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"It does not operate within a framework of mutual obligation. It does not expect others to come to its aid, and it will not join someone else’s war."…
With this stance, India as the fastest rising large power, ensures at one stroke, that:

* China has no reason to feel threatened or insecure on its Western flank.

* Has no real incentive to get India riled up & against it.

* The West cannot take India for granted but can
feel confidence in its peaceful civilisational ethos.

* The rest of the world can rely on a trustworthy partner to champion their cause at multilateral forums, assist in their development, be a market for their products and wield a protective umbrella from time to time.
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Quite a lot of people snigger when Modi talks of India as a Vishwa Guru.

Two reasons:

• Divisions within India

• A self-flagellating & self-defeating belief that India is not, and will never be, powerful enough to be taken seriously by the world.
If we dismiss the doomsayers, as totally missing all the positives, and the definite possibility of India becoming, at least the No.3 power in the world, what role should India aim for in the world, which is realistic and fits it's genius?
• Step 1 is, of course, to resolve fundamental strains & divisions within India, which are principally religion, caste & Marxist ideology.

By the end of this decade India should have developed, enough economically, to erase social & economic backwardness, which
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Whatever the visiting #G20 dignitaries may say in public, the Prime Minister's Office, Ministers and others in the Indian Govt must be under no illusion, about what they must be thinking in private about the regime that makes so much about #G20Presidency
This was most aptly put by @AndrewMMacLeod when he spoke frankly in the famous @TimesNow panel dicussion. Every G20 embassy in Chankyapuri must have sent a diplomatic cable back to their capitals and Chancelleries detailing events of the recent days.
Under the heading, "India Govt acting irrationally" they would have chronicled
- the withdrawal of security barriers at UK embassy in Delhi
- the convenient court verdict on Rahul Gandhi
- the news blackout of the 18-party protest in Delhi
- the continued coverage ONLY of 1 man.
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UN Report: India's water scarcity expected to get more severe by 2050

IRONICALLY... EXPORTING SUGAR & 20% ETHANOL blending will bleed India DRY

To Save Rs30000cr of FOREX, our #Vishwaguru wants to SPEND 100000 cr

STUPIDTY of the Highest Order !…
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The noisy battle of words over VD Savarkar is a distraction to cover up news that the Government does not like - news about the #Notebandi hearing in Supreme Court, #MorbiBridgeCollapse, the popularity of #BharatJodoYatra, the rising popularity for @RahulGandhi.
Indians are fast realising that they have been fooled since 2014, duped by false promises, taken in by massive Govt-organised scams, legislation that enslaves rather then liberates them.
#WhatsApp forwards don't fill empty bellies and stories of past #Vishwaguru glories do not make up for joblessness or loss of earnings. The people are waking up the fact that they have been divided and told to hate each other. #BharatJodoYatra threatens this cosy conspiracy
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Wasn't expecting my recent article in @FortuneIndia "Balancing Act Of #HigherEducation in India" to become contextual in sad light of an Indian student losing life in a distant European conflict in #Ukraine. A short thread summary & link for those interested @rajeevdubey
2/9 "Augmenting Quality Of Average Institutes" in India is paramount to making India the world's "academic capital". Not only does pedigree qualify us to stake a claim but also at stake is a USD $600 B domestic education market & USD $6 trillion global economic opportunity
3/9 Roughly 5 million students defined as #InternationallyMobileStudents study outside their home country each year of these 7 lakh are Indian students a third of whom go to the U.S. & rest to others & spend close to $13 billion under RBI’s liberalized remittance route
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Saw somewhere on the internet where Indians are suggesting that the Indian Government should invest their capital in media to highlight the atrocities of the Taliban in Afghanistan, and show the foreign powers like USA what they have done by supporting Pakistan
And thus by doing this Indian Government should bring down Pakistan in the international forum. Now I completely agree with them to support the #SanctionPakistan movement but I feel that it is foolish for India to invest in all this information manipulation and propaganda
Instead of that India should use it's huge fund of resources to benefit India only and not diverging itself into some sort of manipulation maneuver. Because India has its own problems since long time and we should first try to resolve them rather than forcing ourselves to
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India's far-Right Internet warriors are so quick to jump on the desi v Amreeka bandwagon. This @Twitter exchange is being shared on Whatsapp groups with comments s/as: "Typical mentality that keeps us enslaved psychologically".
The US FDA's action might seem arbitrary, and Pfizer's demands may well seem arrogant, but to link the two in some kind of #Bharat as #Vishwaguru v America as Foreign #Angrez #Gora bad guy is silly, unhelpful, and won't get us anywhere. There are two questions that are relevant
Q1. Is the @US_FDA singling out @BharatBiotech's Covaxin for discriminatory treatment because it is a #desi #vaccine?. BTW, that is not my descriptive term it was used by @blsanthosh.
A. No. Not if you consider that so far ONLY 3 vaccines have had #EUA from the FDA.
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So far they have tried - 0. Data fudging 1. Scolding foreign news papers 2. Scolding reputed medical journals 3. Blaming states 4. Harassing activists (including people from opposition party) 5. Unleashing the Kangana 6. Creating fake toolkit to discredit actions of opposition
7. Threatening legal action against citizens and hospitals for speaking up about lack of Oxygen 8. Undermining state leadership 9. The daily SSR hash-tags 10. Publishing puff pieces in reputed sounding fake newspapers
11. Supreme leader crying on camera 12. Tika Utsav

Border tension next?

Some COVID fighting strategy this is.
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“The ratio of vaccine availibility to the number of candidates is 1:230”: Ram Sevak Sharma, the man in charge of the loaded CoWin platform, puts a neat number to the “world’s vaccination drive” that isn’t. @businessline @rssharma3
“CoWin is like the train ‘tatkal’ system but worse because there at least you know when the system will open”: digital rights activist Kiran Jonnalagadda on a platform that is stacked in favour of a super-exclusive layer, “not rich people but techies”. @jackerhack @timesofindia
230 people are chasing every single dose of COVID vaccine available in India, because someone forgot to place an order. Meanwhile, some countries have over-ordered: Canada has enough doses to vaccinate its population 5 times. Even Africa is doing better than us. @BBC #VishwaGuru
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Most countries used #Lockdown to contain #Coronavirus long enough to build up capacity to control it through Test Trace and Isolate. #Vishwaguru #India's KnowItAll #ModiJi used Lockdown to control the people while spreading the virus - the better to exert his authority. Image
In the process #India also achieved an economic slump. Image
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Today, 5th Sep, is #Teacher's Day in #India birthday of First President Sarvepally Radhakrishnan. The Prime Minister tweeted about it too. But #VishwaGuru #India also sets a new daily record in #Coronavirus infections - 86,432, accts for 1 in 4 of the world's #NewInfections. Image
If you go by the cumulative total. It is Trump, Bolsonaro, Modi Image
If you go by Number of new infections reported in last 7 days. it is clear who is in the lead, Image
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#India @mohfw, @NITIAayog and analysts from @BrookingsIndia must not downplay the scale of the #Coronavirus epidemic in India. Even going by just the officially reported numbers - which we know are an UNDER-count:
1. At 3.3Million cases today, India is at World No 3. Image
"But India is a populous country and per million people our incidence is very low", I hear the apologists say. Firstly, these are reported figures, we really dont know what the true figure is. And even if others too are undercounting we dont know that India's undercount is worse.
Comparisons are always biased. Take a global view. 1 in every 6 persons on Planet Earth is an Indian. And if you take today's #Coronavirus figures. then again 1 in every 7 cases is an Indian. So India's reported incidence is almost spot on the global incidence.
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#India's #Coronavirus tally of cases stands at 3.1 Million putting India at 3rd place behind USA and Brazil but well ahead of 4th place Russia - in terms of absolute number of reported cases - albeit the population incidence is very low. Image
However, in terms of recent cases, a different picture emerges. This is league table for New Infectyions reported in the last 14 days. India is very much the World leader now. #Vishwaguru in this at least. Image
The gap between India and the rest is wider still if you look at new cases in the last week. Image
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The paucity and stupidity of #India's official Government response to the scale of the #Coronavirus epidemic is shown by 2 tweets from Union Cabinet Ministers, Both seek to divert attention away from the enormous problem of 3 million cases, and a pole-axed economy. First, 1/5
The Union Minister for Health, @drharshvardhan tweets an old video of German Chancellor Merkel and French Pres Macron greeting each other with folded hands rather than a handshake as evidence of Hindutva India's #Vishwaguru soft-powers. 2/5
Then we have the External Affairs Minister, @DrSJaishankar tweeting an old BBC video-clip of Ganesh Chaturthi celebrations by Ghanians. 3/5
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#AmartyaSen's great insight was that dreadful disasters (s/as mass starvation) do not happen in a democracy because news of the early signs of distress are seen, heard and responded by those in power.
That theory is being tested in #Modi's #India. And so far found wanting
A willingly controlled and spontaneously sycophantic media refuses to hold the Great Leader to account; such criticism as may be made by intellectuals and a remnant of the free press is silenced by the howls of mobs on social media. Free debate is replaced by adulatory paeans.
Respectful discussion of policy choices has been pushed aside by a Know-it-all leadership that adopts a We-Can-never-admit-to-any-failings style of governance that places false propaganda over real performance, empty spin over true substance.
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