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Control systems are ubiquitous and without them most of what we take for granted wouldn’t function. But designing them and deploying them has been complicated by thousands of competing proprietary software systems,
the self interests of large organisations seeking to monopolise markets and creating closed ecosystems that tie in the manufacturers of hardware components, and the end users of these systems.
As the world becomes increasingly interconnected, and IoT has enabled incredible innovation to drive industry 3.0 and beyond, the ability to design, deploy and rapidly scale affordable remote control systems,
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🧑‍💻 Many people reach out to understand #interview process at @Atlassian , sharing it here for easy reference later:

🔁 Please retweet for karma.

#️⃣ #jobhunt #fullstack #backend #frontend #jobs #referrals #springboot #react #sre

The Candidate Resources Hub is a great place to understand what to expect.…
Here is the guidebook specifically for Frontend Applications:
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🎉 The Callin family is growing 🎉 We’re excited to welcome new creators exclusively on Callin – @ggreenwald, @mtaibbi, @briebriejoy, @andraydomise, @antoniogm, and many others!

Stay tuned today as we spotlight each new creator & their shows.…
Creators are excited about Callin for a few reasons:

1) A #fullstack #podcasting #platform.
Record, edit, publish, and distribute with a few taps. #Creators love how seamlessly Callin fits in with and complements their other content & social channels.
2) #Audience #engagement.
Live recordings and hosts/listener interaction = questions, commentary, discourse, and debate. Bottom line – it makes the listening experience FUN!
Highlights, social sharing & messaging means new ways to engage and share your favorite #content.
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Got a few new gigs coming up.
#freelance #developer #fullstack #node #react #next #jamstack #webflow #remote

A thread.
Webflow developer - More here >>>
Sr Full-stack Node, React + Next Dev [Open application] More info here >>>
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Ein #Impulsvortrag zum Thema #Digitalisierung, ursprünglich gehalten im Rahmen der Road to #Hochschulvision, einer Reihe von Werkstattgesprächen der Fachschaften der Fakultät 09 (Geschichts- und #Kunstwissenschaften) der #LMUMünchen – als #Thread. (0/26)
Disclaimer: Was folgt, richtet sich an ein geisteswissenschaftliches Publikum und ist stark geprägt durch meine persönlichen Erfahrungen in den #DigitalHumanities, speziell in der digitalen #Musikwissenschaft, wo ich seit 2015 arbeite. (1/26)
Der Begriff #Digitalisierung ist abgeleitet vom lateinischen Wort „digitus“ = „Finger“, vgl. etwa .
Finger kann man zur Darstellung von Information nutzen. Mit einem Finger kann ich bereits zwei Zustände unterscheiden: ☝️ = 1, ✊ = 0. (2/26)
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FullStack Development Complete Roadmap -


#100DaysOfCode #fullstack #webdevelopment #coding #programming

- Semantic HTML
- Forms & Validations

- Flexbox, Grid
- Layouts
- Responsive Design
- Floats, Box Model, Display, Position
- Media Queries, Animation, Transform
🔹 JavaScript
- Basic Syntax
- Arrays, Functions, Events
- DOM Manipulation
- ES6 JS
- Fetching APIs

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Great books and resources for diving into software architecture in #webdev (recommended for #FullStack engineers and #SoftwareArchitect's)

1) "Composing software" by @_ericelliott - it's an article series that became a full book.

Covers many aspects of functional programming that a software architect has to know working with Javascript (as both functional and object paradigm elements present in JS).
2) Clean Architecture by Robert C. Martin - quite a popular book, so you perhaps already heard about it.


I suggest both the book and Robert's talks on YouTube regarding the subject.
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I have been teaching #FullStack #WebDevelopment for over 5 years, and taking interviews for #FullStack developers for over 3 years now.
Here is a tiny thread 🧵 for aspiring #Developers 👇
1. 📜 Take up frontend first, easier to see results. Take up backend later

I personally learnt #NodeJS to support my #Android work, and later got into #Frontend. But if I only had to be a web developer, I'll redo it with frontned first.
2.💡 Focus on basics before frameworks. Framework ninjas with 0 in basics get thrown out in interviews

It is nothing short of depressing how many people cannot even start making a simple project with #react or #vue scaffolding. Don't be that guy.
DOM events, semantic HTML ftw!
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So, you are not supporting Feature Creep... How dare you? You are fired, Mr UX.

#product #UX #uxdesign #uidesign #productdesign #ProductManagement #Manger
The Full Stake mentality is responsible for Product Feature Epidemic leads to Branding Debt. #branding #brandingdebt
The momentum of sustaining development team budget allocation cycle rolls the business downhill in a dump of the pile. #development
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I know I'm tweeting up a STORM about this amazing job with @AutisticaUK to be based at @turinginst & working with me!


Here's a little thread of threads so you can keep catching up on all the information I'm sharing on here 💖
In this thread I tell you about my motivations for designing the study in the first place
Here's a thread talking about the #FullStack requirements....and why you DON'T need to know ALL THE THINGS in order to apply!
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A wonderful walk in the Lake District today, but just before my pre-dinner nap (this holiday is LOVELY) a little thread about the requirement of “a PhD or equivalent” for the job that I’m SO EXCITED FOR YOU TO APPLY FOR with @AutisticaUK at @turinginst!…
Here’s a little screen grab of the section in the essential requirements of the job description:
I tweeted yesterday about the #FullStack requirements of this job.

It seems pretty silly to require web development skills AND a PhD! They aren’t usually taught together.

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I’ve had a lovely few days of doing NOTHING work related! I hope you have had some relaxation too.

BUT I do want to tell you about the “full stack” requirements of this AWESOME job that you should apply for to work with me & @AutisticaUK at @turinginst!…
Here are some screen grabs from the job ad that talk about what you need.... the essential requirements.
I was nervous writing this ad. It’s asking for A LOT to have someone join an academic project for a salary of between £34,000 and £40,000 if they can do ALL the #FullStack development! There are lots of jobs that would pay you a lot more!!
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