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Ci son cascato di nuovo..#Broccolo parte 2. Alcune (soltanto?) dichiarazioni che non tornano del prof. tanto che la sua università ha preso chiaramente le distanze da ciò che afferma. Seguitemi in questo thread.
1/n 🧵 #QuartaRepubblica #porro #COVID19 Image
Oltre al fenomeno ADE già smentito in un precedente thread (link qui), passiamo ai punti di discussione. 2/n

1° punto. Il prof. #Broccolo continua ad affermare che "il vaccino non ferma il contagio e la carica virale dei non vaccinati è uguale a quella dei vaccinati". Non è così e vediamo perché. 3/n
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#idtwitter @SHEA_Epi #COVID town hall presentation live now #omicron
#idtwitter @SHEA_Epi
#COVID town hall presentation live now #omicron
#idtwitter @SHEA_Epi
#COVID town hall presentation live now #OmicronVarient
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#LongCovid update. I'm usually a person that has 14 different projects going at the same time, and running 100mph on everything. After being vaccinated, I got #covid and had light symptoms. A few days into it though.. the fatigue and fog set in...
I'd go to go to the bathroom, and find myself waking up 4 hours later because I would stop by my bed, forget what I was doing, and pass out. This would happen every couple of hours. I was cleared from isolation, but this fatigue and fog would follow me... #longcovid
14 Projects turned into 1 project... barely. I could make dinner or do dishes.. but not both. I brought some clothes down to a guest room because the idea of wanting to go to the 2nd floor felt so far away. It took everything I could to just want to get out of bed....
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With Government bringing in new guidelines for COVID situation, A weekend curfew has been imposed - which makes the situation even more worse for Kannada Film Industry.

#NamCinema #nightcurfew #WeekendCurfew #OmicronVarient #COVID19
Owing to COVID situation in past couple of years many theatres across the state which predominantly screened Kannada movies have shut down owing to financial losses.

#NamCinema #nightcurfew #WeekendCurfew #COVID19 #OmicronVarient
Now with present scenario more theatres would follow the same suit as they no movie goers or the general audience making it theatres given the strict COVID guidelines.

#NamCinema #nightcurfew #WeekendCurfew #COVID19 #OmicronVarient
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8 yo Girl.
Off food for 2 days.
Bizarre itchy rash
Called 111 told Chilblains
Mum unconvinced

Please show #teachers #education #schools


Think #COVID19 #Omicron #LongCovidKids Image
Symptoms of #LongCovid can be found in the gallery.


Sores at the sides of the mouth.
This child tested positive for #COVID19

Please RT to help others #SpotCovid

#education #schools #teachers
#Omicron #OmicronVarient #LongCovidKids Image
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And so it begins. The request to start back-up COVID planning. Overcapacity planning. Surge planning. The question lingering in the back of our minds "will this be the wave where we triage?"
There are many unknowns still with omicron, but what is a fact is that our healthcare system in AB is in such a precarious position that even a blip of a wave will bring it all crashing down.
We have not recovered from the fourth wave, and in many hospitals, we are still into surge ICU and medicine ward spaces. With staffing shortages plaguing the ability to get back to "normal activity."
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Watch this graph. #OmicronVarient
Hoping for lower rates of hospitalizations, *HOWEVER* as cases increase rapidly+exponentially then there is definitely still a risk of straining healthcare capacity/resources & overwhelming hospital capacity/ICUs.

Hope for the best, prepare for the worst.🙏🏻
Overlaid over the beginning of wave 2
(Wave 1 excluded from graph due to limited/inconsistent testing)
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So, I’ve given myself 24 hours to process our provincial government’s approach to the #OmicronVarient. No, they do not come as a surprise to me, and yes I needed this time to grieve a bit.

Time to open some wounds.
Clearly there is a disconnect between public health policy and political will. We’ve seen wavering alliances here before, but even our hamstrung @CMOH_Alberta is worried about what is coming.
As more data becomes available, it is clear that this virus is fast, highly infectious and just as morbid as delta. Initial thoughts about decreased severity were likely due to partial immunity from high endemic infection rates in the South African population.
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[Thread] 1/ This is an update on the #DoNotComply and #DoNotComplyEver hashtag. Both began trending again when mandatory mask wearing was introduced after the discovery of the Omicron variant. Since my last thread, I analysed approx 26000 tweets, between 5th -10th December Image
2/ In the following thread I will discuss

a) who the main influencers are
b) the salient political communities promoting the hashtag
c) any potentially unusual elements to the hashtag

Read on for more.

#OmicronVariant #Omicron
3/ Firstly, influencers. As with my previous thread, the British actor @LozzaFox remains the most influential account spreading the 'Do Not Comply message'. His posturing tweet of December 8th was retweeted almost 2k times, and liked around 8k times. #omicron #FridayFeeling ImageImageImage
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This week has seen huge Covid case growth in RSA, centered around #Gauteng, evidencing accelerating, exponential spread.
Hospital admissions have been rising in recent days, but are not growing at a proportion that would seem to track with expansion in past waves. This depends on when you think the outbreak first began. It’s also still early in RSA experience with #OmicronVarient
Before we speculate that #Omicron may be an innately “mild” form of SARS2 we should consider that it’s likely spreading by reinfecting delta recovered people. So it’s new victims may retain enough cellular immunity to more effectively prevent progression to severe disease.
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1. A new sobering update on the #OmicronVarient (variant) from the HA in South Africa moments ago. Two main things stand out. The case numbers are growing much faster than before, and the demographics of hospital admissions is changing.

The first thing that @Dr_Groome presented was the rapid growth in case numbers.
3. A better representation would've been to use a log scale in the y-axis, as you can see that by doing that you can clearly see the difference in growth rates between previous waves and this one. I added US as comparison, adjusting by population. You can see the problem here.
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💉Will we end up having booster jabs forever?

Here’s everything you need to know ⬇️… @Telegraph #OmicronVarient #CovidVaccine
Pfizer’s chief executive indicated it’s a campaign that may never end.

“Based on everything I've seen so far,” Dr Albert Bourla said, “I would say that annual vaccinations... are likely to be needed to maintain a very robust and very high level of protection.”

(c: C. Goodney)
The UK has pre-empted this booster-filled next phase, announcing it has bought enough shots for two more per person, with 54 million doses from Pfizer-BioNTech and 60 million from Moderna.

(c: Kirsty O'Connor)
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Paediatric critical care & ECMO: interim
update Nov 2017

'Paediatric critical care is a highly valued service that saves the lives of children in England every day.'

#OmicronVarient #RWCS?

'@NHSEngland analysis supports an initial hypothesis that – if the model of paediatric critical care does not change – the services will not be sustainable or affordable in the medium to long term.'

#OmicronVarient #RWCS?

'There is variation in the number of patients from each hub who receive ECMO' [extracorporeal membrane oxygenation]

👇 4 yrs' data (2011-15): per annum ECMO Rx

E Mids: 70
London: 66
NE: 31
NW: 14
SW: 6
Wessex: 9
W Mids: 17
Yorks & Humber: 6

#OmicronVarient #RWCS?

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FASTEST SURGE TO DATE—The #OmicronVarient is up swinging much faster in both new daily cases and positivity, than all previous waves in South Africa 🇿🇦, according to @nicd_sa data illustrated by @jburnmurdoch. This supports the faster transmission theory of #Omicron. 🧵
2) and the upswing in South Africa is not just localized to one area. It’s seen across most provinces together. That a bad sign too.
3) a small early upswing of probable #Omicron is likely happening in England too.
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The less those work, the more they double down on it.

The UK is “offering” a second booster for people who are immunocompromised and is cutting the time between shot(s) and booster from 6 months to 3.

Obviously, if the shots work as planned, they wouldn’t need these changes.
Fauci said he does not expect the vaccines to eliminate COVID—19 as done to MMR. Of course not. Those shots are not like MMR which makes compulsory vaccination against C19 idiotic because by the time you get to the second half of the population, the first needs their booster.
At any rate, it’s a waste of time to bark here or on cute little “conservative” websites about all this if and as long national health/political reporters don’t challenge Fauci, @CDCDirector and Pharma CEOs with some basic stuff. They never do which is why nothing changes.
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💉"Don't freak out" over omicron, a scientist behind the Pfizer jab has said.

Thread 🧵… @Telegraph #OmicronVarient @sneweyy
Dr Ugur Sahin, a co-founder of BioNTech, said that while the new variant might evade human antibodies, the virus would likely remain vulnerable to attack by T-cells and other parts of the immune system.
“Our message is: Don’t freak out, the plan remains the same: Speed up the administration of a third booster shot,” Dr Sahin said.

(c: Yui Mok) Image
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Existing vaccines are likely to be significantly less effective against the #OmicronVarient, Moderna’s chief executive has predicted, sounding fresh alarm bells in the financial markets.

Thread 🧵

🔓Report by @sneweyy… @Telegraph
Stéphane Bancel expects a “material drop” in the effectiveness of vaccines against the variant because of the high number of mutations in the spike protein, which the virus uses to latch on to human cells.

(C: Scott Eisen) Image
Of the 50 mutations detected in omicron, 32 are in the spike protein – which the current crop of vaccines target to boost the body’s immune system. Image
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Extremely unhelpful quip from @moderna_tx CEO.
Stephane Bancel told @FT there won't be data on the effectiveness of current #COVID19 #vaccines for 2 weeks.
BUT then: "All the scientists I've talked to ...are like 'this is not going to be good'."… MORE
2/Bancel's warning, based solely on "talks", comes as G7 health ministers hold ER talks on the #OmicronVarient . Stock markets fell on the news.
Implying none of the #vaccines will work against the VIRUS w/out ANY DATA to support your statement is like shouting fire in a theater.
“There is no world, I think, where [the efficacy] is the same level.”
“I think it’s going to be a material drop. I just don’t know how much bcuz we need to wait for the data. But all the scientists I’ve talked to are like, ‘This is not going to be good’.”…
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Textual en una TV de #Argentina. Dice dice el presentador: si el Ministerio de #Sanidad dice que no tiene aislado el #Sarcov2, contra qué están inoculando? 😂 #Plandemia #España #Covid #COVID19 #coronavirus
Un médico en #España dice claramente y textualmente que NO llevaría a sus hijos a vacunarse. #Plandemia #VacunateContraLaCovid #COVID19 #coronavirus #España
DEP este guerrero español , despierto y amante de la libertad que contribuyó en la causa contra la farsa de la #plandemia. #España #covid
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