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#war #Kyiv #Ukraine #Russia Collecting all reports thread; Ukraine's operational command says "cruise and ballistic missile strikes are underway at the control centres in Kyiv" from @lukeharding1968 Friends report explosions in #Kyiv, #Odessa #Kharkiv #Mykolaev thread, add info
Targets include airfields and military headquarters, operational command says
"Distant crumps - soft explosions - reported from west Kyiv, towards the airport. Not Cruise missiles, i think, but sounds like an attack on the airport." @JohnSweeney
Explosions reported across the country: Kyiv, Kharkiv, Mariupol, Dnipro, (according to Major Boris Filatov, who heard them, operational command says), Odesa, Slavayansk, Kramatorsk (reporters on the ground)
BREAKING: Russian troops have landed in Odesa and are crossing the border into Kharkiv, according to Anton Herashchenko, advisor to Ukraine’s Ministry of Interior.
#Kyiv “Boryspil international airport came under attack … we’re not sure whether it was shelled or whether it’s an explosion,” We’ve heard sirens as well, so there’s definitely a full attack happening on the capital.”…
not seeing any new explosion reports for now, monitoring, will tweet if hear anything
Summing up, as of now: At least 4 explosions reported in Kramatorsk, a powerful explosion in Odesa, Kharkiv, Berdyansk, the beginning of powerful shelling in the Donbas by terrorists. Cruise and ballistic missiles fire at strategic objects in Kyiv #Ukraine
ATTENTION! POSSIBLE #FAKE news coming from #Kremlin media. Don't want to share as it might be disinformation to demoralize
Really important to check ALL information before posting. This is #HybridWar. Disinformation can be lethal. Rumor is used as a weapon. Check all info and photos before sharing. (Sources)
#Zelenkskyy is speaking now. He spoke to #Biden
#Ukrainians stay home to stay calm: We will win because we are Ukraine. Glory to #Ukraine"
@lukeharding1968 Kyiv's mayor Vitali Klichko has put out statement. Says Ukraine is under attack from aggressor: "In Kyiv we can hear noise of shelling. The worst enemy now is panic. Keep calm. Everyone not involved in critical city functions, stay home. We have to prevail"
IMPORTANT! RT! DEMAND YOUR GOVERNMTS DO IT: The world must act immediately. The future of Europe and the world is being decided. Five priority actions from @DmytroKuleba :
1. Destructive sanctions against Russia immediately, disconnection of Russia from SWIFT.. Keep reading
2. Complete isolation of Russia in all formats
3. Weapons and equipment for Ukraine
4. Financial assistance
5. Humanitarian aid
Сonfirmed summary from the military. Yuri Birukov
1) Attacks on military airfields: Chuguev, Kramatorsk, Ozernoye, Kulbakino, Vasilkov.
2)Attacks on storage bases and arsenals.
3) thick shelling along "borders"
Many of the "explosions" are launches.
Ukrainian military is working
NOT CONFIRMED: Marine landing in Odessa; tank columns at the entrance to Kharkiv / Sumy / Chernihiv / Kiev. DO NOT SHARE INFO ABOUT THIS, CAN BE FAKE
Sounds like in #Kyiv the shelling/bombing/reponses stopped for now. Long lines to grocery stores. Some people are leaving, many are staying. No panic in #Odesa and #Kyiv. #GlorytoUkraine #СлаваУкраїні
ALERT! Tanks of the Russian Armed Forces and the Armed Forces of Belarus with "Javelin fittings". cross the border of Ukraine at the checkpoint
Senkivka - Veselivka.
Approximate data on the shelling as of 7:40 24.02.22.
From @ua_industrial Image
ALERT! Intensive shelling in Ukraine’s east, minister says Ukraine’s defense minister has said that Ukrainian units, military control centers and airfields in the country’s east are under intensive Russian shelling.
THIS: What #Putin needs is panic. "Running away, bustle, reposts of throws and fakes.
Stay at home if possible. Stay calm. Moving out of the cities is now technically difficult. Always keep all mobile devices on charging. Don't panic" don't share fakes
A lot of people are waking up now to the news of war and only now hearing the sirens. Not all heard sirens. Transport, metro, taxis are working in #Kyiv now. Some people slept through the air raids and bombs.
Banks, ATMs, telephones, grocery stores are working for now in #Kyiv.
Listening to a heartbreaking report of parents explaining what's happening to children, and attaching labels with names to their clothes, and older people's reactions. Most people are staying calm. No major panic, things feel surreal. (from #Kyiv)
#Mykolaev #Nikolaev airport destroyed completely
Another airport strike, reportedly Ivano-Frankivsk
It is possible that Twitter might not take the capacity. It is at its max. FB was down yesterday. Experts expect the Internet down in Ukraine. Be aware and DO NOT PANIC.
From @ChristopherJM latest, many more assaults, don't have time to verify but looks plausible:
A report from #Odesa #Odessa: relatively quiet now, long line to ATM, no explosions now. Public transportation is working, lines for gas, people are out shopping for food. Authorities asked people to stay home, no panic in the streets. Communication systems working.
ALERT!!! FAKE NEWS GALORE. Moldova attack: not confirmed, etc. Always double-check ALL (including my reports here.) I try my best to verify and use reliable sources but it is the INFORMATION WARFARE SO FIRST CHECK!
I talk to people on the ground in Ukraine and check the accounts of reliable journalists whose work I know. Cyber-attacks are ongoing. Do not open attachments.
From Meduza: Ukraine’s Border Service reports that Russian troops have crossed into Ukraine near Chernihiv, Kharkiv, and Luhansk.…
Reports being now confirmed that #Russians are entering/moving into #Kharkiv. Not verified. Looks like ground troops now will be moving in.
SORRY, had to take a short break and dreading to see what I have missed. Back to reporting.
Ukrainian Interior Ministry adviser Anton Herashchenko shared footage of the aftermath of a purported Russian missile attack in a suburb outside Kharkiv. The damage was reportedly caused by an unguided BM-30 Smerch heavy multiple rocket launcher.
#Zelenskyy speaks to Ukrainians: "Today Putin began an invasion, today began a war against Ukraine, with the whole democratic world. He wants to destroy my country, our country, everything that we have built.”
"I call on the Ukrainian military, which is already under fire, and are fighting off the enemy,’re strong. Ukrainians, don’t panic, together are doing everything to support our army...I talked to Biden, Johnson, more:we are initiating an anti-Putin coalition." #Zelenskyy
"I called on the world community to impose all possible sanctions against Putin, initiate large military support, establish a no-fly zone. Together we must save #Ukraine"
(Also, if you are in Europe and just joining: #Putin challenged the #US and the #West in his speech, not #Ukraine only, before going on his assault. He is completely unhinged. See the beginning of this tread)
!!! IMPORTANT: NATO member states Poland, Estonia, Latvia & Lithuania have triggered NATO Article Four to launch consultations within the alliance over their security concerns. Estonian PM said #Russia’s invasion of #Ukraine represented a “threat to the whole of Europe,” @CNN
Under Article 4 of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) Agreement, the Parties will consult together whenever, in the opinion of any of them, the territorial integrity, political independence or security of any of the allies is threatened.…
Police in #Moscow arrested a small group of anti-war protesters trying to picket near Pushkin Monument... 1968 all over.
Very disturbing images from #Kharkiv, with civilian casualties. Not going to repost. It's horrible.
#Luhansk: Columns of Russian tanks entered the border of Krasnaya Talivka, Milove, Horodyshche. The enemy put in front of the column white cars with symbols #ОБСЄ . Fighting is currently underway on this frontier. SBGS 🇺🇦 the Armed Forces, the National Guard hold the defense
Source: Official Twitter-page of Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine
Listening to updates from #Kyiv: What do you see outside? A lady is walking her dog... No panic. Very few people but no panic.
Very long lines in supermarkets. Pharmacies are working, banks are open but there are limitations. Everything is done to avoid panic. #Kyiv
In the area of settlements Kopani and Ivanovo, Kherson region, there are fights. In the Skadovsk area, the border commandant's office of the rapid response is fired from helicopters. 3 border guards killed, a number of injured. The State Border Guard Service is fighting occupants
This is worth repeating. Little stars: rocket attacks Image
Okay, so I have seen this video in several reliable outlets. #Kharkiv
URGENT: from #Belarus, troops without identifying insignia are attacking.
Okay so this is about an hour ago, but from a reliable source
I hear reliable reports of several Russian planes and tanks being destroyed but will have to find the link. For now, here is a part of the mind war: Z on Russian tanks.
!!!Ukrainian border guards report that the enemy is trying to attack from the territory of Belarus with the help of aircraft and military equipment without identification marks…
Okay, a few brave girls in St.Petersburg, Russia. They are probably arrested by the time you are seeing it. Image
And the rest of them, in their indescribable lowness. To these--a personal message: burn in hell.
Ukraine’s military says about 50 Russian forces have been killed and six warplanes destroyed amid fighting in the country’s east (according to @AlJazeera)
I have to say that I am losing it after five hours of this reporting as it looks like #Odesa had suffered three explosions and my friend is not answering. I see bad videos. If someone there, please PM.
This is #Uman'. My ancestors were from here. Shot dead in Holocaust. I am going to take five min break.
Confirmed, #Odessa, an explosion in an industrial area. There is very little official information. A few minutes ago, a new explosion was heard in Odessa, it was similar to the one that sounded in the morning. This is reported by the correspondent of TSN.
Have you read all this? Okay, brace yourself: "The Russian Defense Ministry claims that the Russian military does not use "neither missiles nor aircraft against artillery" against Ukrainian cities"!!!!!!!!!The agency claims that the Russian armed forces do not strike.... the cities of Ukraine, but at the same time staged video filming of civilian casualties is allegedly being conducted in Ukraine!"
Not going to comment. BUT. Rouble falls to all-time low. In Moscow, no more trading roubles for dollars and euros.
Confirmed: in #Odesa / #Odessa (old spelling) a big explosion, and a fire at a metal processing factory. A child is killed in #Kharkiv region. Murderers. Criminals.
Ongoing: Nova Kakhovka: Russian aircraft launched a missile strike on the outskirts of the city. Some Russian military equipment in Nova Kakhovka.
#Navalny on trial speaks against the invasion. This trial was scheduled to coincide with the attack. This is an assault on the free world. Make no mistake.
Meanwhile, in #Kyiv, Boryspil airport, an explosion has been reported as of now
Lithuania and Moldova — two countries bordering Ukraine — introduce a state of emergency. Moldova, which is not a part of NATO, is ready to accept the thousands of people fleeing from…
Russian troops crossed into Ukraine from the direction of Crimea and are attacking slowly in two directions - towards Melitopol (Zaporizhia region) and Kherson.
In Donbas, Ukrainian forces were able to defend Shchastya (Luhansk region), inflict casualties and destroy a lot of enemy equipment.
Ukrainian Armed Forces recaptured Snake Island in Odesa. Russian troops are suffering losses. #StopRussianAggression #RussiaInvadedUkraine
Friends, I have been trying to sum up this hell for the last six hours since it broke up, and I am losing my ability to verify the info. I don't want to share anything I'm not sure about. Taking a break. My heart is heavy. #StandWithUkraine #Ukraine
Back to reporting but need to review and sum up. For now, “Zelensky said that the Ukrainian armed forces have forced Russia’s advance to pause. Ukrainian forces are fighting hard for the control of Kherson. In the north, Russia is pushing through Chernihiv oblast.
INTERESTING: The Kremlin website, as well as most Russian government websites, are down.
#Kyiv The mayor of Kyiv has ordered a curfew in Ukraine’s capital from 10pm to 7am, according to a statement shared on his official Facebook page. Some are still trying to escape but the whole country is under attack; nowhere to hide. No panic.
Few brave souls try to protest war in Russia. Moscow now--no more pretense. Masks down. #PutinHitler
#Kyiv now, people awaiting air strikes, hiding in metro
THe US believes that the Kremlin wants to "behead" the Ukrainian government and installed its own. from @KyivIndependent Telegram
Continuing from 1 hr ago: HORROR: Russian occupation forces are trying to seize the #Chornobyl_NPP. Our defenders are giving their lives so that the tragedy of 1986 will not be repeated. This is a declaration of war against the whole of Europe. from @ZelenskyyUa
IMPORTANT: LOTS OF FAKES. Be very careful sharing anything, verify sources. Disinformation is a part of #HybridWar.
#Putin meets with Russian ‘businessmen’ in Moscow; not going to relate what he's saying. He is unhinged and if not stopped ASAP will destroy the world.
26 min ago: Heavy fighting for military Hostomel Airport near Kyiv. Russia was able to seize the airport, Ukraine shelled Kremlin troops to prevent seize of key infrastructure.
Russia's attacks have left 40 Ukrainian servicemembers dead: Ukraine's top diplomat to the U.S. Several dozen civilians injured in Russia's initial salvo. (h/t
@RobbieGramer who's at the presser)
In 24 Russian cities, 167 people arrested for protests. People are being arrested right away, en masse.
More than 400 arrested in Russia at this point for protests. Fights continuing throughout Ukraine, verifying information. Disinformation and inaccuracies, check everything.
The Russian landing in Gostomel of the Kiev area was blocked, the order for destruction was given, - Zelensky but unverified, hoping it is true
!!! The Chernobyl power plant has been captured by Russians.
New sanctions from the #UK, more soon, the strictest so far, meanwhile clarification: Urgently! Russians captured the #Chernobyl nuclear power plant. Station personnel reportedly taken hostage
⚡️ Гостомель захвачен оккупантами
In Kharkiv, the mayor asked everyone to hide in metro Image
Russian forces strike hospitals, says 🇺🇦 Health Minister. Air battles close to #Kyiv. Over 600 protesters arrested in Russia by now.
Red dots: major strikes by the Russians on Ukrainian territory Image
Air battle over Kharkiv. Air battle over Kyiv. Confirmed: Antonov airport, 10 km from Kyiv captured by Russians. (the Head of the President's office.)
Zelensky signed a decree on the establishment of military administrations on the basis of regional state administrations. Protests in Moscow despite arrests:
1,000 arrested in Russia. Waiting for sanctions from the West. #Biden is about to speak. "Moscow is willing to negotiate terms of "surrender" w/Kyiv regarding the ongoing Russian military offensive currently taking place in Ukraine, Kremlin Press Secretary said on Thursday.
"Putin has expressed his preparedness to engage in discussions with his Ukrainian counterpart, with a focus on obtaining a guarantee of neutral status and the promise of no weapons on its territory," to enable the achievement of the demilitarization and denazification of Ukraine"
[F********* P*****] meanwhile, people are walking along the highway with suitcases away from Kyiv. Waiting for Biden to speak. Demand sanctions from your government. Share information.
Russian citizens abroad burning their passports. If I had a current one, I'd burn it.
A video is circulating on social media purportedly showing a woman in Moscow throwing a Molotov cocktail in downtown Moscow. The news outlet Baza says police have already arrested the 22-year-old individual. Thank you. Brave souls. The whole country is a hostage. The whole world
A big explosion at the airport 10 km from #Kyiv now, unconfirmed but reliable sources
18 Russian Il-76s flying towards Kiev – Bellingcat…
Occupied territories in pink and reports of fierce fighting everywhere Image
In Kharkiv Реакция простого человека в Харькове на вторжение оккупантов-"освободителей"
the video didn't copy from Telegram. A crowded metro station/makeshift bomb shelter. 2022. A reminder: it is still CORONA.
Listening to #Biden now and will sum up.
I am still processing Biden's speech but on the first glance they are anything but "SWIFT" or "SEVERE". Can hardly believe my eyes and ears. Devastated. Devastated. Shame.
Four banks, including VTB, and no SWIFT, or sanctions against Putin.
At loss for words, but meanwhile, unverified but from a solid source, please share with Ukrainian friends.
NUMBERS FOR THE FIRST DAY OF INVASION: From @unian On Feb 24, 2022, it began shelling large Ukrainian cities. The Ukrainian armed forces are fighting back against the Russian invaders. Rocket strikes:
Russians fired at almost all military airfields from Donbas to Western Ukraine.
The Pentagon considered that in the first strike, the Russian army used more than 100 ballistic and cruise missiles. They did not break the resistance or sow panic.
From social networks: destroyed: 7 Russian aircrafts, 7 helicopters, 24 tanks, 24 armored vehicles.
Shelling was followed by offensive attempts. During attack attempts, equipment was destroyed and about 50 Russians were killed. During the shelling of the city of Chuguev, a child was killed. Russian GRADs hit the residential area in Mariupol. 1 woman dead, 1 injured.
About 400 houses destroyed in Donbas. Today, this figure has at least doubled. And this is a very optimistic forecast. Kharkiv and Sumy: interruptions in communications, difficult to clarify the situation in these cities. In Kharkiv, a shooting battle in residential areas.
Sumy residents talk about Russian tanks in the city center. Chernihiv: Units of the first separate tank brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the Baturin area and in the vicinity of Chernigov stopped the columns of enemy armored vehicles.
Major battles are being fought for the airfield in Gostomel. It was attacked from the air, our soldiers managed to shoot down 3 helicopters.
STOPPING TO TALK TO A LOCAL NEWSPAPER, will be back soon, more numbers and more attacks happening now as I type.
BACK. Major battles are being fought for the airfield in Gostomel. It was attacked from the air, 🇺🇦 soldiers managed to shoot down 3 helicopters.
Hostomel airport is under 🇺🇦 army control! Russian landing destroyed. In Russia, 1,500 anti-war protesters arrested.
Fights are reported all over Ukraine. Ukrainian Army fights back, pushing the aggressor back. Estimated 60 battalion tactical groups (800 soldiers per group) so about 48,000 Russian troops is engaged; Ukraine will be supporting more of the reserves, according to expert analysis
13 border guards killed by the aggressor after declining the offer to surrender strategically important Zmiiny Island and answering “Go f**** yourself!” The aggressor, much bigger in number,
captured the island. Image
A good map of #Ukraine and the invasion by #Russian aggressor. Many experts express an opinion that Russians are regrouping and preparing for the new attack. Civilians should seek safe shelter. Heroic Ukrainian troops displaying courage and dignity. No panic in #Kyiv. Thread Image
Deputy Minister of Defense of #Ukraine: Defensive battles in Siversky direction. The enemy column from the #Russian 58 brigade stopped. In the south, defensive battles in the area of #Kherson. Mechanized units hit the bridge and were positioned on the left bank #Dnipro
#Zelensky announced general mobilization. All conscripts and reservists from all Ukrainian regions.
RT ⚡️Zelensky calls on EU to suspend Russia from SWIFT, stop trade in oil and gas. urope’s fate is being decided in Ukraine: If Putin does not get a decent response now, he will move further." Demand your governments to suspend Russia from SWIFT
🇺🇦Defense Minister: expect a new wave of #Russian assaults, including a massive airdrop operation within the next hours (night time in #Ukraine) #russianinvasion
An overview: #Russian air and land forces are pressing into #Ukraine from three sides in #Europe’s first full-scale #military conflict in decades. Three-way Russian advance is being contested yet moving ahead.…
"We see initial phases of a large-scale invasion, an advance on what are essentially 3 main axes of assault. 1. Northward from Crimea toward Kherson; 2. Southward “from Belarus to Kyiv”; 3. From Belarus southwest toward Kharkiv,second-largest city." a U.S. senior defense official
“These 3 axes are... clearly designed to take key population centers... They’re making a move on Kyiv…They have every intention of decapitating the government &installing their own method of governance. We see the heaviest fighting in & around Kharkiv, right now.”
"Russian forces fired > 100 missiles, mostly short-range ones +also medium-range missiles, +cruise missiles from warships in the Black Sea. They used approx 75 fixed-wing heavy and medium bombers as a part of this initial onslaught.
"The targets thus far…have been primarily focused on military and air defense: barracks, ammunition warehouses, nearly 10 airfields targeted. We do not have a good sense of total damage or casualties"
U.S. officials had not yet confirmed reports of Russian ground troops in Ukraine. local reporting and social media, including from Ukrainian government sources, showed images across the country of downed aircraft, destroyed tanks, civilian casualties and captured Russian troops.
Here we go... as promised. Russian airforce continues to arrive, landing at the Bobruisk airfield in the Mogilev region of the Republic of Belarus.
New address by President #Zelenskyy: 137 🇺🇦people killed, 316 wounded. "Today #Russia attacked the entire territory of #Ukraine point and our defenders fought back well. Glory to the armed forces of Ukraine!
#Putin designated #Zelensky and his family as the number one goal. The West is afraid to accept #Ukraine into #NATO and to fight #RussiaAggression along with Ukraine. There is information that #Russian saboteurs of have already entered #Kyiv
Intel info (#US and other sources): 3 am--airstrike on #Kyiv is planned, 3.30 am- - #Kharkiv. Civilians to shelters; RT spread the word. Help save lives. #Ukraine #RussianAggression #RussiaInvadesUkraine
Russian troops abandoned armored vehicles, flee from #Sumy oblast. Invaders left their BTR, armored vehicles and ammunition, and burned other supplies. Advisor to the minister of internal affairs Heraschenko stated that the troops either fled back to Russia or surrendered.
IMPORTANT! General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine: #Sumy, #Chernihiv, #Kherson, #Zhytomyr, #Kyiv, #Kharkiv! At night, the aggressor might pull up troops with fuel and ammunition. Inform Ukrainian military or authorities if you see enemy equipment
Please RT the important info for the world to know. Taking a few minutes as the attacks are expected in about 1-1.5 hours to follow and report. Stay safe. #SupportUkraine Be vigilant. Verify information. 🇺🇦
⚡️The main international network of #hackers has declared war on the authorities of the #Russian Federation. An hour later, the #FSB cybersecurity structure declared a critical threat level. GO HACKERS!
Pretty much the most beautiful thing I have seen in a long time. Thank you @YourAnonOne Image
Meanwhile, #RussianAgression plans confirmed by Blinken, #Russia plans to encircle and threaten #Kyiv and #Moscow has developed plans to inflict widespread human rights abuses--and potentially worse--on #Ukrainian people." Civilians, find shelter!
The airstrikes on #Kyiv are expected at 3 am local time and mainly on military objects. From Zelensky's aide Arestovich: Ukrainian army is magic and pushes back fiercely and that is why what awaits is terrible. The aggressor will do its best to terrorize, and break the spirit but
...but it won't be as terrifying because it is already expected. And, today they lost 7 planes, 7 helicopters, more than 30 tanks, 130 armored vehicles. 450 killed, over 200 captured. #UkraineWillResist
In #Ukraine, 137 Ukrainians died on the first day of Russia’s attack. 316 wounded. You know who is the murderer? You guessed it. #Putin #PutinIsaWarCriminal and he will answer for all the deaths and grief. We know what happened to Hitler and Mussolini.
Ukraine’s Air Force says Ukrainian Sukhoi Su-27 downed two Russian Su-30s in dogfight
I see a lot of satellite horror images of Russian tanks and armored vehicles crawling through the nuclear contaminated area around #Chernobyl #Chornobyl supposedly now and it is disturbing on many levels but not going to share as the dates are confusing (it's Feb 25 there...)so
Sounds like all the details on the EU sanctions will be revealed tomorrow. Meanwhile, it is confirmed that on the highway from #Sumy to #Kyiv the Russian troops installed checkpoints and check IDs. (Not quite sure whose IDs are being checked.) This is from Unian Agency.
The #Sumy region governor just said that Russian forces hold Konotop under siege and are moving to Kyiv. ALERT: A LARGE MILITARY GROUP IS MOVING FROM OCCUPIED #SUMY TOWARD #KYIV. Pray for Ukraine if you pray. Pray for Kyiv if you pray.
In case you missed it, this is Sumy burning
#UK intelligence: It is unlikely that #Russian military achieved their goals today
#Sumy: the shell hit the balcony of a multi-storey building; it is now on fire
@christogrozev: Other unconfirmed reports say the plan is to be met by local coup plotters who will initiate a mutiny and arrest him on (trumped-up) treason charges.'s almost certain Russia has local collaborationists at various positions, so that's not unthinkable.
cruise and ballistic missiles, @Heraschenko
6 explosions in #Kyiv (Троещина)
Ukrainian air defense shot down two Russian ballistic missiles shot on #Kyiv
Unconfirmed: the video about is hitting down the agressor's aircraft. waiting for confirmation
Deputy Minister of Defense of Ukraine Anna Malar informs:
Estimated losses of the opponent as of 03:00 25.02.2022
Airplanes 7
Helicopters 6
Tanks - more than 30
BBM - 130
The loss of soldiers and officers: approximately 800 people. #PutinIsaWarCriminal
#Kyiv now Image
The special services report: the further plans of the Russian invaders, the purpose of which is to "take control" of the capital of Ukraine. Source: SBU counterintelligence source Details: According to the operational plan of the Russian Federation, up to 2,000 special forces
will be used to to capture the airport in Kyiv (one of the two - ed.) and air traffic control facilities, the indicated number of military personnel will ensure the arrival of the main group of forces in the amount of up to 10 thousand paratroopers by Il-76 aircraft
... with light armored vehicles and standard weapons of the airborne troops (armored personnel carriers, Nona, cars). The landing operation will be controlled from the A-50 aircraft, in the airspace of Belarus& Russia.The 1st part may arrive from Belarus by helicopters/aircraft
(i am writing, reading, translating and screening all this and it feels like i have lost my mind.) In #Kyiv, 9 storey residential building is on fire, 4-9 floors, no reports of casualties yet.
Continuing about the plan to seize #Kyiv"Sabotage groups that are already on the territory of Ukraine might commit sabotage at power grids & substations in order to disconnect a significant part of the city from the power grid & communications, to cause panic among the population
"According to the source, separate groups of provocateurs organize arson and acts of looting in order to further sow panic and focus the attention of law enforcement agencies on stabilizing the situation with public safety, and not on searching for saboteurs and spies."
attack on #Zaporozhye at 4.25 am; there are dead and wounded among the border guards. The residential building in #Kyiv. Where people were asleep at night. Image
"They are trying to occupy the Kherson region, we will fight, ready for anything" report (not sure what ОДА means)
ALSO: A LOT OF DISINFORMATION (Russians boasted (! I kid you not) of launching over 40 missiles on #Kyiv) CHeck everything. One explosion or fire can be photographed from different angles. Their goal is to sow panic and "demoralize the army and population of the adversary."
Now: confirmed, two residential buildings are on fire in #Kyiv, Ukrainian army repelled the asssault by intercepting a number of missiles and downing a Russian aircraft (a drone, likely). It fell on a residential block in eastern Kyiv.
Three people were injured, one in a critical condition, @Kyiv Mayor's information)
... and now there is nothing. silence. in #Kyiv, the buildings are on fire and can collapse. other cities are burning. people are in shelters, children are asking "Will #Russians come to kill us?" #StopRussia #StopPutin #StopRussianAggression Someone, do something!
"We have been left alone to defend our state," #Zelensky said in his midnight address to the nation, adding that he was grateful to those countries providing help and not just statements. just to put the visual to his words. This thing to the right-all the way to the right-Russia Image
Two explosions in #Rovno just now.
#Explosions in #Kyiv again. Russian tanks are moving towards #Kyiv, fight by #Ivankiv. UKrainians exploded the bridge to stop the movement
Distant explosions might be heard in #Kyiv (to be confirmed.) Otherwise, early morning and not much is happening, eerie silence.
Meanwhile, some news: #Canada’s new sanctions target 31 individuals, as well as 27 banks and entities, connected to Russia’s ruling elite. Canada canceled all export permits to Russia, which would curve about $750 million in Canadian exports & penalized 351 Russian lawmakers.
More explosion sounds in #Kyiv, louder now. In #Kharkiv Ukrainian troops push back against the assault in Dergachi and Pechenig (sp)
The State Emergency Service of #Ukraine informs about the landing of #Russian troops in the village of #Pavlovka, #Zhitomir region; the number of enemy personnel is currently unknown
Ukrainska Pravda informs that a Russian drone was taken down. Explosions were heard by many, waiting for confirmation from official sources and explanations.
Sirens are reported to be heard in #Lviv again
Fragments of an aircraft (drone?) fell on a two-story residential house on Sadovaya street. Details forthcoming (@UnianInfo)
Sirens are now heard in #Chernihiv
Fragments of the aircraft in #Kyiv. Fire was extinguished. Image
Sirens in #Kyiv
Fights in #Dimer, close to #Kyiv. Air defense is fighting for air space over #Kyiv
Russian military transport in #NovayaKahovka. Sirens in #Kyiv stopped for now
@ZelenskyyUa just addressed Ukrainian people and at the end spoke Russian, addressing Russian people and explaining that the Russian troops started to bomb residential areas. "THis morning we are defending our state alone.
... Like yesterday, the world's most powerful forces are watching us from afar. Did yesterday's sanctions convince Russia? We hear in our sky and see it on our land: this was not enough." #Zelenskyy
URGENT!!!! A column of Russian tanks is moving towards #Kyiv. A bridge by #Kyiv was exploded by the Ukrainian military to stop the aggressor from advancing so they are approaching from #Hostomel. (@Heraschenko)
UNIAN just sent a message asking residents of many towns and areas to go to shelters. Explosions are heard in #Kyiv. Will review/verify resources
i will share any developments that i see; for now--a moment to try and get back to one's senses (if it is possible under the circumstances) or at least get some balance to report with a clear head.
SIGNAL TO IMMEDIATELY HEAD FOR SHELTER (in #Kyiv) Russian aviation might enter Kyiv airspace in the next 15 min.
Sirens and explosions in #Kyiv
In #Vyshgorod near #Kyiv, (20 km) the sounds of artillery cannonade are heard more and more clearly. They can be heard in Kyiv. Judging by the intensity, Ukrainian soldiers are fighting somewhere on the outskirts of the city. In the city, people go outside with children & luggage
Ukrainian military managed to hold the defence of the area near Chernihiv. Russian forces retreated, leaving behind armored vehicles and documents of Russian soldiers, Ukraine’s Defence Ministry said.
Russian forces are not letting the Red Cross enter Schastia, a frontline village near occupied Luhansk. There is no electricity or water, the village is under constant shelling by Russian forces, evacuation is impossible, said the Head of Luhansk Regional State Administration
The enemy is trying to land troops in the Minsky area of Kiev. The response teams are aware and are trying to push back Vitaly Glagola reports.
BREAKING: Ukraine army says fighting Russian forces outside capital Kyiv -
The Russian military seized two vehicles of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, changed into Ukrainian uniform and are moving to the center of Kyiv. They are followed by a column of Russian military trucks, says Deputy Defense Minister. @KyivIndependent
!!!!Senior Ukrainian official: Russian troops will enter Kyiv outskirts today. The unnamed official also told Reuters that Ukrainian forces were fighting on four fronts despite being outnumbered.!!!
Street fights in the streets in #Kyiv…
More videos of street fights in Minsky district in #Kyiv…
In #Chornobyl /#Chernobil the radiation is now much higher than usual; no scientific explanation. #Russian troops went through the zone.
Russian troops are in the residential area of Kyiv, Obolon (North). The Ministry of Defense of Ukraine says: make Molotov cocktails, stop the occupants! Peaceful residents - be careful! Don't leave the house! #SaveUkraine #StopPutin
Starobylsk, in Luhansk area, burning houses, broken windows, destroyed streets…
I hear reports of street fights and shootings in #Kyiv, the capital of #Ukraine, but can't find anymore videos so far. Many #Ukrainians flee to Moldova (agreed to accept up to 10,000), Poland (not sure). The horror, the horror. #StopPutin #SaveUkraine
an endless row of tanks by #Kyiv, with "Z" inscribed on every tank. #Putin needs to be in an institution. He is f**** nuts. How did the world let him get so far? Any more negotiations?! Economic Forums, maybe? F* you all, political geniuses of today.…
#Ukrainian tanks are heading to defend their city from #Putin's Orks.…
Residential peaceful district in #Kyiv. Usually, moms with strollers and toddlers walk around in these yards and people walk their dogs. Unspeakable. Share. Let everyone see it.…
#Russia’s forces have entered the Obolon district in #Kyiv. The #Ukrainian military is currently fighting them. Ukraine’s Defense Ministry asks residents not to leave their houses and prepare Molotov cocktails. The district is approximately 10 kilometers from central Kyiv.
#journalists Address of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, @Gerashchenko7 (via FB): "I appeal to all Journalists from civilized countries currently working in Ukraine. At the time of the terrible tragedy that is now being played out in our peaceful country...
the role of the Media is extremely important. Ukrainian media outlets are not broadcasted in the Russian Federation. But they do read and watch the leading Western media. We desperately need your help: show that the #Russian troops were deceived by #Putin...
...They were not told that they were going to attack Ukraine. Ther were told that this is a continuation of the exercises. The Russian military staff often surrenders without a fight. They are absolutely disoriented and do not understand what they are doing in Ukraine...
...Please show the facts of the surrender of Russian soldiers to help us demotivate the aggressor. This is VERY important and will be your contribution to stopping aggression and the WWIII!" from @Gerashchenko7 via FB
via @UnianInfo: A request to stop publishing online videos of street fights so as not to give any visual clues or information on dislocation to the adversary. All right, no more videos here.
Also, a warning about phishing and fakes (for journalists, Ukrainians, and pretty much anyone at this point); do not open links unless you absolutely have to and know the sender for a fact. Do not scan QR-codes (a message from @UnianInfo)
#Zelensky is in #Kyiv in an undisclosed location even though the aggressor has a plan to destroy the leadership of the country, with Zelensky as a number one target.
This young man sacrificed his life today to mine and explode the bridge to stop the occupants from entering his city, #Kyiv. Marine engineer, Vitaly Skakun. #GloryToUkraine #GloryToHeroes Hundreds died today, because of the folly of one [...] Image
Airstrikes in #Vinnytsia; in #Zhytomyr area heavy explosions. It is not stopping. It is going on.
And this is from #Kharkiv where people slept in the metro overnight, in extremely stranded conditions. Remember COVID? Yeah.
#Kremlin trolls are hyperactive on all social media. "Trending" on Twitter, FB comments and comments on YT videos and news broadcasting. Here is a good sample: This is a textbook, word by word, pamphlet for wartime to target the army of the adversary (soldiers, surrenderblabla) Image
#Ukrainian troops had to blow up infrastructure objects like bridges to prevent the occupying forces from entering the capital. This reminds me of the Napoleonic wars as described by Tolstoy. How did it come to this?!
Here is a young Russian anti-war protestor, awaiting his trial for stepping out with a poster against the war in January. #Putin holds the whole country hostage. And the whole world. I said it, and I will say it again.
#Gunfire heard near government buildings in #Kyiv @KyivIndependent
I've slept 3 hours since Putin started his aggression against Ukraine. My heart is aching for all my friends in Ukraine, for Kyiv, Odesa, Chernihiv, Crimea... and I'm afraid to fall asleep--I don't know what I am going to wake up to. I can't see straight, though. Fingers crossed.
I am back online (was completely out) and checking in and summing it all up to continue reporting. Bad things happening but #Ukrainian people are strong and brave and fight back. 👊🏼🇺🇦
There are multiple attacks and fights happening all over #Ukraine where the #russianinvasion is ongoing. I just talked to multiple friends attempting to find a safe place. The problem: the whole country is under attack. Nowhere to hide. People also don't want to leave...
their family members (men 18-60 cannot leave the country as there is a general mobilization). Diffiult decisions under stress: pets (taking dogs, cats, etc with them). Meanwhile, reports of possible damages to the power station in #Kyiv, where explosions are heard everywhere and
residential buildings are bombed and being fired. #Kharkiv went under several bombings overnight. Fierce fights in #Melitopol #Mariupol near #Kherson, #Ukrainian troops exploding infrastructure objects to stop the troops of aggressor. #Zelenskyy shared a video addressing
#Ukrainians, standing in the street in #Kyiv, near his office, with his government, showing that he is with his people and his country and not leaving. He also said in a conversation with #EU politicians that "this might be the last time they see him alive". The video verified
Meanwhile, the West is very slow with responses. Some positive steps taken: massive sanctions against #Putin and #Lavrov, #Russia is excluded from several political organizations and public associations, from the EU council to Eurovision, and most country leaders express support,
#Poland and #Moldova accepting refugees (over 50,000 refugees fled #Ukraine in the last 24 hours.) #Ireland opened w/o visa regime to #Ukrainians. Since the start of the aggression, over 1,000 Russian soldiers and officers were killed, many were captured and reportedly fled.
#Putin is recruiting #Chechen mercenaries to be flown to #Ukraine. Captured #Russian soldiers tell (on film) that they were misinformed:"they were not going to fight", "it was training", "#Ukrainians started the war" etc. Meanwhile, many facts of atrocities and war crimes are...
... reported: casualties in a shelled orphanage and kindergarten, civilians shot by #Russian troops, a tank rode over a civilian car, etc. Currently, Ukrainian troops are stationed downtown #Kyiv ready to push back against #Russian troops that are encroaching on the city.
Air raids are heard in multiple cities and residents are advised to take shelter in metro stations and basements or stay inside. Explosions are heard all over the country (I will be doing specific reports after I'm done with the summary of the last few hours that I had take
to sleep so I can report and verify the information. Many more fakes and disinformation flooding the cyberspace. Verifying information and checking your sources is crucial because this is #HybridWar #Cyberwar and #Russian troops have experts working on creating disinformation
Reports just came in that a town called "Happiness" (Schastje) is almost entirely destroyed by #Russian troops. I am switching back to reporting on the battles, and latest events, relying on reporting from my friends and journalists who are in #Ukraine and Telegram canals
#Mariupol is under fire. #Luhansk is still fighting and there are fakes that it is taken--NOT TRUE. Many messages from city authorities: DO NOT PANIC, STAY CALM. VERIFY ALL INFORMATION. #Poland sends in military equipment and ammo. The aggressor is stopped by #Konotop.
#Chernihiv is protected by #UkrainianArmy. Minister of Defense, #Urkaine, addressed people: Over 40 hours of repelling Russian occupants showed that we have the most powerful army in Europe and fearless people....#Ukrainians are fighting for the future... their own and Europe's.
We will win! #Glory to #Ukraine!" Meanwhile, the territorial defense (=people fighting the aggressor) received anti-tank grenade launchers (NLAW). in #Kyiv about 30 min ago, 5 explosions occurred near power station.
From #Ukrainina Ministry of Defense: Be vigilant - Russian troops can disguise themselves as servicemen of the Armed Forces and other law enforcement agencies, as well as be in civilian clothes. See someone suspicious - call the police! Spread the message.
Just in: #CNN reports that #putin will be sanctioned by the #US tomorrow morning. Earlier, it was reported the the #EU sanctioned #Putin and #Lavrov and #UK is about to do it, too. There is a discussion of banning Russia from SWIFT but Hungary and Cyprus still object
From @UnianInfo: #Russian occupants are stationed by #Konotop after losing 40 tanks (burnt); soldiers are reported to stop by residents' houses and ask to buy "salo" (lard) and moonshine... #RussianBBQ no comment.
I forgot to mention: today, #Putin made another speech, addressing #Ukrainian Army, suggesting they surrender and takedown "drug addicts" and "Nazis" that "took over" Kyiv. At the time he made the speech #Russians shelled an orphanage and kindergarten with kids in them.
Meanwhile, in @Russia, over 1000 arrested in anti-war protests, partial Facebook censorship, "independent" channels banned to report on the war, losses statistics can't be shared,
#Putin via his press secretary said that he "is ready to negotiate" and his representatives can meet in #Minsk or Poland but made an ultimatum (Ukraine's neutrality, disarmament (no firearms whatsoever) etc.
#Zelenskyy previously has called for negotiations "to save lives." It is not clear if such negotiations are feasible or will happen. Monitoring.
Special note: #ghostofkyiv is a legendary #Ukrainian jet that allegedly singlehandedly hit and took down 6 Russian aircraft. Needs verifying.
My favorite people and personal heroes hackers hacked into the Russian Ministry of Defense site and leaked all personal data. Here you go. The world needs to know their heroes
#Odesa #Odessa stable situation for now. #Kharkiv explosions are heard NOW all around, downtown, residential areas, airports, residents are asked to take shelter in metro; in #Mikolaev an oil base is on fire; more explosions in #Kyiv; street fights in #Mariupol
#Kyiv is blocked from the West now, the saboteurs group have entered #Kyiv in the morning and was liquidated. People are donating blood in #Kyiv. Sirens, explosions now. Image
An update: The UN refugee agency says an estimated 100,000 Ukrainians have fled their homes. Also: Ukrainian journalists swap tv studios for bomb shelters in Kyiv but keep reporting.
Notable: the amount of jokes #ukrainains make, and the overall spirit. Strong language and the ability to laugh: admirable.
Another air raid alert in #Kyiv Mobile phone service providers of Canada, Austria, Germany, Switzerland, and many more won't charge for calls to #Ukraine.
5 Russian missiles dropped on the airport in #Khmelnytskyi. In #Konotop, after fierce fights, #Russian soldiers are trying to buy fuel for their tanks and food. (sign on Migalki village bus stop: "B*** go f*** away from Ukraine and from our village. Grandma Nadya) Image
In #Kyiv, shooting downtown. Not just explosions.
Ukraine’s ministry of energy: Russian forces not following Chernobyl safety guidelines!!! “For the second day, the occupiers have been detaining the personnel of the Chornobyl NPP station, not allowing them to rotate as required by technical safety rules.”
#Chechen soldiers sent to #Mariupol where fights are ongoing. Says the Mayor, our troops are ready to defend our land. Reserves for water are in full supply although the water pipe has been damaged by Russians. scontrol
Putin called "de-Nazi-fication" now watch this
Currently, in #Kharkiv blood donation center is under fire and school; there are casualties. 80 people suffered, civilians and military; 11 people dead from #Russian shelling. South of Ukraine, #Kyiv and #Kharkiv are the most dangerous areas to watch NOW.
I just watched a video of a young woman with newborn baby in a carrier arrested in St.Petersburg for protesting against the war in #Ukraine. PLEASE SHARE THIS. #StopPutinNOW Image
#Zelensky's Press secretary: There was a fake that #Ukrainian government to negotiate with #Russian government. Currently, the time and place are being negotiated
The US is imposing sanctions on #putin and #lavrov (foreign minister.) [better late, than never--zz]. Power is still on #Kyiv, water supplies are sufficient.
Solid message from #Ukraine, especially to #Russians: stop writing and saying you are ashamed or in shock. DO SOMETHING. ACT. Hide your kids from being recruited to the army (in Russia, it is obligatory for men to serve, starting at 18.) Celebrities: talk to your fans, openly.
The map of invasion as of now, 02.25.2022 ImageImage
[Going to take a few minutes to speak to a few people on the phone.]
[Back] #Kyiv: #Zelensky is reported still there. Several districts are under fire and tank attacks in #Kyiv. Many people are hiding in metro and basements; #Kharkiv, #Kherson and #Sumy areas are also the main battlefields.
In #Kyiv, authorities deliver trucks of firearms and ammunition to volunteers/residents/civilians who want to stop occupants. Many people are scared but no panic. #Putin made a speech, stating that his troops are there to "protect the population": people sitting in basements.why?
!!! #Russia used its veto power to block a #UN Security Council resolution condemning its invasion of #Ukraine. 11 in favor, 1 against, 3 abstentions (including #China). #Zelensky just spoke to #Biden, thanked for personal sanctions on #Putin. still waiting for #EU on #SWIFT
#Putin made an ultimatum to #Ukraine: agree to a neutrality status, that would prohibit it from EVER joining NATO. #Zelensky said that everything would depend on the security guarantees that Ukraine would receive.
more: anticipated attack on #Kyiv Zelensky:Russia will storm Kyiv tonight in “vile, cruel and inhuman” fashion. We have to persevere tonight. The fate of Ukraine is being decided right now. The night will be hard, very hard, but there will be a morning."
Minister of Defense of Ukraine to the residents of the Russian Federation: (especially to the wives, mothers, friends of Russian soldiers and officers): In a few days of interventions in Ukraine, as many Russian militaries will be destroyed as during two Chechen wars. Thousands.
"The Russian government has become a murderer. The killer of not just Ukrainians but Russians as well. We know that now all boys are urgently recruited to the army all over Russia. They throw in conscripts without any combat skills. They don't tell the boys where they are heading
"...and what awaits them. Hide your loved ones if they are dear to you. Don't send them to a sure death! They will be killed from every window in every Ukrainian city.
Take to the streets! Demand to stop the war! Demand to remove the Russian army from Ukraine!
Don't be afraid!"
"The truth is on your side. Now you can still change everything so as not to regret it later. When all information about the Kremlin war crimes is out, your loved ones will be very grateful to you." RT and pass it to all #Russian citizens please.
#Ukraine's air defense downs a #Russian transporter aircraft carrying approx 150 paratroopers South of #Kyiv.
@YFelshtinsky saying what I think: "The WWIII has started already. We are now in a state of war with Russia. It is not announced yet but the shelling of #Kyiv is the shelling of Europe, West and the war against the civilized world. Defending #Ukraine, we defend ourselves."
Expanding on this thought: If #Putin is not stopped now he will then make an ultimatum to the civilized world, threatening using nuclear weapons. He has crossed the line already. I have been explaining for a while that Putin's goal is Eurasian Empire and world dominance.
What can you do? Demand your government to impose strict and immediate sanctions on Russia, ban it from SWIFT, freeze ALL assets. Put pressure on your elected officials. Meanwhile, #Russian will attack with full force tonight. Share information. Make the world know.
#Ukraine air defense downs a #Russian lose support aircraft and a helicopter in #Donbas. (@KyivIndependent )
A powerful explosion in Kyiv now.
In #cherkasy people in a shelter are singing the national anthem during the air strikes:…
A lot of military equipment moving to #Ukraine from #Belarus (@UnianInfo)
Kyiv, explosions are heard in Troyeschina, can be heard all over the city, as reported by residents.
From Yevgenia Belorusets: "I hear sirens, they're like fantastic mythical creatures, going up to the windows. I'm not worried at all. My consciousness can't believe: the city of Happiness is 80%. I spoke to his residents, I lived visiting them, wrote about the city..."
"...walked around the city, saw dogs, curiously looking out of the windows, well-groomed playgrounds, carefully cemented holes left after the shooting. Natalia Opryshko, a child and crisis psychologist from Happiness, participated in my exhibition."
"...Happiness is, in essence, the suburbs of Lugansk. Donbas people. When I hear about the destruction of the city, everything shrinks. We ran away from Happiness without stuff, without suitcases, without jackets, without spare socks."
"The scattered bodies of neighbors,elderly people, shot at the entrances to the entrances, ravaged by the shops, ravaged by shop robbers.The city has been in the dark for many days.A fighter against the genocide destroyed the power plant: there was no heat, water, light at once."
"... A mass murder took place in this darkness. Wait, isn't this a genocide of the "Russian-speaking" "Donbas residents"? In Happiness.. they spoke in two languages and often in Ukrainian, as in Luhansk. Happiness was simply on the territory of Ukraine. Feelings no more."
In #Kyiv region, Vasilkove, heavy fighting. Paratroops are attempting to land.
Attempts to destroy the power station by the aggressor are reported at this moment. Air defense is reflecting attacks.
@UnianInfo reports that Ukrainian troops defended #Nikolaev #Mykolaiv
More shelling reported near the plant in Northern #kyiv.
"My niece was hit by a shell in the Luhansk region today, she was only 8. The kid was eight years old. bitches. I hate Russians." #PutinIsaWarCriminal
#Russian invaders attempt to land in Vasylkiv, #Kyiv Obast. More shooting and shelling in #Kyiv at #Solomenka
#Saboteurs attacked the checkpoints of the airport and killed the guards. They arrived disguised as National Guards, in a police car with flashers, and executed the guards, distracting as another group on the truck attacked from the other side. #SaveUkraine #StopRussia
Russian troops are attempting to land in #Kyiv by air. @KyivIndependent
Just in: The US offered #Zelensky to help leave #Kyiv. President said that he and his family are in #Kyiv and not going anywhere.
Also, in case you didn't know: Fact 1. #Zelensky is Jewish. Fact 2. #Putin's "reason" to invade #Ukraine: "de-Nazification". Fact 3. Heavy explosions are heard in #Kyiv as you are reading this.
More videos of fires and shooting from #Kyiv. More than 50 explosions and shots in the last 10 minutes, URGENT TO SHELTER if you are in #Kyiv and wake up your loved ones if you are not awake. From State Communications of Ukraine.
Street fights and fires in Kyiv , metro Beresteyskaya…
"Prospect of Victory" in smoke and fire (that is like victory in WWII)…
Second Russian transport aircraft downed by #Ukrainian army Il-79. It was carrying over 100 paratroopers to the South of Kyiv
The ground forces report repelling an attack on a military unit in Kyiv.
According to @UnianInfo the aggressor was pushed back
Shooting reported in #NovayaKahovka…
#Nikolaev defended. The air defense pushed back the attack. The landing did not happen in Ochakovo
#Zelenskiy refused to leave #Kyiv
Here is a great example of #fake/#disinformation. A photo of "Russian flags in Odesa=They were waiting for Russians for 8(?!) years" They were: it is a Russian consulate in #Odesa, #Ukraine. ALWAYS VERIFY YOUR SOURCE. This is called #CombatPropaganda ImageImage
The Armed Forces expel sabotage and reconnaissance groups from Kyiv. The fighting continues, according to Deputy Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada Committee on National Security, Defense and Intelligence
A bit late but: today, in the area of the village of #Koblevo in the Odesa region, the military of the 28th separate mechanized brigade named after the Knights of the Winter Campaign pushed back against Russian paratroopers, killing 20-25…
Shooting is heard in #Kyiv now. Unverified source: #Ukrainian troops are cleaning the city from the occupants, #Russisans are suffering heavy losses. Will verify.
Russian troops captured a highway from Kipti to Bachevsk, close ty #Sumy, and won't let civilians access the road. All other passenger transport, including railway, has been stopped.
VERY HEAVY EXPLOSIONS IN #KYIV, shooting continues, ongoing now for a few minutes already
Heavy shelling in #Odesa reported! The air defense is at work.
Verifying: approx. Russian losses in Kyiv on Feb 25: 60 personnel.
Air aid in #Lutsk. These liberators would not stop, would they? #StopPutin #SAVEUKRAINENOW #saveUkraine Image
#Kyiv At metro Beresteyskaya, Brigade 101 destroyed equipment: 2 vehicles, 2 trucks, 1 tank. (Ground Troops info)
Armed Forces of Ukraine successfully repelled an attack by Russian forces on #Mykolaiv, in Southern Ukraine. The aggressor was unable to break through Ukraine's anti-craft system @KyivIndependent Image
ATTENTION: some reports of Internet down (but also working for many more.) Just FYI
#Biden is going to provide $600 million dollars to support Ukraine; 50% for defense. @UnianInfo
Currently, heavy battles are ongoing in the city of #Vasylkiv in #Kyiv region, where the air landing is attempted by the aggressor. Active combat actions on the streets of Kyiv. #Russian troops suffer losses. From Ukrainian Ministry of Defense
Air raids; L'viv, Kyiv, Uman, Vinnytsia, Rivne. People must go to shelters. Heavy fights continue and #UkrainianArmy and civilians are pushing back against the invaders. Most people I know spent the whole night in shelters.
A big fire near the Zoo in #Kyiv. Now heavy shelling of #Uman' (my ancestors are from there, by the way. They didn't leave in 1942, believing that civilized people are not capable of massacres. I passed by Uman this summer, planning to come back in a few months.)
#Cherkasy , #Kherson air raids. Many videos.
A #Russian drone is shot down near #Odesa, in #Chernomorsk. It was targeting a Ukrainian border guard ship.
Four explosions near #Kharkiv in #Pesochin, air raid siren after the explosions... it is all over the country. mass shelling. Image
A lot is happening so processing and verifying. Drones shot down by the #BlackSea--more details soon. Sounds like these are reconnaissance drones. WhatsApp is being screened by the #RUssians, not verified yet, but be careful. From an official Ukrainian source.
People fleeing their cities and sheltering in metro and basements had their animals with them. #Kyiv ImageImageImageImage
As of now, after a difficult night, #Kyiv is under the control of the #Ukrainian state 🇺🇦 The neutralization of saboteurs continues. Watch and act. From Deputy Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada Committee on National Security, Defense and Intelligence #GloryToUkraine
[Going to step away for a few minutes, eyes hurting. back soon]
or maybe not, air aide in #Odesa #Odessa and I'm crying. in September... ImageImage
air raid in #Kharkiv as well. This is to demoralize the whole country and exhaust the will to resist. It is a military strategy. #Ukraine needs your support now. World, #Ukraine needs you--it's fighting for freedom, justice and its dream. #SaveUkraine #SAVEUKRAINENOW Image
Not going to take a break. Here to fight with information. Today, 3,500 Russian military personnel were killed, 200 captured--@UnianInfo
ALERT! RUSSIAN FAKES AND #DISNFO GALORE (All following the textbook they were teaching me!) about #Ukrainians surrendering to #Russia. Be vigilant!…
New explosions heard in #Kyiv in Nivki area
ALERT! IN #KYIV 100 ARMORED VEHICLES ARE MOVING FROM VYSHGOROD, marked with a white letter V, and the invaders have a white sticker on the sleeve
They JUST stopped, accoriding to @UnianInfo
Just heard from my dear friend in #Odesa. They had to spend all night awake, on makeshift bunker beds, with parents in their 80s. They say that knowing that the world sees it and hears it, helps. Image
In #Kharkiv 100 Russian troops killed, armored vehicles destroyed. The situation in #Kyiv is 100% under control said a government representative
Do not believe fakes! #Zelenskyy #Zelensky just addressed the #Ukrainians again saying Good morning... saying again, that he is here, not going anywhere. "Truth is on our side, here is our land, our children, we will defend it."…
Alert! Another Air raid in #Kyiv, all residents are asked to go to shelter, the metro stations on red lines are only operating as shelters, also, in case of necessity the doors could be sealed.
I am just translating this: "Citizens of Brovary in #Kyiv district, the situation is difficult and try not to leave your premises; if you must, do wear yellow ribbons on your arms..."
Air raid in #Zhytomyr
A residential building was just hit by a missile in #Kyiv, by Zhulyany airport. Other sources don't confirm the house, just the airport
I can't agree more. #Zelenskyy #Zelenskiy thank you. Courage. Dignity. Poise. the opposite of the #PresidentOfOrks #Putin the Rat.
That's the missile in #Kyiv a few minutes ago (see above)
Look at this. Imagine: you wake up. This is a peaceful country. Women, kids, old people who still remember the WWII. #StopRussia #StopPutin #SaveUkraine #SAVEUKRAINENOW…
In #Hostomel the land is booming from terrifying explosions.
I am speechless. People happened to record this from inside. Speechless. This is NOW. Not Netflix. 2022. Eastern Europe.…
In #Kherson, early morning, #Ukrainina flags on the Mayor's office, and the national anthem is playing. Courage.…
Thankfully, no reported deaths in #Kyiv Zhuliany bombing. Miraculous.
Now there are reports of #Russian special forces using fake documents to impersonate the Ukrainian police, military etc. That happened in Yerpen, a town close to #Kyiv. Will add details if there are more but they asking to report all suspicious to authorities and be vigilant.
Losses of the Russian troops, as of 6 am Feb 26, 2022
Airplanes -14
Helicopters - 8
Tanks - 102
Battle armored machines - 536
Cannon - 15
Automobile equipment - 17
Personnel - more than 3000 (data is specified)
from Ministry of Defense of Ukraine
In two days of combat, the Armed Forces of Ukraine several times forced the opponent to change their strategic goals. Trying to surround the joint forces group, the adversary quickly lost the initiative north of Kharkiv and was stopped in its advance south in the Kherson region.
I translate one comment: We will drive them all the way to Moscow, we will bury Lenin in a human manner, and build dachas (cottages) with the red bricks from his Mausoleum! Мы будем их гнать до самой Москвы, по людски похоронем Ленина, а кирпичики красные разберём на дачу!
(Lyrical pause: In case you are blissfully unaware, the leader of the Bolshevik Revolution, a bloody dictator and mass murderer, Lenin is preserved as a mummy at the center of the main square of the capital of Russia. I sh*t you not.)
The update from the explosion: the family was in the kitchen, so the father is okay, the mother and older son have broken legs, and the younger one is with the rescue services and the father is looking for them. "Burn in hell, ** Russian occupants," said the father.
#Zelensky #Zelenskyy: "weapons en route to Ukraine after #Macron call. The anti-war coalition is working."
In #Kharkiv, to the metro station where people shelter, free bread and COOKIES are being delivered :) by the city authorities.
More videos from captured Russian soldiers. Very young. Completely unmotivated. Many say that they were not informed that they were going to war in Ukraine; told that they are going for training. Russian men MUST serve in the army for 2 yrs, at 18. #PutinWarCriminal #PutinKiller
Meanwhile, in St. Petersburg, Russia, special forces, arresting the survivor of the Leningrad Siege protesting against the war with Ukraine. Earlier, I shared the video of the arrest of a mother with a newborn in a carrier.…
In addition to a baby girl Mia born in a bomb shelter in #Kyiv last night, tonight two baby boys were born in shelters in #Kherson. The streets are being cleaned and trolleybuses started to run in #Kherson. In #Kyiv, overnight 5 people, including 2 children, were injured.
More airstrikes are expected in #Kyiv and the mayor asked people to stay inside/in shelters. In #Chernihiv, people are preparing to meet uninvited guests with cocktails.…
This is just hilarious. In #Melitopol Not going to translate it all but the dialogue is Tarantino. Although, more Heart of Darkness, really; but Ukrainian people have an amazing sense of humor and it is contagious.
To sum today up, #Ukrainians told #Russian troops to f**ck off in every way possible: on land, on air, on the sea, in cyberspace. This will stay in history. Going to try and catch some sleep. #PutinTheRat is revengeful, he'll come back with fury. #GloryToUkraine #СлаваУкраїни
Back online to cover #Ukraine #UkraineUnderAttack #Russia's #Putin invading the independent sovereign country that is the land of my ancestors and the home of my beloved friends. See 🧵.☝️for events 23-25 Feb. Image
Summing up the evens of the last 6 hrs (caught up on life): #Putin announced general offensive on Ukraine after alleging that #Ukraine refused to negotiate (false claim.) Currently, #Kyiv, #Kharkiv, south of #Ukraine and many major cities & towns under attack from land, air, sea
My friends making #molotovcocktails to meet occupants. Many #Russian soldiers killed and captured; most are 18-20, confused, not knowing where they were sent; #Chechens arriving from Putin/Kadyrov-run Chechnya but #Chechen living in EU joining to fight for #Ukraine; long lines to ImageImageImageImage
join "territorial defense" (population fighting occupants); firearms are being distributed from trucks to all volunteers; civilians donating medical supplies, blood, food, fuel to army; stores & pharmacies in #Kyiv mainly empty; #Russian army aims to damage infrastructure
to cut the water supplies, electricity; #Ukrainian people take down road sides to disorient the aggressor. Videos of unarmed people standing in front of tanks trying to stop them; authorities ask to destroy the fuel transport that follows the armored vehicles/tanks
By #Odesa, Russians downed their own aircraft (oops!); @YourAnonTV @YourAnonOne hackers around the world called the war on #Putin and took down #Kremlin site, Ministry of Defense site, #RT and propagandists sites, and all major #Russian TV currently are playing Ukrainian music :D
Great news: all countries involved now have agreed to ban #Russia from #SWIFT system; aimed to strangle #Putinn's regime and left it w/o $. Military equipment, fuel, supplies coming from most countries in EU & around the world. Sanctions are on the way. In response, #Russia is
looking at restoring capital punishment, and "other important institutions" (!) #Russian people protesting the war are brutally arrested & suppressed, protests still ongoing. Yesterday, #Ukrainian government official requested the Red Cross to collect "thousands of Russian bodies
I will now be covering the current attacks happening around #Ukraine. I'm using my friends' direct communication in several cities, info from journalists currently in the country, and reliable sources like @UnianInfo, @KyivIndependent, local cities Telegram boards, verifying it
#Lviv brewery switches to Molotov cocktails. Consider my work my own Molotov cocktail from afar. FB & Instagram label and block #Russian state media to stop information warfare attacked. LOTS OF FAKES SO BE VIGILANT. Don't open attachments. install maximum security on your eqpt.
#Russian troops seized #Berdianks Airport on #Azov Sea and moving toward the port of #Mariupol Image
Loud explosions in #Kyiv right NOW, throughout the day it was calm. Lots of #Ukrainian eqpt downtown #Kyiv; ready for pushing back against provocations. DO NOT TAKE OR SHARE PHOTOS OF MILITARY online. Mayor of #Kyiv believes there is a high risk of another attack on the city soon
#Hostomel airport is captured by the #RussianArmy . Shelters are open in #Kyiv; many stores are closed but groceries are open with limited access inside so long lines outside, Apple pay and credit cards still work. Low traffic, some are hitchhiking to get out
Germany changed its rules and sending 1,000 anti-tank weapons and 500 Stinger missiles. #Russian Ministry of Defense claims that #Kyiv is blocked on the West--but this information is NOT confirmed and might be fake. Will verify.
Territorial forces are trained & instructed by professional military personnel/officers. South-East part of #Kyiv, Darnitsky district: very quiet, most people in shelters but some step out to get air; today, kids played a little at a playground; at the sound of siren they go back
From #Odesa site: each town/city in #Ukraine has #Russian "sleepers" groups. Real estate agents are asked to check their databases and share the information on groups of Russians renting apartments. The saboteurs now plant markings & coordinate shelling
Heavy fights in #Chernihiv #Chernihov Also, #Sumy is under air strike right now. In #Kharkiv, a group of saboteurs was captured. In #Russia, protests in 27 cities despite brutal suppressing. ImageImage
[Verifying information.] This is #Kyiv now. It is difficult to report in detail as there are aggressors' missiles and #Ukrainian air defense taking them down.…
In #Belarus all reserve personnel is called to duty. A village Sartana near #Mariupol is bombed to the ground. 4 civilians killed. Only sharing the LEAST disturbing photos. It is F*** DISTURBING. Everyone wants to look away. I want to look away. I don't want to see it either ImageImageImage
To stop seeing this, to go back to life as we knew it, this war NEEDS TO BE STOPPED. HELP IN ANY WAY YOU CAN. A deployment of #Chechen #Kadyrov soldiers destroyed by #Ukrainian army. On many high-rise blds in #Odesa red flashes/lights are noticed--signaling strikes, possibly.
ALERT: If you are in touch with anyone in #Ukraine, tell them to turn off geolocation on their phones. Another air raid in #Kyiv. More people are arrested in Russia protesting war. Parents are shocked to find out that their sons were sent to Ukraine.
Meanwhile, #Kremlin bans any media that calls the war "war" (they claim it is a "special militarized operation") and I see trolls spreading messages that there are no Russian troops around Kyiv, only "local criminals that got out of prison". Ministry of Ukraine opened a hotline
for captured Russian military personnel to call home; Russians can call the line to collect the bodies; in the West, the idea to offer the deserting Russian soldiers shelter/citizenship in the EU is being discussed.
YouTube is stopping the monetization of #Putin propaganda channels like RT, Sputnik, etc. [I worked for 10 months writing a report about it, with the organization that demanded this measure in 2019, and they WOULD NOT budge. It took a war and many lives.]
[talking to my contacts now, back in a 5-10]
Medical personnel at a hospital ain Crimea informs Ukrainian journalists that it is filled with injured Russian soldiers and that the morgue is full, @UnianInfo . Refugees are sitting in traffic for 4-6-more hours, 15 km line at the border with #Moldova.
From Deputy Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada Committee on National Security, Defense and Intelligence: Equipment destroyed today
Welcome to Hell!🔥🔥🔥 ImageImageImageImage
I saw the WEIRDEST video of #Kadyrov claiming he didn't know and that his soldiers will not fight in Ukraine but it is too good to be true and might be a deep fake; if anyone sees something on this please share. the flow of info is overwhelming rn
#Odesa is ready to meet the "liberators."…
RT this at all Russian channels. Mom and kid from #Kharkiv: Thanks, Volodya! You're tsar and god! That's what we wanted. Now it is warm in winter!"
From #Zelenskyy office: Sumy fully returned to #Ukrainian control. Half of the city WAS under #Russians. #Kyiv central railways station went dark, there was shelling close to the bldg, people evacuated to shelter
Advisor to the Minister of the Interior Affairs, Geraschenko, advises the population to partake in psy- ops, the information warfare. The measures are extreme, disturbing, likesending graphic images to the population of the aggressor. These are the measures I was force-taught.
Not going to cover here and now; most civilians will be shocked and feel thrown off and it is the justified reaction of an ethical person who is not a sociopath. We are at WAR, though, and this is martial law. The aggressor must be stopped before more innocent lives are destroyed
From everything I see, #Ukrainians are showing a lot of mercy, empathy and restraint to captured soldiers of the #Russian army. Gerascheno also informs that the aggressor's troops are almost entirely stopped from the Eastern front. THe map from WaPo from 5 hrs ago Image
#Russian losses today in its war against #Ukraine: Over the last 24 hours Russian forces have lost SU-30 fighter aircraft, 11 helicopters, 2 Su-25 aircraft, 2 Il-76 air-fighters, a column of equipment and fuel echelon, according to Air Force Command of Ukraine’s Armed Forces.
Additional $350 mn from USA in assistance to #Ukraine
#Kyiv Darntisky rayon. During the attempt to break through the checkpoint, the police and #Ukrainian army destroyed the group of the aggressor's troops…
Many in #Odesa #Odessa are sheltering in churches. Many others are out in the streets with #molotovcocktail Also, the church bells were announced to signal air raids. Russian people following, if you are in Russia, make it stop. The world is now calling you "fascists."
#Russian artillery fire has struck #Kyiv's children's cancer hospital Okhmadyt, killing one child and wounding two, along with two adults, TSN reported.
Eyewitnesses reported that the city is under fire from multiple-launch rocket systems#StopPutinNOW #StopPutinsWar #SaveUkraine
L'viv. Hundreds of people waiting for a train to Poland...
An attack and shelling reported in #Kharkhiv #Kharkov
Reviewing all sources and trying to verify and make sense. If anyone knows: #Kadyrov video refusing to fight #Ukraine--fake or not? Please confirm. the video is going around along with the news that his daughter spoke against the war. PM pls
#Chernihiv is bombed and more attacks are expected overnight, residents are asked to shelter. Many memories there.
To all #RussianArmy all #Russian people who know #russiansoldiers : desert! The only way to save honor, life, Russia and the world--and more lives of innocent people in #Ukraine and elsewhere. Fighting this war on #Putin's side is a crime. #PutinIsaWarCriminal
#Russia lost more troops in the first 24 hours of war against #Ukraine than in 8 years of war in #Syria, according to
#Russian tanks attacked #Mykolayiv Tanks moving through the city according to the governor, disinformation attempt failed trying to claim the governor was captured. Image
Another air raid in #Kyiv now. "You have united Ukrainians," says a #Ukrainian soldier. "For one of ours, we will take 100 yours." This war MUST BE STOPPED. In a few moments, everything Russians have is flying towards #Kyiv. Shelter!!!!
10 p.m.
The General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine has the following updates. #Polissya: Russian forces have been halted at Borodyanka, Bucha & Vyshhorod, having lost some firepower. #NorthernUkraine: #Russians regrouped/continued their offensive, goal of blocking off Kyiv.
#Chernihiv, #ChernihivOblast: Regional authorities are calling on citizens to spend the night in shelters due to massive rocket bombardments. #Kharkiv, #KharkivOblast: Multiple flashes of light,distant bangs were filmed in the city of Kharkiv and posted on Telegram at 10:30 p.m.
#Kyiv, #KyivOblast: Police stopped a group of saboteurs in the Darnitsky district of the capital, according to Anton Herashchenko, an adviser to the Interior Minister.
from @KyivIndependent #Kyivunderattack
explosions on #obolon #Kyiv
#Vyshhorod, #KyivOblast: Powerful explosions detected in the city, video posted on Telegram. #Kyiv, #KyivOblast: Multiple reports that the Russian forces are about to hit Kyiv with everything they’ve got. Air raid sirens are active. people to take shelter immediately.
Explosions have been detected in #Kyiv, from the direction of the outer #Obolon district, #Bucha and #Hostomel.
paratroopers landing in #Kyiv paratroopers
Information (unverified but via @UnianInfo ) that the silhouettes in the sky over #Kyiv are the traces from Ukrainian air defense system
the longest five min in my life... nothing... pray for #Kyiv if you pray
why is it all silent.. all my sources are not responding
"Paratroopers over Kyiv" are, in fact, traces of the work of Ukrainian air defense,” says one Ukrainian media outlet
a lot of confusing information about the paratroopers; trying to verify
i should be speaking to comment here now: (if it connects)…
sorry this is not working i will be just reporting here on my twitter
According to Galina Tretiakova, Ukrainian air defense downed two russian aircrafts over #Kyiv
All Central Bank of Russia assets are frozen, meanwhile. $643 bn. Russian citizens can't obtain German citizenship for investing. #Ukrainian Army controls the situation over the country, the aide to Zelensky says
Cut #Putin off his $. #Russians time to rise. Without their $, TV channels down (thanks, dear hackers!!!) and army in #Ukraine being killed, time to take down #PutinTheRat! Away with him! Enough!!!
Air raid in #borispol In #Russian Belgorod 5,000 revolting and refuse to go to Ukraine to fight! That's what I am talking about! Go boys! RT at every Russian you know, contact all, let's take #Putin down. #GloryToUkraine
While waiting to hear updates (hopefully good ones and 'praying'), a note: many experts are asking what does Putin think and what is his plan. I've been following--fighting him--for over a decade. This is my opinion: in the past, he pursued Dugin's geopolitical plan of creating
a Eurasian empire. (Look it up, basically an empire from Lisbon to Far East, with Russian at the core, as a heartland, you can also call the USSR reincarnation). This year, he went mad. He's not pursuing anything anymore and there is no strategy:that's why the analysts were wrong
like a dying oligarch in @tenet (yes, sci-fi film) he went insane, unable to handle the death anxiety, and decided to take the world with him. Anyone in their mind should rebel against him and his sickness. The world feels it and this is why we see--finally--unity. Back to report
#Kherson is encircled and under siege but the army is keeping things under control and defending the city overnight
Still very few updates on #Kyiv looking at all my sources
#Sanctions: the #US, #EU, #UK and #Canada are ready to take additional measures "to hold the Russian Federation accountable for the attack on Ukraine"; they will create a "task group" that will ensure the effective operation of sanctions against the Russian Federation;
In Balakleya, #Kharkiv region, one hour ago (ish) #Russian troops bombarded the warehouse of the military arsenal from the air.
Anti-war rallies were also held in London, Glasgow, Nicosia, Berlin, Athens, Helsinki, Tel Aviv, Madrid, Milan, Geneva, Warsaw, Istanbul, Dusseldorf, Tbilisi, Varna, Tokyo, Kyoto, Nagasaki, Hiroshima, Phuket
ALERT #Kyiv Powerful explosion Pechorsk district
JUST IN: #Ukrainian Army knocked down the second Il-76 with #Russian paratroopers
This was verifieid, from Deputy Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada Committee on National Security, Defense and Intelligence; [my unverified guess the explosion reported in Pechorsk? Air force at work does sound like an explosion.--THIS IS JUST A GUESS}
Unverified, just in, from @unian, in #Vasilkiv a big oil and gas base is on fire. If true, this will be a large scale ecological catastrophe. About to share a video: there is still hope that it is a gas station on fire, not the base.
#Kharkiv is under the most powerful shelling attack since the start of the war RIGHT NOW.
Fire in #Vasilkiv. Please pray to all that is out there it is not the base. [I worked at an oil field. Also, was close to Chernobyl THEN. This is bad.]…
1st hour Come back alive from Ukraine hotline: 100+ calls received from the parents of #Russian military personnel: the vast majority do not want war and are shocked that their children ended up in #Ukraine. From Adviser to the Minister of the Interior
Here is the hotline for #Russian citizens. Share the word. Save lives. #StopPutin #StopPutinNOW #StopPutinWar Image
[Just read dozens of notes from women with little children stuck in traffic on the way to get out, with newborns, etc. People from neighboring countries (Poland, Moldova, etc) bring bread, diapers, toys... ccrying again]
This is the fire in #Vasilkiv.…
And this is the sky over #Kharkiv. Anyone in this world left (other than Kadyrov) thinking this is peacekeeping, 'de-nazification'? The world now knows who needs de-nazification. Putin.…
[taking a few minutes to regroup. online and monitoring but need to breathe for a few.] to everyone who is following and cares and grieves--deep thanks
The worst has been confired. It IS the oil and gas base in #Vasilkiv. People need to be evacuated ASAP.
this is just horrid…
#Brovary AIR RAID ALERT Image
The town of #vasilkiv next to #Kyiv sustained really heavy damage, mayor says, the enemy wants to destroy everything around, but "he will not succeed." The oil depot is burning. If #putin is not stopped he will burn down the planet.
two massive explosions in #Kyiv now, one approx 20 km from downtown. the night sky lit up for a few min
More explosions in #Kyiv.
In #Kherson, #Russian army executed a journalist, in #Kharkiv hit a residential high rise. From Attorney General and Украинская Правда
Mushroom shaped cloud close to #Kharkiv, video from @unian…
From @KyivIndependent Ukrainian military stopped the Russians by #Kyiv, at the border of Borodianka, Bucha, &Vyshhorod; they were heading in Polissia’s direction. Russians continue to try & capture settlements in the Slobozhansky district, advancing from Belgorod to Starobilsk.
Fierce battles are taking place to prevent Russian troops from consolidating their position on the left bank of the Dnipro River, from @KyivIndependent
#Ukrainian military blows up 56 #Russian tank fuels in #Chernihiv Oblast, depriving units of combat capability. from @KyivIndependent
Update on oil depot burning: no plans to evacuate the population from #Vasilkiv, no threat, say authorities
Want to help #Ukraine and a cyber wizard? Join IT army. "We need digital talents."
The mushroom-shaped cloud was a gas pipeline exploded next to #Kharkiv
Military equipment (tanks and armored vehicles) marked with letter V keeps moving towards #Ukraine from #Belarus. from @UnianInfo
[For all people joining me: thank you for caring about #Ukraine. I cover the #RussianInvasion, based on my multiple contacts (friends and colleagues) eyewitness stories, combined with verified info from reliable Ukrainian and Ukrainian Russian-language, as well as English outlets
I also have live webcams on and Telegram channels where people share videos. I did not go to #Ukraine to fight because my friends tell me to stay in a safe place and tell the story to the world. I've been fighting #Putin & his #hybridwar for the last 10 yrs. This is my fight, too
Back to reporting: big explosions heard in downtown #kyiv right now.
"Ilon Mask provides Ukraine Starlink stations and access to satellite Internet. Terminals on the way" from the #Ukrainian Ministry of Defense
From #Kyiv administration: "Residents must close windows tightly. Due to the shelling and explosion of the oil depot in #Vasylkiv, 40 km south, the wind may carry smoke and harmful substances." Most people are hiding in bomb shelters, metro stations and basements,w/o air for days
Loud explosions/shelling continues, audible at Maidan square in #Kyiv. It could be air force defense, hitting the aggressor's aircraft. Getting really loud now.
Explosions are not heard everywhere. [Hoping it's air defense.] It's 02.43 am in Ukraine right now. The number of volunteers joining Territorial Defense Forces reached 37,000 according to the Armed Forces Commander-in-Chief
Civilians, mostly women and children, fleeing #Kyiv now. 15 km line on the border with #Moldova today, my friend was stuck in traffic for over 5 hours with several pets, and here is one more eyewitness
In addition to the ecological catastrophe (an oil deport fire, a gas pipeline explosion, nuclear radiation in Russian occupied #Chernobyl #Chornobyl where the workers kept hostage and not allowed to do proper maintenance), it is a humanitarian crisis. Over 150,000 refugees...
...have already left or in the process of leaving #Ukraine, fleeing bombing and gunfire. Ukraine announced that #Kyiv cannot guarantee nuclear safety after #Chornobyl has been captured by the #Russians.
Here is the video of the oil depot on fire:…
This is worth repeating. WARNING: not a nuclear explosion, according to authorities.…
a great thread and visuals, on the current situation, within the last hour. 3.00 am Feb 27 #Kyiv time
As of 1 am, #Hostomel, #Kyiv district: Column of Russian-Chechen special forces defeated near Hostomel. According to Channel 24 sources, the Ukrainian military blew up an echelon of 56 tanks.
[taking a few minutes to read through all sources/outlets. most of my sources are silent, presumably and hopefully resting, most likely, in bomb shells, at 3.11 am. however, based on the previous few days, the aggressor attacks at night and at dawn.]
More pictures from #Lviv where refugees (women and children, older people) are trying to get on the train to Poland. It's a free train but not enough space, so people leave their stuff and many have missed 3 trains already.…
I want to remind: it is still COVID. People thrown together in metro stations, basements, improvised bomb shelters, trains, many unvaccinated because of the #Kremlin anti-vaxxers propaganda are now facing (and spreading) a new outbreak of a pandemic. #PutinIsaWarCriminal
On top of this, the hospitals that are not bombed to the ground by #Russian "liberators", will be treating the military personnel. Today, in #Kyiv, the aggressor's artillery struck CHILDREN'S CANCER hospital, killing one child and wounding two. Since yesterday, 3 babies were
delivered in bomb shelters, in Kyiv and Kharkov, luckily healthy. If anyone still believes that #Putin won't stop at anything... What to do? You can help by demanding your elected officials to impose strictest sanctions possible on #Putin and #Kremlin to cut them off the $ they
stole from the Russian people. You can donate to multiple charities like Red Cross (that was requested to move thousand of dead bodies of #Russian young men sent to death by #Putin), or #Ukrainian Army or Ukrainian-based journalists on the ground, covering the events. Sharing
information online and in any way possible helps. For fun people, you can join the cyber army following the request I posted somewhere in this giant thread. Hackers are doing a great job: today, they broke the frequency that the #Russian military staff used for communications and
played #Ukrainain anthem (earlier, the said anthem played on all state-funded TV channel in Russia), and took down the RT (Russia Today) website as well as many Russian government sites, including the #Kremlin site! At least, 240 civilian casualties in Ukraine since the beginning
of the Russian invasion and the United Nations believes that the actual numbers are much higher. And the real harm is not reflected by numbers. #Putin has disrupted--not, destroyed--the life of 40 mn peaceful people living their life, trying to cope with COVID, and living their
dream of independence. Furthermore, #Kremlin Dmitry Rogozin, Russian space program chief, threatened the US with the fall of the International Space Station on the US--destroyed by the sanctions…
Just in: updates from the front. Heavy fights for the airport in #Vasilkiv, next to the burning oil depot, continue.
"After 3 days of Russia's war, the fighting is where it began, the #Russian army has not been able to advance but is attacking Kyiv. We totally control everything that happens in the regions of Ukraine,” Advisor to the Chief of Staff of President said. @KyivIndependent
#Odesa #Odessa alert: Shooting in the region. The aggressors attacked the police; were pushed back several policemen were wounded. More details to follow
Some really bad unverified news are going around. Verifying. A warning: don't share ANYTHING unless you verify your sources or at least add UNVERIFIED. A lot of #Russian fakes are produced to create panic and demoralize the army and population of the adversary and the world
It is tempting to share something shocking. Always stop and check: source, time, location, if it is a visual: light, angle, pixelated appearance, etc. Also, logic. We all are getting tired and overwhelmed and prone to making mistakes. This is a hybrid war, the #informationwarfare
I am afraid it was confirmed by too many sources. Still might be a fake. But. Russian forces fired at the #radioactive waste disposal site in #Kyiv. According to preliminary assessment of the State Nuclear Regulatory Inspectorate of #Ukraine there is no threat outside the
sanitary protective zone. As per @KyivIndependent @unian and several other sources. However, good news is that the radioactive numbers are withing the norm:…
[taking a technical break but monitoring the situation]
IMPORTANT: Ukraine's State Emergency Service has clarified that the shelling on a radioactive waste disposal site in Kyiv did not lead to depressurization of the storage of radioactive substances. The hit was on the fence and the building itself and the tanks remain intact.
In #Odesa "The enemy is awake. Threats, launches unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs,) puts on psychological pressure. The Ukrainian air defense system is working. Accurate launches to you, brothers!" the chairman of the Public Council at the #Odesa Regional State Administration
#AirRaid alert in #Rivne region & #Lutsk. People should go to the nearest shelter.
The #SWIFT system is ready in the coming days. Google suspends monetization of Russian state-owned media, Reuters reports.
[back after installing some much-needed computer security. Make sure that your devices are protected. Beware of phishing emails: the #cyberwar is ongoing. It is now 6.43 am #Kyiv time, and I hope to get some good news from around #Ukraine.]
The fight is ongoing by #Vasilkiv so the rescuers are STILL unable to extinguish the fire. At least, the gas delivery was stopped. This is a very long fight for the airport where #Russians paratroopers were planning to land. Not so. #SlavaUkraini #GloryToUkraine
#Kyiv is controlled by the Ukrainian army and territorial defense forces, as of now, 7 am, Feb 27 local time, Deputy Mayor said. At night, there were several skirmishes involving sabotage and reconnaissance by the groups of Russians in the city.
The now-legendary #SnakeIsland defenders may still be alive. 13 #Ukraine’s State Border Guard Service were believed to have perished defending a strategically important small island in the #BlackSea and told a Russian warship to “go f*ck yourself” when offered to surrender. #hope
[See the cover photo for how it sounds in Russian: #русскийкорабльИдиНахyй. Since then, the saying became a meme and there are road signs with arrows showing where the #Russians should go **** ]
"3 days that forever changed our country and the world. Where are all those who promised to capture #Kyiv in 2 hours? Where are they? I don't see them. I just hear them trying to find excuses. I do see a heroic army, victorious guards, fearless border guards, selfless rescuers...
"...reliable policemen, tireless medical angels. All those who do their duty. I see thousands and thousands of citizens who have taken up firearms, joined the ranks of territorial defense and are fighting," #Ukrainian Defense Minister @oleksiireznikov said.
Also, there is so much disinformation and fakes that I cannot possibly cover/mention most of it and there is no need. It takes a long time to verify facts and there will be mistakes made by everyone. Partially, do to #informationwarfare; partially, because everyone is exhausted.
Confirmed by many #Ukrainian officials: After 72 hours of resistance, we hold the defense. #Kyiv is under the control of the #Ukrainian state [as it should be, it is the capital of Ukraine.] Will look for more details around the country.
#Map of the #Russian offensive as of the morning of February 27. For three days, the invaders failed to occupy a single regional center. And it is not what they saying on their propaganda channels AT ALL. It is a parallel reality. Image
In #Vasilkiv, #Ukrainian forces managed to save 15 cars with diesel and 8 cars with gas just minutes after the Russian missile hit the oil depot. This fuel will be sufficient to refuel the Armed Forces, Territorial Defense, medics, & others defending #Kyiv.
#ALERT: Russian troops entered #Kharkiv. #UkrainianTroops pushes the aggressors back. Civilians are asked to stay inside!
Ask all your elected officials to IMMEDIATELY impose sanctions. #Russians are plotting to install a puppet government. They need to be stopped.
A sabotage group was found in the #Odesa region: there are wounded #Ukrainian soldiers. Image
Russian light vehicles broke into #Kharkiv and were liquidated by the Armed Forces. Citizens are urged not to take to the streets, according to the head of the Kharkiv Regional State Administration…
ALERT! #NovaKakhovka in the #Kherson region is under the control of Russian troops, they seized the city executive committee, removed all #Ukrainian flags from buildings, - Mayor Volodymyr Kovalenko.
#Russian propagandists are sowing panic and fabricating fakes. There will be a lot of misinformation, toxicity, and hatred sown. Stay positive, be vigilant, verify all information.
Heavy fights in #Kharkiv. #Russia has sustained losses.Situation is serious
ALERT! Air Raid #Kyiv! All to shelter!
Burning #Russian armored vehicle in #Kharkiv
In #Bucha, #Kyiv region, a convoy of #Russian vehicles was seen, shooting and fights in progress
#Russian troops are in #Kharkiv. Civilians stay in hiding
Friends! Fierce fighting is happening in all major cities. Share information, do anything you now to support #Ukraine. #SupportUkraine #SaveUkraine
Air raids and street fights ongoing in many cities. #Russians are in the #Kyiv region, local residents report an attempt of the enemy equipment to break through from #Hostomel
#Russian propagandist channels are saying: "This is the first step. #Ukraine is not the goal. It was a friendly country that is captured by the real enemy, #NATO and the US. We are preparing biological and nuclear weapons to hit then." These are threats and meant to demoralize...
... the free world. This country and its government are sick and they need to be stopped before it is too late. Contact your elected officials in your country, share the information. Stop the aggressor and the insanity before we have the WWII situation on our hands.
More #Russian equipment burning in #Kharkiv…
"Not a single fighter of the Armed Forces of Ukraine laid down his arms. All Ukrainian soldiers are in their combat positions,” the head of the #Kharkiv regional administration, Oleg Sinegubov, in response to a statement by the #Russian Ministry of Defense... response to #Russian disinformation of about surrendered Ukrainian soldiers from the 302nd Anti-Aircraft Missile Regiment of the Armed Forces of Ukraine
The Ukrainian woman single-handedly burned the armored vehicle in the #Kharkiv region: a Molotov cocktail."Be like a Kharkiv woman!” the message of the Armed Forces of Ukraine reads.
Street fights in the residential sector of #Kharkiv. Sapernaya street. A group of invaders with armored vehicles attacked by Ukrainian soldiers #SlavaUkraini #БейРоссийскоФашистскихОккупантов
In Bucha, an apartment building was hit. [I am watching and listening and calling to the whole free world--#SaveUkraine #SAVEUKRAINENOW--the #Russians will not stop--HELP!!!
#Kharkiv Shevchenko Avenue. The occupants abandoned their cars and fled. Kharkiv residents, stay safe and fight the aggressors! The world is with you!
Important! #Zelensky announced the formation of the International Legion. Come to #Ukraine and fight against the #Russian occupiers shoulder to shoulder with #Ukrainian troops. To enroll and for details, contact: the Defense Attache of the Embassy of Ukraine in your country! RT!
RT #Zelenskyy: calling all people to join the #InternationalLegion. Come to #Ukraine and fight against the #Russian occupants shoulder to shoulder with #Ukrainian troops. To enroll and for details, contact: the Defense Attache of the Embassy of Ukraine in your country! RT!
A large column of #Russian vehicles is pushing into the city of #Sumy from the side of #Khimprom, the military administration is reporting.Civilians are asked to be in a safe place, not to go out unnecessarily and to stay away from windows. #AirRaid alert in Sumy. Shelter!
The Air Force of the Armed Forces of #Ukraine a few minutes ago shot down a cruise missile fired at #Kyiv from #Belarus by a Tu-22 aircraft. Another war crime of Belarus and Russia. Share information. Don't let the world slide into madness.
In Koryukovka in the #Chernihiv region, Ukrainians took to the streets to stop Russian tanks. This friendly dog is heartbreaking.
Russian media informs: #Russian delegation arrived in #Belarus for negotiations, ready to start talks in Gomel. Moscow is waiting for the decision of the Ukrainians, says #Peskov." What?! How did I miss this? :0 too busy reporting bombs.
#Vasilkiv, little, peaceful town, destroyed. "Denazification" and "liberation" by #RussianOccupants
IMPORTANT, #Zelensky is talking, addressing #Belarus
#Kharkiv. Vehicle abandoned, 5 soldiers hiding at the entrance: from houses, civilians are shooting them. "Occupants, remember: Ukrainians are kind only to those who come in peace. We told you - the earth will burn under your feet" says the caption
In #Bucha, a residential house, a playground destroyed by #Russians. The world needs to see it. Russians on their channels call it "cleaning the cities"-- I heard it myself and my heart hurts, my eye hurt. Share this.
This is hard. Don't look away. This girl was killed by #Russian occupiers, with her father. Her sister is in reanimation, little brother is in a hospital. 4th grade. Let everyone see this. #PutinIsaWarCriminal #PutinHitler #RussianArmy STOP Image
"In 2 hours we knocked half of the Russians out of #Kharkiv. We hold the defense, with weapons and Molotovs in our hands...Most of them are boys 17-25 years old, they are scared, they are in a foreign land, happy to run, let's help them. Guys why did you come to die?" Heraschenko
Two Danish journalists shot in Okhtyrka. The Daily Beast reported that Stefan Weichert and Emil Mikkelsen were injured by gunfire in the Sumy Oblast town, but are now safe and receiving treatment in hospital. @KyivIndependent
#Odesa rescuers put out 37 fires overnight. My beloved Odesa. Burn in hell, Putin. Burn in hell, Russian invaders. Image
#Zelensky in his speech: he is ready to negotiate with Russia. But not in Belarus. "Warsaw, Istanbul, Baku - we offered these cities to Russia for negotiations, and any other city from where missiles do not fly to Ukraine."
Alert! #Kyiv. Explosion in Troyeschina, thick black smoke.
#Mikolayiv A residential house
Hey you, @washingtonpost Who pays you? Putin? This is dishonest journalism, borderline propaganda on the side of the aggressor. #Kyiv stands. #Putin gets nothing. You suck. #РусскийКорабльИдиНаХуй, along with sloppy journalists. Image
[Need to take a few to regroup. I report and this is my Molotov. My dear Ukrainian friends who are in the streets with real Molotov and hiding their kids and animals in shelters asked me to tell their story to the world. Putin ruined Russia and now he's after us. We fight.]
"In the #Chernihiv region, hundreds of residents of Koryukovka did not let the tanks of Putin's Orks into the city"
Grandma Lyda from Volyn is 97 years old. “I survived Hitler and the Germans, I was there when Donbas was restored. I will also survive Putin the Tiny, with his locusts. Glory to Ukraine!" Image
#Kharkiv. #Ukraine. A playground. A #Russian missile. Feb 27. 2022. Share this. #StopPutin #StopRussianAggression #StopRussia #SaveUkraine Image
Will take a sleep break [I need to be accurate w/reporting] with this lovely piece of news: International Judo Federation strips #Putin of Honorary President & Ambassador of the International Judo Federation status in light of the ongoing war in #Ukraine.…
Friends! I am back, and just reviewed everything that happened in the last 7 hours. I will sum up the events BUT it takes longer as the social media (Telegram channels, in particular) are flooded with disinformation and planted fakes. I have to verify everything & my sources are
not always responding: some are busy fighting in the streets, others are attempting to flee, yet more friends are in shelters w/o connection. I am working with more limited resources and want to be as accurate as possible. I will specify what is verified and what is not
IMPORTANT DEVELOPMENTS: 1. After hours of going back and forth, the #Ukrainian authorities agreed to meet the #Russian delegation in #Gomel, #Belarus for negotiations. The head of RFdelegation: #Putin's former Minister of Culture #Medinsky known for his revisionism of history
Here is my old thread/article w/references to #Medinsky for details
#Lukashenka agreed to guarantee safety of the #Ukrainian delegation. #Belarusian president reportedly will send a deployment of troops to #Ukraine. Missiles Iskander were launched to Ukraine from #Belarus today
2. In #Kyiv, 10 min ago an air raid was announced, all people to shelter, after an extended curfew. Less journalists are able to report as many are in shelters and the residents are asked to stay in places and not move/drive around the city as it is a distraction: many saboteurs
masquerade as #Ukrainian civilians or military & drive around in small groups in civilian vehicles or, sometimes ambulances, & the police/military/territorial defense check all vehicles. #Kyiv stands & prepared to fight the anticipated attacks. I will get back to report on #Kyiv
3. Explosions are heard throughout #Ukraine, during the last 7 hours and NOW. Currently, a big explosion reported in #Odesa and #zhytomir. Overnight, fierce fights took place in #Kharkiv, #Kherson, #Nikolaev and more
4. [I will try to cover each city situation accurately after doing the summary/review.] IMPORTANT: #Putin made another speech, and gave an order to PUT NUCLEAR TROOPS ON ALERT, escalating the tension in the WORLD. THIS IS A SERIOUS THREAT. share the info #StopTheWar
#Putin is in a bunker. His threat is to be taken seriously. Over the last 3 days, #Russians captured #Chornobyl, where radiation level increased and the maintenance staff is taken hostage; hit the nuclear object near #Kyiv;& exploded 3 oil and gas depots/pipelines causing
environmental danger. #Ukraine cannot guarantee the nuclear security under these conditions. #Russian propagandist channels speak of future biological and nuclear war against the West; the Space Agency chief threatened the collapse of International Space Station on the US
5. J#Zelenskyy spoke to #Lukashenko on the phone. #Lukashenko promised he would NOT attack #Ukraine & will not allow missile strikes & attacks by #Russian ground forces from #Belarus territory. He offered to organize a meeting w/the Russian delegation on the border B &Ukraine.
#Zelenskyynoted that this wil be a tough diplomatic battle. Ukraine's first condition in the negotiations is to cease the fire and withdraw troops. The first results of the talks will appear within 3-4 hours, by the end of the day
6. AIR RAID in #Odesa NOW.
7. So many countries and organizations are taking measures against the aggressor that I cannot cover all in this summary. A few important ones: The European Commission proposes to ban broadcasting throughout the EU of RT, Sputnik and their subsidiaries, including YouTube.
Some Russian banks would be banned from SWIFT system SHORTLY. The EU prohibits all transactions with the #Russian Central Bank. The EU completely closes the airspace for Russia, said the head of the European Commission.
Multiple sports teams refuse to compete with #Russian athletes. In many countries, #Russians are refused services (luxury shopping, luxury restaurants etc).
7. Communications. IMPORTANT. The information space is flooded with dis-and mis-information. #Russia bans, fines & blocks all outlets that call "war" a "war". Western mass media doesn't pay adequate attention to nuances and headlines are often misleading & form wrong perceptions
In #Ukraine, many sources have limited access to communications (low batteries, interrupted internet, logistics). Telegram canals, often the only source of info for #Ukrainians,flooded with fakes, intentional & not. Durov, the owner, for 15 min considered banning the service.
8. MORALE. Very high, both in #UkrainianArmy and population. People are joining territorial defense forces. In #Russia: very low. The military personnel is confused; many are very young, born in 2000-2002, misinformed about their destination & purpose, not wanting to fight
In #Russia, thousands arrested [including my sources] & kept in police stations. Still, many taking to streets to protest. Today is 7th anniversary of the murder of popular #BorisNemtsov, the opposition leader shot in the back by the #Kremlin; he was fiercely anti-war w/#Ukraine
Meanwhile, #Navalny is on a closed and silenced trial in prison RIGHT NOW, about to be sentenced to 15 years more. Brutal arrests and impression of all opposing voices continues & as the news of reported approx 3,500 dead #Russian soldiers reach #Russia, morale is even lower.
As I type this summary, AIR RAIDS are announced in #Odesa, #Kyiv and a missile was shot at #Zhytomir from #Belarus (as #Lukashenko promised to cease fire for the duration of #Russian #Ukrainian negotiations)
8. MISCELLANEOUS important developments: For the first time, in history, the #EU is ready to start deliveries of weapons to #Ukraine. The US sanctions target computer chip sales to Russia. I will report more about sanctions but my focus is on the assault/military strikes.
I also focus on the local people's reports, reactions and news as you can find the info on sanctions and the West's response in mass media and other journalists' reports. Thank you for all who is listening and hearing and helping to share the tragedy.
I was going to fight in #Ukraine but all my friends/colleagues asked to cover the story from a safe place. Reporting this is hard because I have deep connections and roots in #Ukraine and many people and places very dear to me. I do my best to focus on facts but I am hearbroken.
Please help me to help the brave and beautiful #Ukraine by sharing #Ukrainians' stories. They tell me that it helps as they are facing the fourth night of the invasion. Starting to report current events from locations now. Will take a few minutes to review and verify reports.
A few photos and facts that struck me:
Animals in the war zone. As we are talking about the tragedy of #Ukrainian people, and as I [have to] listen about #Putin's absurd accusations against them, the humanity...
[have to take a few min to help friends in #Ukraine, back soon.] pls share the hotline for #Russians to find their loved ones killed/captured in #Ukraine. #Kremlin does not allow this information. mothers & fathers cannot find their sons. Military service is obligatory in Russia. Image
Just received this. From #Kyiv...…
From a friend: "My son is defending #Kyiv. Street fights going on, shooting at the windows. He slept at the entrance to a building, apartments are being shot through. curfew on 24 hrs. People are organized, everyone helps each other. Free bread distributed, mobile free" RT
[Back] From locations: Town called Happiness near Luhansk on the verge of a humanitarian catastrophe. Residential buildings & infrastructure facilities massively destroyed by shelling. People stuck in the basements. On Feb 26, the occupants captured Luhanska, Krymske, & Markivka.
Within the last hour, air raids in #Kyiv, #Kropyvnytskyi, #Dnipro, #Mariupol, #Cherkasy, #Ternopil, #Kharkiv, #Lviv, #Zhytomyr and #Volyn.
"Belarus missile ruins historical building in #Chernihiv, an Iskander ballistic missile fired from #Belarus hit the 1939 building downtown, a regional capital 150 kilometers north of #Kyiv. No injuries." Personal place, #Chernihiv.
Good news: EU bans Russia Today, Sputnik. Russia’s two main propaganda networks are now to shut down all across the union @KyivIndependent
"The Georgian bulk carrier refused to refuel the Russian ship. The captain of the ship told them "Russian ship, fuck off!" In response to the whining about being out of fuel, the reply was: Row! With oars. #русскийкорабльИдиНахyй…
US to provide Ukraine $54 mn in humanitarian assistance. Secretary of State Antony Blinken said on Twitter that the aid is meant to support humanitarian organizations working to help Ukrainians already in need & those newly affected by Russia’s unprovoked & unjustified attack.
ALERT! Unverified, from @UnianInfo Journalist reports that 11 large landing ships left @Crimea. According to intelligence information, some are heading towards #Zatoka. The aggressor will land troops, which should help the assault on #Odessa.
#Mykolaiv governor reported the downed Russian aircraft 150 km from #Mykolaiv, flying from #Crimea. #Kharkiv Mayor: "We have experienced, perhaps, the most difficult day in the entire post-WWII history of the city." #Kharkiv is still #Ukraine
It looks like it is a massive assault again [during the negotiations] A large column of #Russian heavy equipment, more than 40 units, as well as trucks and armored personnel carriers, passed in the direction of #Yasnogorodka, #Kyiv region
#Berdyansk, about 30 min ago: #Russian soldiers, shooting by the police station
Another air raid alert in #Kyiv. #Belgium will send #Ukraine 3,000submachine guns and 200 anti-tank grenade launchers, info from #Zelensky.
#Kyiv Mayor Klitschko, in response to an Associated Press question about whether there are plans to evacuate Kyiv residents: “We cannot do this, because all roads are blocked. Right now we're surrounded." He confirmed that 9 civilians, including 1 child, killed in #Kyiv.
A long-awaited convoy arrived in #Kharkiv with anti-tank NLAW, SMAW-D, Javelin, Stinger MANPADS and other weapons. Heavy fights for #Kharkiv continue.
100,000 Ukrainians mobilized in 2 days. According to Commander-in-Chief, 50,000 are military reservists and 50,000 are Territorial Defense volunteers. EU imposes sanctions on Belarus, bans petroleum imports, sharing technologies.
KFC and McDonalds are opening kitchens throughout Ukraine for cooking by the military. Refugees are accepted on the borders with Romania and Moldova: everyone helps.
#Berdyansk: heavy military equipment; #Russians entered the administrative buildings. They offered the Mayor Alexander Svidlo to collaborate/work under their control. He did not agree to such conditions and changed the location, he's now performing his duties from elsewhere.
There are reports that Belarusian airborne troops will receive the order to fly to Ukraine tonight. from @DrAlakbarov
This is the historical building in #Chernihiv I reported about earlier
Re #Chechens: also information that "after huge losses of Kadyrov's personal "army" (in particular: 70 of them were reported charred alive after a single Bayraktar strike), most of the rest returned across the border.
In the last five min, I faced 3 (!) fakes/disinfo/contradicting reports 1. Chechens (see three tweets above), both from extremely reliable sources 2. A video of the capitulation of a town (didn't share as wasn't convinced) appears fake 3. The AP shared Mayor of #Kyiv statement...
about the impossibility of evaciatopm/siege: "Nonsense &manipulation,” says Klitschko’s press secretary, in a commentary to The Insider. As you can see right now EVERY SINGLE THING you see needs: Stop. Reread. Think. Breathe. Verify. Wait. Think. #informationwarfare
[it helps:i was FORCED to study #CombatPropaganda at the LeningradUniversity, alma mater of Putin, sadly. I studied Literature but HAD to take the course to graduate. I wish I paid more attention. Everything they are doing is what they taught us. I hated it then. Hate it more now
Heavy fighting in #Kahovka near #Kherson
The moral & psychological state of #RussianArmy# is low. Near #Koryukovka in the #Chernihiv region, Russian conscripts are ready to surrender. Hundreds of disabled armored vehicles and tanks throughout Ukraine are abandoned @UnianInfo
Aeroflot flight Moscow - New York turned around, having approached the US. "Russian passenger plane, go f*** yourself."It could have people on board fleeing #Putin's prison. Anyone I know in #Russia is under arrest for protests now. #StopPutin
From Russia, NOW: A writer, first arrested in September when I was in Odesa, doing an online literary show together: Today, arrested with her mother (73 y.o.) for protesting war, in St.Petersburg. The police just brought more; nowhere to keep us. About 1,000 detainees." ImageImage
Since the beginning of the Russian attack on Ukraine, 352 civilians have been killed, 14 of them children. 1684 people were injured, including 116 children; from the Ministry of Health.
#UK to provide £40m in humanitarian aid to #Ukraine, Boris Johnson's press office says. The world's reaction is inspiring.
#Canada will supply #Ukraine with $19.6 mn worth of non-lethal weapons, the country's Foreign Minister said. At the request of the UN Security Council, an emergency special session of the UN General Assembly will take place today.
And now some #Ukrainian sense of humor! The best. #Ukrainian tractor stealing a #Russian armored vehicle. I also saw pictures of Russian tanks stuck in the swamp en masse.
Good job #Germany better late than never: Germany to build two port terminals for liquefied natural gas (LNG) to reduce its energy dependency on Russia, Scholz on Feb. 27 @politico
[taking a short break to study and verify the news and alerts]
[back; a lot of disinformation and some confusion] Meanwhile, the Bank of Russia banned foreigners from selling Russian shares. Aeroflot suspends all flights to Europe from Feb 28, the airline said.
A powerful explosion in the Cherkasy region about an hour ago.…
Needs to be verified: 11 #Russian ships may try to land troops in the #Odesa #Odessa region. #Ukrainian army is prepared to repel the attack.
From my sources: #Russian military is getting upset with the lack of advance and has lost communications with their deployments.
Confirming: Advisor to the #Ukrainian President Arestovich believes that the Russians will launch an offensive against #Mykolaiv and #Odesa. 11 transport ships of the Russian Federation, each containing one battalion, headed to Odesa, w/an intent to land. @UnianInfo
#Kadyrov, in response to Western #sanctions, threatened to close the airspace over #Chechnya and freeze the ruble assets of #British #PrimeMinister #BorisJohnson. He gave the West time to abandon its statements and sanctions "until February 31" !!! 😂😂😂
Samples of destroyed and captured during the day of enemy technology 🇺🇦⚔️🇺🇦 from Deputy Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada Committee on National Security, Defense and Intelligence ImageImageImage
Arestovich's briefing summary (see above):
▪️ #Kupyansk, #Kharkiv region: clarified, to be confirmed;
▪️ #Volnovakha recaptured, #Mariupol holding on, #Berdyansk captured;
▪️ small groups of Russian reserves approaching from the #Crimea towards the #Kherson and #Odesa;
▪️ three missiles in #Kyiv: one down, no information on the other yet, the third hit #Sofiyskaya #Borshchagovka;
▪️ strikes on #Zhytomyr and #Zaporozhye;
▪️ air raid alert (some for safety)
▪️ preliminary losses of #Russian: 1.5K killed, 3K wounded, 27 aircraft, 26 helicopters,
150 tanks, more than 700 armored personnel carriers and infantry fighting vehicles, 60 tanks for refueling, etc.
▪️ Stay calm.
🇺🇦Glory to Ukraine!
#Ukraine officially filed a lawsuit against the Russian Federation at the International Court of Justice in The Hague, from the Center for Combating Disinformation.
Meanwhile, in #Russia: On the evening of Feb 27, on #Pushkin #Square in #Moscow, a car with the graffiti“People, rise!” & "This is War!" drove into a fence and caught fire, according to Avtozak…
Unverified: street fights in #Kharkiv after explosions. If you are in #Kharkiv 1. take shelter if you are civilian 2. please confirm (important)
Unverified: #Belarus may invade #Ukraine in the morning. The head of the Nikolaev Regional State Administration Vitaly Kim reports that the region is preparing for an offensive. According to him, enemy flares were seen, indicating preparations for an attack.
[i have to listen to #Russian propaganda channels. Please send good thoughts. Insanity. The Heart of Darkness.] :((((((((((
If someone in #Melitopol, pls let us know the situation. Important.
"In #Melitopol captured by the #RussianAgressor, 11 stores ATB grocery stores looted. Persons of "non-Slavic appearance" (sic!) and a crowd of the local population steal goods & destroy property. Food carts and shopping carts are scattered around."…
In the US, #Virginia Liquor Control Authority ordered Russian-made vodka to be removed from the shelves of liquor stores due to the aggression in #Ukraine. :D A propos, a bit about #Kremlin vodka…
In Moscow, there were harsh detentions at a rally against the war. 290 people in paddy wagons and police stations.
IMPORTANT! From @UnianInfo "For obvious reasons, part of the time, we work from basements & the Internet speed in #Kyiv is not the best right now. Some important news can be repeated. We are trying to be better!
And we work for you! Together we are strong! 💪💪💪"
1,5 hrs ago: An airstrike in the center of Kupyansk in the #Kharkiv region near the bridge over the Oskil River. Witnesses say the blast occurred on February 27 at about 11 p.m.…
That was followed by another explosion in #Kharkiv by the airport about an hour ago (I referred to it above but w/o details.) Very hard to confirm events rn (see the message from journalists on locations above)
It is the middle of the night there and people are trying to get some rest after five days of hell and chaos; while the relentless aggressor keeps attacking. There is a prolonged and strange silence from #Kyiv. Can't find the info. Either it's quiet or the internet down--or ?
ALERT! #RussianTroops are trying to resume the attack on #Kyiv through #Polissya river. A pontoon crossing is being prepared near Demidov across the #Yerpen River, - from General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine
Air Strike in #Vinnytsia. All in the shelter Image
This is a great thread showing how to REALLY verify videos. I don't have time to go through all these steps because my goal is to cover the overall, broad picture but I turn to reliable resources to check each event. Many thanks!
AirRaids in #Chernihiv and #Zhytomyr.
From General Staff of The Armed Forces of Ukraine: "Enemy continues the air-to-ground offensive operation against #Ukraine. During the air-to-ground offensive operation, the enemy continued to inflict fire on military and civilian airfields, military control points (forces),
air defense facilities, important critical infrastructure, settlements, and units in defense areas.
In Polissya, in the direction of #Kyiv, the enemy is trying to resume the offensive by launching a pontoon crossing over the #Irpin river in the area of ​​#Demidiv
Another attempt by the aggressor to capture the city of #Irpin was unsuccessful. Ukrainian defense forces destroyed new enemy equipment. In all directions, tank and mechanized units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine with the support of artillery maintain the defense of some borders.
The Air Force of the Armed Forces of Ukraine repulses enemy airstrikes. The grouping of the defense forces of #Kyiv has deployed a dense and multilevel system of defense of the capital. A systematic struggle against a
small number of sabotage-reconnaissance groups (SRG) numbering 3-15 people with weapons, masquerading as the Armed Forces of Ukraine, wearing its uniform but in bulletproof vests of the Russian federation. [?!?!?!!!!-zz]
#stoprussia Image
🇪🇺 🇺🇦 Ukraine should join the European Union, European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen said in an interview with Euronews. Also, an unverified explosion in #Kyiv. [did i really just type all this?]
[I need to take a few min sanity break. Will still be monitoring but I need some air; haven't been outside since Russia invaded Ukraine which now feels like in a different era. Will be back very soon.]
Or not.#Belarus will renounce its non-nuclear &neutral status, allowing #Russia to place nuclear weapons on its territory, as a result of the referendum today. 65.16% allegedly supported these constitutional amendments. Lukashenko extended his executive powers. @KyivIndependent
"Even expert Russia-watchers aren’t sure what changed when Vladimir Putin ordered the country’s “deterrence forces” to be put on a “special regime of combat duty” on Sunday." I'm an expert Russia-watcher...…
...I first was watching it from inside, and then, luckily for me &, for a long time, from outside. I saw #Putin come to power from a low-rank #KGB officer (and wrote a lot about it.) Here is what I think: he is mentally ill. He's having a manic episode of some sort (I'm not a...
... psychiatrist but I have seen enough mental illness in my life.) If you watch his "Security Council", his speech on Feb 23, his further communication, closely, you will see that. He used to have a strategic plan, a manic idea to establish #EurasianState as per #Dugin (I
...mentioned it several times before in this thread and elsewhere) but none of this is relevant and the world is fighting a mentally ill individual with absolute power (and a nuclear "chemodanchik" little suitcase.) Letters Z and V on tanks, attacks on certain dates, unfiltered
and aggressive speech (rape limericks, etc.) If we don't stop him now as a world, all together, his illness may cause us the planet.] Back to reporting.
ALERT! The State Service for Special Communications reports that fighter jets have taken off from Belarus towards Ukraine. Video from Zhlobino, Gomel region.
State of #NewYork orders state entities to stop doing business with Russia, according to the executive ordere signed by its governor
[breaking for a few]
‼️‼️‼️ Multiple sources say the decision has been made — and as soon as on Feb. 28 at 5 a.m. local time, the first Ilyushin Il-76 transport aircraft is very likely to take off carrying Belarusian paratroopers to be deployed against Ukraine.
They are all out now: "Russia has friends in the world, said the OFFICIAL representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry Zakharova on air of state TV: "And we know them all: North Korean cannibals, Venezuelan cocaine addicts, and Belarusian vampires" ?!?! #RestrainRussia
#Putin and #Kremlin are unsatisfied with their advance in #Ukraine. They will now turn to extreme measures. Nothing is worse than the insulted pride of a paranoic with an inferiority complex. If someone as ins in @POTUS administration: time to stop them. [My two cents.]
No reason to panic and the world is in a better place than ever to push back against the violations against grave violations of international law and human rights.
In #Pisochyn, a shell fell between two apartment buildings. As a result, broken windows and damaged communication - no water in the sewer; the gas pipeline is intact (don't buy the disinfo). No casualties.
(That was in #Kharkiv). Overnight and the last few hours, in #Kyiv a couple of explosions but overall calm.
According to the General Staff of #UkrainianArmy: #Russian army lost 4,500 people in 4 days. In 2 yrs of the monstrous battles of the first Chechen war with the complete destruction of entire cities, 5,000 soldiers died. And for all 10 years of fighting in Afghanistan - 15,000.
Also, in 4 days: 27 destroyed &damaged aircraft, 26 helicopters, 150 tanks, 700 units SAS, 50 firearms, SAM BUK, 4 MLRS BM-21 Grad, 60 fuel tanks, 2 operational-tactical UAV levels, ships, 2 boats. The Russian Ministry of Defense does not provide data on the dead.
The sounds of explosions in different parts of the city in Kharkiv right now.
#Zelensky told British PM #Johnson tonight that he believed the next 24 hours would be a crucial period for #Ukraine.
A side note: It is reported that military training is being conducted throughout Russia in operationally important areas of the oceans. (Far East (Sakhalin, Nakhodka, Baltic sea, etc.) Just putting it here.
Source about the military training:…
Explosions in #Kyiv and #Kharkiv.
Unverified, from various sources: three-mile column of Russian troops and tanks 'moving towards Kyiv' Alphabet Inc’s Google has temporarily disabled some Google Maps tools in Ukraine which provide live information about traffic conditions and how busy different places are
NOW: from @unian: In #Polissya in the direction of #Kyiv, #RussianArmy is trying to resume the offensive by building a pontoon crossing over the #Irpin near #Demidov, reports UNN.
The #Ukrainian military: successful attacks against #Russian forces using drones, destruction of a Russian BUK missile system.
#EU sanctions against #Russia just started. As of today, the EU's airspace is completely closed to Russian aircraft, and all operations with the Central Bank of the Russian Federation are prohibited, as reported in the official EU Journal. @UnianInfo
Downtown #Chernihiv a rocket hit a residential building. A fire broke out, two lower floors are on fire. The number of injured is currently unknown.…
Ambushed Russian convoy today near Sribne, Chernihiv Region.
Another great breakdown of the situation at the moment. I can't verify every statement and map but a very reliable source and seems very accurate to me based on my observations. Please note that mistakes are possible at this point.
And now to put a human face on the military analysis because it is easy to get desensitized after rapid fire of "assaults", "casualties" and "damages" The #Russian aggressor troops burned down a museum in #Kyiv region.…
The previous post is by a talented, creative artist who was just consumed by her art a week before #Putin decided to invade her peaceful country. Tomorrow, it could be you. #StopPutinsWar #StopPutin ImageImage
Blasts heard in #Kyiv and #Kharkiv early, on Monday morning, Ukraine's State Service of Special Communications and Information Protection reported.
And meanwhile, this is what is happening with refugees, fleeing the war, running to Romania, Moldova, Poland. They need food. It is freezing cold. They have kids with them. This is at the border. Some people make sure the refugees are fed.
Meanwhile, the wrath of the world is striking Russia. They can't get out to go to most places (airspace is closed, see above), the rouble will crash more tomorrow, and now the mail won't work either. Russians, your enemy is in the #Kremlin. Take him down.
Additional force may come to Ukraine from France, Ukrainians in the French Foreign Legion (ground forces). They will come fully w/ their military equipment. The Center for Counteracting Disinformation/ National Security and Defense Council confirms this fact. They mean business. Image
As if #Russian people have not been already punished enough by its government and now the world community, the #Kremlin decides to make it real. Russian providers have completely or partially restricted access to #Facebook and #Twitter. Get rid of #Putin and be free!
[just read about the animals that get lost, run away during bombings, couldn't be taken along as people flee. there is a woman in a village in Ukraine who's not going to leave because she can't take her 5 dogs and 4 cats. she just watches rows of cars heading towards the border] Image
[the woman asked to remember to put cat and dog food in humanitarian aide. she didn't ask to donate or for herself. just to remember.]
Air raid alerts in #Kyiv yet again. The aggressor is relentless and just wouldn't stop. The curfew was supposed to be over and some people were talking about going to work... the negotiations should be happening in a few hours but #Zelensky wasn't expecting much.
#Kyiv is not surrendering. From the Groud Troops HQ: "Today, the enemy continued to try to break through the defense of Kyiv. Repeatedly, deployments of Russian troops tried to storm the outskirts. Their movements were under control; timely decisions were made."
"Occupant's equipment destroyed. The opponent suffered significant losses from the personnel team. Russian troops are demoralized and exhausted. We showed that we can protect our home from uninvited guests." Commander of the Armed Forces of Ukraine - Commander of Defense of Kyiv
Yet, The Washington Post spoke to an unnamed US administration official on Sunday evening who said the deployment could begin as soon as Monday. "It’s very clear Minsk is now an extension of the Kremlin,” they said.
Russian ruble hits record low, & is now 40% against the U.S. dollar after Western nations stepped up sanctions against Russia following its invasion of Ukraine. @KyivIndependent
[And the #Kremlin is not going to like any of this. I feel, finally, people can get my 2015 cartoon. Tried to explain and warn since 2012 but didn't do a great job, apparently.] Image
The National Academy of Science calls on the international academic community to completely suspend cooperation with the Russian academics as they "assist the Russian regime not only with a new arms race, but also in the global promotion of Russia's official imperial policy»
#refugees in #Lviv stay @Theater, RT From Feb 27, Les Kurbas Theatre Hall, Lesya Kurbasa st, 3. overnight; nap, hot drinks, snacks, help: nurse, psychologist, lawyer. For an overnight stay, a passport is required! Bobmshelter. ImageImage
😡The Times: more than 400 Russian mercenaries in Kyiv tasked by the #Kremlin with assassinating #Zelenskyy, members of the Cabinet of Ministers, & preparing the ground for taking the city under Moscow's control.
The Wagner Group, a PMC run by Putin's ally, sent mercenaries from Africa 5 weeks ago on a mission to behead the Zelensky government for a hefty financial bonus. Everything u wanted to ask about Wagner but were afraid to ask…
Information about Wagner's mission hit the Ukrainian government's desk on Saturday morning, and a few hours later Kyiv announced a 36-hour curfew to clear the city of Russian saboteurs.
"My blind, 83-y.o. Mom survived the evacuation & the Nazi bombs, lost her father in 1943 (the liberator of Donbas, starved after the war), slept on the bunk bed last night, trembling, expecting the Russian fascist invaders' bombs, who came to liberate Ukraine from the Ukrainians" Image
Grocery stores and public transport will open in Kyiv from 08:00. Metro will run much less often than usual Please do not go outside and do not move around the city unnecessarily. The night was peaceful, w/several skirmishes and battles with saboteurs & reconnaissance groups
but that night the city was more prepared for defense. You will see anti-tank fortifications. Street fights continue in almost every district of the city. Leave only in case of emergency, to buy food or medicine. Join forces; help each other: ask your neighbors if they need help
especially the elderly or families whose relatives are defending Ukraine. Watch the apartments of neighbors who have left the city to prevent looting. Note that curfew is not canceled. From Feb 28, it will last, as previously determined, from 10:00 pm to 7:00 am.💙💛"city channel
👉 #Ukrainian #cybertroops hacked into the #Kremlin website and leaked the contact database of Russian officials. All "elite" phone numbers and email addresses are collected in the @gov_rf_bot bot. Send them your love ;) We hear passwords are a fun read! Image
[My brain just fizzled. Taking a breathing break. Just so relieved that #Kyiv is okay but hoping everyone is careful and vigilant. Everyone is getting exhausted and that's when it's easy to make a mistake. Be safe!]
"Belarusian Foreign Ministry: "a platform for negotiations between Russia and Ukraine has been prepared, the arrival of delegations is expected" [don't drink this water] Image
"Today, since the beginning of trading on the Moscow Exchange, the dollar exchange rate went up to 90 rubles, Euro to 101.19 rubles. Russia, meet new historical record! And look for updates on an hourly basis" @UnianInfo [a nice souvenir photo from the 'wild 90s'] Image
The Russian Defense Ministry said the #RussianArmy took control of the Zaporizhzhia #nuclear power plant & controls the area. The press secretary of Energoatom, a #Ukrainian state enterprise, denied it & stated that the station is under the full control of Ukraine.
The negotiations between #Russian and #Ukrainian delegations are expected to start in 2 hours. I won't be able to wait till the results, so I will call it a night & hope for a miracle. Thank you for caring & following these tragic events. I will be back to report in 8+- hours.
[Hello and back online to report the fifth day of the #Russian invasion in #Ukraine.] Still, #UkraineUnderAttack, over the last 8 hours heavy blasts and bombing hit #Kharkiv that sustained at least 31 casualties and many injured, burned down houses, schools and stores; #Chernihiv
and #Chernihiv district, where two villages are reported to be destroyed; areas close to #Odesa, shelling in the #BlackSea and more. I will do the summary and then will start reporting on the attacks and events as they unroll in real time. IMPORTANT: the 1st round #negotiations
1st round of #negotiations #Ukraine / #Russia is over in #Belarus; no concrete results are reported; "2nd round to begin shortly at Polish-Belarusian border." #Ukraine demanded withdrawal of #Russian troops & restoring its territory. #Russian economy is hit by massive #sanctions
#Russia is hit by massive #sanctions & #cyberattacks; all major websites (#Kremlin, #Russian government, #FSB, all state-run mass media, TV etc) are DOWN thank u @YourAnonOne, #Ruble has hit unprecedented low; #EU airspace is closed for #Russian airplanes
Airspace around the world is also not available for #Russian flights (will specify); the property of #Russian #oligarchs, elite and #Putin is arrested and bank accounts frozen around the EU countries & #Switzerland (!), millions of $ transferred to #Ukraine from around the world
The humanitarian crisis in #Ukraine: shortages of food supplies reported in #Kyiv, problems with transportation & communication in many parts of #Ukraine under constant air attacks from #Russians (no cease fire during negotiations); but #Ukrainian moral is high
Residents walk out into streets unarmed to stop #Russian tanks and military equipment; sing national anthems in occupied squares (#Berdyansk), play it on trumpets during shelling from balconies (#Kyiv), save paintings from burning museums, & put posters
with now-iconic "#Russian ship [tank, plane, soldier, rouble] go f*** yourself" #РусскийКорабльИдиНаХуй everywhere, including road signs that now have arrows showing where the said #Russians can reach the said destination. One farmer stole a #Russian tank, using his tractor;
jets draw angels in the sky over #Kyiv. Keeping this high spirit is hard: I reviewed over 600 messages on waking up with incredibly disturbing images of death, injuries, children's suffering, bodily harm, cruelty. I'm not going to share them RN, i will document some so they can
be archived and kept for history & for the trial over #PutinWarCriminal in #HagueForPutin SOON. On the good side, a rumor circulates in mass media loud & clear:#Putin's imminent end in his bunker is near; his #oligarchs will get rid of him. Any bets on the date? ;)
[I will now check in with all my sources which is becoming hard as communication lines are often down, people are in hiding AND exhausted and, at this point, I wait for them to reach out. Worried for my friends, out in the streets fighting and in shelters hiding. Will report live
Thank you for caring, following, sending messages of support to #Ukraine. I have started this ongoing report on #russianinvasion when #Putin attacked; I use many sources in #Ukraine, reliable channels & colleagues reporting on site. From start here:
[will be back in 15-20 min, catching up, getting details, photos etc]
Good lord. A baby (I want to say donkey?) was born in the ecopark under fire "Despite everything, life goes on. "Little Ukrainians are born in shelters, and in #Kharkiv in an Ecopark under the "Hail" shelling and the howling of sirens," this happened. ... Image
The shelling started in #Kharkiv AGAIN right now. This is how it looks. The missiles like this hit houses and playgrounds. They are dangerous and explode any moment. #PutinWarCriminal #StopWarInUkraine RT! Image
Also, follow and share this account, united #Ukrainian journalists delivering images and eyewitnesses.
This is how a missile attack looks. 2022. #Berdyansk
Very worried about the latest explosion in #Kyiv. 35 min ago
I see videos and photos like this by dozens. Everywhere in #Ukraine, civilians build road blocks and barricades to stop the #russianinvasion
A missile attack in #Kyiv was carried out on #Brovary, Mayor Igor Sapozhko. Six people were injured.…
In #Chernihiv region, the military equipment of the enemy and prisoners were seized, from General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine
#stoprussia ImageImage
IMPORTANT UPDATE, RT: "While fighting is going on in #Kyiv, #journalists and eyewitnesses are DO NOT give the locations of the explosion or shooting!
#Russian army uses such info to coordinate attacks. Information about explosions & shootings will be shared after fighting stops
ONGOING HEAVY ATTACKS on #Kyiv and elsewhere [in the light of the latest request, regrouping here and figuring out the best way to report, also helping friends who had to relocate to coordinate, back in a few min]
RT to all: Departure from #Kyiv in the direction of #Brovary is limited, from Kyiv City State Administration.
#Ukraine #UkraineUnderAttack #Kyivunderattack
Latest updates: #Russia is reported to attack #Ukrainian telecommunications channel and cut down #Internet and #mobile connection. #EU took an unprecedented decision to supply weapons to the "third" country (#Ukraine) [Bravo!]
This taboo is broken because of the unprecedented situation and the number of civilians killed;lethal weapon for $450 mn Euro will be delivered to #Ukraine, more funds in humanitarian aide. #Germany will be also breaking taboo and supply weapons to #Ukraine
100 bn Euro will be invested into defense industry of Germany, a big change, prompted by the #RussianInvasionInUkraine; more countries are going to supply weapons. #Hungary refused to join and banned transit of weapons through its territory
However, a no-fly zone over #Ukraine is not an option as #NATO leaders see their goal in stopping the escalation of the military conflict that can lead to triggering Article 5 (collective response of NATO to an attack on 1 country). [In my opinion, they should be more concerned
by the unhinged #Kremlin dictator #Putin who AGAIN repeated the threat of using #Russian #nuclear weapon, that is now on "high alert." I repeat, this individual is in a state of mental disorder and needs to be restrained by all means possible. RT at #psychiatrists to diagnose.]
The humanitarian crisis with refugees: over 150,000 refugees have left #Ukraine. Accumulation of people at the borders is high; all #COVID protection measures are dropped; there are shortages of water, food, and warm clothes in freezing weather. My sources report high level of
support from neighboring countries in Moldova, Romania, Slovakia, Poland, with local people providing food, transport & shelter. People drive from as far as Belgium to help the refugees. "I have never seen such help from volunteers. In Uzhgorod, all free municipal buildings
...were given to refugees, one of the restaurants was turned into a free food center for. One after another, cars arrive and deliver food and clothes." from my source who fled to Czech Republic with family. Post office is not working in #Ukraine, transportation is limited and the
delivery of goods further into the country is challenging. If you are reading in EU and want to help, find volunteer groups on FB, many people deliver first aide and food to the borders.
In #Russia, the #Kremlin is blocking Twitter and trying to limit FB, and establishes the information blockage. Help #Russians with information: "Go to Google Maps. Find #Russia. Find a business and write a review and in it explain what is happening in Ukraine." RT #SaveUkraine
HARD TO LOOK! DO NOT LOOK AWAY!!! On February 7, a 6-year-old girl was wounded by shelling by #Russian troops, brought to #Mariupol #Hospital in critical condition. Doctors tried to save her, but failed. RT!!! #PutinWarCriminal…
JUST IN: As a result of a missile strike by the #Russian military in the #Kyiv region (#Vasylkiv, #Bila Tserkva, #Kalynivka), a five-story dormitory and two five-story apartment buildings were destroyed, and rescuers are now arriving.
"I believe that in such conditions silence is a crime." #VasilStus Vasil Stus, #ukrainian poet, who 13 years in detention, until his death in Perm-36, then a Soviet forced labor camp for political prisoners, for speaking up. SPEAK UP! DON'T BE SILENT! ImageImage
[in the last post two photos: one from the border with Romania,another one is a kindergarten bombed out in #Chernihiv. Several villages around #Chernihiv bombed into the ground. Trying to find #Kulikivka, at 19, was engaged to a boy from it. Google Maps don't work. Can't find it]
FROM #Kyiv In the town of Vasylkiv, a 5-floor residential building was destroyed and is burning now. 1 person under the rubble of the building in #BilaTserkva
In #Kharkiv, a family was burnt alive in a car, people who stepped out to get water were shot, a woman lost a leg and died from bleeding, schools and kindergartens are burnt down overnight; the worst damage in modern history. #SaveUkraine #SaveUkraineNow #StopPutinNOW
🇺🇦 From Minister of Defense of Ukraine #РезніковОлексій "In 4 days, the loss of #Russian occupants: killed & wounded more than 5.300, hundreds captured. Many are very young. The #Kremlin turns them into criminals, into murderers. Some were deceived, some brainwashed, intimidated.
The morale is not high. #Russiansoldiers face our heroic defenders and #Ukrainian weapons; they see that no one greets them with flowers. They are met with shouts: "Fascists! Go Home!" For #Ukraine, human life is the highest value.
To save the lives of Ukrainians, the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine support the initiative of the international IT community. We offer Russian soldiers a choice: to die in an unjust war or surrender, get full amnesty & 5 mn rubles of compensation.
Put down the guns and voluntarily surrender. Funds to secure this action are raised by global IT industry leaders. We offer the Russian military personnel a chance to start a new life. Anyone who refuses to be an occupant will bring peace closer.
For those who choose the path of the occupant - there will be no mercy! Glory to Ukraine!" From the Minister of Defense. Share this message, maybe it will reach some #Russian boys who want to escape. [Reminder: military service is compulsory in Russia, starts at 18]
In Russia, the special forces brutally arrest the protestors. One woman fainted but was carried to a police van. A few people I know in St.Petersburg were arrested yesterday and are still in prison.…
WARNING: #Russian troops are planning to disconnect the Internet and mobile connection in Ukraine. This will have a devastating impact as people coordinate via phones
ANALYSIS: Three main attacks right now, nighttime in #Ukraine: #Kyiv, attacked from the West and bombarded; #Kharkiv that already suffered heave losses, and #Mariupol that is now surrounded by #Russian troops. Attacks are expected on #Mikolayiv and #Odesa.
Here is the map. Air raids are announced as soon as #Ukrainian military registers an aircraft/missile heading to Ukraine as the destination is never known. The air defense force than attempts to down missiles/aircrafts. Image
Turkey will not allow warships to pass through the Bosphorus and the Dardanelles, Turkish Foreign Minister Cavusoglu said.
The U.S. has suspended its embassy operations in Belarus, and all American personnel has left the country, according to Special Envoy for Belarus Ambassador. "Belarus' complicity in Russia's war against Ukraine has shown the regime's loss of sovereign decision-making.
A new road sign design in #Ukraine, from #Odesa Image
WARNING: #Informationwarfare ALERT! #Cyberspace is a major #battlefield. DO NOT open attachments in emails unless you are 100% sure you know the source. Note: the source can be faked. Everyone is a target. DO NOT share locations of military operation in #Ukraine in real time.
#Kharkiv, 1 hr ago, a mother with a child is blocked under ruins. Image
8 #EU countries have published an appeal in support of the speedy launch of the process of Ukraine's accession to the EU. The appeal was signed by the presidents of Bulgaria, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia and the Czech Republic.
Writers, artists, art community: PLEASE SIGH AND SHARE Petition: Impose cultural sanctions on the Russian Federation. I signed. #GloryToUkraine #СлаваУкраїни…
#Kharkiv now Prosecutor General of Ukraine: In Kharkiv today, it’s worse than ever. Here in the photo, after eating a shell at the kitchen window, the woman kicked her leg, died in the hospital Image
Bayraktar destroyed 96 tanks, 20 Gradov, and 8 fuel trucks in the Sumy region. For all they that take the sword shall perish with the sword. #StopWarInUkraine #StopPutin Image
If in Ukraine: soldiers with white handbands or w/white signs on their uniform are #Russian aggressors. Soldiers in black uniform with beards: #Chechens fighting on the side of #Russians. There are saboteurs in civilian uniform and masquerading in Ukrainian uniform.
Canada plans to ban oil imports from Russia, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said.
#Kremlin: #Russia’s Foreign Ministry said the countries supporting #Ukraine with lethal weapons would bear responsibility if they are used during #Moscow’s "ongoing offensive." #StopPutin if we don't stop him now he will start WWIII. I SAID IT. Do evthg to stop him.
This is how brave #Ukrainian people are. Young man and woman driving in a car throwing firebombs at #Russian tanks. Will we help them to defend their homes and their lives?
[veryfying a lot of information. there is a lot of fakes. beware of disinformation.]
More powerful explosions in #Kharkiv now.
Starlink hardware arrives in Ukraine. Elon Musk activated the Starlink satellite internet service in Ukraine following an appeal from @FedorovMykhailo, Ukraine's minister of digital transformation.
Re: Gerasimov being fired. Vindman said "reportedly" and it is impossible to verify in Russian sources. All major Russian sites (Kremlin, TV, and media outlets are down hacked by Anonymous.) A very good example.
From Security Services of Ukraine: Today, a new [Russian] fake is spread that "the occupiers are installing mobile communication equipment that could interrupt our networks." Next are the "tips" on how to choose the right network... Do not fall for fakes.
#Kyiv a few hrs ago. Explosion, most likely by #Vasylkiv
Parts of #Kharkiv disconnected from electricity. The #Russians began to blow up power stations that supply the city with electricity. #KharkivMassacre #StopWarInUkraine #StopPutinNOW
#Zelensky: In 5 days, #Russia fired 56 missiles at #Ukraine, 113 cruise missiles. This is Ukraine, this is #Europe, 2022. Evil, armed with missiles, bombs, artillery, must be stopped immediately. To destroy economically, to show that humanity is able to defend itself.
"I believe that the complete closure of the sky for Russian missiles, planes and helicopters should be considered. In 5 days, 56 missile strikes have already been inflicted on Ukraine, and 113 cruise missiles have been fired. That's what it is, brotherly friendship." #Zelensky
Just in: #Russian artillery troops & airforces shot at high-voltage lines in #Mariupol, leaving the city partially without electricity, the city council said. In freezing temperature. #StopWarInUkraine #StopPutinNOW #PutinWarCriminal #PutinHitler
#Zelensky: The talks (with Russia) took place, as our territory was being bombed and shelled. Russia is trying to put pressure. Don't waste time. We do not accept such tactics. @KyivIndependent
Russian soldier breaks into Ukraine without knowing the reason for it (English subtitles) from @UkraineNewsNow
In #Kharkiv, a city that is under heavy shelling right now, and electricity is not working everywhere, food supplies are becoming short. Long lines for bread. [my great-grandparents starved to death in the Nazi Siege of Leningrad. it is very hard to report this. all of this.]
[how can you, #russiansoldiers, do this? i am out of words, out of tears and the only reason i keep writing and translating is because #ukrainian people need for the world to see this #genocide. #Russian people, rise. take down your criminal government. take it down.]
Just listening about the #combatPropaganda that i was forced to study in school: it is being used to spread rumors and sow panic and fear. When you hear that #Russians took control of this or that area etc know that 80% of times this is #InformationWarfare.
"A sabotage group of Russians tried to break into the Mikhailovsky Cathedral in #Kyiv yesterday and was disarmed by the guards of the St. Michael's Golden-Domed Monastery. It is said that the Head of the Ukrainian Church is on the main target list for #RussianArmy Image
An interview with the Mayor of #Vasilkiv, a town burning and bombed night after night. Natalia Balasynovych, the mayor of Vasylkiv, a 37-year-old campaigner against domestic abuse now thrown into a war effort. by @shaunwalker7
[taking a few minutes to regroup and breathe. Important because there is a lot of information, disinformation, and one needs a clear head. My sources are mostly asleep for now, or fleeing. It is 1 am in #Ukraine now]
International Criminal Court Prosecutor, Karim A.A. Khan QC: “I have decided to proceed with opening an investigation... over the events unfolding in…
#PutinWarCriminal Putin will answer for his crimes in Hague. Not posting the photos of children and adults killed over the last five days. But every single one of them will be remembered. #Putin you will answer for each life you took. Image
Good news. Image
Paul McCartney, Mick Jagger, and Russian rock icon Boris Grebenshikov spoke up for #Ukraine. But you know who is a real rock star now? #Zelenksy #Zelenskyy Image
Let me rephrase it, especially for those commenting. "...Does the West watch in silence as it rolls TOWARDS THE WEST?" How many years does it take for you to see what he's doing? @NATO @US wake up. #Putin is telling you what he's up to. Stop him.
The latest from @oldLentach Everyone, get a good shrink: #Ukrainian authorities: #Russians began the assault on #Kherson advancing from the airport to the #Mikolayiv Hwy & the ring at the cold storage facility. Walt Disney suspends the delivery of its films to Russian cinemas.
New satellite imagery from #Maxar Technologies shows that the #Russian military convoy reaching the outskirts of #Kyiv is even longer than previously thought--over 64 km long. Yes, we are all watching the biggest tragedy of our times before our eyes. Contact yr elected officials Image
For the name of HUMANITY, this nightmare STILL can be stopped. We, as humans, MUST stop the massacre by a bloody, insane dictator who lost his mind in a bunker. If we don't, we ALL are complicit. This is no Walt Disney. Call @biden @NATO @EU @KamalaHarris @BorisJohnson etc
I am calm and it is not hysteria. We are at the point of no return. Don't let #Putin take #Kyiv. Mayor of #Kherson says that the city is blocked by the forces of the Russian Federation, but will try to hold out until the morning.
[not posting anything unverified and don't want to emote. we all need to stay calm, think clearly and monitor every move. do not open any attachments on your devices. hacking is the word of the day. will be back when something worth reporting happens]
A journalist of #RadioSvoboda arrested live in Russia during protests. Honest people in #Russia ARE IN PRISON. This country is a PRISON. ImageImageImage
US admin officials warned lawmakers in classified briefings today that the second wave of Russian troops will likely consolidate the country's positions within Ukraine & by sheer numbers be able to overcome the Ukrainian resistance, say people familiar with the briefings @CNN
The good news, though, re: large numbers/holding big cities: being overextended is the risk; there are protests and growing rebellion at home &, dear @japan, maybe now is the time to claim #Kuril islands?
HOW TO HELP (from Ukrainian people): A Humanitarian Post. Bring goods to a local warehouse.
USA: 27 Merry Lane NP100007070, New Jersey (NJ)
East Hanover , 07936, +19739476185
Poland: 18 carol NP200007070, Aqua Calida, Jelenia Gora, Lower Silesian, 58-500, Poland, +902124822002
UK: Brother Parcel Post, Unit10, PhoenixPark, Parkwood NP300007070, Maidstone, ME15 9XN, Kent +447926258649
Germany: Rauschwalder size 41 NP400007070, Aqua Calida Sp. z o.o. , Görlitz, 02826, Deutschland
+49 151 58413734
France: 16,Rue Jacques-Yves Coast NP500007070
Villain Ship-D'Ornon, 33140, GIRONDE, +33 6 46 85 34 68
Italy: Friuli - Venice - Giulia, Muggy (TS), Templari Street 1 (ITALFORWARD) NP600007070, 34015, +39 339 6206585
[Checking the latest reports. Air raids in Volyn, Ternopil, Ryvne now. With the 40-60km convoy next to #Kyiv, it's nerve-breaking &, possibly, a tactic to break down morale. The dawn is in 20 min; #Russians like to attack in the middle of the night & at the first break of dawn.]
From @unian The #Ukrainian and Command of the Air Force of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Air Force overnight destroyed 5 #Russian fighters, columns of armored vehicles and air defense systems.
"During a daring air raid by the invaders on #Vasilkov and #Brovary, #Ukrainian fighter pilots intercepted and shot down 2 #Russian aircraft. The work of #Ukrainian fighters was completed by S-300 anti-aircraft missile divisions, hitting 3 aircraft of the invaders.
The Air Force shot down five fighters. According to preliminary data, these are Su-30 and Su-35. Near #Kyiv, the Buk M-1 anti-aircraft missile system shot down an enemy cruise missile and helicopter. Ukrainian Su-25 attack aircraft worked in squads & in pairs
& delivered several missile and bomb attacks on armored columns and enemy manpower in the #Kyiv and #Zhytomyr regions."
And how did I miss this?! I'm on #Odesa channels so I see a lot of jokes but #kadyrov is the funniest, apparently.
Speaking of jokers, here is another one. Too bad #Netflix will not play Russian programs anymore (none of it, strangely. is not a joke; they were going to start & now they stopped.) Putin is dead serious, put intended.
Oh great, they ARE listening to me. I just asked for a #no-fly zone and the answer just magically appeared: "The #US will not declare #Ukrainian airspace a #no-fly zone, as it will require a U.S. military presence &effectively make the US a party to the conflict," WH Psaki said
Well, guess what. The United States IS a part of the conflict. Just listen to any Russian propagandist and you'll find out in 3 minutes that the main adversary is not #Ukraine (it's a "polygon"--heard it today). I give you 3 guesses...(I'm having a drink (much needed)...)
It's like being in a cage with a mad and hungry mandating bear and hoping it will not touch you if you look away. Guess what. Okay, back to reporting only. It's been five days of reporting about bloody war.
From @KyivIndependent More than 500,000 refugees have fled Ukraine amid Russia’s war, according to the UN Refugee Agency. At least 160,000 have become internally displaced since the Russian offensive in Ukraine. #StopWarInUkraine
More than 70 #Ukrainian soldiers killed when #Russian artillery hit a military base in #Okhtyrka, a city between #Kharkiv and #Kyiv. ImageImage
How people spend the night in the subways in #Kyiv and #Kharko. Another air raid announced in #Kyiv, #Uman #Vinnitsa #Cherkassy just now... ImageImageImageImage
ALERT! #Russian infantry has entered #Kherson from the east and is advancing deep into the city.
#Kherson is almost completely surrounded by Russian troops and military equipment on all sides, they set up checkpoints at the exits, journalist Alyona Panina said on the air of the Ukraine 24 TV, from the city. Earlier, the mayor reported he was blocked by the invaders.
Missile attack in Izmail district in #Odesa region - Mayor of Izmail Andriy Abramchenko
#Shelling of #Kharkiv overnight, March 1, 2022. ImageImage
From #Chernihiv Regional State Administration: According to preliminary data, the enemy conducted remote mining at night. Unidentified objects fell from the sky but did not explode, possibly antipersonnel mines.
#Chernihiv residents: do not touch, step, pick up; look out!
There is no more bridge to Bucha😥 Photo by Reuters. [heartbreaking to translate] ImageImageImage
In a classified briefing, House lawmakers are told Ukraine has suffered 1,500 casualties since the invasion started, reports @JaxAlemany. Sadly, numbers expected to go much higher.
New: Ukraine’s U.S. ambassador told senators tonight that her country’s military is running low on Stingers & Javelins, and wants harsher sanctions on Russia. “Russia can hold on a lot longer than Ukraine can… This is dire.”w/ @connorobrienNH
"Airstrike on Freedom Square. The heart of #Kharkiv is on fire. Burn in hell, Russian occupiers!" From Telegram channel. FREEDOM SQUARE. Video source:…
#RUSSIANCRIMINALS are bombing the city parks and a ZOO in #Kharkiv. Not sharing the videos now. BUT please share the facts. PLEASE.
Another video...
EU will send space intelligence data on R#ussian troops to #Ukraine - Borel--Thank you and close the sky! #NoFlyZoneOverUkraine Demand #NoFlyZoneInUkraineNow
Update: As a result of a missile attack on #Loshchinovka, Izmail district, one person died and one was injured - the head of the Public Council at the Odessa Regional State Administration Serhiy Bratchuk
I will have to take a break. It is unlikely that #Kyiv (and #Kharkiv) will be attacked during the day. Their strategy is to hit either in the middle of the night or at dawn. Also.
Last night in the #Chernihiv region, 3 civilians killed by #Russian shelling, according to SES Office in the region. Since the beginning of the war, 72 fires, 48 due to shelling, 4 people dead in the region.
"Warn everyone not to pick up blue matchboxes from the road, they are mines!" in #Kharkiv. Children...
[Hi all, i am back; had to sleep so I can keep a clear mind and report accurately. I just caught up on the developments and will do a summary in a few minutes after verifying and translating events. For those who just joined my ongoing report: I'm an American writer/journalist
I was in Ukraine recently but reporting from USA as all my friends in Ukraine are asking me to spread the word and let the world know what is happening. I have dozens of sources in Ukraine DM with updates, and I am in Ukrainian-language Telegram chats for major cities getting
updates on a minute basis. I verify info, translate it & share. I also share reliable resources and reports by colleague journalists working on site. There is A LOT of disinformation out there and verifying takes time and MUST be done with extreme care.
#Russian Ministry of Defense OPENLY called information warfare and is asking the users of social media in Russia to bombard cyberspace with fakes. There are deep fakes videos of #Zelenskyy announcing capitulation, for instance. In #Russia, the word "war" is banned and
the outlets using "war" instead of "specialized military operation" are blocked from the Internat. Most independent outlets do NOT operate in Russia now and a big percentage of the #Russians are misinformed or brainwashed. They WILL and ARE bombarding vkontakte and odnoklassniki,
(Russian equivalent of FB) AND FB with disinformation. CHECK EVERY SOURCE for date, time, location, pixelation, source etc. There still will be errors and disinformation; all major Western outlets and reporters have already made mistakes and it can not be avoided. Therefore,
STAY CALM and wait before reacting. Your emotional response is meant to be weaponized. The main goal of combat propaganda is demoralization of the army and population of the adversary: I learned that in a classified combat propaganda class I HAD to take in university.
At this
point, the main adversary is NOT Ukraine. Shoigu, Minister of Defense, just made a speech stating that the main adversary is the West. Putin said it many times over the last few days. Demoralization of YOU is their goal; spreading disinformation to cause discord, panic and
confusion among YOU is the goal. It is a hybrid war. The #Ukrainians are being killed by over 400 missiles (@CNN) launched at the major cities but your mind is being targetted by the headlines, images and posts. SO: I am going to verify everything I am about to share, and I can
and will make mistakes; keep this in mind. I'm also emotional, cities I love are in ruins, my ancestors' graves are exploded, people I love are in the streets or basements; I do my best to separate emotions from judgement but I am human. My role models are Ukrainian journalists
reporting from the sites and Ukrainian people fighting the enemy. Thank you for following this unjust and bloody war started by the #PutinWarCriminal and help us stop it. Thank you. Back in a few min with the summary of the last few hrs and reports on the ongoing attacks.]
SUMMARY for the last 8 hours: 1. #Russian are bombing major cities. Air attack on the central #Freedom square in #Kharkiv, opera theater, zoo, other sites, killing estimated 10, including children, many injured;
in #Kyiv a missile struck a TV tower and #BabiYar #Holocaust Memorial (my great-grandparents are there in a mass grave). #Russia claimed the goal of this "military operation" is fighting“Ukrainian Nazis. In #Kyiv estimated 5 killed, many injured.
(from the latest attack); In #Kherson, #Chernihiv residential buildings are hit with missiles. #Russian troops entered #Kherson. People are seen attempting to stop tanks with bare hands. Will share videos. A large convoy of Russian troops is near #Kyiv…
3. The #Russian plane responsible for airstrikes in #Kharkiv reportedly shot down by #Ukrainian forces & crashed near a market (according to authorities). 4. The first prisoner exchange took place in the #Sumy region.
4. Operational information from the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine JUST IN:
▪️Defensive battles continue in the Sivers'kyi region. The task of the Ukrainian military is to prevent the advance of the occupiers in the direction of Kipti and Nizhyn.
▪️Part of the forces continues to defend #Chernihiv and prevents the enemy from wedging into the city limits
▪️In Slobozhanshchyna, units of the Armed Forces also continue defensive battles. They inflict losses on the occupiers' manpower and equipment and capture them
▪️Defense is also underway in the Primorsky direction
▪️Defense groups are fighting in #Kyiv. Assault units and artillery units occupied the defenses on the outskirts of the capital and improved the fortification equipment of the positions.
Two (!) triplets were born in #Chernihiv under fire. Babies are born in bomb shelters all over #Ukraine. In #Kharkiv, people fled shelling with kids in their arms, jumping over corpses. #PutinWarCriminal #StopRussianAggression ImageImage
#Volnovakha: thousands of civilians wiped off the face of the earth, evacuation is impossible due to merciless, incessant shelling.“A slab collapsed in one of the basements. The man's legs were broken. He was bleeding in front of his wife and child. Help is nowhere to be found.
Shelling day and night. The center is completely destroyed. No electricity, no communication, no water. Families hide in the basements of high-rise buildings for several days, food running out."head of the Prolisok-Volnovakha humanitarian mission. Image
"A 'green corridor' is discussed; w/out it, mass evacuation is impossible. The railroad was destroyed. The roads bombarded. The city is wiped off the face of the earth along with children, the elderly, the sick." This is a sample report from around #Ukraine. #StopRussia RT
In Severodonetsk, Russian invaders fired at the regional orphanage. THe video attached is in #Kharkiv.
[It is hard to do the summary because there is a lot of fakes. Disinformation galore and a lot of messages are being taken back so I have to go in between channels, and fast forward the timeline to confirm. AGAIN: #informationwarfare ]
From the #Zelenskyy's aide via Настоящее Время: #Kharkiv is being bombarded, the humanitarian situation is bad but the military is good, fighting back; #Kyiv attacks in North-West; #Kherson and an attempted attack in #Mykolaiv. Overall approx.400 killed, 20 children, 600 wounded
From the #Zelenskyy's aide via Настоящее Время: #Putin reportedly gave an order to shoot at civilians and not hold back. It seems that he is taking revenge on #Kharkiv, mainly Russian-speaking city that fights so fiercely and won't surrender to Russia.
This last report was from Oleksiy Arestovich, an adviser to #Zelensky. "This is a war. A real war. Rockets flew over us, shells exploded, we saw how the maternity hospital where my daughter was supposed to be born exploded," Russian actors, now in Ukraine. Image
Update now. The Armed Forces of Ukraine destroyed a convoy of #Russian military, which set off from #Mykolayv in the direction of #Bashtanka during the day. The advance has been
Reportedly: #Chechen fighters heading towards #Ukraine (from @UnianInfo) Yes, it does look like Lord of the Rings
Reported now: Ukrainian intelligence informs that #Belarusian troops & tanks are on high alert at #Urkainian border despite #Lukashenko's announcement that Belarus is not joining the war.
PLEASE! Call and write to your elected officials in the #US and #EU and ask for a #NoFlyZoneOverUkraine #Zelensky urged #NATO members to impose a no-fly zone to stop the Russian air force, as a preventative measure not meant to drag #NATO into an all-out war with #Russia. RT! ImageImageImageImage
PLEASE HELP: Google's petition to ban the placement of new tags on Google Maps in Ukraine during hostilities. These labels are used by the occupiers. [FROM MY SOURCES IN UKRAINE]…
#Mariupol is under heavy, incessant shelling. Residential areas, a school is bombed, 21 wounded, casualties will be verified. 500,000 population. Image
An attack on #Kharkiv NOW: residents counted at least five planes. Explosions everywhere AGAIN. #Putin is erasing #Kharkiv from the face of Earth. Call for #NoFlyZoneOverUkraine #NoFlyZone WE CAN HELP!!!! RT @ celebrities you know RT @ everywhere
IMPORTANT: I listen to MANY #Russian propagandist channels/programs. They are loud and clear: #Kremlin's major enemy IS THE WEST, #EU and #US. By sitting out now, #NATO is not going to save itself from confronting #Russia. #Russia IS ALREADY AT WAR WITH NATO. RT! Fight!
@gasparov right now speaking and he says exactly the same: #Putin is at war with #NATO, he will attack, stop the denial, #Putin wants the confrontation, he IS crazy but people are being killed now, #Nuremberg in 2 yrs doesn't matter. #NATO #NATOINUKRAINENOW
Take this: 80,000 #Ukrainians came BACK from abroad since #Russia invaded further. According to the Interior Ministry, which cites the State Border Guard Service, the vast majority of citizens who returned to Ukraine after Feb. 24 were men who joined army.
[the ONLY reason I am not there with AK fighting is because ALL my friends asked me to stay in a safe place, report, spread the word & get the world to help. PLEASE HELP! Share info! Call your governments! Send humanitarian aide. Do anything you can to save #Ukraine & stop WWIII]
[you know what is scary reporting? 11 minutes dead silence on #Kharkiv chat after the last post: "We hear planes. We hear explosions." Help to save lives... why can't we do #NoFlyZoneOverUkraine ?!]
[taking a few min to share and spread the latest on other social media, waiting to hear from my sources]
#Russian tanks entered #Kherson; heavy fights in #Mariupol and #Sumy (heavy equipment destroys everything around)
#Ukrainian army is fighting in the streets for #Chernihiv now.
UK imposes sanctions on Belarus over the invasion of Ukraine. In #Kyiv, more explosions.
💪"We, NPU, NMU, ZSU, SBU, & other law enforcement agencies give their lives for you and Ukraine, & you do as it is written to help us to OVERCOME THIS EVIL!
1. You see a column of tanks: they'll be followed by a column of fuel trucks.
Block roads, cut down trees, stretch nets from gates, whatever way suits you. No fuel - no equipment.
2. If you see that the column has entered the forest strip - cut down trees, block as well.
3. If you know that the enemy has stopped in the forest,
and you are 100% sure that it is the enemy, do not pity the forest, set it on fire.
4. If you have EXCAVATORS, dig so that the enemy can't pass, no one will do it for you!
5. If you own WEAPONS WITH OPTICAL SIGHTS: don't shoot from the open, shoot at a distance at the wheels,
it will stop the transport, then - according to the situation.
6. Take off the road signs, you know where you are and the enemy doesn't. If they ask yu for directions, use your imagination.
7. There are marks made by saboteurs on buildings near important sites and so on.
Cover them with earth, fill them with resin, destroy them in any way you can.
8. If there is information that the enemy is approaching, burn straw, tires in large quantities, black smoke misinforms, the enemy will think that the village is already shelled, help us gain time!"
My writer friend who had to flee #Kyiv with her child, shared: "We are sitting in Lviv in the former Jewish ghetto, waiting for the Belarusian attack. Bought food and socks in a local store, called 'Brest.' Everything is symbolic. This crazy, crazy, crazy world... Image
About 6 missiles flew into #Kharkiv during the last attack. There are dead. 2 missiles hit residential houses, still waiting for details.
The only thing I was able to get from #Kharkiv in the last 20 minutes... "19-year-old biathlete Yevhen Malyshev died in a battle near Kharkiv. Glory and eternal memory to the Heroes of Ukraine!" Nineteen. Nineteen. #StopPutinNOW #PutinIsaWarCriminal Image
[Meanwhile. Odesa my love the city of my ancestors, the city of my soul: funny as hell and fearless, beautiful beyond words. "In Odesa, the military, police, municipal authorities work around the clock. The situation is under control, our city is maximally mobilized.] Image
[getting and verifying info. One of the major news sites in Ukraine was hacked but getting back to work now. Lots of disinformation. Fights are ongoing around Ukraine.]
The military hospital was blown up in #Kharkiv #KharkivMassacre
#Zhytomyr after #Russian missile hit residential buildings. Politicians not wanting #NoFlyZoneOverUkraine are myopic AND immoral. #Putin is challenging #West. #WWIII has started already. Be on the right side. Demand #NoFlyZone #NoFlyZoneInUkraineNow ImageImage
In #Zhytomyr, several bombs hit a residential building near a hospital. The house was completely destroyed, all the windows and doors were knocked out in the hospital. 10 private houses were also damaged, 3 caught fire. Preliminary: 2 killed, 3injured.
ALERT! Ukrainian news and military sites are under cyberattacks today A LOT. Again, a lot of disinformation. #Russian combat propaganda officers amplify their campaign. In #russia, there is no access to information; "war" is banned and many websites are blocked for using it.
In schools, children are taught that Ukrainians are staging bombing of their own cities and produce fakes with graphic scenes of violence. Russian soldiers captured report that they were not informed they were going to invade Ukraine; they were told that they are doing training
These are all elements of combat propaganda, a Soviet discipline that is at the foundation of #informationWarfare, a big segment of #hybridWar. "Demoralization of the army and population of the adversary by sowing panic and discord" is the number one goal.
in @#Moscow, today, children were detained at a peace rally. 2 women went with their children (5-11)to the #Ukrainian embassy w/flowers & a poster "No to war". They were all detained, phones taken away from their parents were threatened their parental rights would be take away. Image
The Ministry of #Defense of #Ukraine: #Belarusian troops on alert in areas adjacent to the border of #Ukraine. Over 24 hrs significant aviation activity recorded. A convoy of vehicles w/food & ammo in the area of Baranovichi, Lyakhovichi & Pinsk noticeable.
In #Russia, radio Echo of Moscow & TV channel Rain websites blocked, radio station taken off the air. Prosecutor General's Office accused journalists of "systematic dissemination of false information" abt the Russian military "operation to protect the DPR and LPR."
The #Russian watchdog #Roskomnadzor threatened to block Wikipedia (formally, for the article "Russia's Invasion of Ukraine (2022)"; support #Wikipedia and independent journalists, by the way. W/o journalism, democracy suffocates.
Not critical under the circumstance..."Just a nuisance, but how nice" as they say in Odesa Image
This is how civilians were getting ready today. #RussianUkrainianWar The caption at @UnianInfo: "We are getting ready to welcome you, invaders. we will not let you bring your dirt & your concentration camp to our land. Take your corpses & go home."
And this the concentration camp they are referring to. #Moscow, 3 kids/2 moms from, reported above. The poster reads: "No war." Decent people in Russia? In prison, in exile, dead. Share. #PutinWarCriminal Image
According to the Center for Defense Strategies, citing their sources among the marine personnel in Crimea, members of Russia’s 810th Detached Marine Brigade in a “demoralized state”& have refused to take part in the conflict. @KyivIndependent [note DEMORALIZED, critical in war]
From a friend: Find your Senator:…
Find your Congress Representative:…
Write to the White House:
Call the White House:
Demand #StopWarInUkraine #NoFlyZoneOverUkraine
A sample message (not by me): “I write to you on this grim day to ask that you move swiftly to act against the unprovoked and unjustified war Russia is waging on Ukraine. As your constituent, I ask that you speak for me in the halls of Congress and say that we will not tolerate
this violent assault on Ukrainian sovereignty and territorial integrity. I need you to speak out against a war in Europe in the 21st century. Impose the strictest sanctions possible, targeting the Russian elite. Send as much humanitarian, financial, and military aid to Ukraine as
you can.NATO needs to close Ukraine’s skies ASAP. A #NoFlyZoneOverUkraine must be established over Ukraine to save millions of lives. We all understand that Putin’s goal is not to simply wage war against Ukraine, but to destroy the world order, & the entire world in the process.
The United States provided security assurances to Ukraine in 1994 with the signing of the Budapest Memorandum. As a constituent, I request your support for Ukraine in Congress, to uphold our obligations by suppressing the Kremlin’s destructive actions against Ukraine.” #NoFlyZone
Demand #NoFlyZoneOverUkraine #NoFlyZone #NoFlyZoneUA This is #Kharkiv. Being bombed around the clock. Now.
[taking a few min break to clear my mind and regroup to continue with minimum inaccuracies. Many thanks for caring and helping to stop this tragedy. ]
ALERT. #Russian troops landed in #Kharkiv. The invaders attacked a hospital. A battle is ongoing.
"There is hardly a place in #Kharkiv that was not bombed." Heraschenko. #KharkivMassacre Don't tell me you are praying or lighting a candle. Call your Senator. Call White House. See info above. If we don't stop this we are complicit. #StopPutinNOW #StopWarInUkraine
ATTENTION #journalist: careful with phrasing. tweets & headlines are being translated, often by Google translate not sensitive to nuances. One wrong tweet can lead to WWIII today. #readers before retweeting and reacting STOP & CHECK. We all are tired. Image
Ukrainian Health Minister: in contact with the Director of the WHO Regional Office for Europe to organize the delivery of medicines & food to the most heavily affected areas. Russian occupying forces have not been allowing deliveries of medicines & foods using private transport.
3 Russian convoys entered #Trostyanets from different directions & completely occupied the city. They demolished the gates to the Round Yard with a tank, smashed the art gallery. Almost all power lines have been damaged, all roads have been broken, the governor of #Sumy region Image
There’s no TV or radio in Trostyanets at the moment and the internet is unstable. The "Round Yard," 1749. #Russian liberators. #StopPutinNOW #StopWarInUkraine #StopRussia RT Share! ImageImage
#trostyanets now. The head of the community reports that the #Russians are going door to door, getting people out of their basements and forcing them to sit outside at night, fearing Ukrainian airstrikes and artillery. But local authorities work even in such conditions. ImageImageImage
[Everything is quiet and no information is coming in. It's 4 am in Ukraine, and #Biden is about to speak. I would not rule out an attack major attack, knowing the strategy of the #Kremlin & its predilection to shallow symbolism. Monitoring & breaking.]
#Biden starts by quoting #Zelensky, quoting his speech "Light will win over darkness" & there's a standing ovation to the #Ukrainian Ambassador family. America stands with Ukrainian people. Putin's war was premeditated and unprovoked... but we are ready, prepared, we stand united
to confront Putin. "We knew what #Putin was planning"and countered his lies w/truth...Putin is now isolated from the world more than he's ever been (APPLAUSE!) Together, with our allies, we are pushing powerful sanctions, choking his access to technology and shutting his war fund
The #US is saying NO MORE! I mean it! (APPLAUSE) We are going after Russian oligarchs. We are closing the US airspace (don't make a mistake the UNITED STATES not Ukrainian) to Russian aircraft--well, that's not what will make the deaths stop...
We are prepared to send a lot of help. BUT--our forces are NOT going to Ukraine, we will protect NATO allies and the US and our allies will defend each inch of NATO territory--every single inch. "Ukrainians are fighting back with courage and the next days and months (!) will be
hard for them. They will be fighting for their freedom...I am just going to stop here because the subject of this report is not the US economy or foreign policy (there are plenty of journalists covering it.) I will now follow the invasion of #Ukraine as it is left
to defend democracy on its own... #Putin may circle #Kyiv with tanks but he may never get the hearts of the #Ukrainian people... [break]
The Ukrainians were warned that the abandoned military equipment of the enemy could be mined. Center for Counteracting Disinformation: a mined combat vehicle found in the #Sumy region. A local resident was killed. Warning to stay away from any objects left by the Russian military
The #Odesa #Museum handed over the money collected for amphoras to the #Ukrainian army. [I took these pictures in September... Odesa has amazing museums. Amazing.] ImageImage
[I just posted and deleted information. even though i marked it as unverified, i don't want to spread anything that is not confirmed in at least three reliable sources. so far i find sources not reliable enough.]
Here is a good example of misinformation 1. Kurt Volker, an American diplomat, a former US Ambassador to NATO who served "a volunteer capacity as the U.S. Special Representative for Ukraine" gives a A CSPAN interview… Image
This piece appears in translation in several Russian-language sources (and possibly Ukrainian) but some sites then are hacked. Then it appears in Hindustannews hub, with the wrong name as it was translated twice... glad we caught it here. CHECK EVERYTHING!!!! Image
[will be now taking a mental health break before checking all my sources and verifying information. everything i see now needs verifying. the only thing i can confirm now is air raids in #Kyiv, #Chernihiv, #Dnipro and more cities]
[back to update on the last 2 hrs. needed to clear my mind to report properly; not used to report massacres/destruction of a country with family history, childhood memory and dear friends. only reported on a birth country being brainwashed and imprisoned by a dictator before.]
This is #Kharkiv today. This mostly #Russian-speaking country is being bombed for the last 24 hours non stopped. The number of casualties is growing, will verify.10 min ago there was a new air raid. Image
Don't pray or light a candle for #Kharkiv. It is a #KharkivMassacre. Help to stop it. Ask for a #NoFlyZoneOverUkraine. #NoFlyZone. #NoFlyZoneInUkraineNow World, you can do it. Find your humanity. ImageImageImageImage
Overnight in #Ukraine, the #RussianTroops attacked the residential areas of #Mariupol, #Kharkiv, #Zhytomyr , #Kyiv, #Kherson, #NovaKakhovka, #Chernihiv and other cities. A labor and delivery hospital in #Zhytomyr hit. Call for #NoFlyZoneOverUkraine #NoFlyZone ImageImage
In his latest speech, #Zelenskyy said that occupants killed #Holocaust victims for the second time by shelling #BabiYar Memorial. During #WorldWarII, #Nazis killed 100,000 #Jews here, including my great-grandparents. This is my great-grandmother, Rosa Yampolskaya, in BabyYar. Image
This is #Chernihiv oblast, region. My first fiance was from there. I can't even find this village in the news. Maybe it is okay. Maybe it is in this photo. ImageImage
I haven't heard from my dear, dear friend who was busy making #MolotovCocktail yesterday in #Odesa. She's got to be okay, I think, because they are only shelling around Odesa, not in the city yet. I can't even think. Odesa is my love. Image
Just as I wrote this, now, in #Odesa: "An enemy ship was spotted from the coast (information confirmed by headquarters). Please don't leave the house." This is #BlackSea. It is beautiful. Image
#Chernihiv, now: call to be preparedd for street fights.
SO forgive me all the good people I screamed at today--but not the #Russian people calmly talk about a politically difficult situation, their internal fear to speak up and their anxiety about future financial difficulties.
Look at these photos. And then call for #NoFlyZoneOverUkraine…
Air aids NOW in #Kyiv, #Kharkiv, #Lviv, #Odesa, #Izmail, #Vinnytsia, #Zhytomyr, #Zaporizhia, #Khmelnytsky, #Chernivtsi, #Volyn, #Khmelnytsky, #Rivne, #Kirovohrad and #cherkasy oblasts. NOW. 30 minutes ago, in #Nikolaev #Mykolaiv a landing party landed.
In #Kharkiv and the region, the numbers are in: at least 21 people killed, 112 injured in Russian missile bombings, according to the Kharkiv Civil-Military Administration. Search and rescue operations & firefighting are underway, so the number of dead and injured may increase.
An endless line of foreign students leaving #Kharkiv on foot. "I forgot the nasal drops..." "God, so many. How horrible..."
In the morning, the left bank of #Mariupol again came under fire from the occupiers. The maternity hospital was damaged. [Do #Russians have a special kink for maternity wards?] Yet, the Left Bank Maternity Hospital continues its work! "We have three babies today! Life goes on!" ImageImage
#Bucha near #Kyiv. Caption in chat: "Occupants got stuck in traffic." There are many jokes in these chats. Image
This used to be a beautiful town of #irpen
[A Russian lady today tried to tell me there are two sides to this story. Most #Russian independent newspapers and media are blocked and banned; not allowed to use the word "war." Yet, some dare to cover the events.
I reported this before; but once again: In #Russia, even small children are arrested for anti-war protests.
This is happening NOW. #Russian troops are moving towards a nuclear station in #Energodar. The staff and locals are running out on the highway to stop them. No firearms. Share.
The #Mayor of #Kyiv, NOW, addressing the residents: "Friends! Dear Kyivans! The enemy is gathering forces closer to the capital. He fired on the #bilatserkva at night, and fighting continued in #Bucha and #Hostomel
We are preparing and will defend #Kyiv! I urge all Kyivites...
...not to lose endurance. Do not believe in misinformation. The enemy is spreading many lies to break the #Ukrainians. Trust only official resources!
#Kyiv stands and will stand.
We will fight!"
🇺🇦Almost 90% of Ukrainians believe that Ukraine will be able to repel a Russian attack as stated in the results of a survey conducted by the Sociological Group "Rating" on March 1. This figure is growing almost every day. Only 10% today do not have such confidence.
The mayor of Konotop says that the #Russians (aka everywhere as #Orcs have issued an ultimatum: either he surrenders the city, or the city is smashed with artillery. The mayor and the residents at the meeting decide what to do: Fight.…
#Mykolaev: #Russian paratroopers have landed, from the Regional State Administration
#Russian opposition leader #Navalny, from prison and while under another trial that might end with 15 more year sentence, addressed #Russians (via his lawyer):
“We - Russia - want to be a nation of peace. Alas, few people call us like that now. But let's at least do not become
a nation of frightened silent people. Cowards who pretend not to notice the aggressive war unleashed by our obviously insane Czar against Ukraine. I cannot, do not want and will not remain silent, watching how pseudo-historical nonsense about the events of 100 years ago has
become an excuse for Russians to kill Ukrainians, and those, defending themselves, kill Russians. The 20s, the 21st century, and we are watching the news about people burning in tanks and bombed houses. We watch on TV the real threats to start a nuclear war. I am from the USSR.
I was born there. And the main phrase from there - from my childhood - "struggle for peace." I call on everyone to take to the streets and fight for peace. Putin is not Russia. And if there is anything in Russia right now that you can be most proud of, it's those 6,835 people who
were detained because - without any call - they took to the streets with posters "No war." They say someone who does not go to it and does not risk being arrested cannot call for a rally. I'm already in jail, so I think I can. You can't wait a day. Wherever you are.
In Russia, Belarus or on the other side of the planet. Come out to the main square of your city every weekday at 19.00 and at 14.00 on weekends and holidays,” the politician’s telegram channel says. [Every word. You ask are there decent people in Russia? Yes, in prison. or dead.]
Meanwhile, #Putin's press secretary: The Russian delegation will arrive at the site of a new round of negotiations on March 2 and will be ready to meet with representatives of Ukraine
Just in from @KyivIndependent and other sources: #Putin wants to reinstate Yanukovych as president of Ukraine. Yanukovych is allegedly in Minsk, and the Kremlin is preparing an operation to replace Zelensky with the ex-president ousted by the EuroMaidan Revolution in 2014.
#Kherson. Now. WATCH IT. A man is flying Ukrainian flags in front of the tanks. [Take this, #Kremlin] #GloryToUkraine #славаУкраїнi #ГероямСлава…
#Lysychansk. The city tower is hit.… Image
#Kherson now: unknown persons on buses through a loudspeaker urge people to come outside for free bread. ❌This may be a provocation of the occupiers‼ ️
Follow the reports only on official sources
Meanwhile in #Russia, authorities: "The Russian Federation is under enormous pressure, but it will stand because it has historical truth and justice on its side." [awwww...poor little federation. don't you feel sorry for such suffering?! No more Walt Disney! No more Apple! OMG!]
[Oh, no! What a bummer!] Nord Stream 2 files for bankruptcy. "According to local officials, the Swiss-registered company responsible for the Kremlin’s energy project has filed for insolvency and laid off all its staff. @KyivIndependent
[i like this one] Image
This is great: that's what you see and hear in #Russia. (except there is still the Internet and VPNs...)
[Oh this is a lovely little visual here] Sberbank share price today. Image
My FB friend just now: "My neighbor's nephew, who was born and lived in our state, New Jersey, had Ukrainian roots, went to protect Kyiv and was killed on Sunday.
Mykola Zhdanyanchin, rest in peace." #GloryToUkraine #GlorytoHeroes
More from #Moscow: March 2, Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov said that if a third World War were to take place, it would involve nuclear weapons and be destructive, the RIA news agency reported. [don't we all just LOVE hearing from Mordor? Sorry. Moscow]…
[Forgive me, it's the 7th day of reporting and 2.46 am at my location.] Image
[I might take a sleep break. I will need a clear head to report tomorrow. I would like to end today on this note. #GloryToUkraine ] ImageImage
[back online and catching up on the last few hours. didn't sleep till 4 am my time because there was a threat of bombing Odesa but couldn't report accurately. now talking to my friends on sites, will sum up the [horrid] situation in the cities, and will continue updates/reports]
[delayed because I am helping to coordinate humanitarian aid delivery to #Odesa #Kyiv and #Ukraine East of #Kyiv. if you know people there volunteering, PM. if you speak Ukrainian/Russian and want to help coordinate,PM]
SUMMARY: Overnight, #Russians kept bombing #Kharkiv: schools, church, an orphanage for blind children, downtown area damaged/destroyed/on fire, # of deaths to be confirmed, among them reported parents of twin boy and girl born yesterday; ImageImageImageImage
#Borodyanka near #Kyiv. This is #TarasShevchenko, a great Ukrainian poet, writer, artist, public and political figure, as well as folklorist and ethnographer. Photo by Pozdniakov Vadym via my friend. #SaveUkraine #StopRussia #StopWar Image
#Kiyv: Up to 15,000 sheltering in metro, many moved permanently. Air aids non-stop [I'm on Telegram channels so I get them. 24/7, non-stop] According to head of the Kyiv metro, it can host up to 100,000. The stations have water, bathrooms, food, &medicine at their disposal.
#Irpin, a satellite city on the western outskirts of Kyiv, has suffered multiple Russian attacks since the beginning of the full-scale offensive. A bridge that connects the city to Kyiv was blown up by the Ukrainian forces to block Russian troops.
#Russian parliament proposes imprisonment for spreading 'fake news' about war. Writing about Russia’s war against Ukraine can lead to up to 15 years in prison. The crackdown may be an attempt to prevent facts about the war from reaching the Russian public.
On March 2, Air strikes hit 3 TV towers: TV towers: near the #Kharkiv, #Korosten and #Lysychansk. On March, #Kyiv. At around 8 am, a shell hit a house in ##Irpen, the district hospital in Chernihiv was shelled, the attack on #Kharkiv continues.
#Russian military bombed 3 kindergartens, 6 schools, a vocational school in the #Kherson region. 3 million chickens in the #Kherson region may die due to lack of food and electricity in the village of Vostochny. This will lead to environmental catastrophe.Director of Agroproduct
An air alarm continues in #Kyiv, the sounds of explosions in different parts of the city, people are urged not to come out of hiding. The President's Office reported a missile strike, but did not specify the location. THIS IS NOW. 11.50 am PST. as you read it...
IMPORTANT!!! SHARE! WARNING! #Russia might throw in a #deepfake video of #Zelenskyy 's Surrender Speech & pass it off as a real statement by the President of #Ukraine. Deepfake is NOT a real video, it's created through algorithms. DF videos are almost indistinguishable from real.
IMPORTANT: the biggest #nuclear power plant in #Europe, in #Energodar north-west part of #Zaporizhzhia Oblast, staff and residents went out on the hwy to stop #Russian occupants from seizing the plant. They were shot at, grenades thrown. #Ukraine Image
now watch carefully. these people are throwing their life on line to save YOU. #Russians already captured #Chornobyl. #nuclear radiation level in the area increased dangerously. The staff is heard on one of the videos talking about the danger. #Enerhodar
People in this video were injured, killed. What will you do? Call your elected officials & ask for #NATO to step in & protect you & #Ukraine. #NoFlyZone #StopPutinNOW
Former Lithuanian President Dalia Grybauskaite wrote that sanctions alone can’t stop Putin; NATO should intervene militarily. In video: "Russian world is coming! Russian world is coming!"
[taking a break to coordinate help with volunteers, if you know people who can help deliver food and medical supplies around #Kyiv/#East of Ukriane, PM. Need help with coordinating, will connect w/people]
[back, going back and forth, some harsh news coming in all the time, and many people need help. if you want to help PM. reporting now:]
JUST IN! Data on the crimes of the #Russian Federation in #Ukraine were submitted to the International Criminal Court by 38 countries, the British Foreign Minister said. #Kharkiv now Image
So many corpses of #Russian soldiers that they are buried in mass graves in order to avoid unsanitary conditions, adviser to the head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Anton Gerashchenko. Not sharing the photos I just saw. You have seen them from 1939-45. HORROR #PutinWarCrimes
"Necessary to turn to our European allies so that in the interests of humane treatment of the corpses of #Putin's dead slaves, we will receive mobile refrigerator mortuaries to preserve the bodies of the dead. More & more such mass graves every day in all parts of Ukraine."
In #Enerhodar home of the biggest #nuclear plant in Europe, people built barricades and reinforcement and fight #Russian troops. Many were shot and injured. #Enerhodar #Energodar is still standing. #Urkaine #StopPutinNOW #StopWarInUkraine #StopRussianAgression
In St.Petersburg, #Putin's security services arrested the WWII and Leningrad Siege survivor. My great-grandparents starved during that siege (on one side, on the other side shot in #BabyYar that the #Russians exploded yesterday, with 100,000 #Jews killed by #Nazis) Image
A building in #Kharkiv today...Just in: Two cruise missiles hit one of the territorial defense headquarters. Image
In #Kyiv, #Zhytomyr and #Chernihiv, #Kirovohrad, #Poltava and #Kyiv regions, air raid alarms.
Negotiations underway in the #Kherson region to provide a green corridor for humanitarian aid. "Another Russian air defense system for Ukrainian farmers for the sowing season." [Jokes galore. You have no idea. #Ukrainians are laughing.]
I am verifying a lot of information. There is a lot of news coming in only to be immediately refuted. #Ukrainian authorities also ask to NOT share the locations of bombings and objects hit by missiles; so will be sharing w/o location or after some time.
Marina Fenina, an employee of the OSCE Special Monitoring Mission to Ukraine, was killed during the shelling of Kharkov, the OSCE Secretariat in Vienna said.
The #Kyiv railway station: during a missile attack by the Russian army, the shell fragments fell near the South Station, the city central heating system damaged [it is still snowing], some platforms were temporarily closed, a suburban train w/o passengers damaged,Ukrzaliznytsia
Russian military rob stores, shoot at civilian and municipal vehicles in #Trostyanets, #Sumy region, according to Military Administration of the region.
"The National Agency for the Protection against Corruption has stated that captured #Russian tanks and equipment do not need to be declared to tax authorities. The value of this “crap” does not exceed 100 living wages," the agency joked. War trophies: not taxable. #Ukraine
[The spirit, resilience and courage are insurmountable. I also see grace, empathy and overall the greatness of spirit. There are exceptions, and I see them. But the ratio is 1000/0.5]
"In #Kherson, the occupiers are in all areas of the city, they are very dangerous. Residents are asked to stay at home and not go outside - the head of the regional state administration Gennady Laguta."So far. The flag above us is #Ukrainian. And to keep it that way, we will have
to comply with these requirements. I can't offer anything else yet," the head of the city authorities said. There is a Ukrainian flag over #Kherson. Verifying.
URGENT: A new address by #Zelenskyy [excerpts]: "Every occupier should know that they will receive a fierce rebuff from the Ukrainians. They will forever remember that we will not give up our people! Our people broke the enemy's plans. In one week!
"We broke the plans that they had been preparing for years. The morale of [enemies] is deteriorating. Even more invaders are running away from us back home. I sincerely admire the Ukrainians who go out with their bare hands and drive the occupiers out of their cities!
"We will drive them away, they will retreat in disgrace! Just like when they're trying to procure food! These are not state warriors! These are lost children who have been used! Almost 9,000 Russians killed in one week.
"In the #Mykolaiv direction, they have to pick up their 200s and 300s, with dozens of helicopters. 19 year olds, 20 year olds...
For us, Ukrainians, this is the Patriotic War. We remember how such wars start. And we know how they end for the invaders!
"Wherever they go, they will be destroyed everywhere. The invaders will be defeated by the Ukrainians!" The president awarded the title of #UkrainianHeroes #HeroesOfUkraine to 15 servicemen, some of them posthumously. #GloryToUkraine
I want to share this:
"Ukraine is not yet dead, Nor its glory and freedom,
Luck will still smile on us, brothers Ukrainians.
Our enemies will die, as the dew does in the sunshine,
and we, too, brothers, we'll live happily in our land.
We'll not spare either our souls or bodies to get freedom
and we'll prove that we brothers are of Cossack kin.
We'll rise up, brothers, all of us, from the Sain to the Don,
We won't let anyone govern in out motherland.
The Black Sea will smile yet, grandfather Dnipro will rejoice,
Yet in our Ukraine luck will be high.
Our persistence, our sincere toil will prove its rightness,
still our freedom's loud song will spread throughout Ukraine.
It'll echo over the Carpathians, will sound through the steppes,
and Ukraine's glory will arise among the people." #GlorytoUkraine #славаУкраїнi
Five minutes ago: Loud explosion heard in #Kyiv and #Chernihiv. As a result of the air strike in Izyum in Kharkiv region, 4 adults and 3 children were killed in a private house, Izyum Deputy Mayor Volodymyr Matsokin told the Public. #StopPutinNOW #PutinWarCriminal
#Kherson: eyewitness report in English, by a Pakistani businessman fearing hunger for his whole family
From @1mHussain, a father of 3 y.o.girl: "I don't know if Russians will kill us or not but hunger will kill us for sure" no money in ATMS, stores closed "I hope that #Putin will think about civilians as a human, for one time...we need your prayers...#Kherson
The lucky ones have fled their homes leaving everything behind. UN High Commissioner for Refugees: over 836,000 people have left Ukraine since the start of Russia’s full-scale invasion on Feb. 24. Lviv train station & one of the border checkpoints @KyivIndependent Image
A third and fourth explosion have now been heard in #Kyiv. Very worried about amazing people I know who are still there... [breaking to check and to breathe]
Explosions in #Kyiv. Location not specified--never reveal the location soon after missile attacks. the adversary uses this information.…
In total, four explosions are reported in #Kyiv @unian with reference to eyewitnesses
To reach audiences across #Ukraine and in parts of #Russia, the BBC will start a daily shortwave transmission to ensure access the “resilience of its news operations.” Listeners can tune their receivers to 15735kHz from 18:00-20:00 and 5875 kHz from 00:00-02:00, Kyiv time.
NOW: Air raid alerts in #Kyiv and #Kyiv Oblast, #Mykolaiv, #Lviv, #Zhytomyr, #Ivano-Frankivsk, #Chernihiv & #Chernihiv Oblast, #Volyn Oblast, #Cherkasy Oblast, #Kirovohrad Oblast, #Poltava Oblast, #Khmelnytskyi Oblast, #Zaporizhzhia and #Odesa. To shelter. #StopWarInUkraine
#Izum. 6 adults, 2 children killed. Now. #NoFlyZoneOverUkraine #NoFlyZoneInUkraineNow #NoFlyZone HE WILL COME FOR YOU NEXT! Demand #NoFlyZoneUA Image
"We do not count. During this time, 7-8 missiles fell on #Chernihiv, all of them were launched on the city infrastructure - this is #genocide, " the secretary of the Chernihiv City Council commented on the bombing of the city by Russian troops. Are we still just watching this?
SHARE "The enemy is an animal. We can't agree on a humanitarian corridor for cut-off facilities (a psychiatric hospital in Khalyavin). The occupiers fired at ambulances and the State Emergency Service throughout the region. We are working! Victory will be ours!” #Chernihiv
There is an eerie silence on ALL Telegram channels. Are they hacked? Am I hacked? Live camera shows #Kyiv still there after a series of loud explosions. Will keep looking. Meanwhile, #Kherson is still unclear.
You kidding?!"In a post on the official Canadian government site, Western nations have called on Russia to stop state-sponsored disinformation campaigns in Ukraine. The statement endorsed by Austria, Denmark, Estonia, Ireland, Lithuania, Poland, the U.K. & the U.S." Image
Call your government or recall the government! I am out of words. New Time cover. Oh how pretty. Applause. There are CHILDREN DEAD AND MASS GRAVES. Call for #NoFlyZoneOverUkraine #NoFlyZone #NoFlyZoneUA Stop this show. Have decency. Explosion heard in #Kyiv. Image
Seriously. This is not a game. It is not a show. This big flash is a bomb. This whole thing is a war. #StopPutinNOW #StopWarInUkraine
More explosions and street shooting now in #Kyiv
#Kharkiv now Image
[For everyone who has followed the events of the last seven days, the last hour just slipped away from me. Between talking to friends and contacts in Ukraine, and all the wonderful people in the West who try to help...]
Summing up the last few hours: Important: 1. At the request of 38 countries, the prosecutor for the International Criminal Court opened an investigation into #Putin's and #Russian Federation's alleged #WarCrimes in #Ukraine
The ICC will look into possible #WarCrimes [how can it be "trending"?!], #crimes against #humanity or #genocide in #Ukraine starting in 2013 and including the war #Putin started a week ago. #PutinWarCriminal
"#ICC Chief Prosecutor #KarimKhan went directly into the investigation, no judicial approval needed after receiving a state party referral from the largest coalition of countries in ICC…
I hope that facts I have collected in this -days thread, with photos, videos and eyewitness stories can be used in one way or another to bring justice to #Putin. #PutinWarCriminal, and he needs to answer for his horrendous #crimes against humanity. #HagueForPutin #PutinsWar
2. Situation in and near #Kyiv is still reported entirely. Here is the photo of the destruction in #Hostomel from @UnianInfo Image
3. I am in awe of the spirit, courage, and love of life I see as I go through the records of terrible suffering. Today, there was a wedding in a bombshelter. in #Avangard. @Суспільне новини. Image
4. #Kherson: not commenting. Many outlets jump to conclusions for a juicy headline. Warning fellow #journalists: your sensational snappy one-liners might mean loss of lives and loss of wars. Words are weapons. In war, morale of the army is the most important factor.
5.From General Staff @Ukrainian Armed Forces, reported this morning: #Russian forces, "having failed in almost all areas in which they were advancing, resorted to tactics of night shelling of residential areas of large cities."
"In the northern direction, the Russian invaders, w/o success in #Chernihiv, #Nizhyn and #Sumy, #Lebedyn and #Okhtyrka, trying to avoid clashes with the #UkrainianArmy, are trying to reach the northern outskirts of #Kyiv."
"In the #Volyn direction, #Russian troops continue its demonstrative advance along the state border. In the #Polissya direction, the enemy is trying to carry out offensive operations in the area of the #Kozarovychi, #Vyshhorod, #Fastiv, and #Obukhiv. "
"Further deployment of field logistics camps in the #Borodyanka, #Katyuzhanka and #Gavronshchyna districts was noted. Enemy units&subdivisions were concentrated in the areas of #Baryshevka, #NovaBasan, and #Lyubech. "
GENERAL STAFF OF UKRAINIAN ARMED FORCES: "In the #Slobozhansky direction, the enemy is conducting offensive operation in #Zolochiv, #Kharkiv, and #Balakliya, trying to continue the offensive in the direction of #Lozova,&in dire need of replenishment of lost equipment &personnel."
"In the Donetsk direction, the invaders of the 1st&2nd AKs, with the support of artillery, continue their offensive operations in the areas of the settlements of #NovyAidar, #Volnovakha and #Mariupol.
"The enemy did not achieve the main goal of capturing #Mariupol & reaching the administrative border of #Donetsk & #Luhansk regions. In the #Tavriya direction, the enemy does not abandon attempts to conduct an offensive operation."
"After regrouping and introduction of a part of operational reserves, it concentrated the main efforts in the direction of #Mykolaiv - #Voznesensk. In the #BlackSeaOperationalZone, naval groups of the #BlackSeaFleet continue to fire on civilian ships and capture sailors."
"For the first time, #Russian #war #criminals have acknowledged the #mass deaths and wounds of their own soldiers. During the evening briefing, the official representative of the #Russian MOD published his # of the losses: 498 dead and 1,597 wounded."
[Note: the real number of losses is never admitted to keep the morale up. Thousands of deaths of Ukrainian civilians, defenders AND thousands of Russian conscripts, 18-21 y.o. Military service is obligatory in #Russia. Thousands. In one week. #PutinWarCrimes #PutinWarCriminal]
FROM GENERAL STAFF OF UKRAINIAN ARMY: "Part of the enemy forces continues to operate in the areas of settlements #Enerhodar, #Vasylivka, #Tokmak, #Novopetrivka. After regrouping & introducing part of the operational reserves from the 205th separate motorized infantry brigade..."
"...of the 49th General Army of the Russian Armed Forces, it continues the offensive in order to reach the outskirts of Zaporizhia and Mariupol. To ensure further landing of tactical airborne troops from the 10th special brigade of the RF Armed Forces..."
" the area of ​​Balovnoe, the invader deployed a small landing party, which was destroyed. In the waters of the #BlackSea a movement of the landing detachment of the #Russian Black Sea Fleet: 4 large landing ships accompanied by 3 missile boats in the direction of Odesa."
The total estimated losses reported by the Center for Countering Disinformation if #Ukraine: Image
I translated the whole military summary to give an idea of the scale of the operation. The POV of #Russian MOD is quoted in the above document. Not referring to any documents produced by #WarCriminals. This is not a war. This is #genocide. [see my thread above for evidence]
IMPORTANT. This is an #informationWarfare. The cyberattacks continue. #Kremlin webiste is down :D and major #Russian media outlets; many #Ukrainian outlets were attacked. I see that "trending" is weaponized like never before and Prigozhin's trolls push their parallel reality.
Please DO use hashtags. They are not innocent and annoying gimmicks. They form collective mind, shaping it inconspicuously: an ideal combat propaganda tool. They tell people not WHAT to think but what to think ABOUT. Try typing in Standwith + #. It's a tactic called:
"Influence by suggestion" mixed w/other tools. Group environments, such as online forums, create the effect of “psychological contagion”. A refresher on #Kremlin disinformation techniques. IMPORTANT. THIS A #hybridwar…
If you don't think these tactics & strategies work, please take a look at the #Russian and #Ukrainian people. 30 yrs ago both crawled from underneath the ruins of the USSR. #Russians were subjected to 30 yrs of state-funded propaganda. #Ukrainians had democracy, albeit imperfect.
There are decent people in #Russia protesting the horror. Most of them are in prison already or facing up to 15 years in prison for donating money for humanitarian needs in Ukraine or writing about "war" on social media.
#Kremlin knows the importance of #informationwarfare. Russia's Ministry of Education announced an ‘All-Russian Open Lesson’ on “the liberation mission in #Ukraine” on March 3: why “NATO posses a threat to Russia” & etc. Most independent outlets are banned.
I honestly do not know how to cover what has happened to #Kharkiv.
No, not what happened. What #Russian invaders, what #Putin did to #Kharkiv. My dear friend just sent me a video of what left of a school number 134 and I just can't...
This is 2022. Not 1941. #PutinWarCriminal #PutinIsaWarCriminal #WarCrime Refugees in arrive to #Lviv from #kharkiv…
[i will stop now and either take a break or a sleep break. i need to clear my mind in order to report accurately. I just realized that the text I thought was in Ukrainian was English, whatever this means.]
[p.s. I saw this article before & wanted to share. I was thinking about this, too. It is different for me because I'm writing about my ancestral/brith/childhood lands. Hard to stay w/o bias writing about places familiar and filled with memories being ruined. Another type of bias]
[My body shut me out: blackout for 10 hours. Just woke up & afraid to check the status or what might have happened. Tons of messages from friends in Ukraine & 348 messages on Telegram channels. Will catch up and continue covering. Hope everyone is okay & thank you for following]
URGENT, EXCLUSIVE, ALERT: RT: From my sources: "MANY bodies of #Chechens & #Dagestanis soldiers in the #Gomel morgue. Information from local residents to me personally. They say that it is necessary to make it known until they are all burned" #WarCrime #Ukriane
"Their relatives should come & take the bodies. They say do it quickly before they all are cremated there. No photos. If you take a photo they will immediately understand who did it." #Gomel,#Belarus, border w/#Ukraine SHARE! #WarCrime #Hague
#Russian casualties situation: #Mozyr hospital in #Belarus is out of capacity. The corpses of the #Russian invaders are loaded onto wagons at night, secretly, & sent somewhere. Hospital is under the KGB control to prevent information leakage.
#Russian captured soldier: “We were just allowed to be cannon fodder. The bodies are not taken out, for the third day without food, without water, we sleep on the floor. We are required to sign non-disclosure papers retroactively and say that we were not here.”
Re the bodies of #Chechen soldiers in the tweet before: "The units of the Armed Forces of #Ukraine defeated a column of #Kadyrov soldiers (Chechen)."They blew up a column...I don't tell you the location...they scrambled!..."
SUMMARY,March 3, #Kyiv time (last 11 hrs): 1. Aleksey Arestovich,adviser to the head of #Zelensky office: 1. #Ukrainian forces strengthen position in #Makarov north of the #Zhytomyr highway).
2. Near #Kharkiv, #Russian troops suffered catastrophic losses, offensive slowed down.
3. #Zaporizhzhia and South Ukraine are safe.
4. Approx. 3.500 #Russians liquidated yesterday. In a week: 9,000.
5. #Mariupol is holding on, the situation is under control. In the direction of #Kherson-#Mykolaiv, the #Russians tried to advance but suffered crushing defeats.
6. The direction of #Zaporizhzhia is controlled by the #Ukrainian. #Odesa is holding on, in #Mykolaiv the landing deployment was destroyed yesterday.
7. In #Odesa, the #Russian ships are approaching; city is ready.
8. #Kyiv, #Kharkiv, #Zhytomir, #Chernihiv heavily bombed
IMPORTANT: Trolls factories at work, the information warfare is ongoing: over the last two days, I see that #Russians are trying to push their narrative by using Russian spelling of Ukrainian cities and confuse the international community. Please share the following:
#Kyiv (not Kiev) #Odesa (not Odessa) #Kharkiv (not Kharkov) #Chernihiv (not Chernigov) etc This is language weaponized and the war for your opinion (see my tweets regarding this strategy above.) #informationwarfare
#Kremlin will use the #cyber army to push this narrative; today #Putin summed it up in his talk w/ #Macron: The war is "disinformation campaign":"shelling of Ukrainian cities is a lie""Russia does not bomb Ukraine" "the rocket attacks on Kyiv not true" "neo-Nazis" rule in Kyiv."
Today, #Russians hacked the websites of administrations in many cities in Ukraine, posting a fake #Zelenskyy appeal to surrender. A deepfake video of the same appeal is expected to appear soon. These are all strategy of the information war they FORCED ME TO STUDY in university--
Never used it, never worked for #Russians but I remember it and have been alerting the West about this forthcoming situation since 2012. I see all the elements used in this war and I am here to fight it by revealing their strategies and tactics.]
#Chernihiv: bombing and shelling of residential areas and downtown. Evidence present, coming from sources on the ground and Telegram channels. Share so everyone can see what is really happening.
#Chernihiv watch it. spread it. Hard to watch? yes. [Hard for me. My first fiance was from there. Doesn't matter. No matter where you.] Let the world see the truth about #PutinWarCrimes
#Chernihiv 33 dead. This one is especially hard. Dead children. From bombing. Drugstore exploded. Fire. Smoke. Apocalypsis. 77 km from #Chornobyl. SHARE…
#Chernihiv PLease share this. No dead bodies here. Just what happened. How the residential house hit by a bomb looks in 2022. #Russians did this in #Syria and nobody listened. Listen now. Or it will happen to all of us. #Putin is not going to stop.…
#Kharkiv. Share. #PutinWarCrimes #PutinWarCriminal #SaveUkraine #SaveUkraineNow This is happening now as you are reading this: air raids do not stop there. People are hiding in bomb shelters around the clock.…
#Zelenskyy at press conference today: "The end of the world has already arrived. Ukraine is now a "fence" between civilization and non-civilization; it will be continued: #Latvia, #Lithuania, #Estonia, #Moldova, #Georgia, #Poland. If NATO doesn't have the courage to close the sky
give us the planes. "If I weren’t president, I would be in territorial defense, fighting but wouldn't lay down my arms" #Zelensky "I don’t understand: what kind of a person can plan such acts of genocide and Nazism."
Demand #NoFlyZoneOverUkraine #NoFlyZone #NoFlyZoneInUkraineNow. Procrastination with #sanctions on #Putin and #oligarchs led us to this. Further procrastination will lead us to demise. #StopWar
THIS: "The Russians are carrying crematoria for themselves along with them." Yes, they have crematoria wagons that arrive with them. [This is all you need to know about Russians for now.] "Even #Ukrainians treat the captured soldiers better than their leadership,” #Zelenskyy
Meanwhile, I see the humanity in so many reports on #Ukraine. In bombed to the ground #Kharkiv, the pet stores are trying to work but getting short of supplies. In #Odesa preparing for paratroopers landing, "More than 70 pets brought to the zoo in a day, to shelter."
Rabbits, chinchillas, bee-eyes, degus, parrots, tortoises, chameleons, one snake. We can keep an eye on everything. We continue to take the creatures," Igor Bilyakov, director of the zoo, said. Image
Latest from #Sumy: The head of administration: “The entire #Sumy region is now hell, crushed and bombed by #Russian troops. The bombing of the city of Sumy began at about 18:00. No heating & electricity in #Okhtyrka in the #Sumy region."
"Thinking about how to get people out of #Sumy, because in a day the apartment buildings will turn into a cold stone trap without water, light, & electricity. Nedrigailov, Boromlya, Bezdrik, Lebedin are being bombed. They just kill civilians.This is no longer Putin."
", ordinary Russians are killing our children, the elderly. They are just destroying our country. For no reason." Many Russians are arrested for protests; many were photographed storming #IKEA stores that are about to close. Many have no access to information.
#Putin to #Hague for his crimes against humanity. #PutinWarCrimes #PutinWarCriminal #PutinsWar This is a thread with a lot of evidence for the ICC. I will forward it to the prosecutor's office They call for photos, videos, documents, eyewitness.
[a short break to coordinate, but a lot to share so stay with me and thank you for following and caring. Please help the heroic people of Ukraine and my amazing friends stay alive. THANK YOU]
Aleksey Arestovich, sums up March 3: A tough day, ending on a positive note. #Russians driven near #Mykolaiv, grouped up in the east & hit with truck-mounted multiple rocket launchers Grad. #Kherson: #Russian 1000 aircraft, 20 helicopters, 200 cars destroyed at an airport.
In #Gostomel: #Russians caught in street battles the second time, attacked with armored vehicles, grouped up and hit w/"Grad". Their ammunition burst so hard that the doors in the bomb shelters in the neighborhood jammed." (Never thought I'd write a sentence like this)
#Kharkiv & #Izyum are under fire as reported by local residents. In Izyum, mobile communication was lost. #Kiev under shelling.
IMPORTANT: #Enerhodar 1.5 hr ago: the mayor reports that a convoy of #Russian vehicles has set off in the direction of the BIGGEST IN EUROPE #nuclear #power plant. Loud shots were heard in the city. 4 hrs ago:
THIS IS THE BIGGEST NUCLEAR POWER PLANT IN EUROPE. Will you ask for #NoFlyZoneOverUkraine? #NoFlyZoneUA. don't think it is just Ukraine. Don't. #StopWarInUkraine #StopPutinNOW
Unverified but sounds like it is correct as there are no updates from #Enerhodar currently. Will report when I hear updates.
A big explosin in #Kyiv is reported.
SHARE: #InformationWarfare On March 4, near #Kherson, #Russia plans to stage action, paid actors delivered by buses: reported by the Center for Prevention of Disinformation at the National National Security and Defense Council of #Ukraine. They will try to sway YOUR opinion.
[repeat, misplaced tweet] a phone convo between a #Ukrainian and his friend/relative in #kaliningrad, #Russia (in the midst of Europe): 600 troops to be sent; 200 forced to go, mobilizing policemen & untrained personnel; choice: war or prison; mobile crematorium mentions again.
Many thanks to all who helped to find the sources. Now can read the updates from the Mayor of #Enerhodar in real time [still need to be verified because the #russians are known to use cell phone/impersonate]
No updates from the Mayor of #Enerhodar for the last 1.5 but here is the last video with artillery being used.…
[I just was at this museum a few months ago. it is an amazing place, so full of soul and incredible, precious, rare art. hard to report and not emote.] that
#INFORMATIONWARFARE: . They will now target #Ukrainians' brains. Incepting ideas under stress when the part of the brain responsible for critical thinking is shut down. In Kherson, propaganda videos with Russian voiceover are played. Be vigilant! Do not fall for propaganda!
"Attention manipulation! In Kherson, a mass representation of the occupiers is being prepared!
The Center for Counteracting Disinformation under the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine reports on the spread of a new wave of disinformation by Russian info-terrorists.
🔴 On March 4, on the Kherson Freedom Square, the Russian invaders will wave their flags & shout that Kherson is the "Kherson People's Republic".🔴2 large buses, 20 cars, 2 sprinters and 7 GAZelles are brought to the city.‼️ Don't be fooled! ❌ Don't believe the fakes!
Meanwhile, #Kherson region is on the brink of ecological catastrophe. Europe's largest #poultry farm "Chernobaevskaya" (company "Ukrlandfarming") is de-energized. It is impossible to deliver food. There are 3 million chickens that cannot be fed or disposed of.
#Russians began to mine #Kherson, from the head of the Kherson Regional State Administration. With reference to eyewitnesses, he reports that they put marks in the city center. THis is #Kherson before and after #Russian invasion. Please watch it.…
#INFORMATIONWARFARE: unrolling before our eyes: In #Kherson community Viber groups fake information & videos spread disnfo that the #Kherson residents "ask to join #Russia." #Kherson authorities: FAKE, be careful. [This is what happened to #Russians. WEST! DO NOT FALL FOR FAKES]
Reality in #Kherson: meds, baby food running out. More than 30 civilians killed by the #Russian troops. Families, women, children, people just riding in a car; a husband of a pregnant woman who ran out of a bomb shelter to get her things.
You can help #StopPutin by sharing facts, evidence, eyewitness stories from verified sources. By not reacting immediately but using critical thinking. #Kremlin is bombing #Kharkiv and #Chernihiv and their trolls are bombing our brains. #informationwar #hybridwar
#Chernihiv is being bombed again now. 11 patients of the oncohematology department need sterile conditions due to low immunity, forced to hide from explosions in a shelter for a week, do not receive proper treatment from oncology. immediately
#Chernihiv According to the SES, 28 people died and 18 were injured today. The bombing continues as you are reading this now. #NoFlyZoneOverUkraine #NoFlyZone #NoFlyZoneUA Image
[taking a break, need to work on an urgent piece, verify etc. Stay vigilant. If you are seeing #Zelenskyy speaking about capitulation--it is a deep fake. It is expected to appear soon. Share this information so no one falls for it!]
Had to share this from my literature student: "My friends in #Sumy have been in basements &bunkers for the past few days. They're posting goodbye for nows in Instagram stories because #Putin has bombed power plants and other infrastructure.
"They're without heat, water, power, intermittent access to internet and mobile networks... International students studying at the universities in my town are without help from their embassies. The school I taught at is acting as a bomb shelter."
"I can't quite put into words the pain and helplessness I feel knowing my friends are in this terrible danger, that this extraordinary country I called home for over two years is being destroyed. That the welcoming, friendly, loving, beautiful people of #Ukraine are being killed"
"Я люблю тебе, Україно," says Jenny. Other friend, Anya, 19 y.o. literature student, writes to me: "I can't believe that it's happening in my country. It's like a nightmare and I can't wake up. Thousands of people are killed by this tyrant." Us, happy, in Sept2021 in #Kyiv. ImageImage
Anya, 19:"The light, kindness, & mercy will conquer loathing, dishonesty, & cruelty. I hope it'll be a great lesson for other folks & the last war in the world. every evening cries air alert and we stoop in the bomb shelter, but I live in a small town meaningless to conquer..."
You see where Anya and I stand in the picture one Tweet back? This is how it looks now. Can you help save Anya? And everyone else? #NoFlyZoneOverUkraine #StopPutinNOW #StopWarInUkraine ImageImageImage
IMPORTANT! LIKE LIFE AND DEATH IMPORTANT: Russian troops shelled the biggest nuclear power plant in Europe, causing fire. Share this live feed with as many people as you can, the consequences of such an assault can be CATASTROPHIC FOR AN ENTIRE WORLD!!!
This is loud and clear, in Ukrainian, there is a fire at the BIGGEST NUCLEAR PLANT IN EUROPE as a result of shelling by the Russian army.…
Zaporozhye NPP reports a threat to the first power unit of the station! Russians do not let the firefighters approach the fire; shoot them point blank HELP!!!!!… Rus
ENglish subtitles
Update on #nuclear: National Rada of Ukraine: the first power unit was under repair (that is, not in working condition). However, nuclear fuel was not removed from it (therefore, the danger remains). #Enerhodar #Energodar
I just took this screenshot from the live stream. We are looking at #Chornobyl. [and i was near it at the time so i know what it means. don't tell me i am overreacting, put definitely not intended.] Image
It is important to keep calm and act in the most effecient way. Consulting with nuclear experts to access the risk. Here are some facts:
IMPORTANT: On Ukrainian video announcements by Dmitro Orlov, it is clear that #Russian soldiers do not let #ukrainian firefighters to approach the burning reactor. It is lost on many translations/messages. Please share. @DmytroKuleba asks to let firefighters to the reactor.
UPDATE JUST IN: The representative of the press service of the #Zaporizhzhya NPP Andriy Tuz: no threat of radiation spread has been recorded, the radiation background has not changed. (from info service LENTACH).
[I would also watch for everything else happening in the world. This could be a distraction; if it is an accident and not planned it will be used as a distraction and blackmailing maneuver.]
#Putin has threatened #nuclear weapons twice this week. #Chornobyl's radiation has increased already. Several oil depots & gas pipelines exploded/on fire. Now, the biggest #nuclear plant in #Europe is burning. Demand #NoFlyZoneInUkraineNow #NoFlyZoneInUkraineNow #StopPutin
UPDATE: Firefighters were allowed to the scene of the fire, says the head of the #Zaporozhye Regional Military Administration Oleksandr Starukh. #Enerhodar
As of 02:26 in the city of Energodar at the Zaporizhzhya NPP, the third power unit was disconnected from the single power system (only Unit 4 is operating).
Meanwhile, not to distract from the gravity of the fire at the nuclear reactor: this is how the rest of #Ukraine looks now. #Mariupol
As of 02:26, the State Emergency Service reported that the fire situation at the station was within the norm. The wind from the side of the NPP blows towards the south-eastern part of Ukraine and in the direction of the large Russian Rostov-on-Don and Krasnodar #EnergoAtom
This is NOW in #Mariupol. Everything is on fire. It is hell. Demand #NoFlyZoneOverUkraine #NoFlyZone #StopPutinNOW
WH Press Secretary at a briefing today said Russia is “continuing to take aggressive steps and move towards their ultimate objective, which is taking over Kyiv and taking over the country.” You don't say.
ALERT The #Chechens broke into the #Zaporizhzhya #nuclear plant. The UP publication, citing its sources at the station, reports that the soldiers of the National Guard continue to defend the facility. Sources say they intend to mine the nuclear plant & blackmail Europe😰
Verifying the above but #UkrainskayaPravda is a fairly reliable source. These days, nothing is 100% reliable. The live stream is over so can't see. No panic. Will be back with an update.
Update the live stream is back and #Zelenskyy is speaking now
#Zelenskyy speech: briefly, #Chornobyl only had one reactor, #Zaporizhzhia has 6. First time in history, we are dealing with a terrorist country that seizes nuclear resources. He already spoke to EU leaders. More soon.…
The shelling at the nuclear power plant has stopped, but the situation is uncertain, ZNPP spokesman Andrey Tuz said in a commentary to the BBC Russian Service. “They bombed everything they could, including blocks and everything else.
Now the information is being clarified, it is difficult to say everything. [To the station] a white car drove out, representatives of the Russian military. Flashing lights. Now it is being determined whether they will be negotiations, or how to proceed further.”
The Hague Tribunal left for #Ukraine. A group of investigators from the International Tribunal in The Hague (ICC) will conduct an investigation into a class action international lawsuit against Russia accused of possible war crimes.
Stop #Putin now. Do Hague Tribunal later. @NATO You need to stop the terrorist state of the Russian Federation. 1. Establish #NoFlyZoneOverUkraine 2. Stop the genocide of #Ukraine. 3. Prevent nuclear threat to #Europe and the #US.
President Volodymyr Zelensky recorded a video message about what is happening. According to him, there are Russian tanks equipped with thermal imagers near the nuclear power plant, which means that the invaders know where to shoot in order to provoke a tragedy.
Meanwhile, the #US announced more sanctions. Please take some measures to stop the serial killers in the Kremlin. They are going to close Russia holding the wretched and brainwashed people of Russia as hostages and explode us all if not stopped. Don't you see it?
People in Russia are unaware. The following sites are not working there: • Facebook, Twitter, Medusa, BBC, Deutsche Welle, Radio Liberty, Google Play, Apple Store. Not clear if Russian watchdog Roskomnadzor blocked them, but the probability is high. #informationwarfare
Biden had a telephone conversation with Zelensky - Reuters reports. Blinken and Kuleba discussed Ukraine's needs for additional military, economic and humanitarian assistance
JUST IN: ALERT! Igor Murashov, Acting Director General of the #Zaporizhzhya NPP, said that nuclear safety at the plant violated. At the moment, the fire continues, and firefighters are not allowed in. There is a huge threat. Fighting at the station. The reactors are insecure.
What can you do? Call your reps NOW. Demand immediate #NATO military intervention. Terrorists are holding hostage a #nuclear reactor in #Europe. I repeat: tanks and firearms-armed terrorists are holding hostage.
Director General of the International Atomic Energy Agency Rafael Grossi spoke with PM of Ukraine Denys Shmyhal about the situation at the #Zaporizhzhia The Minister of Energy of #Ukraine spoke with the US Secretary of Energy.
#Ukrainian side asked to prevent a nuclear catastrophe and close the flight zone over #Ukraine. SUPPORT IT!!!! USE YOUR VOICE! CALL YOUR REPS!!!! #NoFlyZoneOverUkraine #NoFlyZone
Johnson, in a conversation with Zelensky, said that he was convening an emergency meeting of the UN Security Council in the near future due to the situation around the #Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant, Downing Street reports.
!!!The city head of Energodar Dmitro Orlov about the situation at the ZNPP as of now: No shelling at the moment. Last night, around 16:30, #Russian troops broke through to #Enerhodar, immediately went to the nuclear power plant & began to fire at the buildings.
As a result, a fire broke out. The aggressors fired directly at the power units. There are wounded, numbers TBC. 2 wounded taken to the hospital. No way to hospitalize the rest. Firefighters not allowed to extinguish the fire. The situation is extremely critical. #Enerhodar
NOW! CONFIRMED VIA 3 SOURCES: the Minister of Energy of Ukraine Galushchenko confirmed that the Russian military is shelling the station from the air and tanks, the fire continues, rescuers not allowed. Demand #NATO military intervention.
Unian: as a result of shelling on the territory of the nuclear power plant, one of the buildings of the training complex continues to burn. Fire engulfed 3, 4, 5 floors of a 5-story building. ..
...The #Russian military CONTINUES TO PREVENT firefighters from starting to eliminate the consequences of the fire. # Zaporizhzhia #nuclear #plant operates one power unit out of six. The overall fire safety condition of the nuclear power plant is within standards.
Firefighters were finally allowed into the territory of the #Zaporizhzhya NPP. No radiation leaks at the station. Andriy Tuz, a spokesman for the Zaporizhzhya NPP, said that there was no threat of radiation spread.
This is confirmed by specialists from the State Emergency Service of Ukraine (State Service of Ukraine for Emergency Situations). Firefighters started to work on the nuclear power plant to put out the fire in the administrative part of the station. PHEW!
[Going to take a few min off. Really hope the Apocalypse doesn't happen. I was working at an important story before this whole nuclear reactor episode. WE ARE NOT IN NETFLIX. Is anyone still watching it? I guess not in Russia... They were cut off.]
Here is the only video I want to play now. Слава Україні!
[back and will be updating. I am sorry that I cannot answer 90% of your comments and most of the time can't read them. I have dozens of sources (Ukrainians, expat journalists on-site) contacting me via various media and they are my priority. My sources are also Telegram channels
and other social media accounts of reliable outlets and persons, including Ministries and Administrations of Ukraine. I also rely on a few publications, mostly in Ukrainian. Translations often distort things; Google translate is being used for speed and it does not
have the capability to pick up on slang, grammar deviations, etc. I verify news coming in, checking the reporting from other sources. DISINFORMATION is abundant to say the least. I include tips on #informationwarfare as I have been analyzing it for the last few years
it is an important aspect of modern warfare. I am not in the conflict zone although I have recently returned from Ukraine and am familiar with many locations there; as well as with several cities in Russia. I have answered a few questions so now back to reporting.]
As of 06:20, the fire in the training building of #Zaporizhzhia #nuclear #plant was eliminated. It is reported that there are no victims or injured but earlier Dmytro Orlov informed about several wounded. This information needs to be verified.
40 people and 10 units of equipment were involved in extinguishing the fire at the #Zaporizhzhia, according to the Ministry of Emergency Situations of #Ukraine reports. The radiation level in the area of the nuclear plant is lower than in nearby settlements. Image
Minister of Energy of Ukraine German Galushchenko notes that we are on the verge of the largest man-made disaster in the history of mankind. "This is a war of annihilation of humanity and our planet. The enemy does not care about nuclear and radiation safety."
"[the #Kremlin] is indifferent to the human lives of Ukrainians, Europeans, and their own citizens." It is also important to report from all areas in #Ukraine where #Russian troops continue the relentless attack. #Russian artillery targets residential areas of all major cities.
I will add reports from the regions where the bombing continued last night but want to bring attention to the information warfare again as it is becoming more prominent front. IMPORTANT:
In #Kherson, a staged rally is planned at which a crowd bussed from out of town will be demanding to announce #Kherson a separatist state similar to LNR and DNR.. KHNR to destabilize the situation in the region. The #TV station is seized & started to broadcast Russian propaganda.
Other regions: #Severodonetsk a few hours ago.
#Ukrainian army liquidated a convoy of #Putin's army in #Voznesensk , #Mykolaiv region today. I have to add that comments on these videos are artful. [#Russia is referred to as #mordor and #Russians as #orcs.]
in #Russia, the search for "how do they live in #NorthKorea was popular today
@UnianInfo informs that the main efforts of the invaders are focused on the encirclement of #Kyiv & the weakening of resistance in the blocked settlements. The #Russian Army exhausted the main part of the operational reserves
& began preparations for the transfer of additional forces and assets from the Southern and Eastern military districts. The second echelons and most of the operational reserves of the Russian groupings were put into operation
From the General Staff of the Armed Forces of #Ukraine: Operative information as of 06.00 04.03.2022 regarding the #Russian invasion:
The 9th day of the resistance of the #Ukrainian people to the Russian military invasion. As of 06:20 am, the fire in the training building
of #Zaporozhia #nuclear power plant eliminated. No victims.
2. The main efforts of the occupiers are focused on surrounding #Kyiv and weakening the resistance in blocked settlements. Trying to accomplish this task, the #Russian Armed Forces exhausted a big part of the reserves.
3. In the #Volyn direction, the aggressor moved two BTGR to defensive actions in the areas of #Poliske and #Kukhari settlements. It might carry out armed provocations at the border in order to involve the armed forces of #Belarus into the war against #Ukraine.
4. In the #Polisk direction, during the fight, the #Russian enemy partially lost the offensive potential and the main forces were blocked and stopped in the area of Makarova. The occupants left #Bucha and #Gostomel Airport.
5. On the #Siversky front, the #Russian troops focus their efforts on planning the offensive on #Kyiv and is conducting a regrouping in order to continue the attack towards Brovary. Other operations include: blocking #Kharkiv from the north, surrounding #Mariupol.
6. From the Russian-occupied #Crimea, a large number of vehicles transport convicts used to organize disturbances in the #Mykolaiv region. In the Black Sea, a #Russian maritime group advanced from the marine bases.The landing of marine paratroopers in Zatoka, Chornomorsk expected
[For a full and detailed operational report in Ukrainian with AI-[bad] translation:…. also someone tell Google translate that "territorial defense" is not "terrorist defense." and #KyivNotKiev
[I will now take a break as my Ukrainian friends appear online after the night [thank god!]]
I am back for the last update of today [it is actually tomorrow March 4, 1.30 am.] Here is how #Kharkiv looks today. The city was bombed for days on end. In some areas,Internet is not working so it is harder to get videos and photos. People spend most of their time in basements. ImageImageImage
From residents of #Kharkiv: there are no #Russians in the streets, and the morale is high. People are helping each other with food and resources. There is still heat, electricity, and internet. #Kharkiv stands strong.
Some pictures. Beauty salon in the background. The caption reads: "Golden Age" #Kharkiv. from ImageImageImageImage
#Kharkiv. Please please share this. These are peaceful cities. Russian-speaking, by the way. People still can't believe that "Russian brothers" can do this to them... ImageImageImage
In #Chernihiv, another tragedy. Hard to report. Due to damage on March 3, there are problems with the water supply in the city. The reason is large-scale damage to networks and power supply facilities by #Russian troops.
#Chernihiv, 3 March 2022. Video of the residential area bombed. People were standing in life to a pharmacy.…
#Zaporozhye #Zaporozhia #Energodar #Enerhodar UPDATE: Losses of the #Ukrainian military after the night assault on #Zaporizhzhya #nuclear power plant: 3 dead, 2 wounded, including 1 in critical condition. The heroic defenders of the station neutralized 1 tank w/crew. NOW, !!!:
IMPORTANT: According to the #НастоящееВремя, Dmitro Orlov, the head of the city administration of #Enerhodar (#Energodar) is being kept hostage and was forced to make the last video speech at gunpoint. Therefore, the video will not be shared. ImageImageImage
Just confirming, that Mayor of #Enerhodar can be held hostage. His video messages currently cannot be relied upon. #Russian troops control the biggest #nuclear plant in #Europe. Also, a lot of residential buildings, including a school, bombed to ground in #Enerhodar
#Russian tanks hit the staff entrance of #Enerhodar; then two rockets hit the plant. Firefighters were not allowed inside. #Russian troops hold #Chornobyl staff hostage for several days. reported by #CurrentTimes livestream
#Kherson: unclear situation at this moment. Disturbances w/connection. According to the Security Service of Ukraine, 60-80 Crimean people have settled in the Frigate Hotel in Kherson. Today they might go to a rally w/#Russian flags & "gratitude" to the Russian "liberators"
In #Kherson, a convoy of trucks carrying people drove along Perekopskaya towards the city center, Public correspondents report. #Russians seized TV tower, and reportedly cut Internet. DO NOT FALL FOR FAKEs
#Mykolaiv. The Mayor ordered all women and children to shelter. #Russian troops are expected to attack.
#Zelenskyy in his latest speech, on #Russia's attack on #Zaporizhzhia #nuclear plant: People of Russia, how is it even possible? We fought the consequences of the 1986 Chornobyl disaster together. Did you forget? can't stay silent. Tell your leadership you want to live."
[I was close to #Chornobyl around the time the explosion happened. Here is a compilation of memories by eyewitnesses, including mine, of what happened then and the consequences. All of this is so personal, so lived…
#Mariupol might be in the worst situation. According to an interview given by a resident who managed to escape the besieged city, to #CurrentTimeTV, there is no heat, water, electricity and internet; it is freezing, and the food was running out; bombed around the clock
[My great-grandparents starved to death during the Siege of Leningrad, my grandmother was the only survivor, & I grew up with the shadow of the Siege, like most people in Leningrad. No, it's the other set of ancestors-the ones murdered by the Nazis in Baby Yar are grandfather's.
I cannot believe that this is possible, that this is happening again. Putin's parents survived the Siege, his younger baby-brother died... psychologists of the world, can someone explain this to me? It's 2022 and we are living in 1942. Siege, Baby Yar, tanks, bombs.
Can someone stop it? @NATO you are not going to stop them by waiting out. We are dealing with a mental disease of a person who is in charge of nuclear weapons and has been unwell. Stop it in the name of humanity. I hear my ancestors howling in their mass graves. #StopPutinNOW]
[I have to break to sleep. Thinking of all my dear friends in #Ukraine. Thinking of Odesa]
[Back & processing information; will share a summary & keep reporting. Ukraine lived another 7 hours of war. #Zelensky just made a powerful address: a minute of silence for all perished defenders, a minute for all peaceful people killed, and a minute for you--support @Ukraine.]
SUMMARY. I will start with stories from my friends and personal contacts, as usual. 30 y.o. Julia from #Kyiv "Sharing what's happening is so important. Please let everyone know. It's very hard. These creatures attacked the nuclear power plant...
and they captured #Chernobyl earlier, workers taken hostage, the level of radiation increased. Today they bombed a nuclear power plant in #Zaporizhzhia. It could be a global catastrophe if they don't stop. My mom & I leave for Romania but my husband and brother stay to fight."
My friend Maria, from #Kyiv: "My son & his friends made HQ of the defense in our apartment. They were given weapons. The district is not bombed, they only shoot regularly." My friend Tania, an American living in #Kyiv: "A total disaster. Like 9/11 all across the country.
A poet and literary translator Olga Bragina keeps writing and translating while staying in Kyiv w/her parents. "I tell my mother: "There was again a battle near Kruty, as in 1918." Mom says: "It seems that this is a program that has been launched and it works in cycles,
it will work until ours win." now we have won. Mom says: "Here they are, bombing #Kharkiv - and there, after all, many were for Russians before." I say: "It's like during the Albigensian uprising, the archbishop said:"Kill everyone - the Lord will distinguish his own,"
Mom says:" Yes, this is from the same opera."... Olga Bragina shares her poetry about from #Kyiv on FB.
#Chernihiv: #Russians methodically shell the south-eastern and south-western districts, targeting residential houses and infrastructure. Rescuers and firefighters cannot work properly, as rocket fire and airstrikes are ongoing. The first page in #NYT…
#Chernihiv carries out heroic defense, holding positions on the frontiers. In the region: a convoy of up to 200 units of equipment & manpower stopped in front of the river. The bridge across the river was destroyed.
In #Chernihiv, on March 3, killed 47, 18 injured--the #Chernihiv Regional State Administration. More than 50,000 households in all districts of the region remain without electricity supply.
#Zaporozhija #Enerhohrad (this is an update, see above for the seizure, shooting and fire at the biggest #nuclear plant in EU) A section of the main pipeline is damaged, the supply of thermal energy to the city is cut. Emergency recovery work is carried out.
#Mariupol The Mayor asked for help and said that the city is almost erased from the face of Earth. No heat, no internet, no telephone, no power, freezing temperatures. 300+injured, hospitals are being shelled; food and medical supplies are almost exhausted. HELP! #StopRussia RT
Meanwhile, in #Russia: Facebook and Twitter are blocked. YouTube is still working. It is possible to reach banned sites using VPNs. All liberal sites are closed but Nobel-prize-winning Novaya Gazeta complied w/the Kremlin guidelines, removing all mentions of war
#Kharkiv: bombed, in ruins but #Russian troops' offensive stopped. #informationwarfare: Mayor denies fakes of surrender: "Believe me, this is a brazen lie! No one will ever surrender the city of #Kharkiv. We hold on. We will win!"
#NoFlyZoneOverUkraine #NoFlyZone #NoFlyZoneUA
Sculpture by Rene Collet, Netherlands. Demand @NATO to stop the #genocide of #Ukrainian people. Image
[need to take a few minutes to help friends in Ukraine, will be back w/more critical coverage on the #RussianWarCrimes in #Ukraine. Thanks for caring and joining voices with all feeling and thinking humankind. This must be stopped.]
Back. #Odesa Mikhail Podolyak, adviser to the head of the President's Office, said that #Odesa will definitely stand. Verifying some good news from there. Image
#Odesa Emergency Rescue Squad of the Main Directorate of the State Emergency Service in the Odesa region neutralized the shells that ended up in the village of Belenky and the resort of Zatoka after yesterday's airstrike. ImageImage
#Odesa: #Russian aggression united people. People are sowing national flags and decorating their homes w/#Ukrainian symbols. Important because #Kremlin propaganda manufacturers fakes about Odesa welcoming Russians. My friends are prepared to welcome invaders w/ #molotovcocktail ImageImage
#Kherso region: in the Askania-Nova reserve these days the kid of the Tibetan yak was born. It was named "Bayraktar" (unmanned combat aerial vehicle) said the director of the reserve. Image
[sorry, the crisis is getting closer to home. Emergencies in Ukraine w/close friends/family, plus fundraising, back to reporting now]
RESOURCE (will start sharing here in addition to FB, please RT): @fightforrightua Leslie Templeton @Somesaylezzels arranging to transport people with disabilities out of Ukraine, provide humanitarian aid, seeking volunteers in Kyiv or other highly dangerous areas for disabled
Let's look at #Russia. Good news. There are decent and honest people. Bad news. Everything else: They are in minority, and are either in prison or trying to flee but it is hard to get tickets at this point, most countries are closed, taking more than $10K is illegal and
any mention of "war" or "aggression" or anti-war protest leads to 15 prison. Yet, I know 2-3 people who are staying to fight the fascist regime, they tell me. 2 people I know are in prison. The majority is silent, or complicit, unfortunately. This is not
the time/space to analyze the mass psychosis; I wrote about it ad nauseam and Hannah Arendt did a much better job; but multiple interviews w/Russian people on site show that they are either deprived of information or brainwashed. The former is possible, especially older folks.
At this point there are NO independent media operating in #Russia, Facebook, Twitter are blocked, YT is about to be blocked (need to confirm, maybe already is) and there no other sources of information. BBC and Bloomberg are closing their offices, all major mass media are moving
offices out of Russia. Liberal publications are either closed or complicit and agree to censor all info on #Ukraine. One RT journalist quit in protest; the exodus of Margarita Simonian, CE of RT is not expected. The general population, thus, is left in parallel reality.
The #Kremlin #informationwarfare also involves the West but I focus now on the situation in the country of aggressor, #Russia, now referred to exclusively as #Mordor in #Ukraine. Hardships coming on all fronts, most companies leaving #Russia-apart from #CocaColaSupportTerrorism
There are long lines seen in #IKEA that is about to close. The Kering group of companies (Gucci, Balenciaga, Yves Saint Laurent) is closing--a blow on the elite.They might not be able to afford luxury goods, anyway, the focus now is on "socially significant goods" (hello, Orwell)
Restrictions are now introduced: under 10 kg of sugar, 10 bottles of vegetable oil, 5 packs of flour, 3 packs of salt, 10 packs of pasta, rice and other cereals per person. They forgot matches. [Do I remember the ratio cards, lovely reader, and oh the sweet flashback
I must briefly note that Putin started his career in St.Petersburg by stealing natural resources intended for barter. As a result, the city that survived the Siege, was left w/ratio cards & no food. I WAS THERE. I know. Details:… and… Image
Breaking from #Zelensky, a new address: he condemned the #NATO decision to not close the sky over Ukraine. “the NATO countries have created a narrative that the alleged closing of the sky over Ukraine will provoke direct Russian aggression against NATO. self-hypnosis of the weak
#Zelensky: #NATO assistance is limited to the purchase of 50 tons of diesel fuel for Ukraine. “Probably so that we could burn the Budapest Memorandum. To burn better. But it has already burned down for us”
#Zelensky: “Today, the #NATO leadership gave the green light for the further bombardment of #Ukrainian cities and villages, refusing to make a #NoFlyZoneOverUkraine. You could close our sky... Only... I do not know who you can protect and whether you are able to protect...
...your countries - the countries of the #NATO. You will not be able to pay us off with liters of fuel for liters of our blood.” Demand #NoFlyZoneOverUkraine #NoFlyZoneInUkraineNow #NoFlyZoneUA
Back to report: [A couple of honest voices that came to me from Mordor are now silent. In prison or blocked, I don't know. I mourn for #Ukraine but I mourn for fighters in Russia.] On a positive note:
[breaking to analyze and prepare an important piece that i have tried to cover since yesterday. hoping no nuclear reactor fires next 30-40 minutes]
IMPORTANT AND SENSITIVE🚩Quick research; needs details, expert opinion (awaiting).Three purposes to share: 1. Informing general public 2. Calling the risk. 3. Calling for action. #Chechens #kadyrovtsy #Nuclear #Plant # Zaporizhzhia Please RT at journalists for in-depth research
WARNING: DO NOT JUMP TO ANY CONCLUSIONS. It is a complicated, nuanced, and dangerous subject that needs a) educated analysis b) understanding. Subjects: nuclear radiation, terrorists, jihad, ethnic conflicts, potential WWIII. This needs to be brought to light &carefully studied.
#Chechen fighters, so-called #Kadyrovites, are present at the captured #Ukrainian #nuclear facility #Zaporizhzhia, according to David Arakhamia, head of the Servant of the People parliamentary faction. "…
"Since 3 am, when the attack on [#nuclear] facilities began, we have been telling the entire international world that we cannot-& #Russia, we believe, can't-know what's in the head of the Chechen fighters...they can then blackmail Russia and say "let's give Chechnya independence"
"...specific #terrorist groups seized #nuclear facilities". According to the politician, the #Kadyrovites killed several employees. Energoatom and the State Inspectorate for Nuclear Regulation of Ukraine reported: no injuries/victims."…
[I noticed the discrepancy in reporting in real time. Dmytro Orlov's account in a telegram published several videos that I have shared. The visuals and information differ in these videos. A report confirming the fight and shooting at the station…
Why does it matter and who are #Kadyrovtsy and why it is not accurate to say #Chechens. I am not an expert on the subject but here is a very basic breakdown for this context. #Chechnya is a constituent republic of Russian Federation, situated in the North Caucasus.
Chechens are NOT ethnic Russians and have a long history of wars w/Russia. The predominant religion is Islam. The president of Chechnya is Ramzan Kadyrov, also a leader of a large private militia referred to as the "Kadyrovtsy" (plural, "Kadyrovets" singular, hence the hashtags.)
[Stay with me, important] In addition to the Russian regional government, Chechnya has a separatist Ichkeria government not recognized by any state. Important because both sides are involved in the war in #Ukraine.
"It is unknown how many soldiers Kadyrov has sent to Ukraine, (10,000-70,000? see the article.) On the other side, anti-Russian Chechen units, including many veterans of the first and second Chechen wars, are fighting with Kadyrov’s loyalists."…
Today, Kadyrov said in a video that his soldiers are waging jihad in Ukraine.“Don't interfere with us. We won't stop. We have an order, we have jihad!”The video was circulated in Russian media [that was not hacked by @YourAnonOne
"Kadyrov said that the Russian Armed Forces, on behalf of Vladimir Putin, will find everyone who killed civilians in Donbas and was involved in the crime in Odesa. “We have the addresses of all shaitans and their families. The Nazis know this,” he…
I also attach a long(ish) article lining up the nuances, disinformation and more about #Chechen participation in the war that the Russian Federation continues in #Ukraine. [Google Translate+patience for some, or skip]…
So: we have a pro- #Putin #Kadyrovits #Chechen who called the jihad fighting against #Ukraine and now controlling the biggest power plant in Europe, #Zaporozhya. (Not to be mixed up with the anti-Russian, pro-#Ukrainian #Chechens.) NOW, the last thing in this mini-research--
WARNING! We had jihad, terrorists, fire at a nuclear station, hackers but the next subject is GRUESOME. If you are suffering from PTSD--skip a few tweets, maybe three of four. I will not include any really disturbing photos, PG-13, but the subject is upsetting.
So: The bodies of allegedly killed Kadyrov Chechen soldiers overfilling the morgues in Belarus at the border with Ukraine AND mobile Russian morgues following the Russian army. Ready?
There are many reports in #Ukrainian media and #Telegram channels alleging that "In the Belarusian Mozyr, the morgues are filled with Chechens" "Russia is afraid to report the losses not only to Russian citizens but also to Chechnya." source:…
Some reports do not specify the ethnicity of the killed Russian Federation Army personnel. Headline: "The Bodies of Dead Russian Soldiers Are Brought to the Mozyr" morgue
“In Mozyr (Belarus), all morgues are packed, mostly w/ ethnic Chechens, instructions given for long-term storage of bodies; so no info on the real losses of the RF Armed Forces gets to in Chechnya” Anna Krasulina, a rep of the Belarusian opposition,
But the information does travel: audio of a Chechen woman mourns a soldier killed in Ukraine. She cries and says that there are many corpses, they are not brought to Russia, and kept in the morgues of Belarus until the end of the
As warned, evidence; graphic.…
In addition to these stationary morgues, the Russian army is reported to use "mobile crematoria." ImageImage
They are not a novelty and have been in use for a while. Here is an article from 2013 describing the features. After a negative reaction from the public, the signs were removed, and it is impossible to tell it from a regular vehicle. Image
Here are the descriptions of types and use: Ministry of Defence for "medical waste" and Ministry of Defense of Russian Federation, Military Hospital, "receiving, processing and shipping of the dead" ImageImageImage
Again, all information needs to be verified and analyzed. There are also reports stating that "The use of mobile crematoriums by Russians during the current war in Ukraine is yet to be verified."…
To sum it up: the presence of #Chechen #Kadyrov militia in #Ukraine needs to be covered. The risk of the biggest nuclear reactor being captured by armed terrorists who announced jihad, AND overflowing morgues in a densely-populated part of Europe cannot be underestimated.
This is the end of this sub-thread. Please RT to experts/researchers/people with a deeper knowledge of the subject & feel free to use it as a starting point for in-depth research. Most importantly, the horror of this story should be enough to demand to #StopPutinNOW #StopPutin
[Now, two things: 1) I hope that a mobile Russian morgue is not parked outside of my humble abode and 2) I need a drink. Will be back reporting in a bit. Thank you for not being indifferent to this horror and let's keep our humanity, compassion and hope.] #StopPutin
[back, had to buy some food, ran out of everything, in 3 hours, so much destruction happened that I can't believe my eyes. The monster is relentless. The war never stops. We got to stop it. #StopPutinNOW #StopPutin Back to reporting]
#Odesa region. This is what they did in the last two hours. At 5:00 am March 5, an air strike was launched on the village of Velikodolinskoye (Bolshaya Dolina). Local residents report two powerful explosions. There is no information about the victims yet. ImageImageImage
#Zaporizhzhia According to the adviser to the Minister of Internal Affairs Vadym Denisenko, the management of the #Zaporizhzhya nuclear power plant in the city of #Enerhodar "is in Ukrainian hands" but the Russians control the perimeter of the plant. 3 Ukrainian fighters killed
IMPORTANT: The situation in #Energodar #Enerhodar is changing dynamically. The information is constantly updated, Denisenko reported.
There seems to be a pattern: #Putin is attracted to all things nuclear. ☢️
JUST IN: from #Enerhodar It seems that the biggest nuclear plant in Europe is locked and the employees have to find a different place to ensure safety. [!] #nuclear #Zaporizhzhia #Zaporizhzhya…
Comment to the video from #Energodar #Enerhodar: At 8.00 am, the city authorities came to work; could not get into the city hall; door locked. We'll work elsewhere to run Energodar under occupation. Nevertheless, Energodar was and remains #Ukraine. Even when we are in isolation.
[While I am trying to understand the situation with the second biggest nuclear plant, this is a great piece of conceptual art:] Image
This was #Kherson. If you couldn't watch the video: Ukrainians lying down in front of #Russsian military vehicle, do not back off as they are being shot at, and do not budge with a military truck moving on them, trying to stop it with bare hands, men and women. #GloryToUkraine
IMPORTANT, #NUCLEAR: Staff of #Chornobyl kept hostage.“We cannot replace people...They are divided in 2 groups, replacing each other, they are tired mentally physically, emotionally. Limited nutrition, medicines; it is difficult for them," Yury Fomichev, the mayor of #Slavutych.
#Kharkiv... impossible. Unspeakable.…
#Kharkiv, Klochkovskaya. My friend Lina just sent me this, saying--I grew up around here. Imagine this?…
840 (possibly more) children were injured in since the start of the #Rissian aggression against #Ukraine, Oleksiy Danilov, secretary of the National Security and Defense Council.
This is great news! 74% of Americans said the #US &#NATO should impose a #NoFlyZone over #Ukraine,(the poll by Reuters/Ipsos found.) 80% said the US should stop buying #Russian oil. 81% think the US should impose additional sanctions on #Russia. #NoFlyZoneOverUkraine #NoFlyZone
In the #Bucha district near #Kyiv, #Russian forces opened fire on a car with civilians. 2 people were killed, including a 17-year-old girl, and 4 injured. The prosecutor’s office in the Kyiv region has launched criminal proceedings over the shelling.@KyivIndependent
[If I don't specify the source: private source or Telegram channel confirmed or verified vs.other channels, social media & groups. I have many sources on site: people want the world to know about the war and help to stop it; so many send videos, photos or just a couple of lines.]
[break, talking to sources]
A remarkable statement by Dmytro Orlov, #Enrhodar Mayor: "Afrer a few days of forced contact w/representatives of the #Russian military, I want to draw my own conclusions." I am sure that despite the fact that today there are [Russian] tanks in town...
...and a nuclear power plant is under the control of #Russian troops, we have already won this #war. I'm convinced: #Ukraine will always be #Ukraine. Today, #russiansoldiers fear [our] civilian population more than they probably fear even #Putin. They came with confidence...
...that they had come to liberate us from #Nazism... Mainly, they are afraid & hate us because they can't afford the #freedom & freedom of thought that we can. A slave will always be afraid & hate a person who can think about freedom and be free. ... Victory will be ours."
Good news from #Mariupol: Humanitarian corridors for the evacuation of civilians will open from #Mariupol & #Volnovakha, said an adviser to the head of the Public Administration.The Ministry of Defense of the Russia stated that a silent regime will be in effect from 09:00.
#Kherson: water supply and central heating restored in the city center.
estimates of Russia's losses as of March 5, according to the Armed Forces of Ukraine, as reported by @KyivIndependent Image
This is a must-watch video of #Borodyanka, close to #Kyiv. Please pass it on. Please demand to stop this. I just was in #Kyiv. It was a beautiful, lively city... Before they erase the whole country... #NoFlyZone
CORRECTION: Green corridors for bringing food and supplies, not for evacuation. #Mariupol
[Will stop my report today. Please share verified information. CRITICAL-that's why #Kremlin bans all independent press. Use best judgment & check & then think. We are in shock, tired & are getting desensitized to horror. Take breaks. Breathe. #Ukraine needs strong support.]
[hi all, back on w/two delays: my body shut me off for 8 hrs and my devices shut me out for 3--either a hack or memory filled w/photos&videos or both. Body--fixed, devices--50% fixed, will do a summary now and try to fix the 50%of devices. WAR NEVER STOPS.]
#Zaporizhzhia #Zaporizhzhya This is the view of the plant after the attack by #Russian troops and #Kadyrov #kadyrovtsy #Chechen soldiers who called jihad on #Ukraine (see above)
The reports from #Zaporizhzhia #Zaporozhye change every hour or so, and differ from various sources. "the information that Russian troops have completely left Energodar is not true, according to the mayor of the city Dmitry Orlov. #Russians control the perimeter of Energodar. TBC
#Putin made a speech: No need for the martial law in #Russia. Consequences of the conflict between #Russia and #NATO are “understandable for everyone”. #Russia will consider attempts by other countries to establish a no-fly zone over Ukraine as participation in hostilities;
#Putin in his speech: "Our military destroyed the entire military infrastructure first. The work is almost complete; guys who fight and lay down their lives are fighting for our future; there are also neo-Nazis in Russia, but not in the government, as in Ukraine; etc
#Putin in his speech--IMPORTANT: "Those sanctions that are being introduced are akin to a declaration of war, but this has not yet come to that". PAY ATTENTION TO THIS.
Reports from #Ukrainian cities. Earlier today a temporary ceasefire was supposed to take place to create humanitarian corridors and allow civilians to leave #Mariupol and #Volnovakha. #Russian troops’ shelling halted the evacuation, fighting then resumed.
#Mariupol's Mayor, now: “#Mariupol is under blockade, we are being killed as a nation, as the people of #Ukraine. #Russian occupiers are now shooting at residential areas. Planes dropped bombs today. I got as mayor to organize transportation and locations for people to evacuate.
At that moment, as we were leaving, the #Russian troops broke the silence & began shelling. Miraculously, no people were hurt, equipment was damaged. We need security guarantees. Shelling has been going on for 6 days. We hope today there is a corridor.”
#Kharkiv: As of 10 min ago, 10.40 pm: Shell explosions are heard in the area of ​​Northern Saltovka. A high-rise building is on fire. A powerful explosion near the city center was also heard by correspondents of "Suspilny".
In #Balakliya region cut off from #Kharkiv, from the City Council: "Today...lot of panic, despair, fear. I ask everyone to show humanity, first of all to pay attention to the elderly, to the needy. Food, medicine etc are not supplied to Balakliya and the villages."
188 people, including 122 civilians, including 5 children, died from injuries resulting from shelling and fighting in the Kharkiv region, regional police said at 18:00 on March 4.
#Kharkiv A depot after #Russian shelling…
About 30 houses on fire in #Kharkiv as a result of shelling by #Russian troops on March 4. This is the data of the SES at 16:00. According to the report, most shells flew into high-rise buildings & private houses in #Saltovka. This area was shelled the day before. Image
#Chernihiv: Mayor: a "green corridor" is needed. There is no guarantee to leave the city without shelling. Cars attempting to drive out are at risk; they are fired upon. No gas, water supply, hot water, electricity at many addresses.
17 people died in #Chernihiv region over the past 24 hours as a result of shelling, 1 person due to fire.
Due to damages, the Gas Transmission System Operator of #Ukraine had to shut down 16 gas distribution stations in #Kharkiv, #Mykolaiv, #Zaporizhia, #Kyiv, #Donetsk and #Luhansk oblasts.
In #Irpen, the #Russian military blew up the railway tracks & an empty evacuation train that was going to pick up people from the city. Residents are being evacuated by buses.…
Russian troops have launched an air strike on #BilaTserkva: almost 20 houses have been damaged and injured, #Kyiv Region police said.
#Kherson: The #Russian military opened a warning fire on people at a rally in Kherson but this did not stop the protesters. One man jumped on a Russian armored vehicle and rod it carrying a Ukrainian flag.
#Kherson: video of a Ukrainian protestor riding a Russian armored vehicle during a protest in #Russian-occupied #Kherson.
In #Melitopol unarmed protestors push back against the Russian soldiers, shouting GO HOME! #Russians fire AKs. GO HOME!
Deputies of local councils of #Kherson region appealed to #NATO & other countries in support of the request of the President of Ukraine #Zelensky for #NoFlyZoneOverUkraine #NOflyZoneUA #NoFlyZone over #Ukraine. For 10 days, peaceful cities have been under air & missile strikes.
#Kherson appeal: "The price of procrastination with #NoFlyZone is thousands of dead and injured children, women, the elderly, destroyed hospitals, schools, kindergartens." Residents of the region also join in signing the appeal. "You need to act immediately!"
My friend Anya, a 19 y.o.literature student, forwarded me some pictures from around Ukraine and this: "My mom wants to go abroad. She is concerned about the war. But I don't want to escape from my country, I would rather die here." #StopPutinNOW #PutinWarCrimes #SaveUkraineNow ImageImageImageImage
Anya: "It's a shame not only for #Putin but for all humans who refuse to help #Ukraine. #NATO rejected a proposal to close the sky scared of the military alliance. I know that a lot of people help us, but the government of another country is just closing the eyes on this war" ImageImageImageImage
Anya: "My mum is angry, but I will believe and pray to the end." Call for #NoFlyZone #NoFlyZoneOverUkraine #NOflyZoneUA #PutinWarCrimes #StopRussia #StopPutin #StopWar #UkraineUnderAttaсk ImageImageImageImage
"Whatever is being now, it is not enough," writes Irena on FB. [I'm not sharing graphic images of violence. There are many. I don't use a shock factor. Yet, do know there are many and they are terrible.] ImageImageImageImage
American expat writer from #Kyiv Tatiana Retivov: a diary-essay of her fleeing last week. An account of a great crime against humanity. I stayed at this house in Sept. More than 1.2 million people had left Ukraine in 9…
[When not reporting, I help a network of people all around Europe helping to get people out of Ukraine and get food and medical supplies to those who can't get out. If you want to help and KNOW people on-site please PM. We need help. There are other ways of helping. PM me.]
I have many friends and extended family who have older people in #Kyiv, #Zhytomir, #Vinnitsy, all over Eastern Ukraine. Many can't go down to the basements because of physical condition and can't go outside and stand in line for bread/milk and run to shelter during air raids.
Explosions in #Kyiv, an air raid alert. Not going to cover the situation in #Russia no time. It's bad: economically, politically, culturally, Russia is cut off the world. Decent people flee, some walk across the border. Flights are being canceled. Food is starting to get rationed
Face recognition camera installed in Moscow/St.Petersburg to monitor protestors. 15-20 yrs prison for mentioning war. Propaganda hysteria on TV/media, no access to any other info. Many brainwashed.
#Nuremberg Trials prosecutor: Benjamin Ferencz, the last surviving prosecutor of #Nazis officials at the 1945-1946 trials, told the Mirror that “those responsible should be held accountable for aggression, crimes against humanity and plain murder.” #Putin should be 'behind bars.'
General Staff of the Ukrainian army, Russian private military company #Vagner #WagnerGroup set up a base in Russian city of Rostov-on-Don, from which they are recruiting mercenaries to fight in the war against Ukraine. I wrote about Wagner here…
#Wagner group: if you have no time for the whole article, here is a glimpse:
#InformationWarfare continues. Security Service of Ukraine thwarted attempts by Russian proxies to organize a so-called “Federal Republic of Ukraine.” According to SBU, the supposed republic would have included Ivano-Frankivsk, Zakarpattia, Lviv, Ternopil, and Chernivtsi.
#Russia supports separatists movements worldwide (Ukraine, California, Texas, UK, Catalonia, Kurdistan) A long history of funding separatist groups &movements around the world through business companies & installing puppet regimes. Details here…
Thousands of #Ukrainians are at the #Krakovets checkpoint: some have fled shelling in their cities, and people are waiting to cross the border into #Poland. 5-8 hour lines. Foto Oksany Seniv, Suspilʹne. ImageImageImage
[tech break, need to adjust my memory/anti-virus. Warning: DO NOT OPEN ANY ATTACHMENTS before double-checking the source. I don't, so if all those sending them to are reading- #русскийкорабльидинахуй]
From a friend, now, remarkable. "#Ukraine has changed a lot.. people discovered the pleasure of solidarity. Huge traffic jams, roadblocks, air raid alerts, closed shops & cafes. Yet, no panic, no road rage on the roads, for the entire journey from #Mykolaev to #Chernivtsi
we met only one accident. Territorial defense fighters, checking documents at checkpoints, wish you a happy journey, suggest which gas station has gasoline. In every small town, under the city councils, refugees are received, settled for the night in schools,
kindergartens, hostels, and boarding houses. People are fed free of charge. I am amazed. Refugees are mostly Russian-speaking - #Kharkiv #Mykolaiv #Kherson. The #Ukrainian-speaking #West is absolutely tolerant of this. {NOTE THIS!]
Many go to the borders, men send their wives and children to Poland, Slovakia, Moldova, Romania, the Czech Republic. Everyone is accepted, free of charge, supplied with food and medicines. The borders of Ukraine with Poland, according to eyewitnesses, are practically gone.
"For the first time since Feb 23, I'll sleep on a bed, not on a mattress in the basement. The reaction, the obscurantism, the violence of the old world, the dying bloody age is opposed to humanity, tolerance, dignity & freedom. A new, better world must win. It's a turning point."
USEFUL from Yuri Savchenko, ex-MFA of Ukraine: wartime mental health for all. read carefully and keep a cold mind. An important component of warfare is information and psychological attacks. Analysis and some tips for surviving; can be useful to people everywhere.
The first stage that we [in Ukraine] have survived was a euphoria strengthened by wild rage against the invader & pride for our victories. During the euphoria, we were united to the maximum, charged with the fighting spirit. We could not sleep, eat & function: combat readiness.
The brain can not sustain operation in such a condition. It turns on a protection mode. The exhaustion phase follows. There may be signs of depression due to constant anxiety. The aggressor knows this and it is a part of the strategy: to break the country in a state of exhaustion
The aggressor's strategy is to intimidate, fool and do the damage. So: we need to help our brains survive the exhaustion and it will then return on to "ready" mode. [This applies to the world community. As the first shock is gone, we want to switch off the war & not see it.]
✅Get sleep. Take naps. Rest.
✅Drink water. A dehydrated body cannot deal with stress.
✅ Eat healthy food. Stress leads to indigestion.
✅Take breaks from reading news;
✅ Laugh. Joke. It's a way for the brain to lower cortisol
✅Turn off the pity for material loss. The enemy is counting on it.
✅ Make a plan "what will I do after the war". Your brain needs to be in a rescue mode, not self-destruction;
✅ Hug people;
✅Tell your loved ones "I love you"
✅Verify information.
Demoralization is the main factor in warfare. While #Ukrainians fight and survive the #russianinvasion, the world needs to support them by staying engaged and compassionate. #Putin relies on your wartime exhaustion and withdrawal. It is a part of the strategic plan.
A powerful image for both believers and everyone else. The statue of #JesusChrist removed from the #Armenian Cathedral in #Lviv for storage in a bunker. The statue was last removed during #WorldWarII. The cathedral is a UNESCO monument, built in the 14th century. #StopPutinNOW Image
Following on the tips above (how to survive the wartime exhaustion, see above) some #Ukrainian humor. I was avoiding jokes for now but there are so many--by #Ukrainian people. Image
True! #Mongolia, check this out. Image
This is not a meme. The second army in the world uses logs...
FROM THE MINISTRY OF DEFENSE OF UKRAINE, NOW: Situation on the Russian invasion of Ukraine as of 00:00 06.03.22. Ten days since the aggression has started in #Ukraine. All this time, the #Ukrainian people have been heroically resisting the invaders. The current situation:
🔹The main efforts of the enemy are concentrated on the surrounding of #Kyiv, #Kharkov, #Nikolaev, as well as near the borders of the #Luhansk and #Donetsk regions. In addition, #Russian troops are trying to create a land corridor from the occupied #Crimea.
🔸 From #Belarus airfields, airstrikes carried out on military and civilian infrastructure facilities in the #Kyiv and #Zhytomyr regions (Su-35S, Su-34, Su-25 aircraft were involved). From the #Buturlinovka airfield, bombers launched airstrikes on infrastructure near #Sumy.
🔹In the #Polessky direction, in the areas of the settlements of #Polesskoye, #Kukhari, #Borodyanka, #Byshev, #Gorenichi and #Demidov, the #Russian army uses about 18 armored personnel carriers.
🔸After regrouping, units of the Eastern Military District and #Russian paratroopers move from the #Gostomel airport area to the direction of #Belogorodka. The enemy is still trying to reach the southwestern outskirts of #Kyiv.
🔹 With forces of up to 12 armored personnel carriers, #Russian troops are conducting an offensive in the northeast of #Ukraine.
🔸About 100 units of #Russian weapons & military equipment are moving in the direction of Kozelets and regrouped in the Brovarsky direction.
🔹#Russians are trying to approach the #Brovary-#Boryspil highway, planning to attack #Chernihiv & #Nizhyn.
🔸The enemy is regrouping to go in the direction of #Lubny, #Poltava and #Kharkiv.
🔹#Russians intend to seize the dam of the #Kanev hydroelectric power station.
🔸In the #Donetsk direction, Russians are trying to continue the offensive in the direction of the #Dnipro and #Zaporozhye.
🔹With forces up to 2 armored personnel carriers, #Russians try to resume an offensive in the direction of #Izyum.
🔸Mariupol is under blockade & shelling
🔹 On the #Mykolaiv direction, #Russians moved towards the city but suffered significant losses.
🔸With up to 3 armored personnel carriers and with the help of aviation, #Russians are attacking #Zaporizhzhia.
[Note: from, translated from Ukrainian]
A bit of #Russian humor. #WhoDiedinMarch trivia. Stalin, March 5. Ivan the Terrible, March 28. Pavel I, murdered, with a snuffbox, March 24. Nicholas I, March 2. Alexander II, killed by terrorists, March 13. Nicholas II, abdicated, March 15, Chernenko, March 10. Who's next? Image
#Russian occupying forces are planning to seize an important infrastructure facility - the dam of the #Kaniv hydroelectric power station, according to the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. The Kaniv HPP is located in the #Cherkasy region, 132 kilometers from Kyiv.
A great thread and resource for all who is interested in military strategy details. @DrAlakbarov
Meanwhile, a heartbreaking reply from #Kyiv. An's daughter: "Thank you for help contacts. Grandpa says he's a man & warrior. He is volunteering, & so do I. He's very proud of it & I can't take it away from him, or stop him from helping others."
Sheer insanity and more humor, but it is all real. #Zelensky shared expert analysis of the #Kremlin video of #Putin's press conference. #Putin is shown surrounded by people. It is fake. The video is edited.
📌 #Putin's hand passes through the microphone;
📌 according to the metadata, the video was edited a few days ago in Adobe After Effects;
📌details in the foreground disappear and appear
📌 people are not reflected in the teapot in front of Putin;
📌 microphones are translucent;
📌 people are staring into the void instead of looking at Putin.
📌 Zelensky ended this demo by pushing the microphone away with his hand at the end of his speech.
Laugh and lower your cortisol level!
[taking a few minutes to drink water, eat healthy food, breathe and follow all the advice here and recommend that you do it. #Ukraine needs us strong and clear-minded. "We feel your support," wrote my friend today. Back soon.]