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📆 Last Week on SRB 13th-19th of June

💰#LKMEX Rewards Weekly Distribution for SRB Holders

🧹#SweeptheFloor Raffle announced

👨‍🎨@salvo_sapi joins SRB Team as a Graphic Designer

💸Bi-weekly #Royalties #Distribution for SRB Holders

#lastweekonSRB #EGLD #NFT #ElrondCommunity
🖼 @ElrondGiants Giveaway for SRB Holders

📽 SRB goes live at @brand_minds in Partnership with @TrustMarketNFT

🎙SRB Live AMA on @ESDTLounge

🕹 #BearlyGames Discord Event

🏪 @TrustMarketNFT aligns to Rarity Sniper ranks

🧹New #SweeptheFloorFriday Contest
🎭 Amazing SRB video Display at @brand_minds

🐩 SRB and Mitya NFT by @HeliosStaking announces Strategic Partnership

📹 Live video AMA on #JustCrypto show hosted by @technologypoet and @sadasant with our own PR @DuncanTwigg1

🐻 Happy #Father’s Day Contest
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🧵 #Managedretreat research had a big year in 2021. Here’s some highlights. Obviously this collection is incomplete due to limits in thread lengths & my attention span, so please add!
Columbia’s Managed Retreat Conference of course was a highlight for #relocation discussion. A playlist of the talks is available on YT…
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#Just two questions for you before you go on to the next page....

-When was the last time you made a conscious and consistent effort in checking your spiritual gauge?

-Have you been intentionally monitoring your spiritual life even in and with your busy schedule?

You will
however agree that most of us make very conscious efforts monitoring almost every other thing in life, but our spiritual lives.

From the petrol in our car to that in our generators.

We monitor the money in our banks as well as that in our pocket....

We monitor our performances
at work and those of our subordinates.
We monitor our health,

we monitor the temperature gauge on the dashboard of our cars, monitor and gauge the air in our tyres.

We monitor virtually everything and take action(s) where necessary to ensure things go on smoothly.

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« It's just »

En version complète originale et ma traduction ci-dessous en thread.

C'est «juste» une courte fermeture.
C’est «juste» pour 15 jours pour ralentir la propagation.
C'est «juste» une distanciation sociale.
C’est «juste» 2m l'un de l'autre.
C'est «juste» un congé temporaire.
C'est «juste» de travailler à la maison.
Ce sont «juste» que quelques licenciements.
C'est «juste» indispensable.
C'est «juste» la fermeture temporaire de votre petite entreprise.
C'est «juste» la fermeture de votre église.
Ce sont «juste» des paiements sans « argent liquide ».
C'est «juste» pour te protéger.
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As the reckoning over racism continues in America, it’s time for corporations to lead the way to a more equitable future. This week alone, we have seen Quaker Oats & Uncle Ben’s remove racist icons on products like Aunt Jemima & Uncle Ben’s Converted Rice. #velshi
There’s no space in 2020 for products that monetized racist tropes associated with slavery & Jim Crow. Changing logos is more symbolic than substantive, but it is a step in the right direction, one that is being led by businesses & consumers, not by our government. #velshi
We often vilify big corporations, but there are moments in our capitalist society where they can lead rather than follow. After the Parkland shooting, Dick’s Sporting Goods stopped selling assault-style guns & high capacity magazines and all guns to people under 21. #velshi
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(1/6)And here is another wonderful news for #TRON #TRX holders!

#JUST foundation will airdrop tokens every month during the next two and a half years and the ONLY users who are eligible for the #airdrop are TRON holders!

More details below:
(2/6)On May 20th, 2020, #JUST will initiate its first #airdrop of to #TRON holders.

The snapshot will be taken at 00:00 UTC on May 20th and JUST will initiate the 1st airdrop of 217,800,000 #JUST (JST), corresponding to 2.2% of the total supply.
(3/6)Over the next 12 months following this initial airdrop, 237,600,000 will be offered to holders, corresponding to 2.4% of the total supply.
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If govt goes ahead with this idea of only one passenger per row in early days of flights restart, low cost airlines will pretty much have an unwanted business class of sorts. @IndiGo6E @flyspicejet @goairlinesindia @AirAsiaIndian. #new #pangs. #just #imagining. Image
And that's how you will board your buses for flights. Patience will be a virtue @flyspicejet.
And the steps... #coronavirus #flying
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(1/6)Check out our #DEFI solution, the new platform #JUST!!
JUST is the #TRON’s stablecoins lending platform!
✅By staking , JUST users can generate USDJ
✅ can be withdrawn & used as any other stablecoin
✅ holders can govern USDJ currency system
(2/6)#DeFi projects have been grown over the last couple of years, it is a new movement that transforms the old financial system, as we know.
✅Maintain price stability💰
✅Fast & efficient and nearly-free stablecoin transfer
✅Available to anyone, anywhere, anytime⏰
(3/6) #JUST is built on the TRON network, the largest #DApp ecosystem, and aims to provide a set of easy-to-use and transparent financial services for users worldwide.
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(1/6)Huge congrats on launching @Poloniex #LaunchBase, a world-leading token sale platform! As Poloniex’s strategic partner, @Tronfoundation and I will fully support the LaunchBase platform and its future development.
(2/6) will be the only eligible currency for purchases. Over the past 6 years, @Poloniex has helped hundreds of quality blockchain grow and develop their community.
(3/6)@Poloniex LaunchBase’s mission is to identify and assist quality projects in gaining adoption and traction, thereby seeding the growth of its community.
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My househelp married out of caste. She comes from the higher caste.
Her inlaws haven't 'accepted' her as yet. She says it is for that reason.
She and her husband have a 24 year old son, and a 22 year old daughter.
Priya is a very enterprising woman. She used to run a shop, till her husband pawned it on gambling when he was drunk.
She is currently learning sewing to make sure that she moves up economically.
Both her kids are graduates. The son works for a facilities company, (2)
her daughter as a salesgirl (shop). Both of them have moved into the grey collared zone.
Priya's ambition, and her efforts are humbling. there is a free badminton course - to keep in shape. She got me to download a learn English thro' Marathi course.
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@FBI @FBIRichmond @NewYorkFBI @POTUS @VP @seanhannity
1/UTMOST #CRUELTY! NO Conscience!.. Apartheid? Islamists? NO, worse than them, Pro-democracy #CORRUPT-agents/#fbi #cia who fully destroyed my life& recently damaged my car’s ِِِِ#ِEngine, #Exhaust، in addition to lots of
2/previous damages to my car+stuff, destroying my 5MacBook, luggage+briefcases+ robbing my 2international cellphones+other valuables…&destroying my job opportunities+applications& hacking my accounts/yahoo, twitter…& since few months ago, hacking my indeed account to prevent me
3/ from applying new jobs!…
For few years, I have been suffering from UTMOST HARDSHIP& ATROCITY made by ur special #MOBS due to my belief& political views! ur DIRTY cops are master of non-stop conspiracies& violation of my #Constitution Rights& #CivilRights.
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Much self-righteous outrage about bill C-16 and "transactivists" ruining the world today, pretending women are men and human rights are a finite resource.
It's not pie. You don't lose yours if I get some too.
It would be so refreshing to hear discussion about policy ideas that would keep everyone safe rather than lament that gender identity or expression are as equally protected as other rights - and for good reason.
Jon is now speaking. Meghan said nothing new "men are not women" and so on. Did @jonkay just say Meghan Murphy introduced him to trans-TERF issues?

If I got that wrong, please clarify Jon.

Fascinatingly would explains much.
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@realDonaldTrump has placed a pause in the infliction of a military response to #Iran's #unlawful and #unprovoked attacks on #ships in #internationalwaters and a US #drone in #internationalairspace.

His own explanation?

As his tweets explain, proposed targets for such response exceeded #proportionality. Setting aside damage to ships in international waters, loss of our drone inflicted between 120 and 180 million $$$$ in loss. Proposed strike might have caused up to 150 lives.
Trump correctly concluded that such a response lacked proportionality. That consideration is important.

Limiting our response to inflicting proportionate damage demonstrates both #wisdom and #justice.
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#Breaking @globalnews has obtained a copy of @gmbutts testimony submitted to committee #JUST #cdnpoli
the documents include text messages between Wilson-Raybould and Butts from three different date ranges and hand written notes from Butts as well as a written statement #cdnpoli #JUST #SNCLavalin
Text from JWR to Butts on Jan 8 "Timing of “pushing” me out (which will be the perception – whether true or not) is terrible – it will be confounding and perplexing to people. This is not about me – believe me when I say this –but this is about an approach to indigenous people."
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Liberal members of #JUST have adjourned the committee after 25 minutes of debate - punting a motion from @PierrePoilievre to call JWR. The committee will meet again on Feb. 19 to discuss next steps and to finalize the witness list #cdnpoli
@PierrePoilievre After @Francis_Drouin's motion to adjourn, @PierrePoilievre and @Cooper4SAE shouted "Cover up!" and told the Liberals, "You should be shamed of yourselves."
I should note, the Liberal members of #JUST already voted against an opposition motion to call JWR back to the committee last week. This meeting was only held because four opposition members requested an "emergency" meeting to discuss the matter.
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