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Good new story! We, #OilGN23 and #HeavyHockey23, banded together to raise money for @sacetalks.

We set out as a group to raise $25K in a very short timeline....AND #LetsGoOilers fans! WE DID IT!

Total raised: $25,767

Please read thread:
For the Heavy Hockey Team:
@buoyantbabe @pmnorm @dashinthepark @Ade780 @mikedirsa

Special rec to:
@buoyantbabe and @pmnorm - feet on the ground and amazing work!
@dashinthepark - Raised approx. $2200 on his own.
HM: @_Michelle_Jean_ for over $1K raised
For the #OilGN23 Team:
@ginny_jenny @Kage_99 @kyliesalai @AllieBeeFree @lynnmercereau

They will have their own special recognitions, BUT from us, I'd like to thank @ginny_jenny and @AllieBeeFree who were integral in combining our efforts.
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“We are deeply disturbed by the 20-yr track record that places Judge Alito on the far right of the judicial spectrum, esp when it comes to women’s & #civilrights. If #SamuelAlito is confirmed…many of our fundamental rights will be at great risk, & could well be lost entirely.”⬇️
2/Prophetic: “Dear Senator, NOW is strongly opposed to the elevation of Judge #SamuelAlito to the #SupremeCourt of the United States, and with every passing day, more information appears that re-confirms our opposition. We urge you to review his record, writings…
3/“…and judicial philosophy, and join us in opposing his nomination.Not only is NOW disappointed that President Bush has proposed to replace Justice Sandra Day O’Connor with yet another white male ultra-conservative, but we are deeply disturbed by the twenty-year track record…
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1)On April 19,2021 faculty in the College of Arts and Sciences @LinfieldUniv pass a VONC against BOT Chair Dave Baca and Miles Davis. On April 20, the entire campus received an email that @SalemNAACP will investigate Linfield for racial amicus.@pollackpelzner @injeffinitely62 ImageImage
2)On April 21, 6 professors receive invitations (from the College of Arts and Sciences) to have a conversation with @SalemNAACP. These six professors have all been vocal in either social media or media about #InstitutionalBetrayals faced by students & faculty at @LinfieldUniv ImageImageImage
3)These 6 profs are disturbed by the lack of transparency& intent behind them being interviewed. They view being targeted &retaliated for speaking up to media about lack of accountability about sexual assault, anti-Semitism, harassment and the Prez and BoT chairs abuse of power.
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This 2019 article, written a year before the ethnofascist #TPLF launched war on #Ethiopia, exposes the rampant #rape &sexual violence that #women of #Tigray suffered from the rapist TPLF gang. The defeated criminal TPLF "men" are continuing their rape now!…
2) In this video clip from 2018 brodacast of #Tigray's DW-TV, a #Tigrayan woman recounts the horrible mysogynistic culture in Tigray under #TPLF, where #rape & sexual violence against Tigray's #women is a commonplace occurence, & 60% of Tigrayan womem are victims of rape.
3) #Tigrayan feminist @meazaG_, speaking to #TigrayMediaHouse in 2019, over a year before the war, explained the horrific level of #rape in #Tigray's society. She said men regularly kick & oppress women every night.Tigray ppl were victims of #TPLF. #TPLFcrimes
#Eritrea #Ethiopia
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I dated @hackpad (acquired by @Dropbox 2015) co-founder Alex Graveley @orph in 2019.

Things started off well, but after about 2 months he became intensely emotionally abuse and increasingly sexually abusive. These are messages he sent me. #abuse #dropbox #MeToo #Domesticviolence ImageImageImageImage
Alex's "best friend" @natfriedman (CEO of @github) knows about the situation and thinks it doesn't matter.
Alex is also an @ycombinator alumni.
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#GTBeeps: #VidyaBalan, #MrunalThakur, #RosannaArquette, & #SairahKabir Come Together as Voices for India’s First Female Animated Superhero '#Priya'.

@powerofpriya @TanviG Image
India’s first female comic book superhero, Priya, is gearing up to dive into a brand-new riveting adventure with its fourth edition ‘Priya's Mask’. This time Priya tackles the unprecedented global #COVID19 pandemic that has challenged everyone in India and around the world. Image
Apart from a book, this installment is also paired with an animated short film featuring the voices of feminist leaders from the U.S. and #India, including icon #VidyaBalan, #RosannaArquette, #MrunalThakur, and #SairahKabir. Image
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1/ Delighted to see that firm actions planned following launch of national survey results… well done to all involved @PMacneela @LouiseCrowley2 @Lornafitz3 @NWCI
2/ Very happy @DCU @DaireKeogh (our new President) has already taken steps to address #Sexualharassment #Sexualviolence on campus @DCUSU @DCU_EDI @annelooney @SanHealy @ItStopsNow_EU
3/I want to share the story of one lecturer’s experiences in her involvement with getting #Consent on the agenda at 3rd level- one of the backstories behind this progressive movement
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Ok few points to be made here on best practice #media reporting on #sexualviolence. 1) When you bring up age/age gaps when those concerned arent underage, you should explain factors relating to power & control. Age gap (when they aren’t underage) isnt an issue in of itself #nzpol
2) Sending a sexual image to a person that is not your partner, wife, husband etc is not a crime. Sending a NON-consensual sexual image IS. Focus on the latter please. Don’t even mention partners, it’s just irrelevant moralising #nzpol #media #sexting #sexualviolence
3) Avoid and confront moralising (assumptions we make about who is & isnt a good victim, what rships should & shouldn’t look like) as it contributes to #rapeculture. It can play into victim blaming narratives, is heteronormative & extremely unhelpful #media #nzpol #sexualviolence
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2/3 ( 65.4%) of women who experienced physical or sexual violence by a current or former cohabiting partner since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic said the violence had STARTED or ESCALATED in the three months prior to the May 2020 survey.
1/3 women (33.1%) reporting physical or sexual violence said that this was the FIRST time their partner had been violent towards them in this way.

1/5/women (19.9%) who experienced #coercivecontrol said that this was the FIRST time their partner had exercised multiple tactics of emotionally abusive, harassing or controlling behaviour within their relationship.
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It appears @Pornhub has quietly removed their channel “Black Patrol” after we exposed them just last week.

This channel featured videos of police officers targeting black men.
#BlackLivesMatter #blacklivesmatteraustralia #racism #pornharms ImageImage
How was this ever allowed on @Pornhub?

Videos from “Black Patrol” are still there.

Men are masturbating to parodies of police brutality against black men. Where is the outrage?
#blacklivesmatteraustralia Image
It looks like “African F**k Tour” has also disappeared from @Pornhub after we exposed them.

These are channels that were on #Pornhub for years. Pornhub will always host #racism

#Traffickinghub Image
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Starting now - @A_L_Kather welcoming and introducing @ECCHRBerlin's work on Syria and collaboration with Syrian survivors. Seven complaints have been filed in European countries to investigate international crimes, including #CRSV. #Justice4Syria (1/x)
"Still waiting for the gender-specific harm of crimes in Syria to be recognized". Representing seven survivors, @ECCHRBerlin, @urnammu and others filed criminal complaint on rape, sexual coercion in Air Force Intelligence detention facilities in Hama and Damascus. (2/x)
Demand the #arrestwarrant against #JamilHassan to be amended and include sexual violence as crimes against humanity. (3/x)
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THREAD on #SexualViolence:

A woman does not need to fight back or resist in order to prove that she did not consent to unwanted sex. (Canadian sexual assault law does not require proof of resistance to demonstrate a lack of consent.) Nevertheless, in popular imagination
women are often expected to resist in order to prove that they really were “real” victims of sexual assault. This is one of the enduring #RapeMyths, that a “true” victim of sexual assault will fight back or scream and yell, and if she didn’t she must have consented to sex.
This mistaken idea simply fails to understand typical responses to sexual threat, coercion, intrusion and/or fear. Too often, sexual assault victims are asked, “Why didn’t you just fight back, or scream, or struggle, or run away?”
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No mainstream entity should profit from or facilitate sexual exploitation.
1) #sexualexploitation #DirtyDozen…
"Unfortunately, many well-established brands, companies, & organizations in America do just that. 2) #sexualexploitation
Since 2013, the National Center on Sexual Exploitation has published an annual Dirty Dozen List to name & shame the mainstream players in America that perpetuate sexual exploitation— 3) #sexualexploitation #DirtyDozenList
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@phatpiano @RealSaavedra "Strip clubs set up a social environment that “fosters male privilege and dominance . . . It’s not just “harmless fun” but a system that legitimizes the larger infrastructures of sexual exploitation and stereotypes oppressing women.” 2)
@phatpiano @RealSaavedra As many as 85% of strip club workers are survivors of sexual violence, reporting experiences of repeated sexual violence or abuse in the work environment. 3) #sexualviolence #sexualabuse #EndHumanTrafficking #saveourchildren
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Here we go. Commencement of provisional measures hearings at the #ICJ: first up, the appointment of the two #judges #adhoc - biographies of Navanethem Pillay & Claus Kress - chosen by #TheGambia & #Myanmar respectively. Art. 31, ICJ #Statute.
Priority of request of indication of provisional measures prioritized over all other cases, balanced with opportunity for parties to be represented. 3 hours per party Tuesday & Wednesday, after which reply on Thursday for each. ICJ Procedure.
No entering into merits of case, stick to requirements for provisional measures.
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#HEUNI_Tweetsday Weekly thread on Wednesdays. This month we'll reveal you the key findings from our latest project done w/@SOLWODI, @CIRRIFUGIATI, @JRSizbjeglice, @ENoMW and supported by @EU_Justice
Simple rules: 1❤– 1 finding. 1st topic: #GBV, its consequences & risk factors.
@SOLWODI @CIRRIFUGIATI @JRSizbjeglice @ENoMW @EU_Justice So what are we actually looking into when talking about #GBV against women? Is there any definition? And where to find it? Check out #IstanbulConvention… #VAW #HumanRights #ViolenceAgainstWomen
@SOLWODI @CIRRIFUGIATI @JRSizbjeglice @ENoMW @EU_Justice #Refugee women have different backgrounds including different personal qualities, family situations, levels of education and professions. Refugee women do not form a homogenous group, and they definitely should not be seen as uninformed #victims.
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Hi everyone! This is @sohni_c for @Smashboard_. One of the things I want to discuss today is how #sexualharassment and #sexualassault cases are reported in the media. The first issue is the tedious sensationalisation of these cases 1/n
Resulting in the focus remaining on the victim rather than the perpetrator. Hence, adding to stigma, shaming and victim-blaming of the women who face harassment and assault. Also, these attitudes result in reinforcing the #rapeculture where the victim is held at scrutiny. 2/n
Moreover, insensitive and sensational reportage serves to titillate and tease the erotic imagination of abuse, rape and violence. The focus shifts from the violation of the victim to the patriarchal fixation on women's bodies and their sexual freedom. 3/n
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Couple of things, @sullydish...
Firstly, nice try but women will not be silent anymore, & you don’t get to tell us to shut up. Secondly, I believe @Lollardfish has already addressed this:

#TimesUp #MeToo #GTFO
Seriously, the fucking audacity of some ppl is astonishing. They never stop trying to silence survivors.

It’s incredible. The number of men accused is small compared to their victims. The number of men accused is small compared to how many men there are in Hollywood & DC.
I’m so done with this shit. Allow me to show y’all some shocking -yet not at all shocking to many of us- information.

*Trigger Warning*
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