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"And as it rolls out its #Climate efforts globally, enabling millions of businesses to bring more funding to emerging #carbon removal technologies, the company will receive guidance from one of the world’s leading experts in sustainable finance."

Action on #climate - just clicks away:

"Stripe users can help counteract climate change by directing a fraction of their revenue toward initiatives that permanently remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere—in just a few clicks & without writing a line of code."

#NetZero #CCS
July 2021: "Results indicate that achieving #netzero emissions in #Canada will likely require significant use of #CCS [] w/ Canada’s CCS industry growing to be 30-100 x its current size by 2050.…
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This is a learning thread.

A lesson in #language, "purpose" & #NewPower.

From inception, #NetZero was devised as the language to garner uptake/demand from citizenry while simultaneously building a framework to propel #CarbonMarkets, #CCS technology, #NETs, & #nuclear.
Note the panel. Nicole Schwab as moderator (daughter of Klaus Schwab), #naturebasedsolutions, 1TDOTorg, #Gates, #Carney (#ImpactInvesting), Nazareth (regulation), & Bill Winters, chair, Taskforce on Scaling Voluntary #CarbonMarkets.
"#NewPower – The ability to harness the connected crowd to get what you want" – Jeremy Heimans, Purpose/Avaaz/Verifed

Launched Sept 2020 by Carney, the taskforce includes #BlackRock #BP #Saleforce #Shell #Unilever #GoldmanSachs #NaturalCapital Partners:
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A major partner of The Climate Group #ClimateWeekNYC, (attributed to Callum Grieve) is #GlobalCitizen which targets/captures youth demographic. For Climate Week 2020, the film "Imagine for 1 Minute" was released - featuring #Thunberg w/ #Pope, & others.…
So let's take a quick look at #GlobalCitizen & the film.

"Reward points" for actions - marketed as #activism.

Founded by Hugh Evans, partners include #Forbes, #Gates Foundation, #CocaCola, Johnson & Johnson, P&G, Citi, Cisco, Verizon. #UN #WHO #SDGs
Global Citizen advisory boards: #UK, #Australia, Southern & East #Africa, #Nigeria & #Canada. Corporations/ institutions represented on Global Advisory Board includes #Bridgewater, Gates Foundation, Susan Thompson Buffett Foundation, CVC Capital, etc.:…
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Good that you're joining some of the dots now, George. Let's join some more shall we?

The affluent are indeed the main driver of the crises we face. Monbiot is amongst those affluent people.

What's your salary George? How much are your assets valued? How many houses do you own?
Key recent paper outlining why affluence is a major driver of resource use & pollutant emissions.

Wiedmann et al (2020) Scientists’ warning on affluence. Nature Communications 11, 3107.…
"The affluent citizens of the world are responsible for most environmental impacts and are central to any future prospect of retreating to safer environmental conditions".

"the structural imperative for growth in competitive market economies inhibits necessary societal change".
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#GlobalDealForNature, #NatureNeedsHalf, #VoiceForThePlanet, #30x30, #CampaignForNature (#Wyss, National Geographic),

- all marketing serves elite sought financialization of nature; the corporate capture of the commons.

#WEF #WWF #GDP #NaturalCapital #PES #Privatization
#VoiceForThePlanet is the sister marketing campaign of the #NewDealForNature. At helm of both campaigns are #WWF (atrocities against #Indigenous) working in #lockstep w/ World Economic Forum founded/headed by Klaus Schwab. Founding partners include UN - partnered w/ WEF in 2019.
The National Geographic Society markets the Global Deal for Nature, New Deal For Nature, & the Campaign for Nature w/ the #Wyss Foundation (billionaire Hansjörg Wyss). The Society operates via National Geographic Partners - a joint venture w/ #Disney.

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Wow. Our #naturenow film on Natural Climate Solutions just won two Webbys! Massive congrats to @tommustill, @trianglemonday, @GretaThunberg, @Charlie_Lat and the rest of the magnificent team.
Only yesterday it won best digital marketing campaign. I've never known a short film to have such an impact. It's had 60 million views already, and has changed the global conversation, bringing #NaturalClimateSolutions from the margins to the limelight.…
When four of us launched the Natural Climate Solutions campaign, in our free time and without a penny of funding, I hoped that it would raise at least some awareness. But even before our film was released, it went beserk.…
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This is going to be a very important thread.

#SavingCapitalism with

Let's start here, with this misleading article shared by the GT account.
To start. From the article:

"The theme of this year’s gathering in #Davos is “#stakeholders for a cohesive and sustainable world”. According to the forum’s website, leaders will meet to discuss ideas and improve our global progress on climate change."…
What is not shared is the primary focus:

"Focus of the meeting will be on renewing the concept of stakeholder #capitalism to overcome income inequality, societal division and the #climate crisis."

This #WEF release is new (Jan 14 2020) - but the focus & theme is not.
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It's #ClimateWeek2019, so let's have a THREAD about carbon opportunity costs, since we can't keep warming below 2°C (let alone 1.5°) without halting deforestation - and probably reforesting large areas. How we produce and consume food has a large bearing on what's possible. 1/
In recent years, agriculture and associated land-use change have been responsible for roughly a quarter of total annual GHG emissions from all sectors. The data below are from 2010 (Source: 2/
Those numbers above are from GHG emissions in a recent year. But massive amounts of former forest land have already been cleared for agriculture, which currently occupies nearly half of the world's vegetated lands. And agriculture remains the leading driver of deforestation. 3/
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Today we launch our very exciting campaign for a massive global programme to draw down carbon from the air through ecological restoration. @dpcarrington explains it here:…
New scientific studies reveal that #rewilding has a much greater potential for carbon drawdown than almost anyone imagined, and could make the difference between a habitable and uninhabitable climate. #naturalclimatesolutions…
We've published a letter in the Guardian, calling on governments to give #NaturalClimateSolutions the commitment they deserve, signed among others by @GretaThunberg, @MichaelEMann, @MargaretAtwood, @NaomiAKlein, @PhilipPullman, @billmckibben + @SimonLLewis…
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1/10 The spore-based idea spreader in me is all stirred up after last couple weeks in London, Cambridge, multiple stops in Brazil, so here's a little (peaceful) mushroom cloud of ideas as I resettle in NYC and recover from extreme #saudades after exposure to such great people.
2/10 Heard sense of urgency + diverse commitment to action at @volansjohn's 10 yr anniversary eve - appreciated call to positive imagination by @paulbunje paired w @kavpm + @cloverhogan's signal to hear voices of our youth (thinking: maybe also heed those of our own inner kids?)
3/10 Also in London, convo's about need to embrace best tools (e.g. @FutureFitBiz) + close the loop WITH nature, include soils, forests, ag in all climate + industry strategy, per @JustinCMAdams @nature_org @ProjectDrawdown ++ #NaturalClimateSolutions
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