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Alright, here's my tl;dr thread on the extremely bullish latest Partnerships meeting with the $CHEQ team.

If you don't know them yet, well done on finding this thread. They are a #cosmos project focused on #DigitalID, like #PolygonID or #worldcoin (but way less dystopian. Image
The recent meeting was held with Head of Partnerships Tobias Halloran and @OfMiklos - a $QNT legend who truly gets the $CHEQ value proposition.
@cheqd_io are a #DiD project focused on creating #TrustedDataMarkets - that is, creating a way to monetize the enforced changes being brought in by the EU's #eIDAS legislation.
The new model of #DigitalID mandates the use of data wallets in which users maintain their control. Image
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🧵1/Ω Fun fact: almost no one has tried to redeem #Tether on eth chain since the week of feb. 6th.

This is based not just on actual burns of tokens (there haven't been any) but also on people sending their $USDT to the Tether Treasury or the Bitfinex wallet that redeems Tether. Image
There have been ZERO redemptions of #Tether (or even attempts at redemptions!) in 6 weeks now.
This is the longest uninterrupted stretch w/ no redemptions for $USD in #Tether's history since The Troubles of 2019/2019 when $USDT mkt cap was a tiny fraction of what it is now Image
You would think that surely *someone* in their customer base might have tried to make a redemption, especially given all the tempestuous events like the $USDC depeg etc.

But no one has. Image
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#TRON and #Bittorrent are exploring ways to integrate the ZK Ethereum Virtual Machine (ZKEVM) into its ecosystem. ZK-EVM is a trustless and secure smart contract execution environment that leverages zero-knowledge proofs to ensure the privacy of the transaction data. 🚀
The integration of ZKEVM could potentially provide several benefits to the TRON and Bittorrent ecosystems, including increased privacy and security for smart contract transactions, improved scalability, and enhanced interoperability with other blockchain platforms.
However, it’s important to note that any plans for integration are still in the exploratory stage, and there is no guarantee that it will be implemented in the future.
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1/ Nearly every non-native #ERC token including ALL #NFTs are FLAWED! 🚨

Yes, that includes most on #EVM compatible ⛓️

#ETH tokens FLAWED
#SOL tokens FLAWED
#BSC tokens FLAWED
#XRP tokens FLAWED
#AVAX, #FTM, #MATIC, #HBAR, #TRON all flawed!

You get the idea…

But why? 🧵
2/ Well first, unless you are brand new to #crypto then you’ve heard of a wallet being drained from interacting with a token/#NFT

Someone sends you an #NFT. You try to sell it or even burn it. Poof all your #crypto is gone! 🤯

WTH just happened?!? Read on…📖
3/ #ERC tokens are specialized smart contracts NOT actual tokens

This includes ERC-20 and ERC-721 tokens

So every token action be it fungible or non-fungible requires interaction with a smart contract
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1/ The Fed rate decision will be released in 10 hours.

The figure below shows the price change of $BTC before and after the announcement of the Fed rate decision in the past year.

And we noticed that some institutions transferred funds into the crypto market.👇
2/ Tether has minted a total of 5B $USDT on #Tron and #Ethereum in the past 7 days.
3/ theskybomber.eth(@BastionTrading) received a total of 230.4M $USDT from Tether Treasury and transferred 230.4M $USDT to #Binance in the past 7 days.…
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Dear #TRON community

Will donate 25% of the proceeds to an NGO from the sale of this @trxdomains #DID…

#TRX #NFT Image
@justinsuntron Should I increase the price from 10M USDD to 15M USDD 🤔?
@justinsuntron looks like Binance Charity is good place to contribute for Turkey earthquake relief

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2023 brings its fair share of challenges, but we at #TRON are more committed than ever to achieving our goals! Our focus remains on the growth of the #stablecoin, #USDT #TUSD #USDD #USDC #USDJ on #TRON. We aim to grow our stablecoin market cap from $40 billion to $60 billion.
As we navigate these testing times, we'll continue to innovate and improve upon our infrastructure, ensuring that our users have a secure, reliable, and efficient platform to conduct their transactions. 🛡️ Your trust in us fuels our drive to deliver the best services possible.
Despite the challenges ahead, we are excited to play our part in nurturing the global stablecoin market, contributing to the development of #DeFi, and shaping the future of finance.🚀With your support, we'll keep striving to make #TRON the go-to platform for stablecoin growth! 🏆
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Hey you 🫵🏾

Twitter is noisy as hell so here are some of the major #Web3 news you may have missed today ❤️

P.S I put an Easter egg at the end for all you loyal scrollers 👀

1/7 @coffeezila has ripped the @CelsiusNetwork scandal wide open in a recent youtube video.

The crypto investigator and popular youtuber disclosed that the platform was guilty of concealing critical information from investors and exaggerating interest rates
2/7 @EOS blockchain recently announced plans to

incentivize its developer community in anticipation of

the launch of the #Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM), scheduled for next month.

The price of $EOS has increased by nearly 8% in the past week.
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#TRX , a cryptocurrency that has gained significant popularity in recent years, has established a strong presence in China🇨🇳 and Hong Kong🇭🇰 for several reasons. 👇
1. #Tron's developers, communities, and users are primarily based in China and Hong Kong. This has contributed to the establishment of trust and familiarity with Chinese investors, who tend to invest in projects that have a strong local presence and understanding of the market.
2. #Tron has established several partnerships with major Chinese companies. These partnerships have helped to increase awareness and adoption of #TRX in China and Hong Kong, and have also helped to position Tron as a key player in the Chinese blockchain ecosystem.
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Exciting news! We've reached an agreement with Binance to reduce transaction fees on the #TRON network and make crypto transactions more affordable for everyone. The goal of this collaboration is to drive mass adoption of cryptocurrency and increase accessibility for everyone.
With lower transaction fees, it becomes easier for people to send and receive crypto without worrying about high costs. We're constantly working to make the #TRON network faster, more efficient and accessible to everyone.
We're thrilled to be working with Binance to bring this exciting development to the TRON network and we look forward to seeing the impact it will have on the crypto community. ❤️
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AI is transforming the tech industry and #TRON is at the forefront of this revolution with its #AI-oriented integrations.

- Oracle Services
- Investment Management Tools
- Payment Infrastructure
- Content Creation
#TRON is embracing #AI to re-imagine how information is disseminated across #Oracle services and #Investment management tools.
AI Oracle Services + #TRON
@WinkLink_Oracle will be integrating #AI oracle services and provide the most accurate on-chain data for users.

- Systems learn what data is requested the most and models are updated based on that information
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As an industry-leading decentralized stablecoin financial infrastructure, #TRON will provide an AI-oriented decentralized payment framework for AI systems #ChatGPT and @OpenAI. Image
The framework covers the smart contract system on the chain, the payment layer protocol, the underlying calling SDK, and the AI payment gateway. Using the smart contract system to store user questions and AI results on the decentralized #BitTorrent file storage system #BTFS.
The payment layer protocol provides support for stable currency settlement on the chain, and the interaction layer provides users with standard settlement and API for AI services. #TRX and #BTT will be deeply involved to achieve fully decentralized storage and DAO governance.
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Exactly! That's why I will move to Hong Kong. Chinese 🇨🇳crypto market on the rise! 🚀Experts predict that China will dominate the next crypto bull market, with #TRON and @HuobiGlobal leading the charge in Hong Kong development.
China 🇨🇳 has a strong track record in crypto adoption and innovation, with a large and active community of traders and developers.
#TRON has a strong presence in Chinese community and is expanding its reach in Hong Kong. @HuobiGlobal , one of the largest crypto exchanges in
Asia, also has a strong focus on the Hong Kong market.
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A major country will legalize #TRX and its ecosystem tokens as legal tender soon. This is a huge step forward for the legitimacy and mainstream adoption of #TRON and other digital currencies.
Making TRX and its ecosystem tokens legal tender means that they will be recognized by the government as a valid form of payment for goods and services.
This will open up a whole new world of possibilities for businesses and individuals who want to use TRX and other digital currencies in their everyday transactions.
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🚨New Updates on the Harmony Bridge Hack 🚨

On June 23rd of 2022, the Harmony bridge fell victim to a devastating attack that resulted in a loss of approximately $100 million.

Following up on our last investigation, The Lazarus Group, a North Korean hacker organization, is suspected of being responsible for the Harmony bridge attack and had transferred funds to multiple exchanges.

The funds were quickly converted to #BTC and withdrawn from the exchanges.

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that 15,427 page #GK8 document filled with #CelsiusNetwork's creditors personal detail is quite an amazing document.
i have so many questions, but let's start with:

1. Why are there an enormous numbers of creditors in countries GK8/Celsius aren't supposed to do business with?
Corporate entities in the #CelsiusNetwork / #GK8 / #GK8Limited bankruptcy, pt. II. Noticed:

➤ Ernst & Young (maybe?)
#KPMG (#Wirecard's dad)
@TheBlock__ ("journalism")

@AABerwick @kadhim @Frances_Coppola
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does anyone find it kind of... 𝒆𝒆𝒓𝒊𝒆... that at any point in time there was more or less the exact same amount of #Tether on #Ethereum as on #JustinSun's #TRON?

it's almost as if #Tether was minting 2 $USDT for each $1 in #USD backing, one on each chain...

I mean I guess we shouldn't really worry about it given that almost 100% of the $USDT on the #Tron blockchain was created for use by #SBF on his exchange #FTX. The #FTXScam is basically an honest exchange run by honest folks, right? #FTXScam
(h/t @DataFinnovation)

Internet sleuths have been able to locate roughly half of the cash that backs $USDT. Surely any day now someone will stumble on all those tens of billions of dollars worth of "treasuries" that were formerly called "commercial paper"... (h/trick @DataFinnovation)

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Huobi had a net outflow of 11.7M in the past hour and 57.9M in the past 24 hours, the net outflow velocity appears to be increasing.
The largest token outflow in the last 24 hours is $USDC (-9.45%).
Huobi is currently the exchange with the largest asset outflow in the past 24 hours, and the token that #Huobi currently holds the biggest position is $HT, while other exchanges are stable coins and $ETH.
The chains with the most asset outflows are #Ethereum and #Tron, but #Huobi's Eco chain (Heco) balance has increased.

Currently, 44.74% of Huobi's Ethereum assets are $HT.
The drop in $HT price may have a greater impact on the total balance.
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🚨 The @justinsuntron is super active on #Tron today.

Here's what he did:

1. Withdraw 62M USDT on #Justlend
2. Buy 2M USDD using 2M USDT on #Sun
3. Withdraw 6M USDC on #JustLend and transferred out
4. Transfer 60M USDT to @binance…
Based on the record, Justin usually:

1. Transfer $USDT on #Tron to binance
2. Transfer $USDC/ $BUSD out from binance on Ethereum
3. Cashed out them on #Paxos and #Circle.

Let's see if Justin will do this again.

Since the last time we posted about this, Justin cashed out $88.5M $BUSD on the last day of 2022.
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#Huobi seems to be melting down in real time, possibly along with His Excellency #JustinSun's fortune...

Shut down all intra-employee IMs etc, maybe fired a bunch of people. Employees now angry (or Sun is ruggin') @HuobiGlobal @justinsuntron
@HuobiGlobal @justinsuntron Apparently #JustinSun tried to dissolve the company (which would presumably leave all the employees unemployed).

Remember just yesterday it was reported that #JustinSun had tried to pay #Huobi employees in $USDT and/or $USDC... #Tether (h/t @crasl7 for non machine translation)
Random Twitter user sharing rumors that there are concerns this will spread to #TRON and its companies from Pulse (which @crasl7 looked into and called "Chinese language LinkedIn")
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2022 was an INSANE rollercoaster year for #DeFi -

TVL dropped by more than 150B $ and > $1T wiped out from crypto markets this year!🩸

As 2023 approaches:
Should you still be bullish on #crypto?🤔
Who is the new KING to hold onto this year?

Uncover the answers in this🧵 Image
Unlock the Future of #DEFI and Find Out Who's the KING in 2022! Here's Our Summary of What is to come:

- How Big Has DEFI Gotten?
- Which Token Rules Over All?
- Could Bankruptcies Spell the End of #Crypto?
- What's The Potential of Crypto in The Next Few Years?

Dive in👇

First of, I would like to thank the following pillars of crypto for their continued work and market research this thread is based on

@nansen_ai & @coingecko @GrandViewInc @DefiLlama
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Tether Operations Limited (@Tether_to), the company that powers the most widely used stablecoin by market capitalization, has announced the addition of its offshore Chinese Yuan (CNH₮) to the #Tron blockchain.

A thread 🧵

#Tether #CNH #stablecoins #stablecoin
/1 At launch, @bitfinex will be the first exchange to enable its users to deposit and withdraw CNH₮ using the Tron blockchain transport layer from the platform.
/2 Created in 2019, CNH₮ is pegged to offshore Chinese yuan (CNH) and initially available only on the Ethereum blockchain as an ERC-20 token. Its launch on #TRON will make it the second blockchain on which CNH₮ can be obtained, traded, and held.
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QUELQUES #Cryptos que j'accumule en cette PÉRIODE de législation/regulation, et de #bearmarket

$BTC #Bitcoin
$ETH #Ethereum

Privacy Coins
$XMR #Monero
$ZEC #Zcash
$SCRT #SecretNetwork

Cosmos Ecosystem
$ATOM #Cosmos
$TORI #Teritori
$EVMOS #Evmos
$JUNO #JunoNetwork

$FLUX #Flux
$QNT #Quant
$HFT #hashflow
$VRSC #VerusCoin
$KAI #KardiaChain 

DEX Tokens
$UNI #Uniswap
$LRC #Loopring
$CRV #CurveDAO

Yield Farming
$AAVE #Aave
$SNX #Syntetix
$BAL #Balancer 
$BIFI #BeefyFinance

$GRT #TheGraph
$LINK #Chainlink
$THETA #ThetaNetwork
$ENS #EthereumNameService

Médias, Gaming, Sports, Vidéos
$CHZ #Chilliz
$VRA #Verasity
$ENJ #EnjinCoin
$TFUEL #ThetaFuel
$THETA #ThetaNetwork
$UFC #UltimateFCFanToken
$VIT #TeamVitalityFanToken

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Ok maybe I am 5th quadrant stupid.
But can someone please explain to me wtf is going on here? From the #tron #DAO page....$39.5Billion
Almost all of it is #tether that alone rings more alarm bells than the #hunchback on a 5 day bender mainlining #meth
But its nothing compared to this....I mean wtf....risk free yield 45% on USDT???

#tron #ponzi #fraud #stablecoin #shitcoins #tether
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