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In this🧵#thread, i'd be calling out #web3 brands and listing some of the problems i noticed in building its #community and the notable solutions.

#communitybuilding #DeFi #web3community #BSC #DEX

@SwychFinance is my first call out. Image

I am impressed by the innovative all-in-one solution offered by @SwychFinance to the complex world of DeFi. Its comprehensive platform provides users with a seamless experience, allowing them to easily access a range of DeFi services, from DEX, staking,, launchpad & others.

However, there is a significant challenge that @SwychFinance faces in building its community.
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The First-Time #Marketing Playbook (5 Lessons)

Read this if you want to expand your audience, grow your online community, and future-proof your ability to grow.
Lesson 1: Always prioritize your target audience's needs and preferences.

Make your marketing efforts more effective by considering the problems people are facing right now, and how you can solve it for them

#digitalmarketing #targetaudience
Lesson 2: Data-driven decision making is crucial for successful campaigns.

Collect and analyze data to make informed choices at the outset of any new campaign #digitalmarketing #datadriven
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The difference between Autistic masking and Autistic shielding, a thread.
Ahead of my talk on this, thisWednesday on @aucademy

Autistic masking is a trauma response to the consistent bullying, harassment, stigma and marginalisation Autistic people face.
It is so much more than trying to fit in or fly under the radar. It is unconscious self-preservation, an automatic response to keep us safe.
There is also a misconception around Autistic masking that we become outwardly non-Autistic in our behaviours, mannerisms and speech.
This plays very nicely into the neuro-majority idea of invisible disabilities and differences, which is a total fallacy. The idea of ‘invisible’ disabilities was created so that non-Disabled people could continue to gaslight, neglect and abuse us under the guise of ‘not knowing’
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La #comunità? C'est moi. Il limite del #terzosettore nel pensarsi come solo interprete delle dinamiche sociali territoriali (anche per mancanza di strumenti di lettura e azione). Inizia col botto la sessione di lavoro di @progetto_fqts
1/di non so quanti: molte, più che #comunità, sono partenariati di progetto "artificiali" per intercettare risorse top down. Filantropiche soprattutto. E su questo bisognerebbe interrogarsi: è possibile un "salto di stato" da rete a comunità? #comunitàdovesei
2/di non so quanti: s'invoca la capacità di #mediazione come via principale per il "ritorno alla #comunità" da parte del #terzosettore. Ma con la sola mediazione, soprattutto in contesti deprivati, non si va da molte parti #comunitàdovesei
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Okay, seit ich die Veröffentlichung meines Romans plane, beschäftige ich mich damit, wie man #Follower findet. Eine echte Challenge, speziell wenn man zunächst noch nicht weiß, wer die #Zielgruppe ist.
#weltherrschaft #communitybuilding
Erst nach dem Release von "Ohne Strom - Wo sind deine Grenzen?" wurde mir klar, dass ich recht gut abgegrenzte Zielgruppen habe: #regional #mittelhessen, nicht nur, weil ich dort aufgewachsen bin und lebe, vor allem weil mein Roman dort spielt.
Das Gerne "postapokalyptische Dystopie" bringt die nächste #Zielgruppe dazu. LeserInnen und LiebhaberInnen von #Dytopie und #Postapokalypse!
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Die Podiumsdiskussion "Online publizieren & digitale Wissenschaftskommunikation" & die Tagung #digimed22 fand ich sehr bereichernd. Meine Top 5 Links hab ich auf dem Podium in mein Statement eingebaut. Hier nun ein aufgebohrter Mega- 🧵mit den wichtigsten Stichworten als #.
Als Historikerin, die @Mittelalterblog mitherausgibt sowie @AMAD_org koordiniert, & bei beidem Fachredakteurin ist, schau ich aus 2 Perspektiven aufs Thema: Als Fachwissenschaftlerin & als Publikations-, Daten- und Infrastrukturmanagerin. #digimed22 1/
Meine Top 5 Links spiegeln diese 2 Perspektiven wider. An ihrem Beispiel hab ich einige Grundsatzfragen, die @Albrxcht zum Einstieg in die Podiumsdiskussion formuliert hat, aufgegriffen. Mein Anliegen fasse ich am Ende des 🧵 zusammen. #digimed22 2/
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1/ We’ve been spending some time diving into the world of character IP and its intersection with Web3…. thinking of sharing our thoughts and research with our growing community here. We’ll start exploring the @SouthPark franchise in this monster thread 👇🧵👇 Image
2/ What would happen if Matt Stone and @Trey_Parker, creators of @SouthPark, were Crypto Natives who built the show from the ground up with Web3 principles?
3/ We begin by analyzing @SouthPark, arguably some of the most valuable IP in entertainment. This show often stirs controversy, as it satirizes everyone, leaving little room for political correctness. For many, it is quintessentially American.
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The shift-left approach in the software testing world is when testing is performed early on in the lifecycle of the product. But given the growing complexities of products in the market today, we must customize solutions that work for your organization.
In this article, we will discuss a few applied scenarios in shifting left/right, and share how customized approaches for your teams are critical in the success of your test automation efforts.
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We know from @SashaShillcutt & @JulieSilverMD’s @NEJM paper, that social media has become an important avenue for women physicians to gather, providing #WomeninMedicine new avenues to share information & experiences:… #SheforShe
We wanted to better understand the #womenincardiology Twitter network – not just how many tweets, but more *how* the network is being used & if it is *useful*
We analyzed #ACCWIC #WomeninCardiology #ilooklikeacardiologist #AHAWIC #WomeninEP & #SCAIWIN
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(1/11) I've been posting on Reddit for a couple of months to promote my side-gig

The trick is: most Reddit groups don't allow self-promotion.

Here is what I'm doing to bypass that rule 👇
#Entrepreneurship #SaaS #communitybuilding #builtinpublic
(2/11) #1 - Don't Copywrite, do content marketing.

👉 Copywriting = making a post that looks like an ad.

With a lot of space.

In a salesy way.

Like this.

Not only you will be insulted by other Reddit users, but you risk being banned. Write as you would talk to a friend.
(3/11) #2 - Your goal is to funnel people from Reddit, to your website.

However, don't mention your brand/ company or project on the post itself. You'll be banned/ insulted.

Instead, make sure your post is good enough to generate clicks on your Reddit Profile.
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Buckle up for an awesome virtual event this weekend!
With interesting sessions on tech & personal growth around it, fuelled by an amazing panel of speakers, this is The Kickstart, our first event!

@EricaKHanson @Nikkitagandhi @sidagarwal04 @googlestudents #DeveloperStudentClubs Image
@taditdash is going to enlighten the attendees about the growth that comes with community involvement and how they can harness it. A great way to promote community involvement among the developers! 🙌

We're extremely grateful for having him! Image
@jesslynnrose will be touching on a significant topic. Mental health is of paramount importance and her session on managing stress and studies will prove remarkable for our fellow developers!

We're extremely grateful for having her! Image
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Create a Community First.
There is power in community. Think about the power of having people ready to embrace a new product or use their collective voices on behalf of your organization.
A community can be that place, and it may even create micro-influencers willing to share their enthusiasm giving your brand or product an even broader reach.
An active community can foster loyalty, provide authentic voices to your product or service, or create loyal fans. It could uncover ideas, new solutions, and expand your reach.
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We are very happy to provide an update on one of the local campaigns we are assisting with:

DAM has been assisting local Noongar woman, Casey Kickett, with her campaign to have the City of Joondalup (CoJ) remove a plaque commemorating one of.../1
...many ‘’missions’ that existed in the area back in the 1800’s along with the man who established it.
These missions served to fracture and separate Aboriginal families and to indoctrinate Aboriginal people. Yet, the plaque does not tell these truths.

On June 29th,.../2
... members of DAM supported Casey and attended a meeting with her and the City of Joondalup Mayor + the CoJ Manager of Community Development and Library Services to discuss the plaque along with a newsletter article printed by the CoJ. This insulting and misleading article../3
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Our deep dive into community building and #strategicplanning with @crawdeb & @AnnSkelcherte has begun! #TeVirtualEvents #TeVE #bringpeopletogether #EdLeaders Image
Here is the #YouTellUs video that @crawdeb was talking about just now in our #TeVE #TeVirtualEvents. Love it! #bringpeopletogether #StudentVoice @SCCDSB
The @SCCDSB Steering committee group felt a sense of #collaboration with their #community after their exchange. They reviewed their vision and mission statement to better align their collective core values, mission, and vision. #TeVE #TeVirtualEvents
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It's a full house here despite the weather, but no one will be turned away at 30 John St/@MadeinNY for @aajanewyork panel talking #journalism, #layoffs, #freelancing, and more!
When laid off, it's ok to take your time to get your bearings, rejuvenate, focus on you. Also ok to keep sending out resumes and networking if that helps you process & grieve. #aaja #journalism #layoffs #freelancing
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The carbon tax made me stop using my clothes dryer. I now rack dry, and my clothes don’t wear out as fast. The #carbontax is helping me save money!
Because of the #carbontax I think more about where things come from. That makes me look for more local product & support Alberta producers.
Because of the #carbontax I now walk more to local shops and support our local economy. Less Bug Box & more #ShopLocal
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