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Despite all the hot air about #MakeinIndia, when India needs something important, #Modi has no faith in Indians, even when they have proved themselves.

Our own government organization, #CDAC has made world class supercomputers. They are the #PARAM class of clusters.

(1/) Image
The article in today's Hindu newspaper says that India wanted to get an 18 #petaflop (PF) computer. Well, the fastest computer in India is the #PARAM #Siddhi, located in #IISC Bangalore, with a peak speed of 5.3 PF. Now you want 18 PF.

In 2002, PARAM unveiled its first #teraflop (TF) computer. One PF is 1000 times faster than a TF. By 2020, they had come up with a PF computer. 1000x in 18 years. How long do you think it will take them to go 3x from their existing level?

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April 6, 1980... BJP was formed under the leadership of Atalji. Congratulations to #BJP on the occasion of their 43rd Foundation Day. 43 years and counting. From just 2 MP seats to an outright majority in 2014, the story of hard work, perseverance, [1/8] Image
organizational building capabilities, and countless leaders who worked tirelessly to build the party is an inspiring one. The "never say die" attitude and personal branding that various leaders built around themselves - be it Atalji, #Advaniji, #PramodMahajan, [2/8]
#Sushmaji, #Amit ji, or #Modiji - is commendable. The beauty of this organization lies in its ability to churn out the next level of leaders by giving them space and opportunity to learn. #Annamalai, #BandySanjay, #TejasviSuya, #Fadnavis, [3/8]
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#India_TheLeader New Zealand Prime Minister resigned from the post in tears. Reason, no money, no job, economy is like a boat with no direction. Australia is also in the same situation. Reserves are kept, somehow it is managed. Prime Minister of Britain resigned within a month of
taking charge. USA is in fear of the biggest economic recession. China is still reeling because of Corona. The whole European countries are scattered due to Russia Ukraine crisis. Most of our neighboring countries are bankrupt, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, Sri Lanka are all
completely bankrupt and are struggling to keep afloat. Inspite of all this, only India is getting stronger day by day without shaking. Dozens of missile tests, modernization of the army, fast trains, huge projects that will shake the world, many expressways, highways that are
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A pattern which demonic souls followed while attacking Bharat -

1.Attack and Destroy 1st the learning and study centres - Nalanda,Takhshashila, all Gurukulas for Vedic literature , mantras and Sidhi so that souls don’t get the knowledge and energy from divine.
2.Attack and destroy mainly the 12 Jyotirlingas , 108 Shakti Pithas , many Sidha Pithas which were and till now the power centric zones for pure wisdom and knowledge so that souls didn’t get connect with divine energy and thus create generation gap without understanding.
3.Create division in the name of caste , creed , appearance , colour , money , ethnicity etc only to go with - as famously quoted - Divide and Rule.

4.Influence souls from schools by teaching fake history that glorify devilism in all possible ways support by Bollywood via films
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Civil Judge (Sr. D.), Varanasi Court Ravi Kumar Diwakar, has received a #threat letter allegedly written by one Kashif Ahmed Siddiqui. The judge had ordered sealing of the spot at #Gyanvapi complex where #Shivlinga shaped structure has been found.
The letter states:
"Muslim of divided India knows very well that under pressure of nuturere of extremist Hindus, genocidal, Gurjrati #PrimeMinister of divided India, you will declare Gyanvapi mosque as temple and will call Mughals as tyrant robbers."
"Organizations like #RSS and all the affiliated Hindu extremist organizations and your #ModiJi have hatched a conspiracy to organize riots in #UP on the lines of Gujarat," it adds.
#Gyanvapi #GyanvapiSurvey
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#Thread #NarendraModi Ji Foreign Visits

A woman who is working in the Indian Embassy in Germany wrote about Modiji in a post like this !

When #former #PrimeMinister #ManmohanSingh came to #Germany, he brought around 40 people with him who were his relatives.

A total of five hotels (all Five-Star) were booked for their stay.

All the relatives shopped in expensive Malls every day and bought things for lakhs and lakhs of Rupees.

The bills were charged in the name of the entire State Department.

This was the daily story throughout the currency of Manmohan Singh's tour

The entire Indian-staff servant of the State Department used to dance in front of them all.

Manmohanji did not come to the Embassy even once or met us.

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#china proposes
1) #India China Civilizational dialogue .
2) #India #China trade & investment forum
3) India China film forum .
#Chinese want #NarendraModi to visit #Beijing for BRICS in 2022 alongwith a trilateral between #XiJinping #Putin & #ModiJi…
Imho while Civilizational dialogue, investment & film forums can proceed #narendramodiji should only share space with #XiJinping after Chinese pull back forces beyond finger 8 & return to status quo ante as in 2019.
That should be our minimum condition .
The Chinese foreign policy towards India has hitherto always been conceptualized ,finalised & implemented not by the Beijing MOFA but the PLA. We have a unique situation now with #XiJinping being the first president to directly command the PLA since #MaoZedong .
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Most of you don't remember my comment on the change of Indian petroleum minister last year and i am sure none of you understand why a career diplomat Hardeep Singh Puri was given the charge. The reason is changing balance of Oil and Gas in the 21st century/1
What Russia is today, D middle east was 50 years back n that the crux of Ukraine Russia crisis,99.99% of SM n MSM R looking at Military operations as an invasion by Russia to capture Ukraine or part of it which speaks Russian.Some even went to Akhand Russia but none is right!
The current Military operation will be over in the next 48 to 72 hrs. So the question arises what will Russia achieve?

After this operation, Russia will be the undisputed global king of the North pole and Arctic.
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I read somewhere statement by @PawarSpeaks on #IndiraG & her death.

1: Pawar is frustrated with NO one asking him for anything except where is @AnilDeshmukhNCP?

2: He believed that as king of #Baramati he will still have his swag - he is cut short & agencies are too close

3: His Frustration - with change in Essential Commodities Amendment Act he cannot whip inflation to suit his need.

4: He believes #IndiraG was murdered by Farmers of #Punjab - कौन सा गाँजा फूंकते है यह 🧐

5: Does be mean that everyone in #Punjab is a murderer?


6: @narendramodi ensured that his daughter remains poor & is NOT able to grow Crores of out of flower pot.

7:In short - @PawarSpeaks is just another #IrrelevantSeekingRelevance

8: It’s just that #LongRope is keeping him away from #Tihar - can’t say about 👇🏼


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Greta Thunberg accidently tweeted and reveled the global conspiracy against India camouflaged as #FarmersProtest

Now Deleted.

#GretaThunbergExposed Image
As per this plans, there will be protests across the world on 13th and 14th February and vandalism against Indian Embassy, Ambani & Adani companies on the name of #FarmersProtest

#GretaThunbergExposed Image
Greta Thunberg and her handlers are very clear, these #FarmersrProtest are NOT going to ending soon, so they are going to orchestrated more protest against Indian Multinationals Offices of Ambani & Adani.

#GretaThunbergExposed Image
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Most countries used #Lockdown to contain #Coronavirus long enough to build up capacity to control it through Test Trace and Isolate. #Vishwaguru #India's KnowItAll #ModiJi used Lockdown to control the people while spreading the virus - the better to exert his authority. Image
In the process #India also achieved an economic slump. Image
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Twitter is trolling the British Prime Minister @BorisJohnson when he turned up to speak at a school by observing the books arrayed behind him. Meanwhile, the books chosen by Indian PM #ModiJi for his Photo shoot are Obama, and Solid Steel - a book abt Lakshmi Mittal ImageImage
Sorry, that should be Cold Steel.
But notice how both those books are placed strategically open at some random page to show they've been read. No one, absolutely no one, puts a book down in that manner!!
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In the midst of an out-of-control #Coronavirus epidemic, 3 million+ cases, ~70k new cases and ~1000 deaths each day why would the Prime Minister of #India put out a video of his walking about his gardens with a #peacock strutting around him?
It's insensitive sending out a message, "I don't care." It's not the same carefully scripted media management as washing the feet of #safawallas (sanitation workers) in a gesture of humility that we saw pre-election. Yet it will do nothing to dent his popularity with his fans.
But why do it at all? why invite critical comments on social media - seeing in the peacocks' bright plumage preventing him from soaring in flight, a metaphor for #ModiJi's obsession with presentation grounding India's economy. Why cock a snook at millions of poor and jobless? Image
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The paucity and stupidity of #India's official Government response to the scale of the #Coronavirus epidemic is shown by 2 tweets from Union Cabinet Ministers, Both seek to divert attention away from the enormous problem of 3 million cases, and a pole-axed economy. First, 1/5
The Union Minister for Health, @drharshvardhan tweets an old video of German Chancellor Merkel and French Pres Macron greeting each other with folded hands rather than a handshake as evidence of Hindutva India's #Vishwaguru soft-powers. 2/5
Then we have the External Affairs Minister, @DrSJaishankar tweeting an old BBC video-clip of Ganesh Chaturthi celebrations by Ghanians. 3/5
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If you are interested in knowing:
Last 48 hrs have been interesting:

~France commits military support to India

~US & Germany block China's move in UNSC which blamed India for Karachi terror attack

~India deviates from 'One China Policy' for the 1st time by mentioning HongKong
~US praises India's move to ban TikTok for 'furthering national security against Chinese spying'

~UK offers residence in UK for 5 years to 2.6 million people in Hong Kong, after which they will be granted citizenship.

~US bans Huawei for links to Communist Party of China
Things are definitely heating up, and it doesn't look like the West is interested in firing at China only from India's shoulders.
Also nice to see that India started this by being the 1st to stand up to the Chinese threat after a decade of fearmongering by Western analysts
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Is it possible to "dramatize" even a #War against any #Country to stop their businessmen from having any access to #Indian #5G #Market?!

Is this entire #Drama of #War against #China & #AtamNirbharBharat is to keep #Huawei #5G out of India till #MukeshAmbani captures the Market?
Is , in the guise of #AtamNirbharBharat, the King of #CronyCapitalism in #India, conspiring to centralize whole Indian Money & Market in the Hands of his favourite State Players?

Is #AtamNirbharBharat ONLY against one country, or against all other Foreign Investors as well?
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@narendramodi ji, I'm following all your speeches since September 15th, 2013 at Revari. But, today's speech was one of the best, if not the top most.
1. An inspiration to all those who lost jobs and heading back to home.
2. A stimulus to all those who have suffered loss 1/n
in business.
3. A ray of hope to all those poor ppl who are staring at empty utensils and boxes at home.

Right from medieval ages, civilizations did sustain bcoz of farmers and industries. Govts that strive on liquor sale tax will not serve any purpose to poor. 2/n..
Industries have to flourish, which will provide jobs.
When you asked industries and companies to not to cut salary, remove from job, they asked - "Where is the money to give salary ??"
Here lies the importance of a growth stimulus package. 3/n.
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While I recognise how #5baje5minute serves the purpose of uniting people and creating an air of positivity in these testing times, I'm skeptical of the intentions of this move and what results it may yield.

Such a move rings a bell (no pun intended) for anyone who has studied chinese history.
Chinese dictator Mao called for farmers to clang pots and pans to carry out the unscientific 'sparrowcide', to help get rid of pests in 1950s China.

Of course, the stated intentions for these two unrelated actions were completely different.
@narendramodi sought to applaud the people fighting #COVID19 on the frontlines, while only God knows what Mao was trying to achieve.

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EXTRAXT via @IndianExpress by @tavleen_singh here He refers to #ModiJi .
he talks about the biasedness of media against him
"He told me that he was unable to understand how to deal with the media, making it clear that the media had always treated him unfairly. When he was
Chief Minister, he said, a journalist had criticised him for wearing designer glasses and expensive watches. He was hurt by the criticism. So he sent him to the shop in Ahmedabad where he had bought his glasses for many years so that he could see that they cost no more than
a few hundred rupees. & shown him that he wore a simple Indian watch. He even sent him to the tailor who had stitched his clothes for years. He did this, he said, in the hope that the journalist would write that he had been wrong about these things. He never did." Messiah Modi?
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What if Muslims'll not give d required details 4 NRC.? Mr.Mathew Jeff clearly said this. "Don't play with NaMo & Amit Shah. They r from different GENUS."
So pls don't miss to read this.
Almost all Muslims r now saying we 'll not provide d required details 4 NRC👇
Let us see what happens? Let d BJP govt send us OUT. No 1 is going to send OUT the Muslims. But d following things will follow. .Almost every1 has Aadhar & PAN cards. If anyone denies to provide required details/ documents for NRC, Govt will release a letter without d names of 👇
those ppl who don't provide required details for NRC after Sept. 2020. No 2 will come to their homes. They'll hv to go to d specified offices & submit their details. If u don't give details, u will get a msg on ur mobile, mentioning this & after few days ur mobile will be out👇
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