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So what’s the deal here? Is @SenatorRomney to consider a vote or will not oppose a vote? One of these articles is #FakeNews‼️

#FactsMatter #WordsMatter #DoYourJob #FillTheSeatNOW

@realDonaldTrump Image
So let’s be clear here @WSJ is lying in their headline. End of story. Way to go with your #FakeNews #WallStreetJournal‼️ ImageImage
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Hey, dispute resolution field. Yeah, you. Listen up, y'all: We really, really, REALLY need to stop using the term 'Ombudsman.'
#ombudsperson #ombudsman #Ombuds #disputeresolution #ADR #conflict #alternativedisputeresolution
We need to stop talking about how we maybe need to stop using it, or how we might use other names alongside it, and we need to just STOP USING IT.
Wondering why I’m tweeting such an atypically, a-professionally unneutral position on this? Then you’re perfectly primed for the next tweet. The unneutral medium really is the unneutral message.
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Taking down WE Charity for political hay is representative of where we are with divisive politics, scraping the bottom of the barrel.
/1 #cdnpoli
National Newswatch:…
What was initially described as a $1B sole source contract eventually was shown to be worth less than $20M to manage $900M of grants to young people.
/2 #cdnpoli
A 2% fee is a low administration charge compared to what the Red Cross, United Way and other charities are paid to administer programs for disasters and the elderly, contracts also granted without bids.
/3 #cdnpoli
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Inclusive language plays a critical role in fostering an environment where everyone belongs. At Twitter, the language we have been using in our code does not reflect our values as a company or represent the people we serve. We want to change that. #WordsMatter
We’re starting with a set of words we want to move away from using in favor of more inclusive language, such as:
There is no switch we can flip to make these changes everywhere, at once. We will continue to iterate on this work and want to put in place processes and systems that will allow us to apply these changes at scale. We’re focusing on these areas 👇
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#Speakingof COVID
The Pandemic has exposed the depths of health disparities present in America

As data on these health disparities emerge it has revealed this issue is #PERVASIVE

Let's Discuss!
#ShareTheMicNowMed @typicallysilent
#Dothework @FutureDocs @nytimes @NOLAnews
#SayhisnameGeorgeFloyd was found to be COVID+ on his autopsy...what?!?! Yep @RUBraveEnough @arghavan_salles…
Large cities have major Disparities in-terms of COVID-19
@EmoryDeptofMed @EmoryRollins now has a data tracker to track COVID across a number of categories @CarlosdelRio7 @JenniferSpicer4 #ShareTheMicNowMed
@EmoryNews @EmoryDOMRyse @docwithapurpose…
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While I'm enjoying the newfound interest in celebrating #JUNETEENTH2020, let's not forget exactly what we're celebrating.
Juneteenth isn't the day African Americans were freed from slavery.
It's the day when African Americans FOUND OUT they had been freed from slavery.
The Civil War was over, Lee had surrendered at Appomattox and the defeated Confederates retreated back home to their farms and their plantations, knowing that they had lost and that the reason for the war, African American slavery, had come to an end.
But once back home, knowing their world had changed, did the white slave masters release their black slaves and wish them good luck? Or even try to negotiate a paid position for the men and women who fed them, provided their living and took care of their children?
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I’m going to correct some of the misinformation that’s out there by using the correct wording:

1) Lecce is INCREASING the class average in gr. 9-12 from 22 to 23, which will still mean classes of 35-40 in High School and more lost jobs.
2) Lecce is allowing parents to go through a tedious process to opt their children out of the 2 MANDATORY E-Learning courses.
3) Lecce is REDUCING the funding for Special Education to allow funds for STEM & Mental Health. (All valid expenditures but each should have their own $)
4) Lecce is REDUCING the budget for education and ADDING the Child Tax Credit to the numbers to make it LOOK like it’s increased.
5) Lecce is REDUCING the ‘per student’ funding by $54.
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Starting a thread to unpack this @courierjournal article, possibly the deepest dive profile to date on our organization’s work to change the narrative & impact culture by using the power of story to transcend politics & shift the conversation...…
@courierjournal According to reporter @SavannahEadens: "What started as a social movement and storytelling platform asking people to #DefineAmerican, the #Louisville -based nonprofit is trying to change the narrative around immigration & citizenship in the United States.”
@courierjournal It’s no accident that the conversation about how we @defineamerican is based in #Kentucky, the birthplace of iconic cultural figures such as Lincoln & Ali — & the former Confederate States President Jefferson Davis … It’s my home as well.
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@kindlee55 @markniesse @PaperBallotsGA
Are you out of your mind?
Mark, you wrote a Vendors dream story.
Below Martha Morris' giddy, clueless cmt, was, "Another voter, Ronald McClung, said voting will be more difficult on the new machines...
Would you include his age of 86, if he was 46?
@kindlee55 @markniesse @PaperBallotsGA ...It’s going to be a slow thing,” McClung said. “You have to take the paper out, look at it, walk it across the room and put it in. There’s a lot of wasted paper."'
How you sung the company's (Dominion's) song:
"Georgia is replacing its 17-year-old digital voting system
@kindlee55 @markniesse @PaperBallotsGA , which didn’t have a ^paper ballot.
voters make their choices on touchscreens. But with the new system, ea touchscreen is attached to a printer that produces a ^paper ballot. Voters can then review their selections before inserting their •ballots into a scanning machines.
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On rounds, subtle differences in wording can create very different meaning and send very different messages. Attending's #WordsMatter

“This is what I think (but I'm only 51% sure)” vs. “This is what I think (and I'm 90% sure)”

Attending's #WordsMatter

“There’s no evidence that this helps” vs. “There’s evidence that this doesn’t help”

“This is how I see it, but I leave the decision to you” vs. “This is how I see it and I ask that we do it that way.”

“Please do X.” vs. “I think we should do X: let me try to convince you that it’s the best thing to do.”

“I want y’all to look this up” vs. “A clinical decision is hinging on this. Please look it up and act on it ASAP… and teach me what you learned when we talk at 5.”

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Words matter.

We at OHA want to be clear about this fact: People with diagnoses of mental illness are not inherently violent. Instead, they are much more likely to become victims of violence than the general population. #WordsMatter
Stigma & discrimination put individuals with mental health diagnoses at further risk for victimization & can discourage those who need help from reaching out.
If you experience mental illness, we see you and we have your back. Help is available. If you don’t have mental illness, learn about how you can help to support those around you: #MentalHealthMatters
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Immigration: Travel into a country for the purpose of permanent residence.

Migration: The act of moving from one country, place, or locality to another.

@realDonaldTrump specifically chose the words illegal migration over illegal immigration multiple times.
I think the reason he chose this distinction is because primary purpose of the wall is:
* Human Trafficking- victims and perpetrators
* Gang & Cartel members
* “Bad Actor” illegal aliens who come here, commit crimes and run back home-leaving us with nothing but a false name.
The GOOD people who want to come here legally, should not have to wait to have their case heard.
* Save $100B per year on ILLEGAL MIGRATION
* Invest the savings in bolstering the immigration court system
* Reduce the wait time
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Happy Friday! Let's walk through a fun #CX comparison that my Friend just experienced. (Photos are from her and used w/ permission.) Thread:

Friend got her first puppy (Millie) and is doing a great job learning how to take care of Millie's needs.
She signed up for BarkBox, and the first one arrived while Millie was teething and really uncomfortable. One of the toys in the box totally saved Friend's life - Millie loves it and won't put it down and is feeling much better with it.
Friend was so impressed with BarkBox's selection and care, that she messaged them.

They offered live chat, but also a text service - thoughtful, since we all have our phones on our persons 24/7.

So she texted:
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Kicking off #WalkBikePlaces with an infrastructure tour on @BlueBikesNOLA. Several under way now; I'm on the one that looks at public art, placemaking. #bikeNOLA
First stop: Jackson Square, National Historic Site, named for Andrew J. Led battle that saved NOLA in 1812 but owned enslaved people. Should his statue come down? #WalkBikePlaces
Beautiful murals! Families of Plessy and Ferguson reconciled with art in celebration. Studio BE right across the street--big studio space in covered warehouse. @BlueBikesNOLA station right here at park.
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This is my commentary on #twitter #movements. Before I go I want to preface this with a statement: I love humans. We're amazing creative & powerful beings. I'm fascinated by human behaviour and the hidden motivations underlying our basic need to belong. 1/
I've observed some movements taking off on Twitter. Some for #MedEd, raising awareness, knowledge sharing, inspiration and sharing failings, wounds & triumphs. Generally they support creative expression in 280 characters. Awesome! 2/
As these movements gain momentum, more people want to join in b/c #belonging. I'm seeing a disturbing trend of sharing experiences of patients/clients to promote how deep & human they are. Some are purely intended, some not. 3/
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1/ Did you wake up on Nov 9, 2016 with a gnawing disquiet in your gut?

Me too.

Something wasn't right. It still isn't.

2/ Did you seriously question how in the hell election "results" could vary so widely from poll results?

Me too.

So did @mikefarb1.
3/ While the gov't was doing whatever it was doing, in a quagmire of political bullshit, @mikefarb1 + his Unhackthevote team stepped up.
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