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#BREAKING : 1) #Balochistan Liberation Army (BLA) has claimed responsibility for targetting and seriously injuring the occupation forces backed death squad terrorist Nadir, when he was travelling from his vehicle in #Malant area of #Tump tehsil of #Kech district of #Balochistan.
2) The official representative for #BLA Mr. Jeehand Baloch said that terrorist Nadil was involved in various crimes in #Tump tehsil under the auspices of the occupational forces and nefarious isi.
3) He further said that the #BLA, as a National Army, considers it its duty to protect the #Baloch people. National criminals will not be spared under any circumstances. - he added.
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#BREAKING : #Balochistan Liberation Army (BLA) announced that its "Firing Squad" carried out the execution of occupations nefarious isi agent Ashraf Ul-Ruddin, who was detained by #BLA #Sarmachars from #Buleda tehsil of #Kech district on July 27.
2) The #BLA interrogated Ashraf for a month, during which he confessed that he was working for Mama Jan, the regional head of Death Squad terrorists. He also admitted that he was involved in occupations operations on #Baloch homes.
3) The spokesman for #BLA, Mr. Jeehand Baloch said that the #BLA had warned Ashraf a year ago that he had allegations against the Baloch National Movement for suspicious activities, so he should refrain from anti-national and anti-national activities, but he did not give up.
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One of the #Karachi Stock Exchange attacker Shehzad along with a man wearing military fatigues & a black cloth over his face, believed to be Hammal Rehan the commander of Baloch Liberation Army's Suicide squad #MajeedBrigade.

@CalibreObscura @FrontalAssault1 @TheWolfpackIN
According to @Natsecjeff, D persons with black mask has a military background.

Hammal Rehan said in a interview that Majeed Brigade has comprises of three units

1: Operational Unit–these are the fidayeen who carry out self-sacrificing attacks on the targets

#BLA | #Balochistan
2: Logistic Unit– This unit comprises of those who perform the logistical activities including transporting ammunition and the fidayeen to their targets.

3:Intelligence Unit: This is the intelligence wing & is solely responsible for intelligence gathering.

#BLA | #Balochistan
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Indian Accts have been active using the unfortunate killing of #HayatBaloch in Turbat to defame the institution of Balochistan FC with trends

Those wondering what could’ve led to such an incident, let me explain:


Before we go to explanation, if you’re still in doubt on India propaganda cells behind these trends in Pakistan.

Here’s some mainstream Indian accounts using this incident to spread propaganda against Pakistan’s law enforcement agencies with simple objective to hurt #CPEC.

In order for you to understand the episode we need to take a look at the chain of events leading to the tragic killing of an innocent baloch youngster by law enforcement whose job it is to protect them.

Most imp fact is that it began with an IED terror attack at FC vehicles.

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#BREAKING : 1) #Balochistan Liberation Army (BLA) has claimed responsibility for the grenade attack on a stall set up for the August 14 celebrations in #Hub city of #Balochistan, injuring three occupational forces personnels and several local personnels.
2) The #Baloch Sarmachar attacked when the set up of stall was ongoing under the supervision of the occupational forces to celebrate pakistans so-called independence day.
3) Further in statement #BLA said, The occupation is using its military power in different parts of #Balochistan to force people to celebrate the occupations so-called independence day and is threatning for serious consequences if they do not join.
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These 3 tribal sardars were members of Soviet influenced NAP (ANP) & allies of Indian sponsored Awami League in 1970 elections.

Following India’s invasion of East Pakistan they met with Bengali diplomats to plan Balochistan’s secession from Pakistan.…
In 1973 Nawab Akbar Bugti publicly disavowed the plan & exposed the ‘London Plan’ as a conspiracy to break Balochistan away from Pakistan on behest of KGB & RAW.

Akbar Bugti was made Governor Balochistan & he oversaw an army operation against Marri & Mengal dominated #BLA.

Parallel with creation of #BLA another terror group BLF was formed in 1964 by leftist baloch students in Syria.

Balochistan Liberation Front-BLF was formed by student leader Jumma Khan Marri in Syria, son of Sardar of Ramkani clan Hazar Khan Marri & senior BLA commander.

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It’s a humble appeal to SAPM Gen Asim Bajwa & Sen Shibli Faraz min for info to create a section at min of info to counter foreign sponsored anti-state propaganda of:

#BalochMissingPersons especially in light of today’s



This propaganda has gained strength recently, with India/Afghanistan/Europe based bots & fake accts running trends in Pakistan to dominate our social media

So much so that, our mainstream media persons have begun to amplify their message, which must be countered with facts.

Who is Mama Qadeer, Haseeba Qambrani, Mahrang Baloch, Farzana Majeed & what are their links to #BLA?

Impression given is that, they’re innocent civilians with no links to terrorism, just seeking justice in the name of “human rights”

Let’s look at facts behind the facade:

/3 Haseeba QambraniMahrang BalochFarzana Baloch
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Thread: Terrorism in Balochistan

#terrorism in #Balochistan is a family enterprise:

1. Javed Mengal heads terror group Lashkar e Balochistan #LeB.
2. Javed’s son runs media and public campaign like “Free Balochistan” banners on buses in Europe. Both are supported by #RAW.
3. Javed’s brothers in law: Mehran and Harbihar Marri head #UBA and #BLA terror groups respectively. BLA is declared Terrorist group by #US
4. Mehran/ Harbiyar Marri brother in law, Brahmdagh Bugti, runs terror group of #BRA
5. Common thread that runs through all these terror groups is their leadership; all are led by #sardars #Nawabs
6. These terror groups and their leaders, though #Baloch, want to keep common people as salves and underdeveloped like in Stone Age using terror as key enabler.
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A #Germany based #Baloch separatist has uploaded pictures of multiple civilians in order to identify them for kidnapping and killing.
(Note: Faces have been blurred by us).
They are alleged to have informed #Pakistani security forces about the whereabouts of #BLA terrorists [1]
The caption left by the separatist is explicit about getting the faces identified and reported to separatists (likely BLA).
Given the account's other posts celebrating deaths of pro-government forces, it is clear that these civilians will be hunted. [2],
The rest of the caption also implies their goal.
The account is affiliated with the #balochliberationarmy (BLA) since it posts their activities and in support of them. (Example attached)

The Telegram channel and group mentioned in the previous caption shares BLA & UBA videos.[3]
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Thread on #BLA & it's leadership. How @BashirZebBaloch , Jeeyand Baloch #AslamAchoo were sacked by #BLACentralCommand over links with #RAW & Hijacking the war in Balochistan. All information is based on official statements from #BLA spokesperson #AzadBaloch & pro BLA media
Dec 2017: Statement issued by #BLA's #AzadBaloch read that @BashirZebBaloch & #AslamAchoo are sacked from the group effective immediately for trying to create anarchy within the organisation. Spokesperson #Jeeyandbaloch was also kicked out from group
#AzadBaloch added that on 13th June 2017 #AslamAchoo visited #India without seeking prior approval from #BLA HighCommand. It was his personal choice to visit india & High Command was not onboard with this. #Aslam was found guilty of conspiring against #BLA highcommand
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Today liberal academics & leftist student activists are glorifying acts of terrorism by two student activists turned confessed #BLA terrorists as political activism.

It’s important to expose this heinous nexus between liberal academia, student activism & terrorism:

We must remember that #BLA is an internationally recognized terrorist organization:

Govt of #Pakistan has been trying to bring #BLA terrorists to justice, and appealing to all international organizations & government action against #BLA:

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#LEAs defused an #IED planted in #Talap near #Iran border in #Balochistan . Image
#BLF released claiming killing 8 Pakistan Army soldiers in #Mashkay , #Balochistan.
#UBA released statement claiming attack on Army checkpost in #Kohlu and killing of 3 Soldiers.
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News from #Balochistan, rebels attacked Security forces in #Panjgur.
#BLF released statement claiming attack on Army in #Buleda area of #Kech district.

#BLF claims 4 Pakistani soldiers lost life.

As always #GHQ, #GHQ controlled media never reports it !
#BLF released statement claiming attack on Army convoy in #Awaran #Balochistan today .

The statement also claims 5 Pakistan soldiers lost life in the attack.

As always #GHQ or #GHQ media never reports it !
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Local authorities in #Pakistan are not doing a good job protecting #Pakistani #Hazara population in #Quetta #Balochistan but the complex geopolitics involved in this story are terrifying. /1
There is a compelling case for categorizing attacks on #Hazara as acts of terrorism & war, not only sectarianism. #Pakistani Hazara & the State are embroiled in a complex situation that demands recognition & full disclosure. /2
#Pakistan law enforcement has eliminated key anti-#Shia extremist #Sunni militants in #Balochistan+#Punjab since 2015, & worked with #US & #Afghanistan to close #LeJ/#TTP/#BLA terror camps (involved in sectarian killings as part of a wider anti-Pak war)./3
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