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Today would have been #RecyTaylor's 100th birthday. She was born on New Year’s Eve in 1919. It was a year of violence & resistance. White terrorists rampaged through black towns and folks like WEB DuBois said “We return from fighting. We return fighting.” She was born to fight.
Recy Taylor grew up in Abbeville, in SE Ala during Jim Crow. She was the eldest in a large & loving family that farmed & sharecropped. Her mother died when she was very young. She promised her she would raise her siblings. Her baby brother Robert came to see Recy as his mother
Abbeville was also home base for #RosaParks’s father’s family. She lived there for a time as a young girl and came back to help defend Recy Taylor in the fall of 1944, after a group of white teenagers kidnapped Taylor at gunpoint.
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As we honor #RosaParks lets dispel the myth that she was just “tired” and hers was a spur of the moment decision

Mrs Parks was the smart and brave face of a calculated protest designed to bring max attention to a racist practice and it worked. Civil rights movement was strategic
As a child I was taught that Rosa Parks was a maid who’d been on her feet all day and was too tired to give her seat to a white person.

Not until I attended my #HBCU did I learn that Parks was a longtime leader in the Montgomery NAACP who planned the protest with other members.
This downplaying of the strategy behind the movement ignores the brilliance of its actors and does a disservice to subsequent protests whose leaders don’t understand that a successful movement requires planning.
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What galls me most about @EliseStefanik & @DevinNunes’s little stunt yesterday is the Right’s attempt to pass it off as a #shepersisted moment.… That’s an insult to heroic women who persisted, from @ewarren to #RosaParks. Let’s compare the two incidents: /1
@EliseStefanik @DevinNunes @ewarren During the Jeff Sessions confirmation hearings, after reading a letter from #Coretta Scott King, Warren was gaveled out of order on the grounds that she’d impugned a fellow Senator. This took Warren by surprise b/c the letter had previously been entered into the Senate record. /2
@EliseStefanik @DevinNunes @ewarren Warren persisted in reading the letter, was ruled out of order by a party-line vote, and was barred from speaking during for the rest of the debate.…… She was forced to read King’s letter outside the Senate.… /3
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“...people usually gain power through traits and actions that advance interests of others such as #empathy, #collaboration, openness, #fairness...when they start to feel powerful or enjoy position of privilege, those qualities begin to fade....(1)
...The powerful are more likely than other people to engage in rude, selfish and unethical behaviour” #RebeccaSolnit citing #DacherKeltner on his work studying relationship between empathy and power
“If power generates a cushion of obliviousness around it, those of us with power need to counter it. That means, first, treating people with respect, regardless of their status: not taking the invitation to disdain or ignore” #Solnit
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#BlackHistoryMonth starts today: a time to honor African Americans and their powerfully important contributions to our country. All month, we’ll be celebrating black women & the barriers they've broken – often in the face of systemic racism.
Let’s start #BlackHistoryMonth by honoring Fannie Lou Hamer: a fierce civil rights leader. Fannie Lou championed women’s rights, voting rights & workers' rights. She endured violence to help thousands of people register to vote & fight illegal segregation.…
Today on her birthday, we celebrate a powerfully important voice in the fight for racial justice: #RosaParks. Her courageous act on a Montgomery bus changed the civil rights movement & showed our country the power of protest.… #BlackHistoryMonth
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My parents were Civil Rights workers. My father was a Freedom Rider. The calls for #civility were constant.
.@repjohnlewis, our Civil Rights icon, was nearly killed in non-violent actions.

#Civility has never been two-ways. Civility has never benefited the oppressed.
#Civility still got #MLK and #RosaParks arrested.

Because those in power are never civil.
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