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1/ 18 Juin 2022 - rapport mi journée.
No major changes. 6th day in a row.
(note: comme dit depuis 3 semaines, une partie de la zone Kozacha Lopan est libre contrairement aux indications de nb cartes)
2/ la fameuse "poche" qui soit disant été en place le long de la rivière et qui devait encercler #Severodonetsk , selon tous ceux qui ne se nourrissent que des infos russ, n'est plus. comme dans toutes les localités qui font l'arc de protection.
3/ rapport Gaidai
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¡La última ronda de las #Eliminatorias al Mundial de #Qatar2022 arrancó el día de hoy!
La lucha de los últimos 3 cupos al mundial. 🔥
• 1 Boleto CONMEBOL 🆚 AFC
• 1 Boleto CONCACAF 🆚 OFC
• 1 Boleto Europeo. Image
En un emotivo regreso, Ucrania #UKR 🇺🇦 dejó fuera a Escocia #SCO 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 y se enfrentará a Gales #WAL 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 en la final por el último boleto europeo a #Qatar2022.

#SCO 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 no juega un mundial desde #France1998.

☑️ #UKR 🇺🇦 (2006) y #WAL 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 (1958) buscan jugar su segundo mundial. ImageImage
¡Las #EuropeanQualifiers camino a #Qatar2022 llegaron a su final y el último boleto fue para Gales 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿!
☑️ Jugará su segunda Copa del Mundo.
¡Bienvenidos a #Qatar2022, @FAWales! ImageImage
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Thread. Let's see what this #Eurovision brings.
Laura Pausini is amazing as always.
It's a whole album by Laura Pauisini. #Eurovision
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Here we go! #Eurovision
That was rather beautiful. #GivePeaceAChance #Eurovision
Oh she's not quite managed to get her yellow mac fastened there. Tricky things. #Eurovision
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1. Over the last 24 hours, we’ve been tracking pro-#Kremlin responses to #Bucha on #Telegram and #VK.

Pro-#Russia voices started by outright denying it, but by the end of the day, guided by strategic disinformation from the #Kremlin, they were blaming it on #Ukraine.
2. Initially, proponents of the invasion said it was all a lie, citing a clip of the mayor of #Bucha purportedly celebrating the liberation of the town days earlier but not mentioning any massacres.
3. Then, the preferred framing shifted to one that blamed the deaths on #Ukraine artillery fire.

The "supporting evidence" for this claim was a clip of a purported #UKR soldier talking about indiscriminate mortar fire against #RUS positions in the southeast a few weeks ago.
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DÍA 11
Medallero Olímpico #DEN
🥇2 🥈1 🥉2

#Handball | Masculino
Cuartos de final
#DEN Dinamarca 31
#NOR Noruega 25
Dinamarca enfrentará en semis a #ESP buscando llegar a la final para revalidar el título olímpico de #Rio2016
#CanoeSprint | K-1 200m. femenino
Clasificó a la final con tiempo de 38.457
Ganó el tercer puesto con tiempo de 38.901
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DÍA 10
Medallero Olímpico #DEN
🥇1 🥈1 🥉2

#Athletics | 400m. vallas femenino
Lamentablemente, Sara tropezó con una valla y no logró pasar a la final.
Tuvo un gran gesto al calmar y luego felicitar a su rival, #UKR TKACHUK Viktoriya, quién esperaba conocer si clasificaba.
#Badminton | Individual masculino
#DEN AXELSEN Viktor (21-21)
#CHN CHEN Long (15-12)
Otra contundente victoria por 2-0, Viktor vuelve a demostrar su categoría y se cuelga la de Oro.
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A partir das 08h, ao vivo na Globo, SporTV e BandSports!
#Tokyo2020 #JogosOlímpicos
20 MINUTOS! Bruno e Ketleyn já estão no preparo!

📸 Christian Dawes/COB
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This thread has taken me a hot minute, but finally, after a lot of time and effort, it is here.

It features some of the players that we've been linked with in three key positions - ST, CB, and CM - as well as a few of my own recommendations.
The metrics I have used to create the radar charts are largely the same as in previous threads, and so I will not list them all here.

If, however, there are any metrics that you aren't sure about, then just ask and I'll let you know!
We've been linked with a ton of players, some of whom have already moved to other clubs e.g., Patson Daka to Leicester.

I'll be focusing on 6 players in each position that we've been linked to, and then highlighting 4 or 5 other players who I think could be good signings.
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Sepanjang #EURO2020 ini banyak banget fenomena yang bisa dijadiin topik penelitian atau minimal buat tugas/paper.

Terutama buat kajian politik/hubungan internasional.

Sportwashing #HUN di #EURO2020 dengan pendekatan idiosinkratik presiden Viktor Orbàn Image
Penampakan Jersei Timnas #UKR Di #EURO2020 Dan Kaitannya dengan Stabilitas Wilayah Krimea. Image
Pengaruh Timnas #ENG di #EURO2020 terhadap tatanan Eropa setelah Brexit

*LOL. Kalo yang ini ada bahan saya pake juga buat desertasi 🤣 Image
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#ENGUKR - 𝐓𝐚𝐜𝐭𝐢𝐜𝐚𝐥 𝐓𝐡𝐫𝐞𝐚𝐝

Key points:

🔴If can't defend - do not just sit back and expect numbers to work in your favour
🔴England press reset button at half time and go for the jugular
🔴Gareth's faith in Kane - Justified!

CC: @TacticalPad

Shevchenko turned what is a lightweight but proactive Ukrainian side into a low block 5-3-2 side. These players lacked the natural instincts and familiarity with the set up to make it work.

England had men who go inside and outside - Spain take notice of how to beat low block. Image
After the first goal, Walker did not get forward enough which did enable Ukraine to frustrate us in the first half as it allowed their defence to stay more compact.

Shame they failed to do this with the first goal.. Image
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So the plan is score after 3 mins 34 seconds and then less than a minute after the break. Not a bad strategy. Good for the nerves

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🏟️ Follow the live action from Rome as #ENG take on #UKR in this evening's #Euro2020 quarter-final with @TeleFootball below:
📍 Here's what @TelegraphSport columnist Jamie Carragher (@Carra23) thinks of this evening's starting line-up:
🚨 #ENG vs #UKR is underway, follow the live action below:
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DIRECT ⚽️C'est parti pour le dernier 8e de finale de l'#EURO2020. Suède-Ukraine, à Glasgow. Qui affrontera l'Angleterre vendredi ?

Suivez le live #SWE - #UKR ⤵️…
DIRECT ⚽️#EURO2020 Les Ukrainiens ouvrent le score ! Oleksander Zinchenko, totalement oublié au second poteau, reprend de volée un centre de Yarmolenko. 1-0.

Suivez le live #SWE - #UKR ⤵️…
DIRECT ⚽️Egalisation des Suédois ! Emil Forsberg marque son 4e but, déjà, dans cet #EURO2020, d'une frappe détournée depuis l'extérieur de la surface. 4 tirs cadrés, 4 buts. Efficacité maximale ! 1-1 juste avant la mi-temps.

Suivez le live #SWE - #UKR ⤵️…
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🦁 | Nederland - Oostenrijk

Vanavond staat de tweede groepswedstrijd van Oranje op het programma.

Een van de verbeter punten uit de openingswedstrijd tegen #ukr zal het drukzetten zijn.

Een korte analyse

#EURO2020 #NED Image
🇬🇪 | Oefenwedstrijd Georgië

In de oefenwedstrijd tegen Georgië zagen we de problemen tijdens het drukzetten ontstaan:

🔹 Bal wordt niet naar zijkant gedwongen.
🔹 Mandekking middenveld zorgt voor grote gaten in defensie

#EURO2020 #NED ImageImage
🇺🇦 | 1e groepswedstrijd

In de eerste groepswedstrijd ging het iets beter, maar waren nog steeds dezelfde problemen zichtbaar. Zie de foto’s met uitleg hieronder 👇🏻

#EURO2020 #NED ImageImageImageImage
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#NEDUKR Euro 2020 - Tactical Thread

Key Points:

⚫️Ukraine too much distance between defence, midfield and attack.
⚫️De Jong & Wijnaldum = Press Resistance Overload
⚫️Dutch build up down left and switch to Dumphries
⚫️Comeback!! No..

CC: @TacticalPad

#EURO2020 #NED #UKR Image
Dutch attack down the left, with Blind to LB and Van Aanholt and Depay occupying the wing. This forced Ukraine to shift across and get bodies over to that side of the pitch.

As is the Dutch way, they then played the switch to Dumfries again and again - and he finally delivered. Image
Ukraine struggled to get the ball off the Dutch, as they possess two of the best press resisting midfielders in the world.

De Jong and Gini kept wriggling out of tight situations and feeding their forwards or wing backs.
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#Eurovisionfinds Cyprus - A medieval base silver (billon) denier of Henry II of the Kingdom of Cyprus (1285-1324) of 'lion' type probably dating to the period after 1296 (see notes below). Mint uncertain #Eurovision @findsorguk… Image
#Eurovisionfinds Albania - A complete Post Medieval copper alloy Venetian 2 Soldi struck for use in Dalmatia and Albania dating from AD 1684 or 1691 #Eurovision
#ALB @CrapFinds… Image
#Eurovisionfinds Israel - A cast lead pilgrim ampulla of Medieval, thirteenth to fifteenth century date. the ampulla is similar to a design for which a mould was found during excavations of a Medieval workshop in Akko (Acre) in Israel. #Eurovision
#ISR… Image
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THREAD okay let's go! Join me as I draw along with the 2021 Eurovision Grand Final! #draweurovision #Eurovision
El Diablo sounds like a shagger #draweurovision #Eurovision #CYP
Credit to the dude on that smoke machine for going the extra mile #draweurovision #Eurovision #ALB
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[THREAD] on #Western #XRW #foreignfighters in #Ukraine war as @FightExtremism publishes my report on the issue 2day. Main Q: what it takes to become such a fighter? Who are they? Here I will summarise the main findings for your convenience. Link:… 1/ Image
2/ I began researching this back in 2014 – when I saw this clip with #France #foreignfighters on #DNR #LNR side of the war in #Ukraine. I was surprised, to say the least.… Image
3/ As it turns out, a few hundred #Western ers with #XRW convictions travelled to fight in #Ukraine on EITHER side. Many had known each other from before the #war in #Ukraine.  Below is a map of the main mobilisations for the war. Note the scale of the #Russia n for BOTH SIDES. Image
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So, because I’m tired of Coronatweets, and I’m stuck on a 3 hour plane and don’t want to do real work, I thought I’d distract you with some general thoughts on this year’s Eurovision songs, in my first #ESC2020 thread of the year
Not all the songs are out so far, but enough now to start forming opinions, and in general, this is going to be an awesomely amazing year. A much better showing all round than 2019, and possibly better than 2018 levels. Videos are here:…
Retro is big this year. From random cassettes and floppies in #GEO 🇬🇪 to pixel art in #ISL 🇮🇸 to... whatever you want to make of #RUS 🇷🇺... Retro has made a comeback
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19. November 2019 - es wird die lange Nacht der Lostöpfe für die #EURO2020.

Schauen wir Mal aus deutscher Sicht auf die Möglichkeiten.

@sportschau @Dagobert95 @platschinho @tierimtor @Scherben81 @uersfeld @SDittl @eckenkoenig @Matthias_Friebe @AlexTruica


@sportschau @Dagobert95 @platschinho @tierimtor @Scherben81 @uersfeld @SDittl @eckenkoenig @Matthias_Friebe @AlexTruica 1. Annahme: #GER schlägt #NIR und #NED schlägt #EST.

Dann ist #GER in Lostopf 1. Mögliche Gegner:

▪️ Topf 2: #FRA #SUI #CRO #POL
▪️ Topf 3: #POR #TUR #AUT und nach jetzigem Stand #SWE #CZE
▪️ Topf 4: #HUN

@sportschau @Dagobert95 @platschinho @tierimtor @Scherben81 @uersfeld @SDittl @eckenkoenig @Matthias_Friebe @AlexTruica 2. Annahme #GER gewinnt nicht, #NED gewinnt mit drei Toren Differenz.

Dann ist #GER in Lostopf 2. Mögliche Gegner:

▪️ Topf 1: #UKR
▪️ Topf 3: #POR #TUR #AUT und nach jetzigem Stand #SWE #CZE
▪️ Topf 4: #HUN

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It's nearly time for #Eurovision we'll be tweeting the abortion law from each country as they perform. We appreciate the law on paper can differ from practise so let us know if it is different than our reseaech!
It’s fitting that the #eurovision theme this year is #AllAboard as we are talking about abortion laws in the participating countries, and many in Ireland have to ‘take the boat’ to access abortion care.
The #Allaboard #eurovision theme is supposed to symbolise the connectivity across Europe, there are several examples of people travelling from one country to another such as Poland to Germany as well as Ireland to Britain, The Netherlands and others.
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