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So we are 'Getting the Basics Right about the Third #COVID19 Surge'

Today, 03rd Feb at⏰2 PM

Director, @icmr_niv, Prof. Priya Abraham and Doctor @RajeevJayadevan will answer your queries during Q&A session

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Live from⏰2 PM🎥
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Join our webinar 'Getting the Basics Right about the Third #COVID19 Surge'

Director, @icmr_niv, Prof. Priya Abraham and Doctor @RajeevJayadevan are here to answer your questions

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The Centre has played the role of a catalyst; has shared the best #COVID19 practices adopted by one state with the other states to adopt and follow

- DG(West Zone), @MIB_India, Manish Desai speaks about initiatives taken by Govt. to fight the #Pandemic

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وبا کے اوائل میں کووڈ کو سب سے پہلے نشتر میڈیکل یونیورسٹی ملتان کے وائس چانسلر ڈاکٹر پروفیسر مصطفے کمال پاشا نے نزلہ کہا تھا
جب کورونا ہوا تو نجی ہسپتال میں داخلے کے دوران وڈیو بنا کے نشر کی کہ دیکھو میں سوپ پی رہا ہوں، مجھے کوئی آکسیجن نہیں لگی
پھر ہفتے بعد وینٹی لیٹر پر

دو ہفتوں ماہر ترین ڈاکٹروں کی سرتوڑ کوششیں دنیا میں خون صاف کرنے کی جدید ترین مشین کا استعمال بھی ان کی جان نہ بچاسکا تھا
اومیکران کو نزلہ کہنا ویسی ہی غلطی ہے
بہت زیادہ لوگوں میں پھیلنے کی وجہ سے شدت کم ہوتی ہے مگر مریضوں کی کثیر تعداد کے حساب سے زیادہ لوگ شدید مریض ہوتے ہیں

اور اموات بھی کم نہیں ہوتیں
کورونا سے اموات بڑھاپے، مددگار امراض جیسے ہائی بلڈ پریشر اور ذیابیطس اور قوت مدافعت کم ہونے کے سبب ہوئیں
چنانچہ ابھی اسے نزلہ سمجھ کر آسان نہ لیں
احتیاط کریں

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Il #COVID19 rallenta, cioè accelera meno che nelle scorse settimane, circa 200.000 al giorno quelli verificati, chissà quanti altri non riscontrati. Siamo 57ml di abitanti, ci sarà anche un limite percentuale di infettabili al giorno, no? Questo significa che sta rallentando o ⬇️
che ci sono dei limiti massimi di propagazione?
Invece di dire cose a vanvera potrebbero prospettarci la mortalità che ci sarà nelle prossime 2/3 settimane considerando che circa dopo 3 settimane si realizza l’effetto dei decessi in proporzione agli infettati. Siamo ⬇️
costantemente a 200k positivi al giorno dal 4 di gennaio, quindi da 2 settimane abbiamo un numero costante e doppio di positivi rispetto a quello che sta determinando oltre i 300 morti al giorno da una settimana.
Qualcuno può mettere in discussione le scelte di #governo e #CTS⬇️
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New research shows that only 10% #Omicron cases are in ppl who have gotten #COVID19 #Booster.

This may be MISINTERPRETED as:

"Only 10% of people w/ #BoosterDose get #OmicronVariant"


#BoosterShots are 90% effective"

Not that simple! READ ON!…

First, this is NOT a critique of the study (currently a pre-print).

Researchers at @MethodistHosp who did this provided a VERY valuable piece of info and are not making any inappropriate claims. Great work!

It's just that it's easy for public/media to misinterpret results!

Paper reports on a total of 1313 #OmicronVariant cases in the Houston, TX area.

See table below:
~49% of cases in those not vaccinated (0 or 1 does)

Of those #Breakthrough cases,

535 cases w/ 2 #vaccine doses
140 cases w/ 3 doses (i.e., booster) Image
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They said if you get vaccinated:
*You will not get Covid.
*You will not transmit Covid.
*You will not need multiple boosters.
*You will end the pandemic.
*You will have more protection for variants than if you overcome Covid.


I'm PRO-VAX, but let's tell the truth:
If you get vaccinated, you will more likely not end up in the hospital, intubated, and will be less likely to die.

You can still get Covid.
You can still transmit Covid.
You will certainly get variants.
You will need boosters.

The strongest protection comes from natural immunity (having had Covid, and recovered) plus one shot of vaccine. This is stronger than even three shots.

Yet, governments and medical community still avoid talking about natural immunity and ONLY push the vaccine. Why?!
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8 yo Girl.
Off food for 2 days.
Bizarre itchy rash
Called 111 told Chilblains
Mum unconvinced

Please show #teachers #education #schools


Think #COVID19 #Omicron #LongCovidKids Image
Symptoms of #LongCovid can be found in the gallery.


Sores at the sides of the mouth.
This child tested positive for #COVID19

Please RT to help others #SpotCovid

#education #schools #teachers
#Omicron #OmicronVarient #LongCovidKids Image
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🇫🇷La France annonce 12 036 nouveaux cas positif à la #Covid_19, contre 11 308 cas il y a 7 jours.

🟨Ce qui représente une hausse des cas de +6,43%

👉Nouveau record d'incidence en France. La hausse continue de ralentir.
#France #Omicron #OmicronVirus

⤵️#Thread BilanQuotidien⤵️
☑️La France compte donc un total de 8 270 728 cas confirmés de #Covid_19 ainsi que 120 662 décès liés à la #Covid.

🟫En 7 jours, 342 156 cas ont été enregistrés et 935 personnes positives à la #COVID19 sont décédées.

La #vaccination en France au 12/12, c'est :

🟢52 289 589 personnes ayant reçu au moins une dose.
Soit +10 338 en 24h.

✅51 216 188 personnes totalement vaccinées.

☑️14 496 659 personnes ayant reçu une dose de booster.
soit +182 628 en 24h.

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