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Finally, I created my list and I am sharing with you the roadmap which have been a lifesaver for me for being an excellent in Python Programming Language 👩‍💻
1- Excellent playlists to learn Data Analysis in Python
If you're looking to learn Data Analysis in Python, here are some excellent short & concise playlists to follow:
- NumPy
- Pandas
- Matplotlib
- Seaborn
- Plotly
+ Projects!
all the links from here below
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Ever wondered what algorithm can sum a list/array the fastest in Python? Here's a surface level overview

A Thread 🧵👇

#python3 #pythonic #pythonprogramming #programming #Algorithms #DataScience Image
First of we generated a random list of "1000000" numbers to feed all the algorithms.

This very first algorithm uses the built-in sum method. Its the easiest one to implement. Image
Second algorithm is just the traditional approach of creating a variable and then using a for loop to add the sum into it. Image
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¿Quieres aprender #python desde 0 y paso a paso?


- Tener ganas.
- Paciencia.
- Tener una base de lógica de programación básica.

Si combinamos todo esto, este curso es compatible con vosotros/as.
22 secciones, + de 40 horas de video bajo demanda, + de 330 videos y código / transparencias disponibles de manera TOTALMENTE GRATUITA

- Repositorio:…

- Curso:

Gracias! #video #python3 #anartz
¿Qué pido a cambio? Que lo compartáis a vuestros contactos, ya que seguramente habrá más de esos contactos interesados en aprender un lenguaje tan fantástico como Python que te abre muchas puertas para el desarrollo web, IA, Machine Learning,...
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Google has released Imagen: a text-to-image diffusion model with an unprecedented degree of photorealism and a deep level of language understanding

#Python3 #MachineLearning #DataScience #100DaysOfCode #DataScience #DataAnalytics #100DaysOfMLCode #DataScientist #Statistics Image
Imagen builds on the power of large transformer language models in understanding text and hinges on the strength of diffusion models in high-fidelity image generation.

#Python3 #MachineLearning #DataScience #100DaysOfCode #DataScience #DataAnalytics #100DaysOfMLCode
This generator is scarily accurate with super-resolution! "A photo of a raccoon wearing an astronaut helmet, looking out of the window at night."

#Python3 #MachineLearning #DataScience #100DaysOfCode #DataScience #DataAnalytics #100DaysOfMLCode #DataScientist #Statistics Image
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For those who are new, here are the best online resources to learn #Python3 for #SEO Specialists.

This thread will show you what you should read and how to hone your skills 🧵

You have to know this. Semantic SEO, clear case studies, topical authority, and lots of Python.

Everything you need for 2022.

It's not a simple list of projects, it's the legacy of a great man. Check it out, it's full of awesome works.
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Some interesting considerations on data for #SEO and how it's very easy to lie with them.

And ok, some curiosities and strange facts as well, keep reading. A thread to open your eyes 🧵
Let's start with the very basics. For big brands, you should always filter out branded keywords in Google Search Console, no option here.

You want to attract those people who aren't directly searching for you.
Filter by query and select Custom (regex), then just select "doesn't match" and insert all the branded terms. To select more use the pipe operator |, it means OR. Image
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Ok, why should I learn #NLP concepts if I am a #SEO Specialist? I give you some good reasons to get started in 2022.

This is a thread 🧵
Better understanding of everything regarding Semantic SEO.

Topical maps and entities will be a breeze for you.
You can apply NLP techniques to analyze content and organise your work based on some measurable concepts.

It's not an opinion if a sentence has a bad structure.
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There are some other skills you can use as an #SEO to find new ideas or to diversify your role.

They involve different fields where you can try to expand your knowledge and I think that some mixes can be quite interesting.

This is a thread 🧵
1. Coding: be it web development or any other form, coding can actually improve your logic and make you stronger in Tech SEO.

More and more jobs will probably integrate programming languages and knowing either Javascript or #Python3 can help you in getting started.
2. Data Analytics/Science: they don't involve coding alone, you have to know some mathematical/statistical concepts as well.

This is an interesting mix right now and could prove more invaluable in the next future.

#DataScience #DataAnalytics
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I mentioned projects or books for #Python3 in my other threads but let's talk about the very best resources for #SEO: blogs!

This a thread 🧵

You have to know this. Semantic #SEO, clear case studies, topical authority and lots of #Python3. Everything you can ask for in 2022

It's not a simple list of projects, it's the legacy of a great man. Check it out, it's full of awesome works.

#pythonlearning #DataScience #SEO #Python3
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🚀Here's why Python is so popular for Machine Learning.

#machinelearning Image
🚀If you want something more than a thread check out my article on why python is used for machine learning on @hashnode…
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✨I'm so proud to be back with a load of terrific #RStats and #Python3 charts, in collaboration with many highly talented people 🤓

🙏@CedScherer, @geokaramanis, @toeb18, @ClausWilke, @CaprettoTomas 🙏

A thread 🧵
🍾3 more charts by @CedScherer who's now having a pretty good exposition in the gallery🤓. Including stream chart, lollipop and line chart.

A sample of links:
🐍 stream:
🐍 lollipop:
R line:
☀️Since I love circular barcharts I couldn't miss the opportunity to add this work by @toeb18 on hiking location:

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#Learn 🧠🐍#python: Sometimes when programming in python they're situations when you want to copy the contents of an existing list into another. Python has several ways of achieving that. In this thread you will learn different ways of achieving that with the help of examples. Image
1) Using the equal (=) sign operator:
Using = operator you can copy the contents of an existing list onto another/new list. But there's a problem with this method which I will explain on the next section. Image
The problem with the above method is that if you modify the new copied_fruits list the original list (fruits) is modified too, this is because the copied list (copied_fruits) is referencing/ pointing to same fruits list in memory.
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Ultimate List of Free Web Development Resources -


#100DaysOfCode #javascript #Python3 #programmer #CSS3 #webdevelopment #html #WomenWhoCode
Topics Covered 👇

🔹Online Learning Platforms
🔹 Free Code Snippets
🔹 Documents
🔹 Learn By Playing Games
🔹 Icons
🔹 Illustrations
🔹 Free Web Hosting
🔹 YouTube Channel

Let's Start 🔥🔥
🔶 Online Leaning Platforms

🔹 Free Code Camp -

🔹 Udemy -

🔹 Treehouse -

🔹 Udacity -

🔹 Cousera -

🔹 Sololearn -
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Welcome to 2021.
Whoever is planning to learn #software development in this year, You need to look at these #programming languages.

1. #JavaScript (web)
2. #Python3 (ML, AI, Data Sci)
3. #Java
4. #kotlin (Mobile)
5. #golang (engineering)

#DEVCommunity #CodeNewbies

Why to learn #JavaScript?
Web development is one of the most famous and selling factions of software development and to break through it, you would need to learn JavaScript at all costs.
#websites #webdesigner #webdeveloper #webdevelopers
Why to learn #Python ?
Data Science, #MachineLeraning , #BigData , #ArtificialIntelligence , #DeepLearning , and automation are one of the most trending and highly paying fields.

Now if you are looking for a language that will get you sorted in either of the fields, it's Python.
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Top Machine Learning Interview Questions :
(A Thread 🧵)

Q) What is ‘Overfitting’ in Machine learning?

when a model describes noise instead of an underlying relationship, ‘overfitting’ occurs.
When a model is excessively complex, overfitting is normally observed, due to too many parameters with respect to the training data types.
Q) How can you avoid overfitting?

-By using a lot of data overfitting can be avoided.
-if the Database is small, use "cross-validation". Here, the dataset splits into two: testing and training datasets :
Testing -> Tests model
Training -> Using datapoints
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DAY 2: Python Training on Twitter
Topic: Python Syntax
Day 1, we talked about how to set up Python environment on your computer. 👉()
After today thread, you should be able to identify and debug Python syntax
Let Go 👇

#Python #twitterpython #Syntax
What is Python Syntax?

It is referred to a set of rules and principles that describes the structure of a language (i.e. what constitutes a correctly-formed program).
The Python syntax defines all the set of rules that are used to create sentences in Python programming
Eg: we have to learn grammar when we want to learn the English language.

In the same way, you will need to learn & understand the Python syntax in order to learn the Python language.

Python syntax is more like English language unlike other programming lang.
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