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Here's Isaac Kappy in his own words describing the "Dead Mans Switch" he created when he first informed Seth Green & his wife Claire in writing of his allegations.

2. Here's #IsaacKappy saying that there was a meeting in Paris of people plotting his demise, including Tyler Shields - who allegedly spoke to former CIA chief John Brennan about Kappy, a month before Brennan lost his security clearance.

More detail here:…
3. Kappy believed that #QAnon was "1000%" real.

Defango bragged about destroying that illusion in one of Kappy's last known phone calls; but in Kappy's final Instagram video and so-called "suicide note" he was still talking about Q
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1/ White supremacy and the #ElPasoShootings.

It's a psyop and not a very good one.

Let's dig in.
2/ First - and most important - question: who is the shooter? That's ... not an easy question to answer believe it or not. There are FOUR different photographs floating around of him.


3/ I haven't seen any cross references to the first two anywhere so I'm going to narrow the possible Patricks down to the last two - the Hispanic Patrick and the Jewish Patrick. The NY Post did post their pics on Saturday a few hours apart.

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#TracyTwyman - let's get her trending!

@universalagent was a #Pizzagate (and more) investigator, and now she is dead. Hanged.

I believe this woman was murdered because she got waaay too close to the truth and what these people are really doing, and WHY. After reading just one
article of hers, I have never felt more clear about what exactly we are dealing with and why. IT ALL MAKES SENSE NOW. She really got to the bottom of it! All the symbolism, and their methods and motives.

But most of all, she got too close to exposing a real #pedophilering she
found on #YouTube, and she got too close to exposing the very dangerous #VoodooDoughnuts and their neighbours #Dantes. Remember them?! They're sure not trending anymore, though the dirt on them couldn't be more obvious! #ThesePeopleAreSick! Folk don't trust @VeganMikey anymore,
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(Disclaimer: The following is an overview of the current situation of the world based on intelligence received from several sources which may or may not be accurate or truthful.)
The Earth Alliance is now focused on eliminating all Deep State Cabal human trafficking operations.
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1) Crazy Days and Nights blind items on Epstein reshared.

“Blind Item #5 - Jeffrey Epstein Revisited”
2) “Today I am just going to focus on three of the players. They all have been on the island. They all have done some horrible things to tween boys and girls.

“No one they were with on the island was anywhere close to being the legal age of consent.”
3) “So, most likely to flip and throw everyone under the bus is this A list mostly movie actor who is an Academy Award winner.

“He is the one who almost killed several of the boys to the point where his host no longer invited him.”
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1. For those that are still not familiar with the symbolism of the satanic cabal to understand just why Q keeps saying:

#SymbolismWillBeTheirDownfall 💊

This 🧵 will lightly cover some of the cabal's symbols they use.

Kindly wait until I say I'm finished to unroll.

2. Before we go into the various symbols and their meanings, note that in preparing this 🧵, I realized just how ginormous this is.

Symbols are literally EVERYWHERE.

I notice them at restaurants, day care centers, then again, I live in California. Keep your 👀 & 🧠 open
3. It's nearly impossible for me to list, define or explain them all. I will do my best to present the basic ones.

👇 Here is a quick article that lightly explains some of them 👇…

I ask anons to please add to this thread (when im done) and spread truth
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1/ #IsaacKappy's neighbor videos are a psyop.
2/ I advised caution when the first one appeared and unfortunately it looks like I was right.

3/ Both that initial periscope and the subsequent one with the older lady who claimed to have been his landlord have disappeared. You can see them in full here:

and here:

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"we should follow the Jewish calendar"
"jumping over the demons"
"we have each been through the Illuminati fire"
"the next phase will be the Phoenix rising"
"this Thunderbird will be our story"
no big deal, just a pet raven on a Pagan christmas tree in March, by the Christmas Lady
Praying for El Chapo
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This tells you everything you need to know. You can put it together with the information shown. Except find the (off the grid rv) business that’s there #IsaacKappy
Look into all of those places, you’ll see a connection
Also this one
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Did Kappy film this years ago and now he's trying to expose it, and was taken out?

OR, are intrusions necessary to protect whistleblowers and evidence?

See Q post #2578. Whistleblower status changes post IG report. This goes WAY up

Q 2578
Sometimes 'intrusions' have a way of safeguarding people & evidence.
Sometimes 'intrusions' are a necessary event in order to safeguard chain of custody [post OIG WB status + doc handover protocols].
Q 2578
Active criminal investigations of this magnitude must be handled w/ extreme care.
The moment your name went 'live' there was no other choice.
Keep the faith, Patriot.
You are never alone.
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Looking at this note left by Kappy once again. I’ll add that I personaly know for a fact that a go to tool in the shill bag of tricks. Is to try to convince you you’re either greater or less than you are. It’s a disassociative tactic.

Was Kappy Blackmailed?
I hate to break it to anybody that is not aware. There are seriously people on this platform and elsewhere that will spend months trying to infiltrate your mental psychosis. Each and every time I end up giving them the 🖕🏼. I stopped toying with them.
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Initial thoughts on Isaac Kappy:

- I found his information extremely credible, lining with a whole lot of things I already knew and then some. He spoke for hours and hours in interviews and on his own periscope and it checked out. He also gave a lot of details on 8chan.
- Some people who have experienced ritual abuse in Hollywood did not like him or what he was doing, including some famous names who I'm in personal contact with. I can see their point of view - he wasn't part of the system any more but still shaped by it unfortunately.
He wasn't sued by any of the famous names he accused of being pedos in his initial carpet bombing AFAIK - Seth Green, Clare Grant, Tom Hanks, Steven Spielberg et al - but he was severely censored on social media.
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Isaac Kappy now dead of suspected suicide…
He was allegedly run off the road in his car and jumped to his death off the Transwestern Rd. bridge. Bystanders were said to attempt holding him back

#QAnon #WWG1WGA #MEGA #GreatAwakening #DarkToLight #IsaacKappy
Here is the bridge and location on the map

Route 66

#QAnon #WWG1WGA #MEGA #GreatAwakening #DarkToLight #IsaacKappy
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After 2+ hrs to get to #NXIVM trial, day 5...Court was adjourned today due to juror alternate #3 calling out sick🤯.

However, after jury was dismissed, admission of VERY incriminating files were debated in court !… 1/
Immediately after sending tweet above, I was horrified to learn of the death of #IsaacKappy! I CALL ON ALL CITIZENS 2 get down to the Brooklyn courthouse, because this #NXIVM cult aint NO JOKE, & only 1 or 2 frm public showing up to report is dangerous. TRUTH warriors, come! 2/
Cults will do anything to keep from being exposed. (#IsaacKappy RIP), including #NXIVM.
Today, after Jury dismissal, we learned that in the home of Nancy Salzman were the following items that the govt would like admitted into evidence,as they call their next witness: 3/
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Epstein documents to be unsealed that would reveal the extent of the child sex trafficking he was involved in…

The real pain is coming bud

#QAnon #WWG1WGA #MEGA #GreatAwakening #DarkToLight
How many 'girls' were waiting for their return to the boat?
Who owned the boat?
What does a 'handler' procure?
Is the 'handler' [one of many] connected to Epstein?
Flight logs reveal many hidden artifacts.

#QAnon #WWG1WGA #MEGA #GreatAwakening #DarkToLight #Tony
Second photo seems to reinforce the Tony Podesta identification

We also have a 6th member of the party

Marc Mezvinsky, Chelsea Clinton's husband

#QAnon #WWG1WGA #MEGA #GreatAwakening #DarkToLight #Tony #Chelse #Clinton #Bill
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