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We are attending @ComeniusUni's debate on EU-Russia relations in the wake of #WarinUkraine 👉 we'll enjoy interventions from TEPSA Chairperson Lucia Mokrá, @_PaulSchmidt (@oegfe), and Aliaksei Kazharski

We'll also be highlighting the best bits here on Twitter, as always

This event takes place in the framework of our upcoming book "Russia and the Future of Europe: Views from the Capitals", published by @SpringerNature and edited by @MichaelKaeding (@unidue), @JohannesPollak (@WebsterVienna), and @_PaulSchmidt (@oegfe)

.@_PaulSchmidt introduces the book, describing it as a "journey through the political diversity of Europe [...] you will find out that geography, history, politics, economics, all have a role in defining a country's relations to #Russia"

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#war #Kyiv #Ukraine #Russia Collecting all reports thread; Ukraine's operational command says "cruise and ballistic missile strikes are underway at the control centres in Kyiv" from @lukeharding1968 Friends report explosions in #Kyiv, #Odessa #Kharkiv #Mykolaev thread, add info
Targets include airfields and military headquarters, operational command says
"Distant crumps - soft explosions - reported from west Kyiv, towards the airport. Not Cruise missiles, i think, but sounds like an attack on the airport." @JohnSweeney
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“European Solidarity: (Mis)interpretation in Slovakia” is about to go LIVE on #zoom! Make sure to tune in while you still can for the views on European #solidarity from 🇸🇰

As always, we'll be highlighting some key moments


@ComeniusUni @SLOVAKIAinEU @SlovakiaMFA
Lucia Mokrá, Chairperson of the TEPSA Board gives a presentation of the 🇸🇰 chapter of "European Solidarity in Action and the Future of Europe: Views from the Capitals", which she co-authored with Andrea Figulová, this event's moderator

We welcome @koztoma, Director-General for Europe at
@SlovakiaMFA, who speaks about defining solidarity, interpreting solidarity, and Slovakia's experience with solidarity

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#EuropeChats Episode 8⃣ is about to premiere on @YouTube! 📺

This episode we're joined by @MichaelKaeding, co-editor of "European Solidarity in Action and the Future of Europe: Views from the Capitals"

Together with @_PaulSchmidt and @JohannesPollak, Michael has co-edited the book, which analyses 41 European countries from the perspective of European #solidarity - but the main question is: "does European solidarity actually exist?"

"On the one hand you have Ireland being showered with #solidarity during the #Brexit negotiations; on the other hand you have Poland which sees European solidarity as a one-way street"

- @MichaelKaeding from @unidue

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The @TRACK_EUCO conference "Spreading Knowledge about the European Council" is starting as we speak! The event, co-organised by @ceteus and TEPSA, is all about the @EUCouncil

Join us LIVE 🔴 or follow along here for the breakdown 👇

Our TEPSA Executive Director Mariam Khotenashvili is giving the welcoming remarks to the conference, where there is significant participation from the TEPSA Network throughout the agenda - we look forward to discussions!

On the @TRACK_EUCO side, Harun Suratli from @ceteus, manager of the #TRACK project, gives a second set of opening remarks on the work of the project to spread knowledge about the @EUCouncil

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Our DiCE Townhall: "Differentiated Integration and Migration: The Perception of Reality and Policy" is starting soon! Be sure to join us online via #Zoom or follow along here for the highlights!

#InDivEU @tepsaeu @IdeaEu @IAIonline #EU3D @arena_uio @FDVLjubljana #H2020


Maja Bucar from @FDVLjubljana is giving the opening welcome to our townhall


#InDivEU @tepsaeu @IdeaEu @IAIonline #EU3D @arena_uio #H2020
From the @tepsaeu side, @gbonacquisti gives her own welcome, introducing DiCE as a project, and kicking off the programme

We bring together three excellent projects on #Differentiation: #InDivEU @IdeaEu and @EU3Dh2020

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Our Secretary-General @JimCloos1 is talking ALL THINGS #Strategic Autonomy with @iiea RIGHT NOW💪

@iiea is our Member Institute from 🇮🇪

You can follow the livestream on @YouTube or stay tuned here from some highlights of Jim's intervention

"All recent Euro-crises from the subprime mortgage crisis to the #COVID19 crisis originated outside the European Union, but hit us incredibly hard"

- @JimCloos1, TEPSA Secretary-Ge neral speaks to @iiea

"Firstly the economic crises highlighted the imbalance within the #EMU, the flaws of the 'no bailtout' clause, which meant richer countries could only intervene as a last resort, and that the @ecb was not properly empowered against crises"

- @JimCloos1, speaks to @iiea

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🔴We are not satisfied by what we heard here today. The numbers mentioned are a bit off: We heard that there are 15.000 people in #Lesvos, while the Greek government speaks of 7.500. What is going on here, exactly?>>>⬇

#refugeecrisis #EPlenary @Europarl_EN
@SyrizaI @Left_EU
Mr. Meimarakis, representing the @EPPGroup, said he is satisfied with the closed centers we are paying for. Mrs. @YlvaJohansson, are we building closed centers after all? These are essentially concentration camps.>>>⬇

#refugeecrisis #EPlenary @Europarl_EN
@SyrizaI @Left_EU
The European way of Life of Mr @MargSchinas & the new Migration Pact consists of inhuman detention conditions, of zero sanitary conditions & of small portions of low-quality but exceedingly expensive food.>>>⬇

#EPlenary @Europarl_EN
@SyrizaI @Left_EU
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As we continue to recap our work for the #VIADUCT_EU project over the years, take a look below at our thirteen VIADUCT Newsletters!

These are where we kept our network and you up to date of all our activities

Our first newsletter kicked off the #VIADUCT_EU project with an editorial from our project leaders @FundaTekin17 of @IEP_Berlin and Wolfgang Wessels of @UniCologne


In this early newsletter, @tomas_weiss wrote a fascinating piece on relations between the EU and Turkey after PESCO


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Our #VIADUCT_EU Guest Lecture: "The EU-Turkey Statement: how its policy formulation informs the future prospects of the deal" is now 🔴LIVE!

Join us on #Zoom or alternatively you can follow some highlights here!

Ieva Koreivaite from @VU_LT is currently welcoming us to the #VIADUCT_EU Guest Lecture and presenting today's speaker: @MCVinciguerra from @Cambridge_Uni

.@MCVinciguerra's lecture focusses on the EU-Turkey Statement: she will put the Statement into context, assess the impact of the #RefugeeCrisis, give an overview of the Statement's formulation, and finally assess the Statement's current status and future prospects

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Below is my prediction for what would happen if #Azerbaijan achieves a complete military victory in #Nagornokarabakh. Tl;dr: there still won’t be #NKPeace (1 of 11)
2. #Azerbaijan will announce that the #Nagornokarabakh Oblast is no more. The idea of autonomy will be gone. Azerbaijan will invite Armenians back to live as Azerbaijani citizens. None will go back. (We’re assuming that the remaining 60k civilians will safely escape to #Armenia)
3. #Armenia will have a #refugeecrisis. 150k + 400k from the 1st war means 550k refugees. The new rhetoric in Armenia will be how #AzerbaijaniAggression took the homes of these 550k people. To Azeris reading this, just think of the rhetoric you’ve heard regarding your IDPs.
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And they're off!

Andrea Elteto has welcomed us to the Presentation of the Hungarian and Slovenian chapters of the upcoming TEPSA Book!

As ever we'll be live-tweeting the highlights of the event, but you can still #Zoom in and join us live!…

Maja Bucar from @FDVLjubljana is giving her presentation first, on the changes to the political landscape since 2019, with a shift towards Visegrad prioritisation

Noting that the current Slovenian Prime Minister is a good friend of #Orban, Maja Bucar from @FDVLjubljana analyses the foreign policy of the new government

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To prepare for our Virtual Final Conference, check out this video contribution to what would have been the final conference back in March

@selcenoner from @bahcesehiruniv breaks down the intricacies of EU-Turkey Migration Cooperation…

#RefugeeCrisis impacted the EU's relations with #Turkey?

@selcenoner has the answer

#Coronavirus has changed everything; it's all we talk about these days

But beyond #COVID19, what is the current status of EU-Turkey relations? @selcenoner @bahcesehiruniv

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Our first panel at #PPCBerlin is opening: "Youth Ideas: Shaping the Future of Europe", featuring contributions from:

We welcome Werner Hoyer, President of the @EIB, to open proceedings on our first panel, who uses the opportunity to highlight our partners in #PPCBerlin:

@EU_H2020 #EuropeforCitizens @MercatorDE @GermanyDiplo #InDivEU @TRACK_EUCO

"The Green Recovery is the right way forward for Europe for several reasons: fighting #ClimateChange is an obligation, 93% of people want it, it makes sense economically: this market will grow 10% every year"

Werner Hoyer from @EIB outlines the importance of #GreenRecovery
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"We should all be aware that the Rule of Law problems across Europe are not CAUSED by the pandemic, the pandemic raises questions of freedom vs. safety"

- @PetrKratochvl3 from @IIR_Prague kicks things off by laying out the key issue of the Debate Image
This sentiment reflects today's TEPSA Brief perfectly!

Check it out ➡️… Image
As always, we will be showcasing some choice quotes from our experts💪

We start by talking about #Hungary with @BardPetra:

"#Authoritarians across the world are having a great time quashing democratic liberty in the name of fighting #coronavirus

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1. Nobody wants to say what needs to be done about the #RefugeeCrisis. We have allowed this hemisphere to become hell for many people and should not be surprised when they try to escape. The crime is the result of years of corruption amplified by the US thirst for illegal drugs.
2. We need to run up the white flag and declare the #WarOnDrugs lost. I would take control of the opiates on the street provide maintenance drugs and treatment to everyone afflicted. All people who obtain the public drugs would be put in treatment. Addictive drugs like opiates
3. cocaine and amphetamines get priority treatment. Pot would be legal for over 21. No drug abuse would go untreated. Nobody would go to jail for being a drug user. Nobody would make any money from selling illegal drugs. No income would be made by central american gangs here.
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The rhetoric of big numbers ('there are 200 milion migrants we need a global response') is producing unplanned side effects. Rightwing parties are using it to mobilize voters against the 'invasion' by foreigners
#CharlesMichel resignation…
There is huge confusion on what the #GlobalCompactForMigration is for and what it can do. It is NOT about the 220 million migrants in the world. This figure includes everyone who has left their country of origin for more than 12 months, is also someone who left Italy 18 years ago
What the #GlobalCompactMigration is really about is an infinitesimally smaller number of people who are moving now and what countries could do (it is not binding) to manage this mobility better.
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The #refugeecrisis in #Calais:
Families and many unaccompanied minors.
"Criminal gangs operating and huge risks for the children who we saw slipping off into the woods to hide, spending the night in the cold. Children at risk of sexual exploitation..." Image
"Almost every day, the French police conduct what they call ‘cleaning’ – dismantling camps and confiscating all the tents, blankets and sleeping bags. Raids in the middle of the night mean that people live in constant fear."
"There is a hostile environment that is dehumanising and abusing desperate people a few miles from our shores. We should be ashamed." -
@LabourSJ on the realities of #Calais camp.
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Sea arrivals in #Spain are increasing.
But the closure of a #migration route doesn't mean that automatically migrants just move to a different one. There is little evidence of a 'route replacement' trend.
This is an important reminder that 'immigration policies' can affect migration flows but are hardly the only factor at play. The drivers of #migration are multiple and can't be reduce to the political will 'at destination'.
There is an overall and significant decrease in sea arrivals, which should be a warning for everyone still using the word 'migration crisis', but this is not the case, see… #Salvini #Italy
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