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@Qualcomm sent across the best & clever invite ever for upcoming #SnapdragonSummit in Maui.

A XR video invite in @oculus Go Standalone VR obviously powered by Snapdragon 821.

Some indication on some powerful XR features coming to Snapdragon? 🧐

Look forward to the launch!!
Hello Maui!

Look forward to the 2nd Edition of #SnapdragonSummit
The peak arrival time for #SnapdragonSummit. Most Indian, Chinese and US media here waiting for ride to Wailea
Finally checked in.

A work week 💻 with a view, clean air, awesome weather 🏝🏖🍍🌊 and some great announcements. 📱

Here we go @Qualcomm #SnapdragonSummit about to commence, look forward to some groundbreaking announcements

#Silicon in the #Sand
@Qualcomm @PennyRBaldwin and @donnymac on stage sharing the journey of @Snapdragon over the last decade & how it has grown as a brand - 'with one of the highest preference across consumers for delivering mobile experiences'

@Qualcomm @cristianoamon on stage opening the keynote on "Building the 5G Future" .

Advancing Connectivity is core to enable new experiences though AI/ML sensors will drive innovation across industries intertwining with this advanced connectivity.

#SnapdragonSummit #5G
@Qualcomm positioning the Snapdragon 8 series finally as bringing ‘industry first’ experiences from connectivity to camera to AI to gaming to security.

Governor of @gohawaii David Ige talking about how 5G is going to be critical for the islands from basic local search and access using smartphones to smart cities.

Here it is @cristianoamon showing the pre-comercial 5G reference design. Significant improvement in form factor to fit in 5G capabilities supporting thousands of band combinations and fallback to 4G/3G/2G..

Most regions launching both sub-6GHz + mmWave 5G NR deployments next year especially mature markets US, EU, Japan, S.Korea at same time.

Though Chinese operators are going to accelerate to 5G post 2020 as they refarm hoards of spectrum for 5G to scale faster.

Lots of R&D resources, standards contribution & partner ecosystem driven by @qualcomm to accelerate 5G deployments globally without any lag among partners as well as with the standards.

It's a humongous feat to pull off than just launching a phone..

@cristianoamon : "5G as a technology is a difficult challenge. Hence it is a Qualcomm size problem."

"Its not about launching 5G next year but to scale it across industries and over the decade removing complexities & bring it to competitive price points"

@cristianoamon : The challenges are a galore to build a 5G smartphone than ever before. It has been a tremendous journey to reach the point with a commercial grade phone form-factor with 5G icon"

Again, tremendous feat! Putting all skeptics to rest.

5G is what got @Qualcomm into RFFE game to build optimized tech with the modem chipsets.

The investments, acquisition & strategic partnerships for RFFE paying off.

@Verizon Nicki Palmer setting stage for 5G work fone with @Qualcomm since couple of years.

However, Palmer giving some love to 4G tech as well : "You cant build a great 5G network without a really good & strong 4G network"

Very encouraging video from @Verizon on how mmWavebased 5G actually worked out to be a great spectrum choice than expected delivering close to Gbps speed in various scenarios - rain, foliage, NLOS, in-building,etc.

Lots of @Samsung 5G network gear here

@ATT Kevin Patterson on stage pitching their road to 5G and promise it brings.

Having made series of acquisitions in content space, there is no doubt AT&T sees 5G tech as a key driver for its content business.

In addition, AT&T is the leading IoT player in US and Enterprise is one of the growing business segment for @ATT .

Productivity, Industrial IoT, Retail Experiences and broadcasting 360 VR will be driven much better with 5G.

5G is going to be revolutionary for enterprises but for smartphone as well it will be great from creating mor immersiveentertainment, education, video streaming, VR experiences, live gaming & more while benefitting from capacity, throughputs & coverage.

@bt_uk @EE @Athens10 Fotis Karonis exchanging his 4G lucky charm the 4G Snapdragon chip with a new Snapdragon 5G chip from @cristianoamon 👍emphasizing on how 4G has revolutionized industry from smartphones perspective and for @EE growth.

Fotis :" @EE already covers 99%+ population in UK with 4G. Having acquired sub-6GHz 5G spectrum along with Wi-Fi coverage and capacity brings plethora of opportunities beyond smartphones"

16 cities getting 5G next year connecting key cities & industrial hubs.

@EE @Athens10 depicting key milestones in its journey to 5G with @Qualcomm partnership to drive 5G vision with diff underlying tech from eMBMS to Carrier Aggregation and so forth

@Qualcomm Alex Katouzian wearing the hottest T-Shirt of the day!

Here you go this is the most cutting edge 5G 7nm System-on-Chip - Snapdrgon 855

✅ Sports 4th Gen AI capabilities
✅ World's first ultrasonic under the display Fingerprint sensor
✅ Worlds first Computer Vision ISP
✅ Snapdragon Elite Gaming - Immerssion

@SamsungMobile Justin Denisen on stage talking about 5G partnerships and potential.

✅First to earn 5G FCC certifications for its products.
✅With Verizon & AT&T driving 5G broadband gear
✅ Using Samsung Semi facility IN Austin as 5G test bed for AT&T

Big news!

@SamsungMobileUS first 5G smartphone coming next year powered by Snapdragon 855 at Verizon, AT&T and Sprint.

Samsung rolling out a video taking a stab at some conpetitirs -

"Security trusted by Government" 🤓

The 5G Unicorns on stage here to put all skepticism on 5G's potential to rest.

Great candid question from @saschasegan asking AT&T - why 4G LTE Advanced is being marketed as 5G Evolution.

Answer: Consumers doesn’t care about technology but use cases, experiences (so essentially it doesn’t matter how you market it)🙄

Another great question from @saschasegan how should we think about pricing for devices and service plans in 5G era as we are seeing devices prices have gone through the roof and capabilities but service plans still having data caps.

This is how 5G chip development from @Qualcomm has transitioned from big ass prototype to the teeny-tiny groundbreaking commercial solution.

Here is a sneak peek at the world's most innovative smartphone solution right now - the @Qualcomm @Snapdragon 855 - 7nm based industry's first 5G SoC

The premium Qualcomm 8 series!!

So this 855 is highly optimised to work well with X50 5G modem as a fusion solution as we are still a generation or two away from a truly 5G modem integrated SoC. But still a big step to get it out and kickstart 5G era at global scale.

@MotorolaUS demoing the @verizon 5G UWB capable moto Z3 MOD with 2000mAH battery + 10 antennas (4 mmWave, 2 sub-6GHz antennqs) in tow with Snapdragon 855+X50 5G solution.

1GB file download in 16 seconds. Impressive.

Another great demo was from @inseego depicting @verizon mmWave based 5G MiFi device depicting the low latencies we an get in 5G era which wouldn't be possible in 4G era.

Once we have 3GPP Rel 16 uRLLC tech the future of tactile internet is even more promising

Here at the Day 2 of the #SnapdragonSummit with @JeffFieldhack

Look forward to deep dive on Snapdragon 855 and other exciting announcements.
@oneplus @petelau2007 on stage to talk about how @Qualcomm premium 8 series chipsets have helped them make a fastest growing premium brand.

OnePlus 2019 flagship to sport the Snapdragon 855 as it has always been the leading adopter of Qualcomm flagship SoC.

@petelau2007 on @oneplus & @OnePlus_IN tremendous growth outpacing rivals such as @Apple & @SamsungMobile in key markets.

Also quoting @CounterPointTR research findings

More here:…

@oneplus has had some key wins in key markets such as US and UK with @TMobile and @EE respectively which should help them scale faster and for @Qualcomm as well as a partner adopting the latest and greatest flagship SoCs every year!

This is how the 5G icon on @oneplus will look like 🙂

As Keith Kerssin coined the term “Amon’s law” on how every decade a new generation of cellular communication tech changes the industry.

We also called this pattern a while ago:

Kressin: Significant improvements in every block of Snapdragon 855 over 845 across all five pillars which will drive all the experiences on this next GEN 5G smartphone.

The most powerful SoC on the planet.

@Qualcomm 5G champion @durga_malladi on stage diving into world’s first advanced SoC w/ 2GB LTE, WiFi 6(802.11 ax ) & 10GB mmWave WiFI (802.11 ay) connectivity chipset.

This is the most advanced connectivity solution right now giving multi gigabit experience

Snapdragon 855 is the worlds first chip to integrate 802.11 ax and ay to complement 5G throughputs and keep the connectivity experience consistent on 5G or WiFi.

This is one of the highlight features of the 855 platform today.

Another important architecture change from connectivity standpoint in 855 platform is to have an always-on connected parallel 5G link.

This is also key development to not fallback to 4G or 3G unnecessarily.

Already great traction among operators and OEMs to bring in X50 powered devices to market as early as next year.

Again to reiterate 5G is here and happening ahead of time vs 4G or 3G..

Huge performance increase for Snapdragon 855 over just a year old 845.

The 7nm process node has definitely contributed to this in addition to system level design and software optimisation.

The Kryo 485 CPU arch in 855 platform is impressive and the split by Prime core vs Performance Core vs Efficiency Core gives a tremendous flexibility and dynamism for different apps and use cases.

aSMP is cool to drive diff clock freq for diff scenarios.

The Hexagon DSP has tons of improvements and now has a dedicated Tensor Accelerator for on device AI

@Qualcomm’s flexible architecture of AI handling approach is key and differentiates from other competitors rather than just one dedicated hardened AI chip.

My fav @GaryZero speaker on stage talking about AI developments across industry and in the new Snapdragon 855 platform.

We are still away from mimicking modern human brains with 100B neurons but will get there eventually.

The @Qualcomm 855 sports the 4th Gen AI engine which is a multicore hardware & software level system to drive industry leading AI performance in a device.

✔️Almost 7 Trillion OPS.
✔️3X in YoY performance for Snapdragon
✔️2X of a Android 7nm SoC competition

@Google on stage talking about AI work with @Qualcomm AI engine gaining significant performance improvements from Snapdragon.

Text parsing bridging physical to digital has seen the most improvements. But 5G also drives greater computer vision based AI.

Nice usecases in how AI is meaningfully deployed by @qualcomm partners leveraging Qualcomm’s AI engine.

✔️Camera based Vision experience
✔️ Improving Audio conversations
✔️ Imaging enhancements

and more

Brilliant improvements in the ISP block which become CV-ISP moving the programmable arch DSP+CPU+GPU capabilities into hardened CV-ISP. This brings:

✅4K HDR w/ Portrait mode
✅ Depth sensing at 60fps
✅ Real time Object Replacement/Classification

Some really cool CV-ISP capability to bring 4K HDR bokeh video to smartphones via the Snapdragon 855 platform.

Another cool imaging capability via the Qualcomm 855 platform's CV-ISP is Object Clasification and Replacement.

Truly revolutionary to bring this to mobile.

@Qualcomm announces the "Elite Gaming" to target billions of mobile gaming users glibally making 855 as defacto powerful mobile gaming platform.

✅True HDR Rendering
✅Game Network Latency Manager
✅Vulkan 1.1 Graphics
✅Cinematic Post Processing
✅4K TV Out

The Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 is giving the tech junkies in this room "techgasm" 🤤🤗

👍7nm Kyro CPU Performance
👍5G, WiFi 6, 802.11 ay
👍4th Gen AI Engine
👍CV-ISP Capabilities, HEIF
👍Elite Gaming
👍Immersive Entertainment XR

& more...

Keith's "Snapdragon 855 Halo" of features and capabilities!!

The five pillars of @Qualcomm on stage answering questions on Snapdragon 855 😎

Its Day 3 of @Qualcomm #SnapdragonSummit. Big announcement coming in to death some life into a stagnant product category.

Follow this space!!

#SnapdragonSummit yesterday's keynote was viewed by 200000 streamers, up 10x over last year.

Shows growing consumer interest and understanding of importance of chipset solutions going into their phones.
@Qualcomm Sanjay Mehta talking about ACPC - Always On Always Connected PC & benefits it brings to help you do more.

Adding highly secure always connected high speed cellular radio & smartphone like 'instant on' boot can boost productivity by a significant %

@Qualcomm beats @Intel to race to the market with world's first 7nm SoC Snapdragon 8cx to power next gen connected, always on thinner, lighter @Windows based PCs.

Bringing best of the smartphone to PC.

#SnapdragonSummit #productivity #cloud
@Qualcomm Miguel :: The Snapdragon 8cx brings extreme computing to the industry.

The pace of innovation is certainly accelerating in the PC industry with @Qualcomm
stepping in.

@Qualcomm Snapdragon 8cx adds a premium tier to the ACPC segment in addition to Snapdragon 850 announced this summer.

8cx is powered by Adreno 680 GPU, the best GPU Qualcomm has ever built and everything is designed ground up for this category.

@Qualcomm claims 2X CPU performance compared to Intel i5 grade solution and that too without fans.👍

Thanks to 7nm process node and smartphone SoC type architecture.

ACPC performance in a nutshell, the perfect shot at competition 🤓

@Microsoft @erinchapple on stage talking about Snapdragon 8cx now supporting @Windows Enterprise.

A big step for @Qualcomm & @Microsoft to target enterprises with ACPC.This is huge opportunity for @Microsoft @satyanadella vision of cloud driven productivity

@symantec @markngentile on stage sharing his excitement on ACPC experience.

Always connected PC offers great opportunities for @Symantec to prevent threats/intrusion continuously on device or in cloud but boosts the SLAs it can deliver & monetize even further.

Further @symantec is adding features called as Cloud Connect Defence for @Qualcomm powered ACPC.

Right from maintaining network integrating to secure smarter VPNs, enterprise application security in terms of isolation, control and insights and much more.

Growing roster of ISVs, software partners for @Qualcomm ACPC to drive the ecosystem and value forward.

Software, apps have been the bottleneck for Windows to not succeed earlier with Mobile and RT. So this is encouraging sign especially in enterprise.

@lenovo @mlbereda on stage talking about @Lenovo partnering with @Qualcomm across product categories.

This helps Lenovo scale with Qualcomm solutions & drive lots of design, business and marketing synergies across portfolio.

ACPC the most promising.

What @Qualcomm with Snapdragin ACPC can bring to the PC segment is not only connectivity, battery life, thinner fanless designs, always on, security but also accelerate AI, boost NLP & HQ cameras in PCs which I believe is highly underserved market - Smart PC

This is near-to mid-term roadmap for @Qualcomm ACPC SoCs which expands opportunities for Qualcomm across multiple tiers.

Qualcomm has seen channels to sell ACPCs from hundreds to thousands driven by carriers, BigBox retailers and ecommerce partners.

If @Microsoft has to continue to grow its cloud business, the proliferation of ACPC is super critical.

A great overview of the latest Snapdragon 8cx platform purpose-built for ACPC - Always Connected PC.

@Qualcomm Sanjay Mehta on ACPC development : "The technical bit is taken care of, the next part is to drive the business model and education for ACPC"

Yes aligning channels to the promise of ACPC by educating, nurturing & maximising value capture oportunity.

This is sweet in terms of robust options of I/O connectivity on Snapdragon 8cx devices.

This reference design PC is running two additional 4K 60Hz displays.

Would love to have USB Type C based charging with Quick Charge 4+

And that's wrap up to a fascinating week of industry leading and first announcements from @Qualcomm

We have flagship premium 7nm smartphone and PC SoCs to drive richer mobile experiences.

Thanks @Qualcomm for a great #SnapdragonSummit and industry leading and first announcements.

Look forward to the new 8 series chipsets into commercial devices soon.
Our latest deep-dive analysis on @Qualcomm #SnapdragonSummit analyzing the capabilities of the new Snapdragon 8 series platforms for mobile & PC and how it will kick-start new experiences in 5G + XR + AI era & opportunities for OEMs to differentiate.…
@Qualcomm pulls this out of the MWC bag. Kudos!

A multimode 5G modem, its second gen modem while rivals are yet to ship their first gen.

Also announced RFFE components- QTM525 mmWave antenna module, QET6100 envelope tracker, PAs, antenna tuners & more.…
Snapdragon X55 is Qualcomm's answer to Huawei's multimode 5G Balong 5000 modem which it claimed to be the world's first and announced last month in Beijing.

Will have to see which solution actually ships first in 2019 in smartphones.
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