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“What Is #LongCOVID—and How Are We Going to Solve It? This potentially life-altering post-viral syndrome may have affected as many as 23 million Americans (and counting)”

Contains quite a bit of discussion about #MEcfs…


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“We’re starting to gain more understanding of what’s driving #longCOVID & who is most at risk, & the more we understand, the more it will help us get a grip on similar chronic illnesses, like #MECFS, that have been largely ignored for far too long” - @VirusesImmunity

“In those who felt ill from #postCOVID19 syndrome for at least six months, the most common symptoms were fatigue, cognitive dysfunction, & post-exertional malaise (a triad that besets many people with #MECFS), according to the study” of 3762 patients by @patientled

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Young & healthy folks: I know the media has told you that you need to be safe to protect the high-risk around you from #COVID19 . But please, you must protect *yourself* also. Here's why – a thread:
6 years ago, I was a young, healthy, active person when I got a virus. 1/8
The virus itself wasn’t a severe case. I was never hospitalized from it. 2/8
#postCOVID19 #MyalgicEncephalomyelitis
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Dilip Puri of @ISHOfficial makes a pitch for #hospitality sector people (both current and aspirants) to go back to school. The hotel industry has been the alma-mater for the entire luxury service sector. They will come out stronger when the pandemic ends. @ndcnn @businessline
All panelists agree that like any other industry - #hospitality industry will have to undertake major reengineering of the business model. JB Singh of @InterGlobe_IGE makes a case for regulatory reforms. But, like everything other sector it is "complicated" @ndcnn @businessline
#hospitality JB Singh talks of "deconstruction" of the old business model and reconstruct new models with radical shifts in costs and revenue models. He points out - how hotels have responded in the past few weeks. #nirupashankar emphasises the #contactless service and investment
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Smallholder Farmers Need to Become Market Smart.


Be able to forecast, analyze and interpret supply signals and plan effectively.
Are we able to capitalize on consumer preferences and meet them both at local and global level?
Balancing sustainable resource use

#CORONIL ImageImageImageImage
...and influencing market outcome in their favour. Can they overcome challenges n high standards demanded in the market #PostCOVID19 ?
Becoming key players in the supply chain will mean effectively meeting the quality n safety standards that will be required.
Complex Supply Chain
The long and complicated global supply chain means #farmers must come up with solutions.
We must move from self sufficiency to building capacity that would guarantee production and profitability.
Are rural communities able to achieve required resourcefulness and capability?
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Interessant reflexió. Comparteixo amb @RicardLahoz que és un moment en què es poden prendre mesures en polítiques de mobilitat que abans haguessin desfermat una campanya a la contra, radical i dura. Tot i això tinc algun matís.... (obro fil) #DiaMundialDeLaBicicleta
Si es tanca el passeig de la platja del Miracle, es col·lapsarà encara més la Rambla Vella perquè ara mateix també funciona com una ruta alternativa. La nostra ciutat és de mobilitat complexa.
Dit això, per generar una alternativa al cotxe és important continuar treballant en la millora del transport públic. En els darrers anys, en el govern del @PSCTarragona, s'ha treballat de valent per canviar línies i impulsar el seu ús. Que es mantingui l'aposta és bo per tothom.
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As much as we encourage young people into farming, come armed with knowledge, it is not MMM, Ultimate cycler, a get rich quick scheme.

Farming is a good venture and can multiply your investments a thousand fold. However, it can also go bad, real quick.

Social media is full of stories of success in farming. Others are not farmers but will pose on farms to chase clout. Lol Farming is not rosy.

The risks in farming include:
Diseases, market flooding, high costs against low yields and ever changing climate.
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The Dark Side Of Farming Part 2.

This THREAD is a recap to the previous thread on the negatives we face in farming.

Social media is full of stories of success in farming. Others are not farmers but will pose on farms to chase clout.

Farming is not rosy

Many farmers are quiet on the problems they face in farming. Success stories are good. But let us also show the newcomers what awaits them.
Farming is set to create more jobs in #PostCovid19 due to ongoing layoffs.
However, if you don't have the 9 lives of a cat, think twice.
All crops and livestocks have their challenges. However, I wont bore you with details per crop and livestock. Let me shed light on a few selected ones. If I don't mention what you want to farm, don't think you are safe. Shock still awaits you. So come prepared:
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Ownership of means of production is essential to protect the livelihood of communities living based on natural resources. - Roma speaking on the webinar - Asserting livelihood with dignity @aiufwp

#PostCovid19 #ReImaginingTheFuture #JalJungleJameen #Postcovideconomy Image
The constitutional rights based on right to livelihood should be deepened by furthering the agrarian reforms which were manipulated by the zamindari class. Resources should be given to people then only we can protect livelihood of the people
Land and forests cannot be treated as commodities, forest land taken, pond encroached, pastoral land alienated. People dont want food but livelhood to live with dignity. Image
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My #PostCOVID19 Predictions: 1) Decongestion of Urban Cities Loading. Suburb and rural States should gear up for imminent migration. Real Estate and services in suburban communities will thrive.
My #PostCOVID19 Predictions: 2) Physical Office Locations will become overrated. “Working From Home” (WFH) will be the new normal. (Implications for office real estate) Remote services will thrive
My #PostCOVID19 Predictions: 3) Priorities for Global, National & Sub-National budgets moving into Health & Human Services (Social Welfare), Education, Agriculture & Infrastructure sectors. Support Services in these sectors will definitely thrive.
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¿Cómo van a cambiar las ciudades y nuestra manera de movernos en la era #PostCovid19?

El siguiente hilo es una recopilación de intuiciones de diversos expertos, en el que parece haber algunas líneas comunes.

Referencias de los artículos de donde están sacados al final
Las crisis de higiene han sido históricamente un factor de cambio radical en las ciudades.
Quizá el que más conozcáis sea el de la Peste Negra que asoló Europa en el siglo XIV.
Un tercio de la población murió en cuestión de una década.
La escasez de población provocó necesidad de mecanización. A medio plazo eso supuso más producción de comida, menos gente dedicada a cultivar, menos poder feudal y más para la burguesía. Es el comienzo del renacimiento
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How prepared are you Post-Covid-19
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Die übliche Darstellung der Verläufe von #COVID19 ist zu zweidimensional: am Ende ist man NICHT entweder gesund oder tot.

Viele Pathogene können zu schweren chronischen Leiden wie #MECFS führen: Diese Patienten überleben den akuten Infekt, verlieren aber trotzdem ihr Leben. 1/
Eine 2006 in Australien durchgeführte Studie hat gezeigt, dass ganze 11% der an Pfeifferschem Drüsenfieber, Q-Fieber oder Ross-River-Fieber Erkrankten sechs Monate nach der akuten Infektion an #MECFS litten. 2/…
Nach dem Ausbruch von SARS in 2003 entwickelten viele Patienten ein sog. "post-SARS-Syndrom", das symptomatisch weitgehende Übereinstimmung mit #MECFS aufweist. 3/…
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@WahedInvest getting better. The gains increased gradually since early this year. Most contribution of the gains come from these 2;
1. MyETF-US50
2. RHB Islamic Bond Fund
I don’t really have time to analyse, but this platform by WahedInvest seems reliable ImageImageImage
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Climbing up steadily. 🙂 Image
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