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After failing to take #Kiyv, #Sumy and #Chernihiv, the #Russians quickly realized their mistakes, made the right conclusions, and concentrated all their forces on #Donbass.
In other areas they switched to defense, continuing to tie our forces and preventing us from transferring
reserves to the East. Now #Lukashenko has also moved his puppet army to the border with #Ukraine for the same purpose.

Unfortunately, but with brutal honesty, the army and the population were poorly prepared (many decided that the war was almost over), and let their guard down,
reassured of talk of a counteroffensive and Western equipment.

We will have to taste the bitterness of defeats, get rid of euphoria, work on our mistakes - to find the right, fast, effective solutions that will mobilize the forces needed to fight the #Russians,
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The "big" story of the day, for those who like their propaganda orchestrated, was a meeting ostensibly celebrating the Communist Youth League.

Communism and youth were conspicuous by their absence

Li Keqiang, the number two man in China, looks sad.
#xi #li ImageImageImageImage
In foreign news, Snake Island is one long slithering story.
CCTV uses official Ukraine defense footage to bolster Russia's victorious explanation of helicopters and boats being shot in action.

"Russia Defense Ministry says Russia defeated Ukraine's plan to seize the island." ImageImageImageImage
Strangely enough, it's Lukashenko rather than Putin who stars in this diatribe against "democracy" shown on today's program covering Europe's May 9th commemoration of WW2 victory.
#may9th #putin #lukashenko Image
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Due to the Putin's invasion, in the first quarter of 2022 #Ukraine registered an increased amount of 802 cyberattacks from Russia and Belarus, said the Ukrainian govt cyber group CERT-UA. [Thread⬇️]
Here is the list of top 5 Russian and Belorussian groups of hackers (connected to the military and security services of those aggressor countries) which conduct #cyberattacks on #Ukraine ⬇️
[1] The hacker group of the Russian Federal Security Service (FSB): UAC-0010 aka Armageddon (GammaLoad, GammaDrop, HarvesterX). This is APT (advanced persistent threat).
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The main points of #Putin's statements:

📍#Ukraine, #Belarus and #Russia are a triune nation. What is happening in Ukraine is a tragedy, but Russia had no choice;

📍Negotiations with Ukraine began mostly thanks to #Lukashenko;

📍The Blitzkrieg by the West didn't happen;
📍In the current circumstances it is necessary to strengthen the integration of #Russia and #Belarus;

📍 #Kyiv does not comply with the agreements reached at the talks in #Istanbul;

📍The operation in #Ukraine will continue until the goals are fully achieved;
📍The #Ukrainian #Bucha is as fake as it was with chemical weapons in #Syria;

📍Those who impose sanctions better come to their senses.
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Surveillance firm @Cellebrite claims it ended business in #Russia & #Belarus.

@itempnews revealed that the firm’s tech still works even w/out a valid contract. 🇷🇺 & 🇧🇾 authorities are likely using @Cellebrite_UFED to hack into phones of those who protest #Ukraine war. /1 $CLBT
2/ Russia’s notorious Investigative Committee bragged that they had used @Cellebrite devices 26,000+ times. Chances are, they are still using them as the firm makes no effort to disable the devices after the contract ends.

3/ @Cellebrite claims its tech is only used for legitimate purposes. We know otherwise.

@mediazzzona @haaretzcom @oyoyoy previously revealed its tools were used to hack the devices of Navalny associate @SobolLubov who fled Russia due to persecution.…
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#Russia #NewsfromMordor Russian watchdog Roskomnadzor is preparing sanctions against Google, Telegram, Meta, Discord, Pinterest and Twitch. The Ministry of Education is ready to discuss Medinsky's proposal to introduce a prayer for the glory of Russia in schools.
#Russia #NewsfromMordor Medvedev: "No restrictions on the return of the death penalty in Russia, everything will depend on the situation. The moratorium may remain, if everything is calm, or be revised if necessary."
#Russia An Interior Ministry official arrested for spreading "fakes" about war, was charged for speaking on the phone, allegedly spreading "knowingly false information." He called his acquaintances in the Crimea and the Moscow region. No permission to tap his phone, says lawyer
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[1] The #Belarus President Alexander #Lukashenko fooled #Putin promising him recently in Moscow that he will invade #Ukraine this Monday, March 21, said aide of Ukraine internal affairs minister Anton @Gerashchenko7. [Thread⬇️]
[2] #Russia expected that #Belarus Army would invade the western #Volyn area of #Ukraine and develop offensive south to the city of #Lviv to cut the arms supply routes from Europe, said aide of Ukraine internal affairs minister Anton @Gerashchenko7.
[3] #Lukashenko's decision not to invade #Ukraine angered Putin's inner circles, so they started thinking about how to remove him from power in #Belarus, incl. via military coup executed by the Russian agents in local KGB and army - aide of Ukr. IA minister Anton @Gerashchenko7.
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🛑🛑🛑#Putin regime terrorists burning documents in their embassy in #Warsaw , #Poland. Same thing happens in #Kyiv the night before the invasion began.
#Ukraine #Russia
‼️Many speculate that this hints to the fact of an imminent attack of the #Lukashenko regime in #Belarus on #Ukraine , or any action that will cause Warsaw to expel all the #Putin regime terrorists from its territory
Picture from social media
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#LPR troops during the night conducted successful battles against Ukrainian nationalists from several directions inside Severodonetsk and Rubezhnoye, - the Russian Defense Ministry
This is in the same general area as the attached post
#RussiaUkraine #Su25
#RuAF Su-25 in Ukr ...night footage
(Repost...better quality video)
The Russian Defense Ministry will soon provide new information about the work of American biological laboratories in Ukraine and developments in the field of biological weapons.
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🛑🛑🛑Sirens in Kharkiv
Take cover now
#Ukraine #Russia #Putin
🛑🛑🛑Video from social media showing #Putin regime terrorists equipment that was seized on March 10th by the Ukrainian army in the Poltava region
#Ukraine #Russia
🛑🛑🛑Video from social media showing #Putin regime terrorists equipment that was seized on March 10th by the Ukrainian army in the Poltava region
#Ukraine #Russia
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Je repense maintenant... quand il y a 13-14 ans, nous, les militantes Femen en #Ukraine, avons été arrêtées, battues, menacées pour avoir protesté contre le régime de #Poutine, personne ne nous a prises au sérieux..
Lorsqu'il y a 11 ans, 3 d'entre nous, dont moi-même, ont été kidnappées et torturées dans la forêt du Biélorussie par le KGB de #Lukashenko, certains ne nous ont pas crues.
Lorsqu'il y a 12 ans, j'ai fui l'Ukraine pour échapper aux persécutions de la marionnette du Kremlin, Yanukovich, certains m'ont dit que j'exagérais.
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#Ukraine 🇺🇦: in #Berdyansk people have surrounded the Russian soldiers standing guard.

In cities across the occupied parts of Ukraine people are rising up against the Russian invasion force.
#Ukraine 🇺🇦: residents of the #Kyiv suburb of #Irpin leave their embattled town over the remains of one of their main bridges, destroyed in the fighting.
#Ukraine 🇺🇦: another Russian warplane has been downed, this one was shot out of the skies over #Mykolaiv and crashed near the village of Ochakiv. Image
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🇷🇺🔥🇺🇦 #Rusia Vs #Ucrania (día 8) - Una jornada más, recogeremos en este #hilo 🧵 toda la información relevante referida a la guerra de Ucrania.

Muchísimas gracias por seguir ahí.
🇷🇺🔥🇺🇦 #Rusia Vs #Ucrania (día 8) - La noche ha sido dramática, tal y como se esperaba, con al menos 4 grandes explosiones en #Kiev y ataques sobre #Kharviv y muchas otras ciudades de menor tamaño.
🇷🇺🔥🇺🇦 #Rusia Vs #Ucrania (día 8) - Para las próximas horas se espera un nuevo intento de negociaciones entre la delegación rusa y la ucraniana. Parecen haber pactado la zona del encuentro, que se produciría en la región de Brest, en la frontera de #Bielorrusia con #Polonia.
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Over the last few days, I have seen posts advocating @RoySocChem, @AmerChemSociety to #boycott Russian scientists at conferences/from publications. Some Universities in Europe have already done so. I am very, very strongly against the boycott!
Here is a🧵with my reasons 1/11
For disclosure - I am Russian, born in the USSR, with my family currently in Russia and in Ukraine
I have been living in the UK alone since 16yo, when I went to @DurhamChemistry for my UG
*I will use male pronouns for leaders due to the gender bias in power 2/11
I'm sad to receive full face criticism for the actions of the 'president' neither I nor my family/friends ever voted. I know he still totals 146% & an absolute 'support'. I was lucky to have been in a position to 'vote with my legs out of Russia', but most people could not! 3/11
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🇷🇺🔥🇺🇦 #Rusia Vs #Ucrania (día 6) - Una jornada más, recogeremos en este hilo las novedades más importantes relativas a la invasión de Ucrania. Muchas gracias por compartir.
🇷🇺🔥🇺🇦 #Rusia Vs #Ucrania (día 6) - El Ministerio de Defensa ruso publicó ayer imágenes de helicópteros de ataque destruyendo objetivos ucranianos. Está por ver si es puntual, un intento por restaurar su imagen militar u otra cosa.

🇷🇺🔥🇺🇦 #Rusia Vs #Ucrania (día 6) - Prosigue el castigo a #Kharkov, ciudad que continúa resistiendo. En este caso, parece haber sido un ataque por parte de la Fuerza Aérea Rusa contra el edificio de la Administración del óblast de Kharkov (ver enlace)

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Just in: 1/1 The Kremlin, through Ambassador Gryzlov, insists that Minsk join the "military operation", ie the war against #Ukraine. #Lukashenko said he was waiting for the referendum to end and was ready to join within 72 h #RussiaUkraineWar #StandWithUkriane #russianinvasion
2/1 Another operation under a false flag will be used as an excuse, ie staging that "Ukraine attacked Belarus."
Putin is going to the bottom like a ballast and is dragging all his accomplices, he wants to cover up in the blood of this aggression all those around him.
3/1 Dictator #Lukashenko is afraid and procrastinates.
But in fact, when #Russian troops used #Belarusian territory as a springboard for invasion, #Belarus was drawn into the war.
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#Ukraine 🇺🇦: the mayor of #Mariupol is holding a press conference. He states the city has been facing heavy Russian shelling since the early morning but as of this moment remains under Ukrainian control. Image
#Ukraine 🇺🇦: destruction in #Odessa
#Ukraine 🇺🇦: utter destruction at the #Lutsk airport, close to the Polish border.
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#war #Kyiv #Ukraine #Russia Collecting all reports thread; Ukraine's operational command says "cruise and ballistic missile strikes are underway at the control centres in Kyiv" from @lukeharding1968 Friends report explosions in #Kyiv, #Odessa #Kharkiv #Mykolaev thread, add info
Targets include airfields and military headquarters, operational command says
"Distant crumps - soft explosions - reported from west Kyiv, towards the airport. Not Cruise missiles, i think, but sounds like an attack on the airport." @JohnSweeney
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Interesting— #Lukashenko’s messaging is out of synch with #Putin’s.

The #Kremlin says that Russian forces are in #Belarus for joint exercises— but Lukashenko denies this in his response to the OSCE. /1
The #Kremlin has repeatedly asserted its right to carry out joint exercises in #Belarus as part of Allied Resolve 2022, and #Lukshenko was also describe by it as an exercise back in January. /2…
Even last week though, #Lukshenko was sending some mixed messages about the “exercise.” /3
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🇷🇺🇫🇷 Main from press conference following the talks between the presidents of #Russia and #France


• They don't do anything themselves, but they demand some kind of performance from us. Let's not play like that - on the situation around #NATO and #Ukraine.
1/6 Image
• A number of #Macron's ideas, which are still too early to talk about, are quite possible to form the basis for further steps in #Ukraine.

• If you like it or not, be patient, my beauty, you must comply - on #Kiev's attitude to #Minsk agreements.
#Russia's central concerns about security assurances have been ignored by #US and #NATO.

• We agreed with #Macron to continue mutually beneficial cooperation in economy, politics, cultural and humanitarian spheres.
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#Russia thins out its embassy in #Ukraine:
In early January, the gradual departure process has started in the Russian Embassy in #Kyiv and consulate in Lviv. Diplomats at two other Russian consulates have been told to prepare to leave Ukraine - NYT…
Military equipment spotted near #Brest, #Belarus this morning:
Train with Russian military equipment spotted in Orsha, #Belarus this early morning.
via @MotolkoHelp
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#Lukashenko approved joint operational exercise of the armed forces of #Belarus and #Russia. Exercise is scheduled for February. It will be held on the western and southern borders of Belarus.…
This was already announced last year if you remember. But by now, a lot of Russian troops spotted e.g. in Bryansk. I would not be surprised if a large amount of them will end up in #Belarus.
And i said it before, i always believed #Belarus will play a role in a possible action on #Ukraine this time. Weather it's a passive or an active role, we will see.
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Thread con aggiornamenti da #Almaty #Kazakhstan 👇
Ieri è stato attivato lo stato di emergenza ad #Almaty, dove il controllo della città è stato assegnato a un comitato comandato dalle forze di polizia.
Dalle fonti (principalmente @nexta_tv) sembra che i protestanti abbiano la meglio al momento: ieri sera hanno messo in fuga i mezzi corazzati dell'esercito. Oggi hanno preso il controllo di altri corazzati, con cui hanno marciato verso il palazzo del governo regionale.
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1/7 Thread on Rising #Impact of NATO-#DeepState
#Warmongering on the #European Gas #Imports
from #Russia.

The #Yamal Natural #Gas #Pipeline:

Cost: $36 Billion
Diameter of 14,20cm
Capacity 33 billion m³ a year.
Squeezed by warmongering:

2/7 Dec. 14, 2021 - #Yamal-#Europe #Gas
flows #Stable: Press.

#Belarus leader Alexander #Lukashenko has made repeated #Threats to halt operations on a #Pipeline that sends #Russian natural #Gas to #Europe:…
3/7 Dec. 15, 2021 - #Russian #Gas #Exports
to #Europe via #Yamal #Pipeline #Rises,
despite warning by Alexander #Lukashenko
from #Minsk, #Belarus:

"To suspend the #Transit of natural gas in response to Western #Sanctions, boosting spot #Gas #Prices."

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