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From 93 blast to 26/11 to #Pulwama, Terror state #Pakistan not only bleeds India but refuses to punish the perpetrators of terror.
Instead of holding Pak feet to fire as a nation, we broadcast Pak PSL cricket matches?
India needs *Maharana Pratap* & Bhamashah to keep #IndiaFirst
#Pakistan makes #money from the #broadcast of these matches in #India.
Same Indians who outrage holding a candle light in hand after every Pak sponsored terror attack watch Pak teams play cricket?
Pak cricketers abuse our country & religion & Pak cricket benefits from our money??
Sporting ties & people to people exchanges are good but not when #Pakistan continues to use terror as an instrument of state policy & continues to bleed India.
1993: 257 dead.
1999: 530 dead.
2006: 200 dead.
2008: 166 dead.
Many more killed
But some want 2 play & show Pak cricket
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@WikiDienstag @Siesta________ @Wikipedia @WikimediaDE @WikimediaCH @WikimediaAT @wikidata du @Siesta________ warum fragst du nicht mal @Lantus_MWCH nach meiner geschichte: das würde dir all deine annahmen bezüglich @wikimediaDE durcheinander schütteln ;-)

1. mitglied @WikimediaCH
2. angestellt #MWCH
3. admin
4. mitglied schiedsgericht

@WikiDienstag @Siesta________ @Wikipedia @WikimediaDE @WikimediaCH @WikimediaAT @wikidata @Lantus_MWCH @ilariovaldelli @WikimediaItalia @UZH_ch fragte (rhetorisch) meine lieblingsfrage, was eigentlich der unterschied sei, zwischen #Open und #Free

brechend lautes schweigen @OpendataCH @opendataswiss @opendatabeerCH trallalla

doch dann sagte #IlardioValdelli:

- OPEN? just to litte FREE 💕👾🚀…
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3 things #journalism #startups need to continuously innovate are: content, distribution and revenue strategies.


It’s not enough to want to do everything, it’s how you do one well that matters for impact and scale.
Plus, #DIY articles are not enough to start your journalism business, #feasibilitystudy is key 🔑.

e.g. Who are the 1-20 clients or customers that would pay $100k annually to run my business if my running cost is $3-6 monthly?

Do I have their contacts & edge over competition?
When you get the 100k in first 2 years, don’t jump. Measure!

Measure impact of one product before you jump on the other… what have you learned from one that you’re taking to the other?
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9. Furthermore, the Rivers State Government is seriously disturbed by the recent upsurge of cult activities and related violence and killings around the adjoining areas of the Okoro-nodu flyover in Obio/Akpor Local Government Area.

10. We have repeatedly warned misguided youths that engaging in cultism is abhorrent anti-social behaviour in our society.
11. We shall therefore spare no efforts to deal appropriately with anyone who decides to disturb peace and security in our neighbourhoods with cult activities and associated violence and killings.
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My Dear Good People of Rivers State.

2. As you know our promise to construct and five flyovers to ease the perennial traffic challenges and accelerate socio-economic development of the State is well on course.

3. We delivered and commissioned the first of the initial five flyovers, (the Rebisi flyover) to the glory of God and the good of our State, while construction work on the rest has reached advanced levels of completion.
4. Indeed, the Okoro-nu-do flyover is next on the line to be delivered and commissioned, latest, in the first quarter of 2021.
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While the Government acknowledge and appreciate the enormous contributions from non-indigenes to the political, social and economic development of the State,
it will neither accept nor allow any individual or group from within and outside to violate the peace, endanger lives and property under any guise in the State.

And so, let it be understood that we have nothing against all or any specific tribe and will continue to live in peace with people of all other tribal extractions residing or doing business in Rivers State.

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I had a rare privilege of a dream revelation as I prayed this Morning & it was not a common Occurrence.
What's dream revelation? A picturesque kind of trance that happens where you are made to understand things with a high consciousness that you are dreaming
#HowtobeaGodman #RT
In this peculiar experience, I just had a long dream of a series of activities, then I was told to come a preach a sermon on #HOWTOBEAGODMAN I began the sermon and ended in full consciousness. I discovered I was been inspired by the Heavy thought... #RT
Influx that connected with my Spirit to know that there was a conversation of revelations communicated to me. Immediately I finished the sermon, I began to pray intensively. I was begging God to allow me enter into the realities of what I preached recently
#howtobeaGodman #RT
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¡Tenía que ser @BBC! La corporación pública audiovisual británica se propone sustituir los términos #radio y #TV por #Audio y #Screen, un audaz cambio de marca para atraer a jóvenes que genera gran polémica entre adultos #mediaevolution (cc @cscolari)

📎 Image
«El consumo bajo demanda de contenidos @BBC crece a un ritmo superior a caída de consumo lineal», presume su director saliente Tony Hall. Casi 9/10 jóvenes 16-34 años accedieron a #TV pública británica durante confinamiento #COVID19 (cc @JavierVisiers)

📎 Image
La #convergencia digital ha impuesto confluencia de canales e hibridación de lenguajes: el consumo a la carta diluye lógicas tradicionales de #radio y #TV, y sus nomenclaturas ya no designan ni su diversificación ni sus usos cada vez más personalizados

📎 Image
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41. In the last one year of our second tenure, we have kept our promise, worked hard and achieved more with less resources, provided first-class socio-economic infrastructure and kept our State and businesses safe, secure.

#Broadcast #365days2ndtenure
42. As we continue on this progressive trajectory into the second year, we can only promise to recommit ourselves to work harder and deliver greater development to our people.
43. We know it is not going to be easy given the very poor state of the national economy and the spinoff effects on ours.

51. Thank you and may God continue to bless us all and bless our dear Rivers State.
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As I have stated earlier, there is nothing to worry about the increasing number of positive cases as such is not unexpected in the light of the intensification of contact- tracing and increased testing of suspected cases.

#Lockdown #Broadcast
As 60% of the positive cases recorded in the State are connected with oil company workers, we have initiated a meeting with all the major oil companies to work out strategies on how we can stop this trend and stop the risk this category of workers now pose to the State
Furthermore, Government is investigating the rumored or suspected outbreak of the virus at Bonny Island.
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In continuation of our struggle against the spread of covid-19 in our State, we had planned to resume the total lockdown on Obio/Akpor and Port Harcourt Local Government Areas from Wednesday 27th May 2020.

#Lockdown #Broadcast
However, after a comprehensive review of the measures we have taken and further considerations placed before us by well-meaning members of the public, the State Security Council has decided to cancel the proposed lockdown on Obio/Akpor and Port Harcourt Local Government Areas .
In essence, no part of Rivers State is or will be under any lockdown from this moment and this will be so, except where it becomes necessary again.

#Lockdown #Broadcast
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In view of the non or passive compliance with these measures, it has become compelling to also place the following parts of Port Harcourt and Obio/AkporLocal Government Areas on 24 hours complete lockdown, beginning from Tuesday 28 April 2020, till further notice:

"(i) Elekahia, including the entire stretch of Rumukalagbor-Elekahia link road;
(ii) Rumuomasi, including Stadium road; and
(iii) Rumuobiokani.

"(iv) All residents in these areas must stay at home.
#Covid_19 #Broadcast
All shops, mini-markets, officesand business outfits in these areas must also cease to operate until further notice.
#Covid_19 #Broadcast
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Following the treatment and discharge of the second index case in our treatment centre, I am very delighted to announce that there is presently no single case of the presence of coronavirus in our State.

#Covid_19 #Broadcast
2. This is real good news we must all celebrate and thank the Almighty God for answering our prayers and shielding our State from this dreadful epidemic, which has caused so much death and untold human misery across the world.

#Covid_19 #Broadcast
3. We are happy with the proactive measures we have adopted, which are the reasons for the swift and measurable success we have achieved in the fight to stop the spread of this disease in our State.

#Covid_19 #Broadcast
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In the Spirit of Easter therefore, and after a careful review of the state of COVID 19 situation in our State, we have decided to temporarily relax the restriction on large religious gathering, as follows:

#Covid_19 #Broadcast
Friday 10th April 2020 – all Moslem faithfuls should observe Juma’at prayers in their mosques or prayer grounds throughout the State and pray for the peace, forgiveness and the blessings of Allah upon the State.

#Covid_19 #Broadcast
Sunday 12th April 2020 – all Christians should have Easter Church Services with their full congregation and pray to God to forgive us of our sins, continue to intervene in our affairs and protect the State and our people from the Coronavirus.

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Some #Scouts planting flags at #Miami city #cemetery gave me that one👇🏼 for when we find #WWI private English Gray, who was buried here 100 years ago with no #headstone or marker.
Failure was not an option....
Our #VeteransDay #story airs in a few minutes
@WPLGLocal10 Image
👆🏼...updating with our #broadcast #tonight from #Miami city #cemetery .
The search for the #grave of #WWI private English Gray, and the first #VeteransDay honor he has received in a #century
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Is there a way to rebroadcast already published videos (like Documentaries, Tutorials & Conferences) just so a group of people can watch & comment on it together at the same time actively. Let's say Facebook Theater. @YouTube @Facebook Later it can be used for #VR. #F82019 #F8
@Livestream Do you provide Online Theatrical Experience by rebroadcast already published videos like documentaries, tutorials & conferences just so a group of people can watch & comment on it together at the same time actively. #theater #Coliseum #colosseum
The joy of watching together from different location. #theater #vr #livestream #live #facebooklive #youtubelive #broadcast #publish #coliseum
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Let’s dive into this data from the local #broadcast news perspective. Here's a thread.
The research says: "71 percent of those surveyed believe that 'their local news outlets are doing very or somewhat well financially.' Only 14 percent have paid for or given money to local news … in the past year."
It fairly notes that local #TVnews is "often" a source more than any other, and 86% of people watch local TV news at least sometimes, along with 79% for radio news.
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