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#NYSE: "natural asset companies" (#NACs) will be listed & traded on its exchange, "creating a new market whose assets generate trillions of dollars in #ecosystemservices annually."

Sept 17 2021: "NACs enable natural asset owners to convert #nature’s value into financial capital... The asset class was developed to enable exposure to the opportunities created by the estimated $125 trillion annual global #ecosystemservices market."…
Natural Asset Companies (#NACs) "HOLD RIGHTS [emphasis mine] to ecosystem services produced by natural or human-controlled lands & profit from trading the #ecosystemservices they provide."

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This is an extraordinary example of who & what media serves. This media event was viewed by millions. Perhaps billions. See man who steps behind Thunberg, to the right. No one - not 1 journalist or media outlet reported on who this man was - that accompanied Thunberg EVERYWHERE.
ClimateWeekNYC was created for The Climate Group by communications specialist Callum Grieve. #WWF identifies Grieve as a co-founder of #WeMeanBusiness. Grieve was the 3rd person to respond to Rentzhog's Aug 20 2018 first Greta tweet, tagging 9 others.

#Storytelling #UN ImageImageImageImage
The Manufacturing of Greta Thunberg – for Consent: They Mean Business [Volume II, Act IV]

"If power dominated through hierarchy & coercion – the emergent "new power" model dominates w/ influence & persuasion."…
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#VendrediOperaChinois Opéra Puxian « Le récit du Lapin blanc » 莆仙戏《白兔记》

🎭Le #théâtre Puxian (l’#opéra Puxian), vieux de plus de mille ans et surnommé le « fossile vivant des opéras chinois » est l’un des quatre grands théâtres du Sud.

👇Synopsis de la pièce en bas
Il permet l’introduction dans le #Fujian des cent opéras déjà en vogue dans la plaine centrale. Le répertoire traditionnel compte plus de cinq mille pièces, parmi lesquelles quatre-vingts des Song et des Yuan ont été conservées.

#opera #theatre #spectacle #chine #tradition
Les personnages, vivants et émouvants, manifestent les aspects singuliers des représentations du théâtre du Sud de l’époque. La musique est riche et raffinée, la langue lyrique se rapproche de la poésie Tang.

#opera #theatre #spectacle #chine #tradition
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 11/18/2020…
Supported and open-minded of opposing views — the behaviorist…

#OpenMindedness #responsiveness #perception #psychology #HumanBehavior
There's something of Picasso about these botched restorations : The Post…

#art #education #restoration #training
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Demain vendredi 13 novembre, le monde du spectacle manifeste.

#confinement #Macron #Castex #spectacle #COVID19 Image
Les professionnel-les du spectacle appellent à se rassembler dans la plupart des villes de France, pour alerter sur la situation critique des auteur-es, acteur-ices et technicien-nes, sans travail en raison des confinements et de l’arrêt des spectacles.
Derrière le slogan «debout pour ne pas crever», les syndicats demandent la réouverture des conservatoires et des écoles de musique, «incohérente au regard du maintien de l’enseignement général»...
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Day 1 of 40 Ways to Fight Fascists!

We are collaborating with Spencer Sunshine (@transform6789) to release this resource for practical ways to engage in this critical moment

To fight fascism, we must first understand fascism!


#40DaysOfAntifascism An overhead illustration of...
Day 2 of 40 Ways to Fight Fascists!

2. Find collaborators

We can only do this work together! Sharing notes, checking work, avoiding duplicate efforts & supporting each other during these difficult times is critical!


#40DaysOfAntifascism Protesters standing togethe...
Day 3 of 40 Ways to Fight Fascists!

3. Keep an eye on the local far-right

A critical part of antifascist work is keeping tabs on far-right figures. Knowing where they are & what they're planning is key to community defense

#40DaysOfAntifascism A pair of giant binoculars ...
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The #WE scandal surrounding Cnd. PM Justin Trudeau (& Finance Minister Bill Morneau) broke at the end of June. June 26 2020: "Trudeau accused of cronyism over giving #WE Charity a contract to run $912-million student #volunteer program".…
"#WE Day events for young people [] frequently feature Mr. Trudeau & his wife, Sophie Grégoire #Trudeau, as #keynote speakers. Ms. Grégoire Trudeau is a volunteer "#ambassador and ally” of the WE Well-being initiative."

Grégoire Trudeau's daughter, Ella-Grace, & her mother-in-law, Margaret #Trudeau – spoke at an indoor WE Day event in March 2020, attended by 13,000 people. Margaret Trudeau received $250k for 28 event appearances (since 2016) from sister co. #MetoWe.

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This is going to be a very important thread.

#SavingCapitalism with

Let's start here, with this misleading article shared by the GT account.
To start. From the article:

"The theme of this year’s gathering in #Davos is “#stakeholders for a cohesive and sustainable world”. According to the forum’s website, leaders will meet to discuss ideas and improve our global progress on climate change."…
What is not shared is the primary focus:

"Focus of the meeting will be on renewing the concept of stakeholder #capitalism to overcome income inequality, societal division and the #climate crisis."

This #WEF release is new (Jan 14 2020) - but the focus & theme is not.
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I've been finishing the second volume of "The Manufacturing of Greta Thunberg for Consent" series. As soon as I ventured near social media I was inundated with the Amazon fires messaging.
The World Economic Forum (billionaires club): "...the house is clearly on fire - We need to scale solutions now if we have any chance of saving it."

Corporations burning forests for palm oil: not frightening.
Forest fires: frightening.…
Only the markets can save us.

Certification schemes. Green Bonds. A "New Deal For Nature". We need momentum. We need that "Paris moment".
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I interrupt a terribly exhausting writing exercise to share a valuable lesson in how media serves capital.

A lesson in #Spectacle

Feb 21, 2019: 'Kicking Ass for Her Generation': Applause for 16-Year-Old Greta Thunberg as EU Chief Pledges Billions to Curb Climate Threat"...
"...—after weeks of climate strikes around the world inspired by the Swedish teenager—that the European Union has heard the demands of young people..."


btw - here is the link:…
"In the financial period beginning in 2021, Juncker said, the EU will devote a quarter of its budget to solving the crisis."

Win! Victory! "Greta Thunberg, literally changing the world"
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