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‼️Let’s take a closer look into what FruityG is up to hobnobbing with some of Kiev’s most dubious pro-Putin operatives in Kiev & Budapest and why.

#Babakov #Surkov #Telizhenko #Derkach #Dubinsky #Lutsenko #Shokin #Kulyk #Artemenko #Firtash…

📌Smear Biden for Trump’s personal propaganda purposes.
📌Discredit the Impeachment inquiry.
📌By smearing Biden, Firtash hopes to fight his indictment as ‘political’ in nature.
📌Putin wants to blame his attack on the 2016 election on UKR to lift Sanctions.
🔑Giuliani drops anchor in Ukraine, meets with Andriy Derkach the “Ukrainian Putin.”…
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A Unified Theory of Trump: Or, Why is the Trump Administration constitutionally incapable of securing America, competing with China, or saving the liberal world order? A thread:
Yesterday, the invitation of a US academic to speak in Denmark was abruptly rescinded hours before he was due to travel not by the Danes, but by the U.S. Ambassador. Why? Sloan, it seems, is insufficiently supportive of Donald Trump.

I posted a few thoughts in response to Sloan's tweet yesterday, but I want to footstomp my main point in a standalone thread, because I think it's fundamental to understanding so much of what we're faced with, domestically and globally. Bottom Line as follows:
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🚨OCTOBER: @KyivPost published this guide of @realDonaldTrump’s #Ukrainegate co-conspirators.

NOW: @RudyGiuliani is in #Ukraine conspiring with members of this “Shady Cast of Characters” as part of a corrupt effort to enlist a foreign country’s help to influence our election.🤬
Exhibit A: Rudy Giuliani met with KBG-trained, pro-#Russia🇷🇺Ukrainian, Andriy Derkach, as part of his corrupt scheme to manufacture dirt to discredit the #ImpeachmentInquiry and smear a political rival.🤬

#Ukrainegate #ImpeachTrump
Exhibit B: Rudy Giuliani met with Andrii Telizhenko, another member of the #Ukrainegate “Shady Cast of Characters.”

And they are brazenly tweeting about it.🤬

#Ukrainegate #ImpeachTrump
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Solomon's Rebuttal Thread
Vindman called it a “false narrative,” which he knew to be untrue based on “authoritative sources.” who found Solomon claims against Yovanovitch “preposterous … I think all the key elements are false.”… #Vindman
John Solomon: "Under oath to Congress, he asserted all factual elements in my columns about Ukraine were false" "And so Lt. Col. Vindman, here are 28 of my primary factual elements fact complete with attribution and links to sourcing"… #Qanon
Direct Link to Response…
Fact 1a: Hunter Biden was hired in May 2014 by Burisma Holdings, a Ukrainian natural gas company, at a time when his father Joe Biden was Vice President and overseeing US-Ukraine Policy.…
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🔅Ukraine and Corruption🔅
Inside the Embassy:#QuidProQuo
°°°Treason ••• Sedition°°°
Private emails and global crimes releated edition.

Under @BarackObama + 
@JoeBiden + @HillaryClinton

#Ukraine #Embassy 
🔅Thread 2
#QuidProJoe  @BarackObama 

Emails from Cheryl Mills to @HillaryClinton

184 people who donated $50,000 to $500,000 or raised money Obama + @JoeBiden recieved nice government jobs or government

🔅Thread 3
Cival Society 2.0 @georgesoros company disguised as an NGO Anti-corruption unit but is a C!A
taxpayer funded front to overthrow governments around the world.
+ Funded the creation of ISIS etc..
Approved by 44
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Trump Ordered Review of U.S. Sanctions on Turkey’s Halkbank

“Treasury didn't deny Trump asked Mnuchin to intervene in Halkbank case.” #TurkeyGate

Giuliani asked 2 Ukrainian Oligarchs to Help Dig Up Dirt: Dmitry Firtash & Ihor Kolomoisky.

McGahn must testify.

Firtash & Kolomoisky have close ties to the Kremlin & face legal troubles.

Giuliani: “Where do you think you get info about crime?”

Rudy Giuliani Sought Role in Ukraine Bank Case While He Dug for Dirt

Subpoenas sent Parnas’s biz that paid Rudy Giuliani.

EG:”Trump and Mnuchin are trying to keep RU and Iranian Mob money laundering going while pretending to seek war against Iran.

Ukraine’s last adm nationalized Privatbank bank in 2016 & accused Kolomoisky & his co-founder of making away with billions of dollars.
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🚨BREAKING: Prosecutors #subpoena people tied to @RudyGiuliani and his #Ukrainegate henchmen—Les Parnas and Igor Fruman—indicating a BROAD federal probe into alleged #MoneyLaundering, #ObstructionOfJustice, and campaign-finance violations.

“Among the entities named in the #subpoenas are Giuliani Partners, a security-consulting firm...that had multiple foreign clients, including a city in #Ukraine. The subpoenas also sought info on a company co-founded by Parnas that paid Giuliani for business and legal advice.”🔥
Subpoenas listed >6 potential charges: #ObstructionOfJustice, #MoneyLaundering, #conspiracy to defraud the US, making false statements, serving as a foreign agent w/o registering, donating funds from foreign nationals, making straw donations, mail #fraud and wire fraud. 🔥
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Giuliani asked 2 Ukrainian Oligarchs to Help Dig Up Dirt:

Dmitry Firtash & Ihor Kolomoisky.

Both have close ties to the Kremlin & face legal troubles.

Giuliani: “Where do you think you get information about crime?”

H/T ⁦…
They were two Ukrainian oligarchs with American legal problems. One had been indicted on federal bribery charges. The other was embroiled in a vast banking scandal and was reported to be under investigation by the F.B.I.…
And they had one more thing in common: Both had been singled out by Rudolph W. Giuliani and pressed to assist in his wide-ranging hunt for information damaging to one of Trump’s leading political rivals, former Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr.…
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🔥#Ukrainegate henchman—Lev Parnas—allegedly met with Ukrainian-#Russian🇷🇺mobligarch Dmitry Firtash at Rudy’s direction and encouraged Firtash to help dig up dirt “as part of any potential resolution to his extradition matter” on #bribery & other charges.…
🔥In June, Parnas advised Firtash to hire 2 lawyers already helping Rudy dig up dirt—Joe diGenova and Victoria Toensing—who would help BLOCK Firtash’s extradition to the US.

Firtash hired and paid them $1.2 million. In August, they met with Bill Barr to plead Firtash’s case.🛎
Yet another corrupt #QuidProQuo by Team Trump, but this time, with a reputed Ukrainian-#Russian🇷🇺mobligarch already under federal #indictment for #bribery and #RICO.

And the complicit @GOP will excuse yet more #corruption by @realDonaldTrump at the cost of our democracy.🤬
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1/ 💥BREAKING💥 - #Ukrainegate #ImpeachmentInquiry

Based on our investigations; the documents & admissions we obtained; this is a PROVEN network of cooperation that includes the following individuals and organizations.

@realDonaldTrump 2/ AntAc is a phony anti-corruption group funded by Soros & a pet-project of Yovanovitch & Kent.

AntaAc's director is Kaleniuk. Ex US Ambassador Herbst was on AntAc's board & taking money from Burisma & Atlantic Council.

AntAc, Kaleniuk, US Emb. hid this; Was revealed in depo.
@realDonaldTrump 3/ What you see below is AntAc's Director trying to pretend she was against Amb. Herbst working for AntAc and Burisma and Atlantic Council.

But this is AFTER she had been caught.
She didn't reveal this BEFORE congressional depositions.

The US Embassy also hid it (Yovan./Kent).
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@waltshaub Walter Shaub lists 39 types (that's *types*, not instances) of POUTS's impeachable offenses.
Yet he omitted:
- Suborning federal agencies for personal benefit
- Misuse of position to direct employees for [same]
- Contravening many agency's missions
@waltshaub Walter Shaub lists 39 types (that's *types*, not instances) of POUTS's impeachable offenses.
Yet he omitted:
- Crippling gov't agencies, e.g. defunding, disbanding or failing to hire, esp. watchdogs
- Usurping Congressional powers of war, treaty & purse
@waltshaub Walter Shaub lists 39 types (that's *types*, not instances) of POUTS's impeachable offenses.
Yet he omitted:
- Conspiring with GOP Senate leadership to appoint:
☛ Ineffective/subversive nominees
☛ Incompetent, biased judges
- Misusing his position to promote favored co's
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NEW & EXCLUSIVE: In part 1 of my latest podcast I reveal the role Vladimir #Putin played in #Trump's #Ukraine scheme. @NarativLive #SundayThoughts #impeachment…
And in Part 2: Explosive new details of a billion dollar natural gas deal that's lurking behind #Trump's #Ukraine scheme. The deal #RickPerry and #DonaldTrump did not want you to see. @narativlive #ImpeachTrump #Ukraine #Ukrainegate…
Help Narativ spread the truth to more people by becoming a member at
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Investigating [Blue Star Strategies] & GFI will blow the #UkraineGate wide open.

Always follow the money.

It's about time the Hunters become the hunted.
I wonder who else is connected to this network?
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WATCH: @NarativLive. How Vladimir Putin was the pulling the strings as Trump sold out Ukraine and is natural gas the real quid pro quo of #Ukrainegate. Best enjoyed with a beer and a Narativ membership available at…
@NarativLive As a special thank you to Narativ's amazing patrons, I've posted high resolution images of the timeline from tonight show on the Patreon page. #ThankYouPatrons $5/m gets you access. (Timelines are not for distribution). #ImpeachmentInquiry…?
@NarativLive Rick Perry called Ukraine's Black Sea the "next Gulf of Mexico" for natural gas exploration. Perry campaigned for the sector until July 25, the day of the Trump-Zelensky call. Ilya Ponomarev, CEO/US-owned Trident, tells me Perry's support turned from frothy to frosty overnight.
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Question is #Ukraine a cynical hoax perpetrated by the Democratic Party leadership and their friends in corporate media so as to distract the public from taking a hard look at the Democratic Party corruption and the resulting missteps that put Donald Trump in the White House?
Is #UkraineGate a servant to bi-partisan interests which feared that Trump pronouncements indicated fundamental changes in foreign policy which they could not abide?
Nothing points to anything and because no such connections have been made the media must whip hysteria in an effort to keep the tale alive.
The campaign is more shrill than ever because the hollowness of the case is clear to anyone who is really paying attention
Or is it just me?
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Example look at how twisted and deranged drugged up spoiled college students act from the left side brought on by #HOLLYWOOD #AOC #GretaThunberg
Another example by MSM project CIA MK UKTRA
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US Policy Is Driven by Imperative to Stop Coalition between Germany and Russia using Ukraine -
Stratfor Chairman 2015

Listen to this 👇👇

Friedman's key points:

The primordial interest of the United States for centuries (WWI, WWII and the Cold War) has been to stop a coalition between Germany and Russia. 

US is the only ally Ukraine (the Kiev regime) has.

#sondlandtestimony #ImpeachmentHearing
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@HillaryClinton program
Cival Society 2.0 was giving @georgesoros +CIA taxpayer money to overthrow governments around the world.
Started in Libya. Funded the creation of ISIS etc..
Approved by @BarackObama
#WhistleBlowerEricCiaramella soros

Link at bottom Video
This video will answer all the unanswered questions.
Start at 55 min mark

#Ukraine and what it has to do with CIA
@HillaryClinton @BarackObama missing billions @georgesoros etc.
Wirks directly w Soros

#Coup has started,
According to @MarkSZaidEsq on Jan. 30 2017.
( The #Whistleblower's Lawyer )
Step #1 in Law School
Do NOT self incriminate.

@DevinNunes @POTUS @AdamSchiff @LindseyGrahamSC @DonaldJTrumpJr
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in 2017 there was an effort in Ukraine to require NGOs to file statements of finances.
"Civil Society" went into panic mode over this.
With the ousting of Poroshenko the law was overturned as unconstitutional!
What? well...
Soros is basically in charge of the Constitutional Court
The Deputy Chairman of Ukraine's Constitutional Court (which was an invention of Soros/Freeland/Holovaty's law reform in 1992) is Serhiy Holovaty.
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When Everything Is Illuminated, it will show #Putin Firtash Parnas Giuliani & #Trump wanted #Yovanovitch gone b/c her success in helping #Ukraine create independent ANTI-#corruption institutions make corrupt gas deals & fake investigations a thing of the past
#Holmes #Impeachment
#Holmes: #Yovanovitch helped #Ukraine achieve hard-fought establishment of independent anti-#corruption court. This strained relations w prosecutor Lutsenko who resisted fully empowering truly indep anti-c institutions that would help ensure nobody was above the law. #Impeachment
🔥Stunning #Holmes, p2: In March 2019, US policy of supporting Ukraine's democratic reform & resistance to Russia "became overshadowed by a political agenda being promoted by Rudy Giuliani and a cadre of officials operating with a direct channel to the White House." #Impeachment
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1) What is...the FOREIGN CORRUPT PRACTICES ACT of 1977? #ukraine #ukrainegate #whistleblower #stopthecoup
2) FCPA "as enacted for the purpose of making it unlawful for certain classes of persons and entities to make payments to foreign government officials to assist in obtaining or retaining business."…

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The Corporate Dems "#Ukrainegate" #ImpeachmentHearings are a classic example of PROJECTION.

This is the go to strategy when Neocons or Neoliberal Fascist Hillary Bots get caught in a lie or corruption

Top Dems want to deflect from Joe Biden's MASSIVE corruption

The ENTIRE #Russiagate Hoax was initiated by the Clinton Campaign in mid 2015 to DEFLECT from Hillary's MASSIVE corruption taking $m's in bribes for approving the Uranium One Sale.

The Russiagate Hoax and Uranium One…

Your Comprehensive Guide To, And History Of, The Russiagate Hoax…

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