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A “closed” upper level high has formed right in the same area where the big June 2021 heat dome developed. - Washington and BC
Again, you'll find a lot of useful information on this site and links to additional resources.
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Here's a complete look at my 2022/23 Earned Edition project -- much love and appreciation to everyone who has followed along and offered feedback along the way!

#NBA #NBATwitter #NBATwitterLive #Nike #Basketball #NikeBasketball

cc: @WorldWideWob
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I Tried showing this whole time, meeting in the middle is & always has been the only way ..

Under The #RED Hood
Forgiveness was the only way ..

For the longest time the people have had no idea who or what they’ve been fighting for.

Now it all becomes crystal clear,
The people figure out The Son has been right in front of his people this whole time waking everyone up on social media—The one who this entire world has been waiting for & is #WH-Y EVERYONE on the world stage has been SHOWING & DOING all that they have been for 1 “Nobody”.
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1 Extreme rain cause devastating flood disaster and humanitarian catastrophe in Pakistan. A Thread
2 A screen shot of satellite image of the rain bearing clouds of 26th August Thank you @BinodClimate and that of the landscape below are extremely disturbing and heartbreaking thinking of the death, Losses and Damages, and the humanitarian crises.
3 Already 1200 people dead. - 30M people affected. - 10M people homeless. - 800K livestock deaths. - 1M houses washed away. - 40+ small dams breached. - 200+ bridges collapsed (PDMA/NDMA) @SouthAsiaIndex
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🔥Here is how to beat the #Heat #Heatwave2022
1⃣ 🌳Plant street trees

The urban tree cover acts as a natural AC
H/T @arquitetapage
2⃣ 🫧 Increase amount of water in city

Keywords: water retention capacity, bioswales, rain gardens
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Due to the current #heatwave, a lot has been happening this week for the French #nuclear power production.

In this thread, I will recap the situation as we know it on this Saturday morning.

⤵ ⤵ ⤵
First, let's take a tour of the French #nuclear power plants experiencing or soon to experience disruptions due to #heat.

1/ Golfech on the Garonne river
The plant has reduced its production by 1000MW since July 13 at 17:30. According to EDF, this should last until the 24th.
2/ Tricastin on the Rhône river
The power plant has reduced its production by 735MW since this morning, July 16, at 2:30 am.
According to EDF's last assessment, this derating should last at least until the 18th.
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Figuring out #WHY & WHO knocked down the ‘TWIN Towers’? …

Twins, Same Same But Different, Still the same !

It will all make sense, I Promise.
Justice has already been served, the Country is going up against propaganda & Artificial intelligence.

The worst enemy
The people have during these times in their own selves letting their emotions get the best of them …
Once that starts happening, that’s when the QUICKSAND affect starts taking over your life with 1 thing after the other going “wrong”, the more you struggle the faster you sink.
#BeStill & Be True …

Good Night & peace be with you ALL !
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Indian #Defense Arsenal



1. #Agni

Latest: Agni-5


a. Ballistic
b. Range: 5500-5800
c. Payload: 1500

Note: Under Integrated Guided Missile Development Programme we have developed Five Missiles

Agni 1, 2, Prithvi, Trishul, Nag and Akash
2. #Akash

Latest: Akash-NG, Akash Prime

Type: surface to air missile defense
3. #brahmossupersonicmissile


a. Supersonic cruise missile based on Ramjet Principle
b. Speed: Mach 2.5 to 2.8, it is world's fastest cruise missile
c. Range: Up to 300 kms (extended range of 450 km)
d. Built by a joint venture between India and Russia.
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I showed A picture during the day, now at night …

The symbol on the JFK coin, same as the sign.

Did you know every Sunday the MANY out there choose Lucifer over God?
Which is Fine, I DON’T CARE—John & I are
Same same but different, still the same …

Who is VK?
Why is this important ?
“Illuminati Bloodlines”

Remember when that “B” person posted?
Days before that, I posted A Bull that was at the zoo, the caption was “Mess with the Bull” …

Then the owner of the boards made A video with his shirt saying, TAKE NO BULL!

Anti-Hero Skateboards
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1 Pocket Sized MIRROR & magnifying Glass …

A mirror is A very powerful tool … In this case, I wouldn’t bring A mirror to be found by reflecting the sun because I’m not lost. …
I would bring A mirror to reflect the sun in case of any
Encounters with Rattlesnakes & Scorpions ..
Snakes can sense #HEAT, Right?

In life most of the snakes want you to be exactly where THEY [NEED] you to be, A snake needs YOU in A place & or state of mind where the snake has the advantage when ready to strike …
It’s very
Important To control ones emotions/heart beat(meditations), emotions cloud judgment & for most in this world when decisions are made based on FEAR, negative emotion or to much positive emotions ones will put themselves in Un Winnable Situations most of the time.
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Happy to announce that our article "Temperature effects on crop yields in heat index #insurance" with @tobi_dal and @RobertFinger1 is now online and #openaccess in @_Food_Policy. A short 🧵about the article that is available here:…
#Heat drives crop yield volatility. Index #insurance can reduce the resulting financial losses suffered by farmers and support #adaptation to #climatechange. Yet, there remains a protection gap for heat risks in most of European #agriculture. (1/🧵)
We introduce a payout function into heat (weather) index insurance design that integrates a cutting-edge method to empirically estimate nonlinear temperature effects on crop yields. We apply and evaluate this novel function for German winter wheat and rapeseed producers. (2/🧵)
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Probably could have started this sooner ... IT'S TWEETSTORM TIME!

Every Sunday through Thursday, Twitter friends!

As always, PLEASE Like/RT to the best of your ability!

From the top!

#Nuggets @ #Magic

I have way more to type here than Twitter can fit so please do listen to the pod tomorrow, but the quick version is that Cole Anthony makes Orlando quite a bit better.
Various injuries and just the general hot and cold spells of the season have moved Franz Wagner back into a startable position of late, though we also know a cooldown drops him back into that 160 range. Feel free to stream while he's hot if you can catch the right wave.
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Please do the thing where you help me spread the word with likes/RTs (I ain't too proud to beg)

Tonight's title: Splash Wildebeest
#Magic at #Sixers

Bamba returns! But we weren't worried there, really. The bigger news is Jalen Suggs broke a thumb and that changes things here with Cole Anthony still out.
Oh, the universe says I'm supposed to tag these threads with #FantasyBasketball so we'll just do that here and see how it goes.
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The wife has some patient notes to write, so I suppose I can carve out some time for this JUMBO STYLE TWEETSTORM.

Let's see if I can make it through to the end in one piece. It was a behemoth.

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Title: Wait, Who Got Hurt?
#Suns @ #Cavaliers

Look at big JaVale. Hah! I have a soft spot for him, and honestly he hasn't been that bad lately. He's a dynamite fill-in if Ayton misses time again down the road. In the interim, he's more of a 14 or 16 teamer. Still fun, though.
Kevin Love is very much in the streamer discussion but not a games cap level guy. Jarrett Allen's FG% is robust. But overall, no particularly earth-shattering fantasy valuation changes.
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"AD's Flu Game, Not Quite"

RTs/Likes appreciated

Again, doing these Sunday through Thursday nights, off Fri and Sat going forward.
#Heat @ #Pistons

Not a ton of thoughts on this game. Miami missed a bunch of FTs or some of the fantasy lines could have been a bit more decent.

Adebayo's assists are near 4 over the last 2 weeks, but his knee continues to concern me. Probably just...
... hold your breath and hope he doesn't miss many more games for it because the other stuff is moving in the direction we wanted/expected.

For the Pistons, I'm enjoying the Cory Joseph stream with Killian Hayes out. Make sure to yank CoJo the moment Killian returns.
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Have you read the @LancetCountdown’s new report on health and climate change? Check out @UHF_groups’ key takeaways 🧵👇 Image
1) Climate change is impacting weather, #ecosystems, and human systems. This poses a threat to human #health. For example, young children, older people, and marginalized communities are more susceptible to health risks associated with high temperatures and #heatwaves. Image
2) High temperatures can reduce the frequency and duration of physical activity. Without #exercise, people are at a higher risk for cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and other #NCDs. Image
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July 17, 1902: It was another scorcher in New York City. The week before, seven deaths tied to the heat had been reported. Willis Haviland Carrier, an engineer trying to combat humidity at a printing plant in Brooklyn, invented air-conditioning. Image
Air conditioning changed the United States. It allowed for sweeping development of the South with the innovation of central air. Image
New York City was transformed as window-mounted air-conditioners lined the side of buildings and dripped on people on the sidewalk below. Image
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Record #heat. Tough weekend in the #PNW. Seattle=City with #1 lowest AC. For sure - heat-related illness and deaths to happen. what to do? I share a #tweetorial about lessons learned from @FortBenning -when I was CMO of the hospital there.

Please retweet if useful. #medtwitter
In Georgia, our medical team had to tackle issues of heat illnesses - from heat exhaustion, heat strokes and exercise associated hyponatremia (#EAH) - and tragically the deaths too. We re-learned lessons lost from the past and learned new ones.
Lesson 1: Young, healthy, and fit people die in the heat.

There's no age discriminator for heat stroke. Heat that cannot be dissipated will kill anyone eventually. Heat comes from mainly two sources - the environment and the person; especially if exerting oneself.
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I was grateful for the opportunity to discuss the impact of #ExtremeHeat on behavior & #MentalHealth with @kare11 on behalf of @HennepinHC on Friday.

A brief #tweetorial on some other important details that weren’t able to be included in the segment.🧵…
Hotter temperatures are associated with changes in behavior such as increases in violence, aggression, & impulsivity. #ClimateChange is increasing temperatures & it is predicted that we will see more violence & conflict as #HeatWaves increase. 2/9…
Regarding mental health, #HeatWaves are also associated with increased #SuicideRisk & psychiatric hospitalizations. 3/9
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9 causes of low sperm count/quality you should know

1. Infections
2. Varicocele
3. Heat & Stress
4. Drugs
5. Being too fat
6. Hormones
7. Other medical issues
8. Alcohol & smoking
9. Chemicals

A thread 🧵

Please RT for awareness
Low sperm count or #oligospermia means the semen a man ejaculates during an orgasm contains fewer sperm than normal. Medically, it means having less than 15 million sperm in 1ml of your semen.

If there's no sperm at all in your semen, it is called #azoospermia.
Having low sperm count significantly lowers your chances of being able to impregnate a woman.

Many families have been torn apart because of the resulting infertility.

Unfortunately, in some cases, people erroneously think the cause of the infertility is the woman.
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Il Dito E La Luna─Indossare la #mascherina all'aperto se non s'è a stretto contatto con estranei NON è indispensabile (il dito). Viceversa, predisporre opportuni impianti #HVAC con filtrazione #Heat#UVC#HEPA è IMPRESCINDIBILE (la Luna). Mind Your Head Image
Il Dito E La Luna─Indossare la #mascherina all'aperto se non s'è a stretto contatto con estranei NON è indispensabile (il dito). Viceversa, predisporre opportuni impianti #HVAC con filtrazione #Heat#UVC#HEPA è IMPRESCINDIBILE (la Luna). Mind Your Head
Il Dito E La Luna─Indossare la #mascherina all'aperto se non s'è a stretto contatto con estranei NON è indispensabile (il dito). Viceversa, predisporre opportuni impianti #HVAC con filtrazione #Heat#UVC#HEPA è IMPRESCINDIBILE (la Luna). Mind Your Head
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MEGA thread για 🦌#MILvsMIA🔥

1 Αυτές τις μέρες το ελληνικό - αλλά όχι μόνο - ιντερνέτ πολώνεται για να καταλογίσει ευθύνες σε #budenholzer ή #Antetokounmpo.
ΟΚ, όλα δεκτά, αλλά σε αυτή τη φάση λίγα θα μπορούσαν να γίνουν απέναντι στη σαφώς καλύτερη ομάδα της σειράς. Ειδικότερα:
2 Ο Γιάννης δεν είναι closer. Αυτό δεν τον κάνει ανάξιο MVP ή... Robin 🤐 MVP δεν σημαίνει καλύτερος σκόρερ. Ακόμα κ οι 30 ppg του πιο πολύ οφείλονται στα σπάνια χαρίσματα του πάρα σε κάποιο pedigree σκόρερ. Όποιοι απαιτούν ο Γιάννης να χώσει ετσιθελικά clutch 3p, κακώς ψάχνουν.
3 Ο Γιάννης ευημερεί σε δυο συνθήκες: σε transition κ με εξαιρετικούς, άνιωθους σουτέρ γύρω του. Το πρώτο δεδομένα το έχουν ξεχάσει οι #Bucks στη σειρά. Ακόμα κ χτες, στα 3Q που οι #Heat ήταν μέτριοι, δεν μπόρεσαν να ανοίξουν τον ρυθμό - όχι άσχετα με το σερί αλλαγών του Bud.
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7 ways you damage your health by using mobile phones excessively

1. Headaches
2. Inattention
3. Sleep disturbance
4. Temper issues
5. Anxiety
6. Depression
7. Possible brain tumor

A thread 🧵

{Retweet!} Image
A mobile phone uses radiofrequency (RF) radiation to communicate with a nearby base station.

Once the station receives the signal from your phone, it is directed through the landline phone system.

If there's poor network, the phone increases its radiation level to compensate.
On averagely, the level of RF radiation from phones, to which your head is exposed, is about 100 to 1000 times more intense than exposure from base stations.

This means as you use a mobile phone excessively, your head constantly absorbs this RF radiation.
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