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Something new on #Kant and his #racism getting play on twitter. I couldn't abide another without comment. I have a few things to say about Kant's racism and racial theory and the disappointing reactions of scholars (both generally and Zorn in particular).…
1. Just because Kant was a monogenist and he was arguing against polygenists (Forster, Hume, Voltaire) doesn't mean he wasn't racist or didn't contribute to the foundations of scientific racism.
(This is such a staggeringly bad argument that gets repeated often. Being a monogenist and arguing against polygenists doesn't magically wash every evil away. Also consider basically every racist/racial theory from after the mid 19th-century, which are monogenist.)
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It's been three months since I wrote for @TheAtlantic that if the USA was not having a revolution, we were definitely living in revolutionary times. (#Kant) Much [sic] has happened since April 6th. Delighted to have published a follow-up essay today:…
2/ When protesters in San Juan & Ferguson marched with a guillotine, folks said “Rebecca, here’s your revolution!” This misstates role of guillotine in Fr Rev (was used in official executions, not cause of most deaths), imagines symbols of past revns = content of new ones
3/ In one of my favorite texts, _ The 18th Brumaire of Louis Bonaparte_, Marx wrote that revolutions "dress up" in the past to delude themselves about own content. Luther as the apostles, the bourgeois Fr Revn as Roman Republic/Empire.…
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My first encounter with the #Persian #Wittgenstein (1889-1951) in Iran was buying a copy of a translation of #PhilosophicalInvestigations at the Tehran book fair in 1999 - a thread on Wittgenstein in Iran 1/
This translation by Ferydoun Fatemi (d. 2008), a well-known translator of philosophical works with Nashr-e markaz seems to be based on the English 2/
Standard accounts of Wittgenstein do not tend to look at his reception beyond the English speaking context - but for that there are two two excellent introductions which partly problematise the 'early' vs 'late' and SEP entry… 3/
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Es geht nicht darum, dass Immanuel #Kant vor 253 Jahren auf einer Privatparty in Königsberg nach zehn Schnaps ein „falsches Wort“ gesagt hat.

Es geht darum, dass er eine Rassenlehre entwarf, die als Legitimation für schlimme Verbrechen verwendet wurde.

Ein Thread:
Viele argumentieren Kant sei eben ein „Kind seiner Zeit“ gewesen. Diese Rechtfertigung blendet aber völlig aus, dass Kant eben nicht nur nachgeplappert hat was in seiner Zeit üblich war, sondern eine eigene Rassenlehre entwickelte.
Diese Rassenlehre basierte mitunter auf der Arbeit des schwedischen Naturforschers Carl von Linné. Doch Kant gehörte zu denjenigen, die sie zum Teil einer „aufgeklärten Philosophie“ machten und weiterdachten.
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This is the subject of my recent arguments against a certain retired judge, who said that the death penalty would scare off would-be criminals. I retorted that it was a lazy way of thinking about & looking into criminality. I will try to recall those arguments here.
Capital punishment has not been a deterrent to crime, whose root causes are in poverty, economic inequities, poor health care, inadequate public services, corrupt govt & justice system, bad educational system, poor human-rights record, & other unfreedoms as as understood
in political philosophy. Rich countries with excellent health care, high employment rate, topnotch educational system, least red tape, competent & honest govt officials, efficient public services & transport system, & good records of human-rights and press-freedom
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The Egyptian philosopher ʿAbd al-Rahman al-Badawi (1917-2002) is perhaps one of the most underrated thinkers of #ContemporaryArabThought - a major #Heideggerian_existentialist #Sufism and #IslamicPhilosophy specialist who studied at Fuad I (later #Cairo) University 1/
Many of us who study #IslamicThought know him for his editions of #ArabicAristotle #ArabicPlato #ArabicPlotinus as well as editions of the work of #Avicenna #IbnSabin #SiwanalHikma and others - without his efforts we would not have editions of the #PlotinianaArabica 2/
In the 1930s he studied in Cairo and obtained his PhD in 1944 supervised by #AlexandreKoyré (1892-1964) on the notion of 'existential time' that engages with #Heidegger - this like his other early works was published by #DaralNahdaalMisriya 3/
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A compilation that I #Kant but share. :)

Tweet-quotes from "Grounwork for the Metaphyics of Morals" (1875) #Thread follows:

"Nothing can possibly be conceived in the world, or even out of it, which can be called good, without qualification, except a good will."
"Intelligence, wit, judgement, and the other talents of the mind, however they may be named, or courage, resolution, perseverance, as qualities of temperament, are undoubtedly good and desirable in many respects;" #Kant
"but these gifts of nature may also become extremely bad and mischievous if the will which is to make use of them, and which, therefore, constitutes what is called character, is not good. It is the same with the gifts of fortune." #Kant
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