Buddhism 88%
- #Christianity 6.2%
- #Islam 4.3%
#Burmese Image
International Affairs /1-3
#Myanmar #Burma 🇲🇲
- GDP (PPP) : US$355 B
Per capita : US$6.7 K
- #InformalEconomy :
one of the biggest in the world
- Rich in precious stones :
#Rubies 90% of world's
#Sapphires #Pearls #Jade
- #Tourism
- #Agriculture Image
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#Jalalabad #Afghanistan: Pics of the IS-K VBIED driver, inghimasi & support elements that took part in the attack against the main prison, claiming to free "hundreds" of ISIS prisoners, which is credible.

T3 AK/AKM/PK-variant MGs seen. Possible MG-1M, T69/RPG-7 w/ PG-7V/T69-1 ImageImageImage
What is outstanding however is what the mortar support team were armed w/- no less than 3x 82BM-37/Type 53 82mm mortars w/ 150+ (!) mortar bombs.

Both a dramatic failure of Afghan/coalition security forces & indicative of the considerable support/organsational presence of IS-K. Image
This still from a video released by IS with statements by the attackers shows more of their weapons- 8+ PG-7V/T69-1 RPG warheads (Mix of Soviet/Bulgarian and Chinese motors), hundreds of rounds of 7.62x54r, 3x RGD-5-pattern nades, ~18 F-1 pattern nades.

Suspect more not shown Image
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#Afghanistan l’#EI revendique l’attaque contre la prison de #Nangarhar #Jalalabad ImageImage
#Afghanistan (1) l’#EI donne +détails sur l’attaque de la prison de #Nangarhar « Abou Rawaha al-Mouhajir a s’est attaqué à l’entrée avec une voiture piégée puis les assaillants se sont attaqués aux portes, murs et miradors avec IED avant de se confronter aux gardes [...] » Image
#Afghanistan (2) « IED plantés le long de la route de la prison pour entraver les forces de soutien + attaque aux mortiers d’une base des croisés » l’#EI affirme avoir libéré « des frères des centaines de prisonniers musulmans » sous le slogan habituel « destruction des murs »
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