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The GOP is corrupting the distinction between being a Democracy providing services that benefit the People and becoming a country that has a Socialist Government.

Providing services to citizens is not a problem.

The GOP turning the US into the new bastion of world fascism IS !
Privatization is the preferred mechanism for draining public assets into personal offshore accounts:
The GOP are the spokespeople for the top 0.01%
They and the rest of the top 5% plan to be our overlords in the new realm.
The GOP is using a standard technique, plus Propaganda, to deceive People into believing privatization is necessary.
They are parasites sucking efficiency and public benefit out of our institutions.
Another aspect of fascism.
Corporate accountability is eliminated:
Our public institutions have been rendered ineffective:
GOP complicity with Trump has turned the United States Government into a third world dictatorship:
Common Americans do not want to live in a fascist state where the entire Wealth of the nation is handed over to the Super Rich directly or through the monopolistic Corporations they own/control.

Many People do not realize that's what is actually happening.
The percentage of our economy owned by the top 400 families has risen since 1980.
It has escalated dramatically under Trump, with the help of the GOP. This is not happening out of error.
It's totally Intentional:
The corporate tax rate (which they never paid anyway) has been drastically reduced:
While Americans have been laid off and the Safety Net has been nearly dismantled CEO compensation has soared:
Another way of seeing what's really been happening since the GOP first instituted Trickle Down:
Remember, statistics like these have gotten worse under Trump. Americans citizens are being forced into austerity while the super rich and their corporations are raping the country:
Last week Trump announced his desire to cut almost a billion more dollars from:
Social Security
Federal Pensions
The Top 1% Now Own As Much As The Bottom 95% and Trump is still giving them more tax cuts:
"Unequal Societies Become Corrupt Societies"
This is invariably true under all forms of fascism.
Since this meme came out corporate welfare has soared and all benefits for the American People have been under constant attack by the GOP.
Fascism corrupts laws & regulations to shift the entire wealth of a society to the top, using corporations as the vehicle to transfer money.
The data in this table preceded Trump...Today the red line goes nearly straight up:
The distribution of Family Wealth has now reached 95% of US national wealth going to the 1%

This inequality was NOT created by *hard work*. The 1% caused this by corruption: monopoly, manipulation of laws, politicians, & tax codes...mixed with a sprinkling of white collar crime.
Here's one example of what happens when the government is owned by the rich and their captive corporations...
(BTW these are publicly traded corps. They are only allowed to engage in Predatory Capitalism because our Representatives made laws for THEM, and against their workers.)
Slavery was never abolished.
It was extended to include everyone.
(Even so, the system is STILL more unequitable for POC & Women)
Trumps' current assault on Medicaid, Medicare, Social Security, & Pensions compared to his desired Military Funding (Partly to funnel money to his fraudulent WallScam)
The GOP wants to shrink all aspects of the Federal Government except Defense Funding
(Because it's the most lucrative place to syphon off taxpayer money):
How much more defense does America need? (measured in ships):
The World's Aircraft Carriers:
Defense Funding in Pie Charts, 2019 & 2018:
US Defense vs World Defense*:

(We may need an entirely new military after Trump finishes selling all our secrets to our enemies, so we better NOT invest in a huge upgrade until he's gone)
If it seems like the world is crazier and more violent, it is.
Fascists TEACH hatred.
Dictator 101, Hatred:
Trump Hotel Texas:
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