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@GBNEWS watching this morning with my mum! Eating porridge
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I refactored #ThreeHorizons framework through a #systemsthinking lens, making it compatible with #causallayeredanalysis. And #systemsthinking #leveragepoints are compatible with CLA, so creating a full circle of frameworks.
Thee Horizons H1, H2, H3 can be refactored through a systems lens. About two systems competing, with H2 being transitory factors that might strengthen or weaken H3 from H1.
#systemsthinking's leverage points can also be refactored into #causallayeredanalysis layers. From 12 leverage points… - 12-9 is litany, 8-6 are causes/structures, 5-3 are worldview, 1-2 are myths/metaphor/deep stories.
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Here's a post refactoring causal layered analysis with systems lens. By linking the four layers through a #systems lens, we have a better idea of the systems intervention that we might need.…

#systemsthinking #futuresthinking #causallayeredanalysis
Myths and metaphors lead to worldviews through framing and planning assumptions. Deep stories are the base for which we view the world.

Could those planning assumptions be changed?
Worldviews get translated to causes, through policies and strategies. Could those strategies be tweaked?
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Random Thought:
The first time I learned about #SystemsThinking was from this talk by DR. Russel Ackoff
It was a fascinating point of view that one can't improve the quality of a system as a whole by improving the performance of one component. Thinking about this, we can expand the idea to any area of our life.
As a #SoftwareEngineer, I can relate it to any system I'm working on. The list can go on and on with other areas like education, society, economy, etc.
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1/13 Exactly 50 years before The Agile Manifesto for Software Development was synthesised:
Socio-Technical #systemsthinking :
Trist and Barnforth (1951) were convinced that working in small groups in the underground situation of the mining industry produced greater adaptability Image
2/13 and enhanced job satisfaction. These groups, which the later study (Trist et al., 1963) showed could be 40 or 50 strong, were able to tackle whole tasks in a more flexible manner and yielded more meaningful work for individuals. The establishment
3/13 of semi-autonomous groups as the basic unit of work organization became, therefore, another important idea associated with STS. Trist (1981, Pp. 9, 34) suggests that the efficacy of autonomous work groups is based on the cybernetic concepts of variety and self-regulation.
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1/6 A thread 🧵on the intersection of #Cybernetics #SystemsThinking #Leadership and #CyberSecurity:

For context, first read this blog by @harish_josev:…

It is AMAZINGLY well-articulated and a MUST read for security practitioners & leaders in general!
2/6 Quote: "... we should stop setting targets and instead, provide a direction to move towards."

Wait, don't manage by goals?

Is a goal-less company/org possible? Yes 🙂
E.g. @basecamp led by @jasonfried
3/6 If you focus on the goals, you'll compromise your means. E.g.: Today's education #system makes kids focus on grades, not on learning .

Basically what is being advocated for is "Management by Means":
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People who are raised in the industrial world and who get enthused about systems thinking are likely to make a terrible mistake.
They are likely to assume that here, in systems analysis, in interconnection and complication, in the power of the computer, here at last, is the key to prediction and control.
This mistake is likely because the mindset of the industrial world assumes that there is a key to prediction and control.

I assumed that at first too. We all assumed it, as eager systems students at the great institution called MIT.
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1/9 🏛️ "The type of #Governance needed to assure proper oversight, transparency & accountability by those using data is still being understood..." @sheila_warren @wef4ir #4IR

🌐… @wef #GlobalGoals

⬇️🧵 Learn how to adopt a #HumanCentric
approach 💗 $TRUST
2/9 🔗 Five interrelated features of good human-centric #DataGovernance:

- human as logical integration point
- empowerment with data
- ecosystems approach
- pluralism
- proportionality & equity

🦋 Everything affects everything else!!!… #MultiConnectivity
3/9 🙂 human as logical point of integration

"... digital ID management, breaking down silos within & between data-holding organizations, quality & richness enabled by combinations, accountability to individuals for use of data they're involved in generating..." #HumanCentricity
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 09/01/2021…
"The Unthinkable Has Become Possible" - Germany Faces A Political Revolution In 4 Weeks…

#germany #PartisanPolitics
Probability and rationality — trickier than most people think…

#probability #rationality #heuristics #judgement
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Problems are usually systemic and require digging deep for a sustainable solution. A short thread of how I learned to approach problems in a different way.
I will give some examples from work, study and an interview.
When I joined Vmobile in 2005, one of my bosses was an Afrikaner man from SA. People didn’t like him. He was hectic. Once he is coming to your desk, it is stress as something is most likely not working well. We were in the unit that gave you SMS, MMS, WAP, GPRS and other VAS.
One day, he asked why I think he always came to me about problems on the services my unit was responsible for, and not my immediate senior. We handled GPRS, WAP, MMS and portals. I said maybe because I was the easy target. My immediate senior once wanted to beat this guy lol.
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Lots of people asking me to provide a summary of yesterdays Wigglesworth Memorial Lecture. In the lecture I discussed 10 lessons that I have learned about Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) through 20 years of applied #humanfactors research. Here they are!
Lesson 1. A human error lens is useless and can be dangerous. I talked here about how using the term in OHS can be misleading and prevent learning. Errors are a consequence of systemic issues, not a cause of anything!
Lesson 2. All accidents/safety compromising incidents are caused by multiple interacting contributory factors. There is no such thing as a root cause
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 05/24/2021…
Arctic warming three times faster than the planet, report warns…

#ArcticWarming #ClimateChange #consequences
Wild Bornean orangutans experience muscle catabolism during episodes of fruit scarcity…

#orangutans #borneo #FoodScarcity #catabolism #muscles
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Just joining this @NHSElect webinar on Systems Thinking in QI with @RobinD100 and @GarethCorser

#SystemsThinking #QI #QITwitter
I want to share some of the fabulous stuff I picked up in today's Systems Thinking in QI webinar with the wonderful presenting duo, @RobinD100 & @GarethCorser

What is a system? And how can we apply systems thinking to Quality Improvement?


Traditional analysis focusses on linear processes & breaking down problems into component parts. But there are also relational influences within a system where variation in a systems part influences other parts of the system which may influence each other in turn.
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Word “racism” silenced, actively, by #MedEd #MedTwitter #healthcare#professionalism” & “communication” labels

Saying “racism” offends or “hurts feelings” > actual #BLM deaths

If #professionalism itself is racist -makes sense that word suppressed
What @ayshakhoury experienced pushes out & silences many

If the editors of @JAMA_current resist hearing word “structural racism” then they certainly are not publishing papers using that word

@DrAlethaMaybank @RheaBoydMD @FutureDocs @TIME #BlackintheIvory #MedTwitter @bmj_latest
Journal gatekeeping: men
Behavior gatekeeping: women/HR

#accountability only for white men
-> we miss “Amy Cooper” in #academia, #HR, #professionalism #compliance…

@DrAlethaMaybank @RheaBoydMD @FutureDocs @TIME #BlackintheIvory #MedTwitter @bmj_latest
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When people who seek control
and who monetize fear

are faced with evidence their narrative of control is false

rather than embrace reality
(or develop courage)
they double down

At times of high stress you see bizarre overpolicing & bullying increase over petty non-issues.
There is a gender difference in bullying tactics.
Men: physical
Women: social (exclusion)

Later looks/sounds like
“Don’t talk to her”
“No one likes you”

(Yes, really adults resort to grade school tactics)

Faculty/teachers need to stay aware:…
Whereas adults are taught “just shake it off” or “ignore it”, students or children are especially vulnerable to faculty or teacher over-policing.

This over-policing starts not just in preschool but in the cradle.

“The police” in schools: teachers.…
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I'll be posting daily mini-essays on #SoftwareArchitecture and accompanying topics like #SystemsThinking, #Modeling, #TechLeadersip. I aim to do this consistently, particularly as a writing exercise for the first 30 days (which this thread covers).

So here we start 👇
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Dear #MedTwitter please, please, if you are a licensed medical professional and/or in school to be, do NOT delete your tweets or comply with anyone telling you to do so. It will harm you far more than leaving them up and explaining. Nothing is ever deleted. Can be used in court.
When I was at Harvard Med School and at an esteemed children's hospital, a case against an esteemed professor, that NO lawyer would touch cuz this was someone who had WRITTEN the textbooks and trained every expert, was won ..based on "a document was deleted" - creating suspicion
"Sunlight is the best disinfectant" you will hear me say OVER and OVER - wins & losses *should* be on data/standards but unfortunately wins & losses are in the court of public opinion. So be reliable, credible, and trustworthy. Transparency is one way to achieve that reputation.
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Yes, the #vaccine rollout is slow, uneven, not matched to need. "Botched"? That is a bit too strong. Much blame to go around.

American #healthcare is built for silos, turf, acute care, reactive..not #populationhealth #publichealth #prevention. It shows. Why is anyone surprised?
And #MedTwitter, despite your hashtags & publications, when it comes to real life actions inside departments, hospitals, or even on Twitter, all you all do is turf, ego, cliques, us vs them, etc. I am unimpressed. Build *systems* Yes #impostersyndrome makes you crave validation.
I am a #pediatrician and if you need validation, I've got a whole box of stickers for you. I will even let you choose your own sticker. How is that? Because, yes, you are special. You matter. You are wonderful. Happy?

Then after that, could we get 💩 done?
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Finally someone describes this in a way that makes some sense to me, and that coherently explains why these Trump-loving people can't tell me what news sources they trust: They're not interested in the news; they're game addicts. They get their worldview and rules from the game.
"You're not stuck in traffic; you're traffic."

People who are able to describe and interpret an emergent phenomenon (and what lies beneath) are truly undervalued.

At the point where the Trump/QAnon anti-masker asks me to "prove that Trump is a criminal but don't quote CNN or BBC, because they're fake news," I ask them which news sources they trust, so that I can attempt to limit myself to those; then the conversation stops.
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Imagine a near future in which the fictional University of #Leonia announces a degree program in #DiscardStudies. In doing so, they help to establish this emerging field with a full #curriculum, dedicated faculty, and eager student population. 1/10 @DiscardStudies | #Discard2020 Image
At U of L, teaching discard studies is about more than talking #trash. This new program’s core trains students to use #SystemsThinking to critique #power as the structural force that renders material, people, and land as #waste in a globalized #ColonialCapitalist society. 2/10 Image
Treating objects and organisms as "#disposable" has consequences, but the root of this #WickedProblem runs deep below the surface. Traditional disciplines are insufficient for studying waste bc they focus on the details and fail to recognize the full picture (Brown, 2010). 3/10
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Can we build close, sustainable connections btw ‘humans’ & ‘nature’ when our basic concepts are based on their separation?

In this paper @JamilaHaider @SStlhammar @StephenWoroniec & I show how relational thinking is changing #sustainability science:

1/ Image
Systems theorist Donella Meadows suggests that challenging dominant concepts + paradigms is one of the most powerful systemic #leveragepoints towards sustainability.

This extends even - perhaps especially - to the concepts we use in sustainability research

The use of #systemsthinking in sustainability science to highlight the connections between humans and nature has been revolutionary + hugely useful.

But it still often requires us to identify separate 'human' and 'natural' entities before linking them back together

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Systems thinkers: are there any systematic introductions to Systems Thinking you can point me to (microsites, videos, presentations, animations, visualisations)? Ideally visual, interactive, engaging & digestible by a total newbie? #systemsThinking #systemsEducation #senseMaking
I'm looking for existing projects/demos out there, similar to the ones created by @ncasenmare with @explorables, but specifically presenting Systems Thinking concepts. Another one is @vicapow's Explained Visually (btw: fantastic works). Any suggestions? by @ncasenmare is the closest thing I discovered so far, but is covering only causal loop diagrams (CLD). Another one is the GIF with dynamic stock and flow diagram of New product adoption model on the System dynamics #wiki article…
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