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“Whitewash? IG Report on FISA Abuses by Obama Administration Will Disappoint the Right | News and Politics”…
Believe what you want this is a reliable source. The same thing occurred on every IG report. Big hype, harsh words, then Horowitz says it wouldn’t have changed anything. Everyone walks. The people get mad do nothing. Meanwhile in Hong Kong...they do more than tweet.
Before everyone gets bent out of shape & starts coming at me for telling the truth here, remember. I warned you that we were going to be invaded on our southern border like never before 6 mos. before it happened, I warned that we were going to lose big in 2018, we did, and...
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OK - #OneCoin trial of Mark Scott continues with Konstantin Ignatov on stand at 9:30, before that lawyers' arguments about Scott's state of mind @SDNYLIVE - yesterday's stories… and, and below, thread
@sdnylive @MatthewLeeICP @Svrakata @widell_ari @ezCoinAccess @JenMcAdamUK @JamieJBartlett @FinanceWatchOrg @FUNCA_info Before jury comes in at 9:30 am, AUSA Folly tells Judge Ramos that the defense should not be able to mislead the jury about an audit report that Scott never saw.
Judge Ramos: Here we have a piece of evidence that is already before the jury, it was on the website
@sdnylive @MatthewLeeICP @Svrakata @widell_ari @ezCoinAccess @JenMcAdamUK @JamieJBartlett @FinanceWatchOrg @FUNCA_info Judge Ramos: We've having this trial because Mr. Scott is allowed to argue that he didn't know this was a fraud.
AUSA Folly: We may still have an objection.
Scott's lawyer again mentions Robert Courtneidge of Locke Lord
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Weird how Trump is always surrounded by criminals.

The trial of Roger Stone, Trump's close adviser for years, starts this week:…
Paul Manafort, his 2016 campaign chief, is in prison.…
Michael Cohen, his lawyer and fixer for years, in prison:…
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FWIW: I strongly suggest that anyone promoting their work through appearances via RT, Sputnik, or other Russian media operations is not someone whose content is worth sharing.

So please - if you don't want a block, don't share MintPress links in my threads.
There's bound to be some truth to whatever they're spinning - because that's how disinfo works.

They gain your trust with true statements, then gradually steer you towards whatever narrative they're pushing.

@ericgarland - any x-refs to share?
And note: I'm not a fan of Israel's policy positions in the least - but I'm very hesitant to encourage laypersons to follow these threads themselves due to the risk of adoption of weaponized anti-semitic threads that aid Russia in their own denials of culpability.
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Antifa is trying to shut down #MaximeBernier and #DaveRubin's event in Hamilton, Ontario Canada this weekend. Ironically, the event is called "Uncensored: The State of Free Speech in Canada".
Here's Dave on @TuckerCarlson talking about it.

Max's event will be held on Sunday, September 29th at 7pm at Mohawk College. Here's the link for more info and ticket sales.…
What are the chances Greta's mom, dad, and herself wear a Soros-created terrorist-thug-group tee-shirt saying ANTIFA-SCIST and the same Soros-created terrorist-thug-group is trying to shut down free speech.
Is there really such a thing as coincidences like this?
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It would be really nice to start a web search for an instructional model without the first 100 results pointing to TPT. #justsayin
This really speaks to the fact that teachers, regardless of experience, often do not have access to quality research bc it sits behind a paywall. Especially if strapped for time, the "easy" out is often using poor examples derived from someone else's original work.
Finally... if you write a blog post about an instructional model, please include citations about the "research" you quote or paraphrase. "Research tells us..." is not a citation. <end rant>
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I completely agree. I just think not having a clear message is electoral suicide when the leader of the Labour Party is running at -60.

Nuanced positions require trust in the person offering them. The majority of the PARTY trust Corbyn. The majority of VOTERS don't.
Hence my Tweet about the position descriptions not being right.

Labour have now made any election, for them, a test of belief in Corbyn for most voters. That would be a tough sell in a regular election. In one that's going to be single issue ON A DIFFERENT POINT it's insane.
And nobody can claim that this policy WASN'T pitched as a loyalty test. That was EXACTLY what the backers, on stage, started doing when it became clear it was close.

And fair enough. It's a legit political tactic.
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Ok, these have been under appeal for over a month, apparently an appeal on Twitter means being ignored for over a month....

Twitter sucks. @jack
What this is about is making sure that I'm banned in the very near future, and that resulting appeal will be ignored as well.
My last tweet befor my suspension.....
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Shocking article by ex-Chicago mayor Rahm Emanuel who links former refugee and progressive freshman (fellow) Democrat Ilhan Omar with "calamities from the Spanish Inquisition to the Russian pogroms to the Holocaust."
If Emanuel is concerned about ppl accusing him of dual loyalty, maybe he should start with his Israeli dad, who said in 2008, about his American son going to work for Obama in the White House: "Obviously he’ll influence the President to be pro-Israel."…
If Emanuel is concerned about racism and bigotry, maybe, again, he should have a word with his dad, who said in 2008: "What is he, an Arab? He’s not going to be mopping floors at the White House." His dad also served in the racist Irgun terror group.…
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The best thing about this part of the ruling on Epstein's non-prosecution agreement?

DOJ knows exactly who those co-conspirators are...

So anything Trump tries to do to interfere with the plea being voided to cover his own ass is clearly cut-and-dry obstruction.
So, either he does nothing and gets busted, or he interferes and gets busted... plus he gets hit with obstruction charges.

The sheer scope of his impotence is delicious.
And... I'll just use this opportunity to remind everyone that there was nothing in the plea agreement that demanded the operation cease recruiting and preying on underage victims.

Can't wait to find out if that was part of the negotiated agreement, or just an.... "oversight..."
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From one of the AR & collection experts, focus on top 20% outstanding customers to knock off 80% DSOs cc @numberzofficial
Do you know your top 20%?
From the same _dedicated_ AR/ collection expert, I would not eat non-veg (sacrifice) towards the end of quarter, until I meet my collection quota!! wow
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Although I think that pairings and counter-narratives are one way to #DisruptTexts, lately I have been wondering to what extent such a pairing still centers Whiteness and dominant narratives.
I've become increasingly uncomfortable with the dichotomy that pairings and counter-narratives suggests, as if the value of the "diverse" text is in its positionality to the dominant narrative. #DisruptTexts
I mean, you don't have to teach #TheHateUGive WITH [insert canonical text]. You could, you know, just #TeachHateUGive. So many texts we would consider as part of pairings or counter-narratives can stand more than well enough on their own. #justsayin #DisruptTexts
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eisleben's slag heaps. (eisleben's where luther was from.)
luther was from *eastern* germany (eisleben). #JustSayin
not the most attractive of families, it has to be admitted.
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binge watched Breaking Bad. #WhatIDidWhileRecoveringFromSurgery

(no, never watched it before!)
whoa. i just saw the one where ... whoa ... you-know-what happens to jane. (O.O)
oh, boy. skyler's revenge!
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1) 11/13/18 Trump Picks a Retired General as Ambassador to Saudi Arabia
*Awaiting confirmation and announced this evening @CarrollQuigley1 @BenKTallmadge @MadAddictSport @almostjingo…
3) Red Flag 2: Petraeus
In 2000 it looks like they were roommates. Hollister is even on the record.
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My @writingproject's Social Justice study group is underway. We are reading @IjeomaOluo's 'So You Want to Talk About Race' (highly recommend).

Today was our third meeting, and it's wonderful to have a group of colleagues invested in doing this study together. 1/
I left w/gratitude for this space. BUT lately this gratitude has been accompanied by deep disappointment that this work isn't a priority for all Ts.

Now I know that there are probably many Ts who are also upset at the current racist, xenophobic, homophobic hatred in society. 2/
But just being upset doesn't. actually. change. anything. We have to DO something.

And I know there are probably Ts who are doing the work inside their classrooms but may not be actively sharing this on social media and otherwise. 3/
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Thank God for Halloween candy. #JustSayin
Also today in stress eating. And I’m about to bake a pumpkin bread. In case you’re keeping track. 😜
The pumpkin bread never happened. But be assured there was frying of shallots in bacon grease.
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This is the critical element of social media based info ops. The data analytics allows for real time adjustments in messaging, creating a sort of evolutionary algorithm for influence, and providing the velocity that makes social media info ops unique. Surveillance driven IO
This is great. This is how the IREA was able to iterate so rapidly on topics. They did daily task sheets to create the stories and themes for the IO. They also had existing guidelines on what to do when targeting specific audiences.
There is a really great look into how the IREA did their tasking.
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The two politicians that are the most desperate for Brexit are Jacob Rees-Mogg, a man with holdings all over the place, and Nigel Farage, a trader from London's banking district.
Brexit takes us out of the EU just as the EU's directive on tax avoidance kicks in...
It won't be (decent) remainers laughing at your life getting even harder. It'll be these chaps...
I mean this is Jacob Rees-Mogg's dad's book. I feel like maybe that might be cause to question his motives. Or is it too subtle.
It's on amazon if you would also like to learn how to profit from the misery of others.…
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BREAKING: Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein is reportedly resigning. @CNBC
Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein has verbally resigned to Chief of Staff John Kelly in anticipation of being fired by Trump, according to a source with direct knowledge. Per a second source with direct knowledge: “He’s expecting to be fired,” so he plans to step down.
Rosenstein is on his way to the White House after being summoned @Reuters
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If you are on Twitter shouting “Blue Wave!” but aren’t actually using your platform to retweet and amplify the messages of Democratic candidates, then you’re missing the point pretty badly. #JustSayin
Obviously donating & volunteering as well! But my point is that our medium is Twitter and all Dem candidates have Twitter accounts. There’s really no excuse for not amplifying them.
I’m 👀 looking at you, check-mark accounts with high follower counts.

You’ve been blessed with a tremendous platform. In the final months leading to November, please don’t just Tweet about Trump. Amplify Dems. Focus on the solution.
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Who thd fuck is Scotty Hughes? 😆 Seriously, who the fuck is Scotty Hughes? @Trumpscokedealr Trumpscokedealr What say you Gary?
What does @eugenegu have to say about that as a “smart leftwinger”? I’m looking for the elusive “smart leftwinger” to have a real debate...... how about it Eugene? 😆
I think maybe Eugene says Tennessee ain’t for him. 😆 #JustSayin
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1) 🧐In the past 24 hours Rhodes Scholar puppet PM Turnbull was ousted from office and Arg. Kirchner's has was raided for a "notebook" in search of a ledger.

What did Kirchner accuse 44 of at the UN 2015 Assembly? #IranDeal #FiveEyes #SpyGate
2) 08/24/18 Police accompanied by sniffer dogs searched the homes of Argentina's former president Cristina Kirchner on Thursday as the investigation intensified into the so-called "notebooks" corruption scandal that has rocked the country.…
3) 08/24/18 Australian PM Turnbull ousted, replaced by Scott Morrison…
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