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1/11 🚀 Elated to share top 10 takeaways from @elonmusk's @Tesla shareholder meeting on May 16, 2023. Buckle up! 🌌
2/11 🚌 An attendee asked about an RV or a camper. @elonmusk revealed no current plans for an RV, but the upcoming Cybertruck could be converted into one. Fun times ahead! 🤠 #TeslaRV #Cybertruck

#TeslaShareholderMeeting #ElonMusk #Tesla
3/11 🐦 Regarding his $44B takeover of @Twitter, Musk called it a "short-term distraction." Also, @lindayacc is on board as the new CEO. And guess what? Tesla might try traditional advertising! 📺 #TwitterTakeover #TeslaAds
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Engineering Analysis

Everything U wanted to know:
➡️How will #Cybertruck float?
➡️Will it leak?
➡️Which of Elon's icons was ALL leaks?
➡️How will it propel in Water?
➡️Speccing your own Cybertruck so it's Marine-Friendly
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@ShyCybertruck @cybergigafacto1 @Teslafanboy69 @cybrtrkguy @Mod3My @DarthJML,@TeslaTruckClub
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Video out soon w. everything you wanted to know:
➡️How will #Cybertruck float?
➡️Will it leak?
➡️Elon's icon was ALL leaks
➡️How will it propel in water?
➡️How to spec your Cybertruck so it's marine-friendly
And more
1/ Image
Video out Saturday* (once Patron-only Early Access is up), or join my Patreon for as little as $1/m and watch it Ad-free now

*Planned for Saturday but possibly delayed to Sunday or even Monday. Not my call, should know later today and update…
Till then, here's my Cybertruck Technologies playlist:…
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1/ I asked GPT-4 to write 10 tweets about Tesla for me to post on twitter.

So, here they are.

2/ 🔌 Just charged my #Tesla for the first time at a V4 Supercharger! ⚡️ The future is here, and it's electrifying! 🚗💨 #ZeroEmissions #ElectricVehicles
3/ 💡 Fun fact: Did you know that #Tesla's regenerative braking system helps extend the life of your brakes and saves energy? Talk about smart driving! 🌍🍃 #EcoFriendly #DriveElectric
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The following thread of tweets were all written by GPT-4 in an attempt to automate the work of running this account
Tesla's FSD Beta continues to evolve, with the latest update showcasing smoother lane changes and traffic signal recognition. It's like our cars are learning to read! 🚦🧠 #Tesla #FSD #WholeMarsBlog
Rumor has it, Tesla's next-gen Roadster will boast a 0-60 mph time of 1.8 seconds. This rocket on wheels is about to redefine "fast and furious"! 🚀🏎️ #TeslaRoadster #AccelerationKing
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I learned a ton of previously unknown info on the #CyberTruck during the executive Meet & Greet before and after #investorDay.

My CyberTruck YouTube video premiering now covers dimensions, variants, tires, 48v architect, options, and info on a secret internal Tesla CyberTruck Accessories Team! Please follow me and subscribe to my YouTube channel to never miss…
I know trucks! I’ve owned 6 F-150s including a handful of Raptors. I worked at a Ford Dealership through college. I drive my trucks in the snow, on gravel and dirt roads, I tow boats and trailers. So I compare the CyberTruck to the F-150, America’s best selling vehicle.

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I was lucky enough to be one of the 50 retail $TSLA shareholders invited to attend Investor Day last week and I'm sharing EXCLUSIVE new info about the Tesla Semi I'm this video, plus including the highlights below:
Some of these insights have been leaked in the past, but today I’m sharing what was confirmed to me plus adding some of my own commentary.

What I’m sharing is accurate today. But Tesla vehicles are never “pencils down” & Tesla is also improving in sometimes weekly iterations.…… Image
Autopilot and Full Self Driving:
- The Semi does have all the necessary FSD hardware, but they are still programming/configuring it to the Semi.
- Vision based Traffic-Aware Cruise Control is currently active as are other autonomous features.
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IMO Tesla may have pulled a fast one on the audience during the Investor Day discussions around the next generation platform. I’m going to outline my thought process below.

When Tesla unveiled the Cybertruck, they eliminated a major headache environmentally and quality assurance wise nightmare of the automotive industry. Paint matching between plastic and metal is a nightmare. Color matching repairs on 5 year old UV damaged paint is a nightmare.

Now many people after watching the Cybertruck unveiling believe you can’t form stainless, this is wrong. Cybertruck exoskeleton design dictated thicker almost “plate” like paneling. Work trucks age extremely fast, and this robustness is a huge benefit. You can form SS.

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Check in staff just told me only 50 of the 275 attendees are retail “lottery winners” $tsla
The Cybertruck looks an order of magnitude better in-person @Tesla $tsla
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Here’s how Elon Musk is the biggest charlatan of 21st century.
$tsla $tslaq

Time for a thread🧵 🍿
1. Isn’t the founder of #Tesla, #PayPal or #Neuralink but tries to revise history to call himself one.
2. Always tries to push vaporware to generate hype (#FSD, #Robotaxi, #Semi, #Cybertruck, #Roadster, #Robot, etc)
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Want to take a glimpse at what we will do in our electric vehicle driving simulator @UniLuebeck powered by @beamng during our new 3-year engineering psychology research project funded by @dfg_public?
It's all about energy efficiency & information visualization for #EcoDriving! Image
@UniLuebeck @beamng @dfg_public ... Never heard of a driving simulator exclusively for electric vehicles that is ALSO an integrated energy simulation with a super-accurate physics engine? May I present to you the driving simulator you have not even dreamed of?
... ah - you can even drive on Mars & Jupiter in our driving simulator. ;-)
For example: How would a car crash look on Mars (vs. Earth)?
Find out:
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The first pic was used as a teaser for #Tesla #Cybertruck, so reusing it as a teaser for my next video

And I need a teaser because it should be MY BEST VIDEO BY FAR!

Not leaking topic yet, but giving hints:

1. Title ultra provocative, topic touchy. It's LOVE it or HATE it. Risking many of my viewers leaving me, but hoping they won't and this has to be said!

2. It's about Elon (+possibly Tesla)

3. Not a hint but it's also about a farm
I don't expect anyone to succeed in GUESSing TOPIC, but if they/you do I'll send first ones merch from upcoming merch store
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Tesla Earning Call Day!
How late does $TSLA Q4 2021 Earnings Call get started?
Don't expect fireworks from a DOJ NEUTERED Musk. There's a reason Musk didn't post a video of him driving the latest Cybertruck prototype--that reason is NIKOLA/Trevor Milton federal indictment.
I mean, Musk'll still be indicted, he's just not adding to the list.
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1x In 2019, I compared @tesla to @netflix in 2011 in both @barronsonline & on @CNBC

My premise was neither had a demand problem at that time and @tesla would rebound like @netflix had once wall street did the math

A lot of laughing & mockery ensued
2x Of course @tesla went up 20x since then. As always, ignore the mockery and focus on the math

In 2022, it now does seem like @netflix does have a demand problem now.

With US/Canada subs at ~75MM and US HH at 128MM, @Netflix is well past the steep part of the NA s-curve
3x The rest of the world will drive subscribers, but not at the same pricing and revenue

Which is why @categorypirates @lochhead @nicolascole77 & I were worried about their gaming strategy which seemed weak and timid.

It should have been them buying @Activision not @microsoft
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How can someone be stuck in a simulation?

“The Life and Death of Grimes”

“As she readies the release of her new album, Grimes—who now goes by ‘c’—opens up about her influences and relationships, and why she’s decided to kill off her musical persona”
“The trouble with Grimes, she is saying, and why Grimes needs to die soon, is that she (c) needs to be free.” “I’m super bound by the limits I’ve set for myself [with Grimes],” the 31-year-old says.…
“Though last fall it seemed their relationship might be on the rocks, a March (2019) interview that Grimes, born Claire Boucher, gave to the Wall Street Journal’s magazine showed that the two are still together.”

Note: again one side story.
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This is the $TSLA shareholder meeting at #BatteryDay.

Hey @elonmusk can the cameraman shake the camera more?

Love that dramatic effect.
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Hey @elonmusk I’m looking forward to the #CyberTruck next year! By then, I predict you can buy it with just one #Bitcoin.
If price exceeds $39,900 by late 2021, I’ll GIVE AWAY a FREE @Tesla CyberTruck to one lucky person who Likes & Retweets this.

Yes, I’m serious. #Retweet Image
If you believe me about #Bitcoin’s price trajectory next year, you can also buy a @Tesla #CyberTruck for cheap by investing just ~$10,000 now to buy 1 .
Will #Bitcoin’s price have exceeded $39,900 by end of 2021?
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$100 Milliards de capitalisation ! La société pèse aujourd'hui autant que les plus grands groupes du secteur automobile.

Opportunité ou bulle ?

#Thread⬇️ Image
1. Brève synthèse du CV de #Musk

#Paypal : Co-fondateur
#Tesla : Développe de A à Z une marque auto
#SpaceX : Récupère des lanceurs. La NASA avait échoué
#Hyperloop : Un TGV sous vide à 1 200Km/h
#Neuralink : Obj : Connecter le cerveau à un ordinateur
2. #Musk est factuellement un génie des temps modernes entrepreneur dans de multi-domaines.

Or, #Tesla est un des titres les plus vendus à découvert.

Explications ⬇️
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Reducing the cost of an EV is not just about lithium ion batteries.

Tesla was very intentional with its #Cybertruck design and appeared to target a segment of customers who don’t yet exist for >2022

By using SpaceX stainless steel as default car body, Tesla lessens dependency on their (already overloaded) paint shop. Remember the Model 3 paint tents?

Bottleneck avoided with #Cybertruck
Fremont factory has a stamping press that is so massive that it can spark a legitimate earthquake every time it stamps Model S/X/3. These stamps rely on expensive custom-made dies. But based on the cybertruck's design, #Cybertruck fabricates direct from steel rolls
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I'm seeing posts where people think that the design of the #Tesla #Cybertruck is not in keeping with Tesla's mission to create beautiful, fast vehicles. And some who think that a tweak to the design to make it less "triangular" would help. Let me explain why that's wrong. /1
Tesla's goal is to make electric cars as capable and desirable as the best combustion cars. No doubt. But the part that's being overlooked is Tesla's goal of driving down cost. They want to be a mass-market manufacturer. They want to be the next Chevy - not the next Porsche. /2
The #Cybertruck design is entirely driven by cost. If you try to make a regular-looking truck that's as capable, you end up with a $70k Rivian, not a $40k Cybertruck.

Musk is a huge fan of going back to first principals. They did this to the extreme for this vehicle. /3
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The #Cybertruck looks like it came from a webcomic in 2004
Midlife Crisis Chappie Truck
This truck is going to appear on Reddit with an anime decal and the replies will all be thirty year old men saying "tis epic, good sir"
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