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1/ I obtained a first edition of the book banned in 1969 by the #OrangeCounty #OCBoardofEducation. The banning was pushed by board member and John Birch Society member Dale Rallison.

It is the Pulitzer Prize winning book, "Hiroshima," by John Hersey.
2/ What did #OCBE not want students to see?
Descriptions of the impact of the A bomb by Japanese children.
3/ Banning the book would prevent students from learning about the impact to the emergency response, to hospitals, doctors, and nurses. The majority of healthcare workers in Hiroshima were dead after the bomb.
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1/ Reminder that the #OCBoardofEducation removed a Martin Luther King book in 1971 because MLK was a "conscious support of communism."

Yes, the same board that today pushes anti CRT & anti ethnic studies as "communist" or "marxist."
#MartinLutherKingDay #OrangeCounty #California Image
2/ By 1971, there was a John Birch Society member on the #OCBoardofEducation & their members were targeting local school districts. In Anaheim, it was a textbook that discussed how to review media with a critical eye & recognize propaganda. Ironic. Image
3/ May 1971: .@latimes called attention to the board's book banning of the Martin Luther King biography, "the #OCBoardofEducation is at it again."

The OCBE had previously banned Pulitzer Prize winner John Hersey's book "Hiroshima" and was banning a book by Joan Baez. Image
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Some new data & market commentary on who's buying land from our 3Q-2021 land broker survey. Build-for-rent operators snapping up 15% of raw land in #Florida & outbidding home builders on deals across many markets. Couple charts & market commentary to follow...
Here's the chart where we asked land brokers if they've observed build-for-rent operators outbidding home builders on land deals in their market. 46% said 'yes' when we rolled it up nationally, and as high as 77% in the Southeast.
#Phoenix land broker: “A lot of speculators in the build-for-rent space that are tying properties up & going through entitlement process, then flipping the property for an increased price. Equity requirements for the build-for-rent projects are getting larger.”
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Earlier today, I joined @USCG, @CalSpillWatch from @CaliforniaDFW, and elected officials from all levels in an aerial investigation and briefing of the #OrangeCounty #OilSpill.

Here's the latest from the Joint Command Center👇: Image
- Crews from all levels of government, the private, and non-profit sector are working on containment and clean-up around the clock;

- Various boom strategies are being used to mitigate damage to any sensitive areas, and also to protect those that have avoided it thus far; 👇
- The oil slick is traveling southwards and is currently headed towards #CrystalCove and @lagunabeachgov;

- Anyone who has experienced revenue loss from their business or damage to their property from this disaster is encouraged to call (866) 985-8366 to file claims. 👇
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LPPI Director @SonjaFrancine joins @SonensheinPBI @jpaik88, @BW4WLA & @IEUnited on a panel by @EthnicMediaSvc providing analysis behind how/why CA's ethnic voters overwhelmingly rejected the Governor's #recall
@SonjaFrancine shares regional data and analysis by @UCLAlatino showing sweeping Latino opposition to the recall in traditional Republican strongholds like #OrangeCounty🍊, #MercedCounty🧑‍🌾, and #MaderaCounty🪵
@SonensheinPBI, Director of @PBI explains "While Newsom will probably win fairly easily [in the '22 general election] the Latino vote will be much more important in the 2022 congressional elections, including in the four highly contested House seats in SoCal."🚨
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Land is the most important yet least transparent part of homebuilding. To help, here’s commentary from land brokers across the country per our July survey. Top themes: 1) Builders going further out for deals. 2) Bigger land deals are back. 3) Development delays & lot shortages.
#SaltLakeCity land broker: “You can't get all the lots you need even when you overpay.”
#SanAntonio land broker: “Getting a vaccine approved took less time than getting land entitled.”
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New home sales fell in May, Y/Y & M/M. Theme of the month was sales decline by builder design. Few comments on demand slowing or skittish buyers, even w/new home prices +18% Y/Y nationally (survey record). Builder commentary from across the country per our survey to follow...
#Nashville builder: “Gapped out. Sales resume in June as new communities & phases start to open. By moving ability to contract on inventory homes later to finished drywall stage (window installation stage previously), expect sales to show continued decline. Decline by design.”
#Charlotte builder: “Paused sales from mid-May to mid-June in all communities & will selectively release homes for sale in the last 2 weeks of June & coming months. Sales look lower vs. last month but was capped due to limited lot availability & no inventory.”
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#Breaking #VegetationFire #solo #vehicle #crash #OrangeCounty #CNF @CHPCapistrano @OCFADivision4 are responding to a vegetation fire that started after an off-road, vehicle crash

The location is deep in the #CNF & access for #OCFA & #CHP will be very difficult due to the terrain
#Update - This solo vehicle crash, that started the vegetation fire, is now being reported as an overturned Jeep with multiple injuries
#Update - For those unfamiliar with this terrain/ give you an idea someone with #4WD off-road experience during daylight hours & with decent road conditions, the average drive time up the mountain to Harding Truck Trail & Maple Springs Rd, takes at least an 1 hour
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Here’s on the ground local home builder commentary from across the country per our April survey. A lot of builders are pressing the pause button &/or slowing things down until construction costs moderate & they can catch up with sales. Worries about buyer price ceilings too...
#Chicago home builder commentary: “We sold all of the homes we had in early 2021 & haven’t started anything new, & may not due to the cost of construction. Can’t hold pricing for clients longer than 45 days with rising material pricing.”
#Nashville home builder commentary: “Pray for lower lumber prices.”
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Some interesting housing color from mid-April around the country home builder channel check. Bunch of market commentary to follow...will try to hit most top markets.
#SaltLakeCity home builder mid-April color: “Still have 10x buyers to available homes to buy. Went to 'highest/ best' offer system March 1st & offers over asking price are shocking. Most offers are 10+% over ask, that's after raised base prices $10K to $20K+ with each release.”
#Austin home builder mid-April color: “Super high demand. Volume controlled with release process, otherwise would be unbearable. Some price increases are $100K between releases.”
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Happy #WorldWetlandsDay! Give it up for Los Angeles' largest and only remaining native wetlands area, the Ballona Wetlands. #Westchester #PlayaDelRey #MarinaDelRey
We do have a few restored or re-created #wetlands areas in the Los Angeles area, most notably the #Malibu Lagoon:
There's also the South Los Angeles #Wetlands Park, opened in 2012, formerly a @metrolosangeles bus yard and #LARy streetcar maintenance facility off of Avalon Blvd:
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Trump lost Orange County by 8.6 points in 2016 and by 9 points this year. On the surface, that’s not a sizable shift, but underneath a LOT changed.

This is how #OrangeCounty voted in 2020 compared to 2016. There is an undeniable realignment in many parts of the county.
The biggest shifts *away* from Trump: Whiter, wealthier communities of South County. See Lake Forest, Mission Viejo, and neighboring cities.

And major shift *towards* Trump: Latino and Asian communities in the west/central parts. See Santa Ana, Westminster, and Garden Grove.
For Democrats, the gradual leftward movement in the traditional GOP strongholds is encouraging. Seeing Mission Viejo turn blue is especially interesting. But Dems cannot ignore the seismic changes in Asian & Latino communities. Westminster went from D+15 to R+9, a 24-pt shift!
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1/ This thread pertains to #covid #coronavirus & #orangecounty specifically. Please take the time to read it, and more importantly, SHARE IT. This is not to create controversy, but share Orange County specific data, as pulled from the Orange County Health Department website.
2/ Again, this is the data you’ll find if you go “beyond the headline”.
Did you know that there hasn’t been a day when there were more than 15 deaths in COVID positive patients during this entire pandemic? I bet not, because we constantly see “30 deaths reported” or...
3/ ...“54 deaths reports” or, again, my favorite panic porn type headline “OC smashes daily death toll with 64 deaths”.
None of that is true. Or is nothing shortly of extremely misleading. The dates you see for all the metrics are “date reported”...
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Thread. A friend just wrote me this message. Attn: @AmericanAir "I am sitting in an American Airlines flight right now. 1st class completely full. No empty seats. Zero social distancing. However, the rear of plane has hardly any people in it. All wearing masks to get on.../1 Image
2/ "But I see people taking them off now. No food or beverage service, so there should be no reason to take them off. Pilot did make an announcement at beginning of the flight to wear it or get off basically...
3/ "But the flight attendants are doing nothing about the people who are wearing their masks on their chins or off completely. Not a peep." @AmericanAir Please fix! (I want to go see my sick mom in Chicago but I can't fly as long as this goes on!) #flying #OrangeCounty /End
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1/ ARE YOU KIDDING ME? I will likely never leave my home again until there’s a vaccine because of this kind of crazy? For baptism?? #OrangeCounty #HuntingtonBeach…
2/ Doing something that’s religious that actually endangers others is not religious in my book. I’m saying the same about Jewish funerals without masks & social distancing. It’s not right. End.
@inminivanhell - did you see this?
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When your name is *on* a white paper that advises against masks and social distancing in a full reopening of schools you can’t really distance yourself from the recommendations - but @DonWagnerCA did try today. #OrangeCounty Image
The Orange County Board of Education adopted K-12 recommendations against reducing class size, socially distancing and wearing masks. Image
The recs say social distancing and mask wearing harms children and call arguments that teachers and administrators can catch coronavirus from an asymptomatic child “fallacious,” (even though the WHO and the WH task force say data on transmission by kids is lacking.) Image
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Blessing for putting on a mask. Written by Rabbi @michaelknopf TY Rabbi @RobinPodolsky #MasksSaveLives #OrangeCounty Image
Oops @RabbiKnopf wrote the blessing
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5 days ago, I tweeted that I was angry.

I channeled my anger into action & created plans to flip the House from 🔵🔜🔴.

President Trump even retweeted me 4 times.

The fact of the matter is that no one is coming to save us & we need to to it ourselves.
In 2018, the democrats flipped California’s 25th Congressional District from red to blue.

Disgraced democrat Katie Hill resigned, leaving the seat vacant.

There’s a special election to fill the seat on May 12th.

You can sign up to make phone calls here:…
California’s 39th Congressional District is flippable from 🔵🔜🔴.

Our Republican candidate is @YoungKimCA.…
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With 415 #Delegates at stake, the #CaliforniaPrimary represented the biggest haul in the country.

@EpochTimes spoke to voters in #OrangeCounty, #SanFrancisco County, and Santa Clara County as they entered the voting centers. (Thread👇)…
Many voters said they would support the Democrats in the general election even if their candidates lose the nomination.

#Healthcare was a top issue for many, and several older voters said that #Biden’s experience as vice president made them choose him.
Sen. @BernieSanders won #California with just over a million votes statewide, and @JoeBiden trailed him with about 740,000 votes.

About 1.5 million turned out to vote for Trump, who won the Republican primary.
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[THREAD] China Coronavirus Outbreak
A deadly virus is spreading from Asia, affecting hundreds of people and resulting in dozens of deaths, in what may become a gloabal health epidemic. This thread contains news about the outbreak.
#Coronavirus #WuhanOutbreak #ChinaVirus #WarWatch
On Dec 30, 2019, Chinese authorities confirmed cases of pneumonia of unknown cause in Wuhan, Hubei Province. A team of national experts was sent to carry out detection tests. Patients at a local seafood market were put in quarantine.
#Coronavirus #WuhanOutbreak #ChinaVirus
Liu Youning, a professor of epidemiology and respiratory medicine, told the Global Times that the #coronavirus found in #Wuhan appears to be far less serious than the virus that caused the severe acute respiratory syndrome (#SARS) or the Middle East respiratory syndrome (#MERS).
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