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Fully understand that after more than two years with #SARSCoV2 everyone is excited about #monkeypox & of course the outbreak must be watched closely, but just a small reminder that we have still the #COVID19 pandemic around, with high transmission, few protection for risk groups
no vaccine U5, or appropriate infection prevention measures in schools, still no idea of a potential link to hepatitis. This morning I felt like pre-2020, when journalist asks "how worried should be be?!" There'll be some wild headlines while still downplaying #SARSCoV2 #COVID19
What I mean with pre-2020: Usually when there were outbreaks somewhere in the world, virologists were often asked about transmission risks. Most of the time, it was the experts who recommended to stay calm & that transmission risks are not very high (e.g. Ebola for travelers).
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[THREAD] Wondering what to make of the @US_FDA’s new rules about the J&J vaccine? Here’s what you need to know. Image
America’s medicines regulator announced that the J&J jab should only be given to adults in 3 scenarios:
1. They don’t have access to other #COVID jabs.
2. They can’t take other #COVID #vaccines for medical reasons.
3. They choose the J&J jab because it’s the only vaccine available.
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Aan de hand van dit artikel een uitleg over wat mijns inziens #LongCovid is.

Want de verschillende leden van het simplistisch verbond, zoals politici, virologen en microbiologen...
...kraamden natuurlijk de grootst mogelijke onzin uit over wat dit ziektebeeld inhoudt, prettig ongehinderd door enige vorm van kennis of kunde, en zonder ooit iemand gezien of gesproken heeft met deze klachten.
Ik moet zeggen dat ik een glimlach om mijn mond kreeg toen ik dit artikel las. Want natuurlijk was er geen enkel bewijs dat vaccinatie #LongCovid zou voorkomen, en gezien de complexe onderliggende problematiek was dat ook helemaal niet te verwachten.
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2+ years into #COVID19 ,

which we have all suffered through collectively and hugely,

institutions are failing monstrously,

at protecting children,

whom you take more care with,

not less.


What’s changed?

Is it milder?


“Omicron as severe as other COVID variants -large U.S. study”……

Can kids <5 get a 💉?


Boosters 5-11?


Can you still get #LongCovidKids even if 💉?


=need more protections
So do we still need to prevent

transmission & infection

in PS & daycares

b/c more care with kids

not less

b/c #LongCovidKids



“Of all the myths associated with COVID-19, 1 of the earliest was that the virus is harmless for children”…
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Small thread on why I think we will see a bigger outbreak of #monkeypox d/t #COVID19 .We know Covid causes T cell response suppression in some & also complement mediated injury leading to effective reduction in levels of complements (hypocomplementemia) ctd)@fitterhappierAJ ctd) Image
2/n We know for a fact that at least in kids the complement induced injury caused hypocomplementemia in young , this was one of the pathways of acute liver injury in some kids , if the complement system is exhausted
doi: 10.1097/INF.0000000000002804. PMID: 32639461. Image
@medriva @VirusesImmunity @britsocimm @KunstJonas @ManojShukul @Kanupriya78 @kumarmanish9 @RonaldKlain @G_LaryeaAdjei @amrit_lohia 3/n We also know that #Covid causes direct infection of T cells and leads to lymphopenia , we need to understand that post #Covid the T lymphocytes arent there to save infection ctd) . Image
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Bernard, een aantal vragen:

#COVID19 #desinformatie

1. Waar ben jij als blijkt dat de veiligheid op de lange termijn minder goed blijkt te zijn dan jij en vele van je collega's al anderhalf jaar roeptoeteren? Image
Zeker als voor iedereen duidelijk is dat er nog steeds een 'conditional marketing authorisation' is voor de toelating tot de markt, simpelweg omdat die langetermijn gegevens er niet zijn?
2, Waar ben jij, Bernard, als blijkt dat er wel degelijk een relatie blijkt te zijn tussen vaccinatie en oversterfte, zoals inmiddels gesuggereerd wordt door studies van Ronald Meester, Norman Fenton en Christian Kuhbandner?
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#NJ #COVID19 Nearly half of all LTCs are in "Outbreak" status in the state. This was the group that was supposed to be the most vaxxed, the most protected. More residents are testing positive than staff (who are less vaxxed). Noone thinks to ask whats going on? Image
We basically have more 80+ hospitalized (as a percent of the total hospitalized) than at any other time since the summer the pandemic started. Despite these people being the most protected and most vaccinated. This doesnt make sense. Image
Same story with deaths. More deaths as a percent in the 80+ population (and 65+ population) than at any other point in the pandemic, despite the fact that these age groups are the most vaccinated, and the most boosted. Image
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Thoughts on #covid19 boosters for 5-11 year olds (from my perspective as a #publichealth professional, physician, & mom) - with receipts:
1. Getting our kids the first series of vaccines (shots 1 & 2), is better than no vaccines - even with Omicron.… Image
2. But/and - as Omicron continues to evolve, immune escape increases (as we're already seeing in adults).…
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🧵Let's look at a few Ontario #covid19 trends.
#covid19ontario #onhealth
1. Hospitalizations are down -18.3% over last week (1248) as hospitals recover from wave 6. 7 day average ICU admissions are up slightly. Only 37.9% of hospitalizations are "for" covid (vs "with"). Image
2. The hospital picture is now strongly tilted to hospital wards vs ICU. This is tied primarily to high incidental infection rates among those admitted/hospitalized, vaccination levels (rates are high for 60+) and [presumably] improved treatment.
#onhealth #covid19 Image
3. New deaths appear to have moderated for this wave. The peak reached a 7 day daily average of 19.9, two-thirds the peak of the Wave 3 Alpha wave last Spring. Image
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"The metaverse... besides being immersive and interoperable, it's meta-physical, that is, a realized illusion, an impossibility in the round, able to absorb an infinite number of contradictions and convert them into fuel for growth."--Martin Gurri @mgurri…
A fundamental limit to the search for the oldest fossils | Nature Ecology & Evolution…
#PaleontologicalResearch, #FossilAge, #LifeOrigins
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Alle soglie del 20º giorno dall’inizio della non obbligatorietà delle #mascherine in alcuni luoghi al chiuso abbiamo:
• -22% casi attivi
• -26% ricoveri
• -23% ICU
• -40% di casi settimanali (media mobile a 7 giorni). #COVID19
Per alcuni cialtroni questo è dovuto al fatto che tanti ipocondriaci (veri) no-vax come loro, la mascherina continuano a metterla al chiuso. Allora ammettono implicitamente che il virus è stagionale (quindi la mascherina continua a essere inutile).
I dati sulla extra mortalità da gennaio a marzo (più le stime di aprile) mostrano inoltre che tale extra mortalità NON ESISTE più rispetto allo stesso periodo del 2021 e rispetto a marzo 2020 mentre è del tutto fisiologicamente in linea con la media degli anni 2015-19
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Ein #WissKomm|experiment
Der #CircularTweet zum Thema Korrelation versus Kausalität.
Folgt mir durch diese @Twitter Experiment zusammen mit @michael_gerloff

Fangen wir mal an mit einem klassiches Beispiel: ...

#Wissenschaftskommunikation #SciComm
Langer 🧵, dabei bleiben 😀
Leute, die häufig Eis essen haben eine höhere Sonnenbrandwahrscheinlichkeit.
Trägt man in ein Diagramm an der x-Achse das eine und an der y-Achse das andere auf, wird man zwar Ausreißer sehen aber trotzdem einen Trend erkennen,
nämlich wenig Eis, seltener Sonnenbrand...

...viel Eis, häufiger Sonnebrand. Ich kann eine Korrelation zwischen den Größen herstellen.
Was ist eine Korrelation? Das ist eine Gleichung, ein mathematisches Modell, mit dem ich möglichst gut meine Messwerte treffen möchte.

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🧵1. It used to be straightforward to determine when we were in a #COVIDinSA wave. Everyone used the ministerial advisory committee’s formula. In 2022, things are a bit more complicated. Some researchers argue this method is no longer all that useful.
2. If we use the MAC formula, the fifth wave started on May 7. But since these numbers alone no longer translate into curfews, lockdowns or liquor bans, @nicd_sa researchers believe a new benchmark may be necessary.
3. The @nicd_sa's @Dr_Groome says #COVID19 case numbers have become less meaningful — using them to calculate a wave, even more so: “Severe outcomes like hospitalisations and deaths are better metrics to use now that we have seen the decoupling of cases and severe outcomes.”
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Warum wir weiterhin in kluge Virus-Überwachung investieren sollten, warum wir uns nicht nur auf Daten aus anderen Ländern verlassen können & welche Viren neben #SARSCoV2 noch wichtig sind #COVID19 #Adenovirus #Schweiz @Hopitaux_unige @unige_en -… via @NZZ
Wichtig ist, dies sind nicht reine Forschungs-Fragestellungen, sondern essentielle Aspekte für Diagnostik, Therapie & Impfung. Leider klafft hier eine Lücke: Von der Forschungsförderung wird es oft als nicht fundamental genug angesehen, von Public Health Seite aber als Forschung
Eine wichtige Diskussion, die wir in der Zukunft führen müssen, es braucht dafür schweizweite Strukturen & Finanzierung, aber vor allem auch den Aufbau von nachhaltigen, belastbaren Kompetenzen, mit hochspezialisierten funktionellen Testen & qualifiziertem Personal zur Bewertung
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Starting with @BLennox4, presenting on autoimmune psychosis and immunomodulation #RANZCP2022 Image
Lennox speaking about schizophrenia, neurologic and psychiatric dimensions #RANZCP2022 Image
Lennox says there is a level of nihilism in psychotic disorders, everyone gets same diagnosis and package of care. 'We've lost our brain somewhat' says @BLennox4 #RANZCP2022
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#DPRK state media report Kim Jong Un has held a politburo meeting (with apparently no one wearing masks) to discuss quarantine and lockdown efforts as more North Korean fall ill to a highly infectious "fever" (#COVID19).… Image
Presiding over the politburo meeting of the ruling Workers' Party, Kim Jong Un is quoted saying the "immaturity in the state capacity for coping with the crisis" increased the "complexity and hardships" in fighting the pandemic when "time is the life."
The #DPRK reports 232,880 more "fever" cases and six additional deaths after acknowledging last week the first outbreak in the country of #COVID19.…
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So meine lieben Genoss*innen. Ich habe mir mal die Mühe gemacht, und mich nochmal gequält das Video von Bernd G. aus #Barmstedt zu schauen. Übrigens war er bis vor ein paar Jahren bei den Zeugen Jehovas. Nach seinem Ausstieg aus der „Sekte“ hat er ein Buch verfasst. Lässt
sich also sehr schnell über Google finden der Mensch. Ich habe erst überlegt das Video wieder in kleine Abschnitte zu schnibbeln um dann jeweils darauf einzugehen. Das wäre dann im Endeffekt das ganze Video gewesen. Bis auf wenige Ausnahmen. Dementsprechend werde ich einfach die
Zeitstempel + Anmerkung twittern. Alles andere ist für alle beteiligten nur nervig.

Das ganze startet wie üblich mit sinnlosem Gelaber. Ab 00:23 beginnt dann der erste Abschnitt. Dort empört er sich über die Menschen, die noch eine Maske beim einkaufen tragen. Er findet es
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🧵 on repeat infections, negative lateral flow & #PCR tests, and the use of #COVID19 antibody tests. An n=1 experience #OmicronVariant #LongCovid #MedTwitter #TeamGP #psychtwitter #LongCovidKids #COVIDisAirborne #CovidIsNotOver 1/n
I had acute #COViD19 in Nov 2020, PCR +ve. Developed #LongCovid a month after. Had one dose #Pfizer Feb ‘21 which gave me new symptoms. Out of interest I had my anti-spike antibodies done May ‘21- they were above the upper limit the assay could measure 2/n
With the passage of time my antibodies dwindled. I had them rechecked in Dec 2021- both nucleocapsid & spike antibodies were below the protective limit. Therefore I had no protective antibodies. 3/n
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New nasal vaccines look promising and may help fill the gap in infection control against Omicron.
#onhealth #covid19
Several trials underway. But as you know these take time and go through several phases before filing for approval.…
I see one approved Phase 1 trial in Canada started a year ago by Altimmune but was ditched after disappointing results.…
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The 🆕 WHO Results Report is out!

Learn how we responded to health challenges & emergencies around the world 🌍🌎🌏 in 2020-2021.

👉… Image
+People living w/ better health & well-being
▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓░ >900M

+People better protected from emergencies
▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓░ >920M

+People benefiting from Universal Health Coverage
▓▓▓░░░░░░░ >270M

Our goal is to achieve 1⃣ billion people/target by 2023.
As the world’s global health guardian, fulfilling these triple billion targets will be our main goal as a measurable means of reducing health equity gaps and ensuring #HealthForAll.

More info 👉 Image
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Here's the latest #COVID19 M3 (Micah's Metric Matrix) for #Indiana. All infection metrics still rising fast. Wastewater concentration and positivity rate both now at "very high" levels (higher than 75% of all days). Hospital metrics rising slowly but low. Deaths falling. /1 Image
Average daily new #COVID19 cases in #Indiana have now surpassed 1,000/day, up 325% in the last 30 days and the highest since 2/19 (over 80 days ago). The last time cases were at this level and rising was the end of July 2021 going into the Delta wave. /2 Image
With reduced testing and widespread (unrecorded) at-home testing, the positivity rate of #COVID19 tests in #Indiana has risen to 13.6%. This is higher than 76% *of all days* since March 2020 and 3.3 TIMES higher than the positivity rate of 4.1% just 30 days ago. /3 Image
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So this version of normal ie “living with the virus” *SEEMS* to not be working out so well, with another surge, new onset rapid liver failure in children, further increasing rates of stroke, etc. Great news, we actually can still do a lot to clean indoor air & protect each other! CDC COVID transmission map ...
2/ We really need to push our leaders to invest in improving ventilation and filtration in buildings. This has been shown to improve cognitive function & protects people not just from #SARS2 & #COVID19 but all other germs in the air! Start with schools! These are systemic issues! Opening windows, using port...
- Authorize for children under 5. #ImmunizeUnder5s

- Boost ages 5-11 just authorized!

- Stay up to date on vaccines/boosters

System wise:
- Invest in mucosal vaccines.
- Invest in global vaccine distribution or virus will continue to spread & mutate
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LIVE: Media briefing on #COVID19 and other global health issues with @DrTedros…
"Over the last week, #COVID19 cases have risen in four out of the six WHO regions. Due to testing and sequencing reducing in many countries, it is increasingly difficult to know where the virus is and how it’s mutating"-@DrTedros
"The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea has announced, through their state media, their first outbreak of #COVID19, with more than 1.4 million suspected cases since late April"-@DrTedros
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