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"Pakistan's High Commissioner to Britain Wajid Shamsul Hassan had said in a recent interview with an Indian TV channel that investigations had revealed that the [26/11] attacks were not planned inside Pakistan."

"Diplomatic and other sources told PTI that the Pakistani security establishment and the senior American diplomats had been referring to a possible Bangladeshi connection to the Mumbai attacks in the past few days."

What role did US diplomats play in the aftermath of the 26/11? Image…

Here is the original article from @dawn_com which Pakistani and US investigators tried to pin Bangladeshi militants for the Mumbai attacks.

Dawn reveals @FBI and Pakistani agencies had been investigating the Bangladeshi angle. They had seen notes.
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#Thread Demystifying #StopHazaraGenocide hashtag:
The engine behind it, hidden agendas & consequences:

“A number of Pakistani protesters joined our protest. Be nice with them & welcome them.”

“We appreciate Pakistani police for being nice & kind to our cause.”
#StopHazaraGeoncide protest -Islamabad:

“Pakistani 🇵🇰 police are very sympathetic with our movement. They provide us any venue & security at any time we ask.”

According to many experts like @HabibKhanT & @MajeedQarar Afghanistan is occupied by 🇵🇰

When the occupying force, 🇵🇰 is overtly & covertly supporting
#StopHazaraGeoncide hashtag reaching almost 8M tweets, we ought to ponder on the consequences for 🇦🇫 national security.

Kaj tragedy & the terrorist attack with no one claiming responsibility
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After month long campaign(Feb20-March23) “Declare Pakistan A Terrorist State” #SanctionPakistan by @JSFMOfficial Zafar Sahito the signed draft will be submitted to all #US departments.1/5
@TahaSSiddiqui @calxandr @HabibKhanT @DRL_AS @RepScottPerry @TulsiGabbard @SenTedCruz @ANI
During month long campaign 3 protests, car rally & conference were held in #Houston #Sacramento #WashingtonDC also 3 webinars & Twitter trend #SanctionPakistan was organized.2/5
@arifaajakia @Mirza45994191 @BilalMangal2 @KhorBibi @AfghanUnheard @Manga4Congress @SheriffTNehls
The campaign was supported & attended by Pashtuns, Afghan, Baloch, Sindhi & various human rights organizations, activists & minorities groups persecuted by fundamentalist Pakistan. 3/5
@_PriyaSaha @SengeHSering @PTMUSA1 @shahisadat @GulBukhari @SalihHudayar @MujiKha02026661
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What @DisinfoLab hasn't mentioned is: Jamaat/ Muslim Aid were working with the ISI for decades. Khaled Latif Mughal at the centre.

In Indonesia, Jamaat financed Jemaah Islamiyah and the Bali bombers network through Muslim Aid(s). The linkages stretch back to the 1980s.…

Abu Bakar Ba'asyir's right-hand man Muhammed Hafidz was arrested for providing shelter to the Bali bombers. He was also the point man for Jemaah Islamiyah's covert funding network. In 2000, he travelled to the UK to get funding from Muslim Aid and Jamaat.
@Ageinvestigates was tipped off that Muslim Aid Australia gave money to the Bali bombers network.

Agus Dwikarna, a senior al-Qaeda figure said he got all his money from "Muslim Aid in London".

Jamaat were responsible for nurturing the foreign fighters which became al-Qaeda.
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Half of #PamirInstitute audience, is from Pakistan more exactly from northern Gilgit Baltistan. A large majority of them is part of 3,290 people (!) who read the debunking by Bernard Grua of the insane pornographic conspiravy theory shared by Ramla Akhtar agst #Wakhi #Chapursan. Half of #PamirInstitute audience, is from Pakistan more exac
Most of this audience also read the 66 comments below the article ascertaining Ramla Akhtar's maltreatment agst her biological daughter, the unwanted result of an adultery. These important and incredible testimonies are archived in a dedicated article.…
Most of them are aware of Ms Ramla Akhtar speeches against children education, especially against the Central Asia Institute which does so much for literacy in Hunza, with fantastic results. Most of them are aware of Ms Ramla Akhtar speeches against c
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#READ: @HudsonInstitute releases bombshell report documenting that there are 55 interlinked Khalistan & Pakistan groups operating in the US.

While the #Khalistan project is known to be supported by #Pakistan, this is the first to expose ties in the US.
This report by @Aparna_Pande @husainhaqqani exposes ties including those mediated by convicted ISI spy Ghulam Nabi Fai with D.C. based Khalistan groups.

This section highlighting a network of Khalistan activism tied to @standwkashmir, @IAMCouncil and OFMI is a must read.
Worth noting that @HinduAmerican previously exposed ties of OFMI's Bhajan Singh Bhinder, subject of a federal investigation for allegedly attempting to smuggle missiles to "free Khalistan," with a California @TheDemocrats leader and Pieter Friedrich.…
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The 9/11 attacks were planned by ISI operative Khalid Sheikh Mohammed (‘Mokhtar’) in Karachi, Pakistan.

In 2001, Osama Bin Laden quickly fled Afghanistan for Pakistan, which sheltered him for a decade.

ISI also planned this year’s invasion of Afghanistan.

More on Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, including his time planning the 9/11 attacks while in Karachi, Pakistan:…
On Osama Bin Laden’s years in Abbottabad, Pakistan, living a few hundred metres from the gates of the Pakistan Military Academy:…
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Having now read the full article, I have two major comments. First, fear took the US to war in 1941 as well, when Pearl Harbor was attacked. That did not prevent the ensuing gargantuan US & allied effort from producing flourishing democracies in Asia, Europe & elsewhere. 1/10
The issue was never fear or even rage as motivating factors, nor 'nation-building' as either deliberate or incidental goals, but rather war strategy: we had a plan to fight 'Taliban' in Afghanistan, but never a strategy to deter or defeat the actual aggressor, Pakistan. 2/10
The US was in fact re-joining a war that had been underway for nearly three decades, as Pakistan's generals sought strategic depth in Afghanistan to compensate for the loss of East Pakistan/Bangladesh in 1971, & increasingly turned to global jihad in pursuit of this goal. 3/10
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If you think #SanctionPakistan is only for Afghans you're wrong.

Pakistani diplomats and the ISI have been plotting attacks on the USA, India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and others for years. While pretending to counter-terrorism.

He have to stick together.…

Pakistani diplomats were expelled from Bangladesh in 2015 for paying al-Qaeda to kill bloggers, social activists, and war crimes campaigners.

JMB terrorists admitted Pak diplomats were pulling the strings. Farina Arshad (pic below) gave them support.…

Pakistan's top diplomat, Amir Zubair Siddiqui, was charged with planning a terrorist campaign from Sri Lanka in 2018.

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Given recent events in #Afghanistan & my focus on that country since 2008, I’ve been engaging in a lot of professional reflection of late. I'm going to share some results of that in this (long) THREAD. 1/n
To do this, I went back and re-read everything I’ve written publicly on #Afghanistan over the past two years, as well as a few pertinent older pieces. I’ll post links to these articles as I go. 2/n
I’ll start w/this article I wrote in @WarOnTheRocks in 2016. In it, I described how the #Taliban were steadily encroaching on key rural areas of #Afghanistan & how the #ANDSF were struggling to stop them. 3/n…
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A former interpreter, green card holder, still trapped in #Afghanistan and unable to get to the airport.
Some progress on the pace of evacuations
Biden's Aug. 22 speech on the expanded perimeter referred not to the #US or to the #Afghan forces with them, but to the #Taliban surrounding them.
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Indubbiamente la #democrazia non si esporta.
Ma la calca drammatica in aeroporto a #Kabul, le contestazioni per la 🇦🇫, la resistenza in #Panshir, la richiesta #SanctionPakistan testimoniano che il #TalibanTerror NON È L'AUTODETERMINAZIONE DI UN POPOLO.⤵️
L'#Afghanistan senza le forze occidentali torna a dividersi tra le varie etnie.
⤵️ Image
La cinquantennale guerra ingaggiata sul suo territorio tra URSS e USA ha prodotto i #Taliban, prima finanziati dagli USA in chiave antisovietica e poi dalla Russia in chiave antiamericana. Col placet interessato del #Pakistan in chiave antiindiana ⤵️
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My father wrote this paper on May 16, 2001. He got it to congress, but they did nothing. Just after 9/11 the the US gov came knocking at his door. They said, “how did you know all of this ?” My dad pulled boxes of files out of the garage. He said “how DIDNT you”. The letter : Image
I was young, I remember when he asked me to proof read it I was so annoyed. “Dad ! Im busy” he said “ariana this is so vital please read it.” 20 years ago. My father is elderly. He has the beginning stages of dementia. Please don’t call and ask about the disease. It’s saddens him
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To all my American friends. Taliban is merely a tool in the hands of the enemy. #Pakistan is the enemy creating chaos that we are seeing today. Thats their ticket to relevance. Chaos makes them relevant for you. #Afghanistan #AfghanistanBurning

2011: 60 Minutes
2) They harbored the Taliban and waited for the day you left to sow chaos and become relevant once more. Their economy is in shambles and they are on grey list of terrorism task force. They had to have a bargaining chip. Chaos followed.
3) Listen to your own officers on ground. He lost 17 of his men to Taliban terrorists coming over from Pakistan
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Regierung in Kabul kündigt Machtübergabe an Taliban.
Mehrere zehntausend Binnenflüchtlinge in #Afghanistan schliefen in verbliebenen, noch nicht von Taliban übernommenen Regionen, also Städten wie Kabul auf den Straßen. Die Regierung hatte Ausreisesperren für höhere 1/12
Regierungsbeamte verhängt, weil immer mehr flüchten. Kabul war fast vollständig umzingelt. Warum aber wird international nicht darüber diskutiert wie es ein konnte, dass so rasend schnell ein Land an allen Fronten einzunehmen in der Lage war, das doppelt so 2/12
so groß ist wie Deutschland? Klar hängt es in einigen wenigen Provinzen auch mit Rückhalt für die Taliban zusammen. Aber vorallem führte die Atommacht Pakistan, das Land mit der 6. größten Armee der Welt einen offenen, asymmetrischen Krieg mit Afghanistan. Schleuste 3/12
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Saw somewhere on the internet where Indians are suggesting that the Indian Government should invest their capital in media to highlight the atrocities of the Taliban in Afghanistan, and show the foreign powers like USA what they have done by supporting Pakistan
And thus by doing this Indian Government should bring down Pakistan in the international forum. Now I completely agree with them to support the #SanctionPakistan movement but I feel that it is foolish for India to invest in all this information manipulation and propaganda
Instead of that India should use it's huge fund of resources to benefit India only and not diverging itself into some sort of manipulation maneuver. Because India has its own problems since long time and we should first try to resolve them rather than forcing ourselves to
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~200K tweets of #SanctionPakistan over the last 3 days

Afghans are really angry!
@calxandr leading the charge 😁
Its an Afghan thing through and through.

P.S. it looks like Indians don't believe in sanctions as much, we believe in killing crows 😂
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A ninth Afghan city has fallen to the Taliban.

The armed group has now taken more than a quarter of Afghanistan’s provincial capitals in less than a week.

🔴LIVE updates:
Badakhshan province’s capital Faizabad is the latest to be captured by the Taliban since Friday.

🔴 LIVE updates:
Since the US and NATO forces announced their withdrawal from Afghanistan after 20 years of presence, the Taliban has moved swiftly, capturing a large part of the country’s territory.

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US Hypocrisy knows no bound (2021) 👉 US in talks with Pakistan over 'terrorist safe havens' along Afghan border: Pentagon (Dawn 10 Aug 2011) In 1980 Zbigniew Brzezinski preached Jihad to #Afghan Terrorists


#SanctionPakistan #BlameGameOnPakistan
How the Americans particularly Jimmy Carter & Ronald Reagan Destroyed 3 generations of Peaceful & Civilised #Afghanistan & #Pakistan

Ref :

#TTP #China #ETIM #AlQaeda
#CPEC #OBOR #DasuDam #FATA #FATF #BlameGameOnPakistan #Taliban #SanctionPakistan
Pakistan Human Rights Minister Ms Shireen Mazari lumps Secular #Pashtun Nationalists with #Taliban & falsely declares every #Pashtun a Sunni Extremist

#TTP #China #ETIM #AlQaeda
#CPEC #OBOR #DasuDam #FATA #FATF #BlameGameOnPakistan #SanctionPakistan
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Back in 2008 or 2009, I inadvertently sat at a meeting I was not invited to. @AmrullahSaleh2 (NDS @ this time), @MHaneefAtmar (education) most 'big' west. ambassadors (US, UK, NATO dep, France and some others) were seating around a table. I believe @calxandr was there as DSRSG.
.@AmrullahSaleh2 made a 10 minute briefing on security. 10 points. Each point carefully demonstrating Pak support to Taliban.
At the end @MHaneefAtmar asked whether this intelligence had been shared with 'our western friends'. @AmrullahSaleh2 confirmed it had. Silence.
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There comes an unfortunate stage where a man would rather die cleanly by a bullet than by the unknown TERROR of the phantom in forest.

Sadly civilians of Afghanistan are facing the same fear
whats horrifying is that Pakistan is supporting& nourishing this fear


To attain peace in Afghanistan & defeat TALIBAN,
we don't even need to fire a single bullet in Afghanistan.

All the actions are needed to be taken against Pakistan.

Pakistan is a supporter & trainer of TERRORIST groups & a hub of TERRORISM.

cc @calxandr

"Only the cruelest hunters set their traps with TERROR and trepidation"

Al-Qaeda,Lashkar-e-Taiba & ISIS are being trained in Pakistan which is ruining lives of innocent people in Afghanistan.

Serious measures need to be taken against Pakistan.

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