1/. @joannaccherry is speaking very well supporting Dominic Grieve’s Amendment that would enable NO DEAL to be taken off the table & raising CJEU AG decision.

She asks for the meaningful vote to be delayed until the full decision of the CJEU is delivered.
2/. She points out that it was Scottish MPs that took forward the case to the Scottish Courts then onwards to the CJEU.

She reminds them of their wish for independence that many of us, having observed the shameful antics of this Government, understand.
3/. I would like to say that I would feel that as a great loss, but think they should have the right to decide.
4/. There was something chastening about hearing Dominic Grieve saying he is forced to put forward this motion because the Government has not been trustworthy (albeit not that explicitly).

He is such a gentleman.

Division now.
5/. The ayes have it.

Grieve’s amendment passes.
6/. PM in the house now.

She looks terrible.

“it ‘s worth taking a moment to reflect on how we got here”.

Chortles. Guffaws.

She seeks to point out that we have always as a nation been contentious EU members.

(This is not an issue of pride and An SNP MSP says NOT THEM).
7/. This is cack-handed by the PM who seeks to argue the rather shameful way they have excluded the devolved Parliaments is because Scotland voted in favour of staying IN the U.K.. in their referendum.

She does not have much in the way of emotional intelligence.
8/. More tripe about bringing the country back together having divided it more comprehensively than I recall in my lifetime.

Her response to the shortcomings on security and cooperation is poor. It really highlights that it is all promises to the future.
9/ her voice is cracking and she sounds angry and shrill.
10/. She repeats about bringing the country together.

She truly cannot look in the eye that she is responsible for the state we are in (albeit assisted and driven by other MPs).
11/. She’s trying to sell it as trying to compromise between leavers and Remainers, & protect the trading relationship (Of course it doesn’t. It kicks the can down the road)

Wes Streeting says his constituency was split down the middle. Both groups are against her deal.
12/. More robotic references to the 2016 vote and delivering it.

I don’t know how @IanDunt does this sort of thing say in day out,

Clifton Brown tries to pretend that a #FinalSay will divide the country further. Predictably May agrees.
13/. Wow! When challenged by a MSP about the validity of the referendum May says the EC says that in their view the Referendum was a “Fair Poll”.

That has passed me by. Has anyone seen that?

@JolyonMaugham @carolecadwalla
Have you seen that? If so, details please
14/. Not sure which Conservative MP that says that bad though it is for the Gov to be in contempt of Parl it would be worse to be in contempt of THE PEOPLE by failing to see this through.
15/. MSP asks for guarantee of 5 million rights.

She says they do.

Also an intervention from a NI MP saying that, despite being a Unionist he does not think the deal is regarded as good enough.
16/ Hermon (Indep NI) says the deal has business support in No and takes a swipe at Labour at voting against.

Dodds suggests the Ref result has to be delivered but saying that the WA legal text does not deliver the consent to NI institution to changes in regulatory divergence
17/. He talks about a requirement in the legal texts.

She seems to be talking “trust us”. “Commitment”. “backstop as a last resort whatever the model”.

Well she is right about that bit. No WA without a backstop.
18/. Re May’s surprising suggestion that the EC has said the Ref was a “fair poll”.

@JolyonMaugham “That's news to me. As is the fact that the Electoral Commission is a reliable authority for the proposition given that we know it misunderstood the law.”
19/. May reminds MPs that reopening the WA is likely to result in EU 27 pushback, thus resulting in losses...but in any event it cannot be reopened.

She suggests that the EU also would prefer not to have to rely on the backstop any more than U.K. backstop gives U.K. 🐟 benefits
20/ Heston-Jones, the dolt has just reminded all MPs of the truly thicko decision that the overwhelming majority of MPs voted to trigger A50

Were I mthem I would be saying to myself “I’d better get my shit together PDQ otherwise we will all be holding this ugly baby”
(They Will)
22/ @DKShrewsbury challenges paying the £50 million settlement.


May concedes that the PD does not assure a future trading relationship but it is “clear”. (My fat arse it is).
23/. Yvette Cooper. Effective challenge that May is overpromising (she is).

She says May has to be straight with the house..she could not get what she wanted a trade agreement secured. She tried but could not.
24/. May is talking garbage in return.

I could not under stand what she said.

Acquis etc.


Voice high. Sounds really angry and anxious.

The house WILL be consulted in future as will devolved Parliament’s. “Consulted”
25/. Benn (Lab) picks that up. Will the house have a vote not just consulted.

Poor response from May.

This isn’t going to work.
26/. I need a break.

Very glad that @IanDunt et al will be doing this.

Hat tip to all of them.
27/. Jo Johnson points out that (per A129) in areas of contention ultimately in area soft interpretation of EU Law then CJEU prevails.

Promises as to the future as to worker protections from May. (Right. Just what the ERG et al intended when they pushed for Brexit).
28/. She seems to be acknowledging that Security relationship will not be as good.

Having a pop at Labour for trying to force a GE instead of stability of country. “national Interest” blah blah.

That said the GE point will resonate. It looks bad ata time like this,
29/. May does point out that trying to reopen the negotiations without even specifying the replacement.

That is true. But she then goes too far saying that this was the only deal on the table. Only true because of HER redlines.
30/. @sarahwollaston asks May to rule out No deal as irresponsible.

May says if she is worried about No deal she should support the deal. (Crikey. She thinks we are truly very thick. Wave. No Brexit is an option).
31/. She still tries to push rejecting a ref on the deal because of the perceived effect on the 52% / promises/ democracy.

Blithely ignoring the fact that the promises have NOT been delivered and democracy has been betrayed.

She suggests a decade going around in circles.
32/. Tries to suggest that her deal (that is all about uncertainty) is better than the certainty of remaining or seeking a better deal

She has the gall to talk about listening when 50% feels neither heard nor consulted- then talks about not betraying trust.

Too late
33/. A big gap as I had to do other things.

Corbyn has been making a few got shots at uncertainty, red line failures etc.
34/. I’m beginning to think that @vickyford is a bit thick

It is pretty clear that withdrawal of A50 notice unilaterally IS an option (CJEU Opinion today).
35/. Meanwhile Corbyn has stepped into the foolish foolish trap of pretending that they can go back and negotiate a better deal. This will alienate both many many Leavers and all Remainers who just don’t think he is credible.
36/. Ken Clarke picks him up on it and asks him what model he would deliver if he went back to the negotiating table and if he would support a referendum on the deal.

Blah blah blah. Corbyn manages , against all odds, to lose the tactical advantage for Labour
37/. He blathers on incoherently about the composite motion and General elections.

This is a serious tactical error by Labour.

He should recognise his own weaknesses and leave it to Starmer or Benn.
38/. Chris Bryant makes a powerful point that Immigration has not been mentioned once in this debate thus far, and there is no immigration policy. Reiterates the benefits to live, work, love in all member states.
39/. Corbyn has finally made a clear point about the blindfold Brexit. Bridge to nowhere.

Not reasonable to expect Parliament to endorse the vague wish list. Only 3 pages deals with trade. CETA 1.6k pages on their trade deal.
40/. Supposed to have a detailed and substantive doc promised by previous DexEU Minister has not been delivered.

Oh God . He is showing his ignorance by suggesting a CU will deliver frictionless trade.


Hard to believe MPs are still saying this. Unbloodybelievable.
41/. I can’t listen to him doing a poor job for Labour.

Come on Labour!

This is nuts
It should have been a walk through.

Who the hell in Labour is advising him?

He sounds as if he is reading from a list. Europol, Erasmus (his pitch to “young people”

This is such a shame
42/. The only consolation is Boris Johnson also sounds as if he lacks all conviction too.

God. Please spare us from this shower.
43/. I gave up. I don’t have the stamina

But the good news is @IanDunt does and delivers so many gems

Not least that Owen Paterson sounds like a man whose dick has got caught in his flies and is explaining how to A&E

Read downwards if you can’t be arsed to go to the beginning
44/ and here is his magnificent thread.

The link starts at the midway point.

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