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Emotional intelligence is crucial for diplomats in navigating complex diplomatic situations.
Here are 13 reasons why
#EIforDiplomats #IRstudents #diplomacy #communication
1/13: Emotionally intelligent Diplomats are better equipped to handle high-pressure situations with grace and composure.
#Diplomacy #EIforDiplomats #Diplomacy101
2/13: Emotionally intelligent diplomats are skilled at reading body language and nonverbal cues, allowing them to better understand the needs and concerns of others.
#Conflictresolution #Emotionalintelligence
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A handful of billionaires own most of the corporations, corporate media and social media and practically every major institution that affects our collective and individual quality of life.…
A handful of billionaires have unprecedented control over banking, financial institutions, what’s invested in and what isn’t, the food we eat and the water we drink.
#PalmOilFree in ‘23…
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"We’re increasingly convinced about the crucial role storytelling has to play in helping us navigate the global challenges we’re facing and to build a more beautiful world. And we feel as inspired as ever to continue this work."--Happen Films @happenfilms…
New Evidence Shows Global Warming has Slowed Dramatically Over Last 20 Years…
#GlobalWarming, #MeteorologyBalloons, #SatelliteData, #TroposphereTemperatures
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#Narcissism thread 🧵 15 (more) questions to ask yourself if you are questioning whether someone is a #narcissist
1. Do they devalue, diminish, demonise or harshly judge you or act as the righteous ‘authority’ figure with you regardless of their age, status or employment? 🚩
Are they #superior? For e.g. A non lawyer preaching to a lawyer about law. 2. Are they #defensive? Do they seem only interested in trying to prove that they are right & you are wrong, in a defensive mode? 🚩They are #competitive not co-operative. Co-operation is a must #healthy
3. Do they demand #attention from you? For e.g., insisting on having the conversation when it’s convenient for them only &/or use emotional #manipulation to ensure conversation happens on ‘their’ terms? They may not answer the question, go off topic, deflect, defensive, accuse 🚩
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Hey, dispute resolution field. Yeah, you. Listen up, y'all: We really, really, REALLY need to stop using the term 'Ombudsman.'
#ombudsperson #ombudsman #Ombuds #disputeresolution #ADR #conflict #alternativedisputeresolution
We need to stop talking about how we maybe need to stop using it, or how we might use other names alongside it, and we need to just STOP USING IT.
Wondering why I’m tweeting such an atypically, a-professionally unneutral position on this? Then you’re perfectly primed for the next tweet. The unneutral medium really is the unneutral message.
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Team Khadim ul Khalaq Foundation (KKF) with the support of the United States Institute of Peace (@USIP) conducted its seventh training under the project “Promoting Peace Through Critical thinking”. ImageImageImage
The 5-days training was held at Govt High School Kohi Sher Haider Bara, where middle & high-grade students were engaged in lectures, group activities & video documentaries on various themes such as Empathy, Peace/Conflict Resolution, Human Rights, Leadership & Interfaith Harmony. ImageImageImage
The curriculum of our schools offers very little content on peace education. This project is an attempt to build the capacity of youth while empowering them with skills required to promote peace and prevent them from joining militant/radical organizations in this region. ImageImageImageImage
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What do you think is the cause of such violence? Whatever the cause, violence is not the solution to conflict resolution. Let me share some points on "Conflict resolution in marriage and relationships during the lock down."
In Luke 17:1 Jesus said to his disciples “It is impossible that no offenses should come, but woe to him through whom they do come!” God created us for connection, not isolation.
Everything that is alive relates to something else, the proof that you are alive and well is your ability to connect with others. Broken relationship is man's primary problem; that's why we need redemption and reconciliation, first to God and then to other people.
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