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#Brexit and the 🦏 corrupt political class in the UK, etc.
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Populist Wave in Europe Shows No Sign of Ebbing…
#TheresaMay, under whose tenure Trump was spied upon by MI6 ?
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Nigel Farage在英格兰领先
Marine Le Pen在法国领先


1.#NigelFarage 出生于1964年4月3日)是英国政治家,广播公司和政治分析师
目前担任 #Brexit 脱欧党 的领导人,2019年3月以来,欧洲议会成员自1999年以来英格兰东南部选区。
1a. #NigelFarage 除了他的脱欧党和欧洲议会议员职责之外,他还担任支持脱欧的组织“ Leave Means Leave, ”的副主席,并主持全球拥有的英国广播公司(LBC)的现场广播节目Nigel Farage Show.
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Across Britain, #NigelFarage is being hailed as a hero of the working class, sticking it to the elite. Let's take a look at the reality:
1. Farage's definition of being "skint" is receiving E100K a year as an MEP + the 6th-highest outside earnings of any member of the parliament
2. And that's before you count the undeclared donations from Arron Banks, exposed by Channel 4 News, that include:
- renting Farage a posh flat in Chelsea
- a fancy car with a driver
- luxury trips to the US
3. Farage's principal funder, Arron Banks, is (or claims to be) a multimillionaire. So is the chair of the Brexit Party, Richard Tice. It goes without saying that all three working-class heroes were privately educated.
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Vote for #Farage and get this. This man is Crispin Odey. He bankrolled #VoteLeave and made 220m when leave won by shorting the pound. Farage helped the markets to fluctuate when he 'conceded' the referendum early. You are being used to fill their pockets. #BrexitParty #EUElection
Odey also has links to Rees-Mogg. He helped Jacob set up his hedge fund, and also helped towards his election costs. They are all in this together, they pretend to care about the working-class, but in truth they are exploiting us to make more money.…
Thank you to everyone that has RT this so far, please keep sharing it, it may help some people change their minds about the #EUElections2019…
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Amongst the most tragic elements of the Brexit fraud is that Brexiters want to privatise the NHS & sell it to the companies in the US & UK who often fund them. Many Brexit voters are elderly low & middle income folk dependent on the #NHS - and yet they can’t see it.
I have covered the core financial motivation of the tax haven Brexit Fraud bastards here:

But the corollary of a low tax state is low spending, so this is why they want the #NHS gone, & on the way skimming a nice commission - a life time of NED fees.
The evidence is overwhelming, a desire to privatise #NHS is common. I think the NHS is our greatest achievement. The guarantee of universal healthcare free at the point of delivery was invented here & sets us apart as the greatest democratic society. But also it is crucial to
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9. Holocaust in Yemen caused by Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Egypt, Jordan, Kuwait, Senegal, Sudan, Somalia, Qatar, Morocco, US, France, UK, Canada, Australia,Germany
#Yemen #CrimesAgainstHumanity #WarCrime #Holocaust #YemenCantWait #YemenHolocaust #WorldHypocrisy
1. Holocaust in Yemen caused by Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Egypt, Jordan, Kuwait, Senegal, Sudan, Somalia, Qatar, Morocco, US, France, UK, Canada, Australia,Germany🤨👇🏼…
2. Holocaust in Yemen caused by Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Egypt, Jordan, Kuwait, Senegal, Sudan, Somalia, Qatar, Morocco, US, France, UK, Canada, Australia,Germany🤨👇🏼…
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As the #BrexitParty meets in #Fylde this afternoon with #NigelFarage #AnnWiddecombe, #ClaireFox and others, here's a thread on "The Brexit Party, the RCP and the Brighton bombing". 1/8
Ms Fox was a member of the RCP when the IRA planted a bomb at the Grand Hotel Brighton in 1984 where the Tory Party conference was taking place. 2/8…
The RCP view on the bombing was "We support unconditionally the right of the Irish people to carry out their struggle for national liberation in whatever way they choose". 3/8…
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Liquid is antifa. A medley of assorted fluids tossed at neo-Nazis & right-wing bigots: Milkshake on Tommy Robinson, coffee poured on Patrick Little & Alex Jones, water thrown at Tomi Lahren & Steve King, Princess Nokia dumping soup on racist, Liquid Ass sprayed on Richard Spencer
Anti-Fascist Liquid Action
Milkshake is antifa* #AntiFascistLiquidAction #MilkshakeDivision

*Cruelty-free/gluten-free/non-GMO/organic/ethically-sourced/vegan substitutes available: Soy, Rice, Almond, Coconut, Cashew, Hemp ...etc.
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With the news that "ex-communist" #ClaireFox is standing for the #BrexitParty of #NigelFarage (with the backing of @spikedonline - Ed. Brendan O'Neill), let's have a look at the views of the RCP/LivingMarxism/Spiked on Irish Republicanism over the years. 1/11
The RCP (aka RCT then) refused to "condemn or criticise the Birmingham bombings". (The Next Step. No. 3 1980) 2/11…
Indeed they held the view that only when "large numbers of British workers respond to IRA bombs with jubilation" would they consider criticising the Provos. (The Next Step No. 10. 1981) 3/11…
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I used to work in the City in big corporate life. I was a Tory donor and know a lot of hedge fund types. Now I run a couple of small businesses, one an old family export business, badly screwed by Brexit. I am angry about it, but even angrier about the lies surrounding Brexit
and the opposition parties inability to explain what has really gone on. It's complex, but I have tried to explain it here in this thread.
One of the biggest problems we face is that Mega Corps like Facebook, hedge fund managers like Crispin Odey and billionaires like James Dyson
just don’t pay their fair share of tax. If citizens in poor parts of the country feel aggrieved, it is NOT because a vanishingly small number of migrants are consuming their services. It is because the UK does not properly collect tax on a very large swathe of economic activity.
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When #NigelFarage left #UKIP he started to re-invent himself. He's not talking about immigration any more. He's talking about being the saviour of democracy, and leaving UKIP to be the extremists. He's trying to attract a more moderate voter. The polls seem to show this working
I wonder, if he does well if the #EuropeanElections2019 and the #Brexit mess in Parliament continues, it might give some #ERG members the confidence to cross the floor. Will they have confidence that they can re-elected on a #BrexitParty ticket.
That would then likely cause a general election as the government would not be able to pass anything. The #Conservatives would not have time to sort out a new leader so #TheresaMay could end up leading them into it. They could get slaughtered.
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[Thread] I research #Islamophobia for a living & I can honestly tell you that the views of the gunman in the #ChristChurch #mosqueattack are not & should not be excused as some "fringe" ideology.
I read the 74-page manifesto & the killer's talking points are the same ones I read & hear on the DAILY from mainstream politicians, anti-Muslim figureheads, & the media.
The gunmen was obsessive about white birth rates and fertility like @SteveKingIA & @geertwilderspvv are.
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@HowShouldWeVote @RoyMotteram @RemainLies_ @Fenmonkey @CanaryAndy @EmbersBrexit @trawlerhorse @JohnMcGlynn @DeborahMeaden This could take a while and I'm quite busy, but here goes
1. Donald Tusk, said, “Western political civilisation will be destroyed if the UK voted 'Leave'.” [Bild, 13 June 2016] I may be wrong but I think it is safe to say western political civilisation has not been destroyed.
@HowShouldWeVote @RoyMotteram @RemainLies_ @Fenmonkey @CanaryAndy @EmbersBrexit @trawlerhorse @JohnMcGlynn @DeborahMeaden 2.Punishment Budget. George Osborne [15 June 2016] predicted £30bn tax rises and IMMEDIATE spending cuts would be implemented. To date, no changes to the planned tax rates or public spending have been implemented.
@HowShouldWeVote @RoyMotteram @RemainLies_ @Fenmonkey @CanaryAndy @EmbersBrexit @trawlerhorse @JohnMcGlynn @DeborahMeaden 3.Brexit would cost every household £4,300. UK Treasury [18 April 2016] predicted that every household would lose between £2,600 and £5,200 a year following Brexit. Their (& IMF) latest prediction now confirms that even on WTO status the losses would be maybe a £100 or so
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THREAD: Given that the main UK-based alt-right social media accounts claim to be motivated only by patriotism, I was curious to see what they had to say about the alleged Russian use of nerve agents on UK soil...

#KatieHopkins, #PrisonPlanet, #NigelFarage

Strangely, they completely ignored it....
All their recent tweets were instead clearly designed to make white English people feel angry towards & fearful of brown people living in their midst.
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#LearningToSee #WorkInProgress #SHENANIGAN
#LearningToSee #WorkInProgress #SHENANIGAN
#DeepNeuralNet #LearningToSee (havin a hard time cos I'm playin w LR momentum gradclip etc in realtime - no post vfx, all from the DNN)
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