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"Banks gave £450K to #Farage after Brexit vote"

Pymts for Chelsea home, Land Rover, trips to US-including to meet Trump and RNCCLE 2016🚩pymts to US lobbyist Gerry Gunster

Via "Rock Services Ltd" & "Southern Rock" 🧐

Russia ➡️"Diamond mines" ➡️Banks

RECALL: BANKS: "In 12/18, So African intel officials confirmed to me that Banks, who owns diamond mines, had been the subject of two investigations by the Hawks....”

"This detailed @NewYorker investigation into Arron Banks, his Russian connections, and his opaque funding of the Leave.EU campaign makes an unanswerable case for a Mueller-style inquiry into whether the EU referendum was stolen."

@NewYorker "In 2013, Southern Rock, an insurance underwriter based in Gibraltar, was found by the local regulator to be operating w/insufficient cap reserves. Since then, Banks and other shareholders have been compelled to refi Southern Rock w/many tens of millions"

"A $$$ laundering expert, quoted:

“red flags do pop out all over the place.” The arrangement to refi Southern Rock forms part of a pattern...that seems to make little finc'l sense...."

"[Banks] SUPPORTED PUTIN'S 2014 military intervention in #Crimea, saying that the invaded region was “as Russian as the Isle of Wight is British...”

Banks supported Putin's annexation of #Crimea (BTW #CrimeaIsUkraine)

Also, there are allegations that Banks has ties to Russia via shared mining interests - gold, diamonds - had multiple meetings w/Russian Amb UK, about them:

Will pull out a few details about today's stor - esp the details about Trump and the American lobbyist, Gunster (which, was illegal to use him, BTW):

"Banks gave £450K to #Farage after Brexit vote"

"Nigel #Farage was lavishly funded by Arron Banks in the year after the Brexit referendum, Channel 4 News has alleged, with the insurance tycoon providing him with a furnished Chelsea home, a car and driver, and money to promote him in AMERICA."

"Banks, who regularly bankrolled Farage’s former party, Ukip, spent about £450,000 in the year after the referendum, when Farage had quit as Ukip leader, the programme said.

It said the money, some provided via Rock Services Ltd, a company owned by Banks, "
"After quitting as Ukip leader he remained as an MEP, and also made regular appearances on Fox News and other TV shows...Banks is under investigation by the National Crime Agency over allegations of criminal offences by him and his unofficial leave campaign in the EU referendum."
"According to @Channel4News , the documents show that Banks and his companies, organised and funded visits to the US by Farage in the year after the referendum, including a trip in July 2016 to the Republican national convention."

Trump goes there, they come here. Got it?
@Channel4News 6/24/16: "Self-determination is the sacred right of all free people's, and the people of the UK have exercised that right for all the world to see."

DJT on #Brexit from #TrumpTurnberry

@Channel4News "The programme says that Banks, through another of his companies, Southern Rock, paid an American lobbyist, Gerry Gunster, to arrange a Nigel Farage “Brexit policy luncheon”.

Gerry Gunster, of Gunster Strategies.
@Channel4News Arron Banks and Gerry Gunster - they go back to 2015:

"In 9/15, Banks hired the AMERICAN pollster Gerry Gunster as a consultant. Banks has frequently cited some advice that Gunster gave him: referendums are won on emotion, not on facts."

@Channel4News Recall, that Banks discussed with Bannon and others on an email chain using Gunster and Cambridge Analytica - and it kinda sounds like they are talking about using people's insurance data to #psyop them, lol:

@Channel4News And Recall, Brittany Kaiser, formerly of Cambridge Analytica says they did (stole her plan to do it):

@Channel4News So they, #Brexit, illegally used the U.S. firm Gunster Strategies. And Trump used foreign #CambridgeAnalytica employees - Lewandowski tried to conceal it:

Back to story...
@Channel4News (2016): "The programme says that Banks, through another of his companies, Southern Rock, paid an American lobbyist, Gerry Gunster, to arrange a Nigel Farage “Brexit policy luncheon”.
@Channel4News "...in 2016, Rock Services arranged visits by Farage and...Andy Wigmore, to travel to America on a series of occasions, including one where Farage was first intro'd to...Trump."

Banks shell co (?) paid for that visit to meet Trump - Gov of MS set it up:

@Channel4News And Banks had just met with the Russians a few days prior.

Totes interesting!

"On 8/19/16, the day that Bannon became campaign manager, Wigmore and Banks were invited to lunch at the embassy w/Yakovenko."

@Channel4News "A Channel 4 News reporter approached Farage in Merthyr Tydfil on Wednesday to ask him about the alleged funding by Banks, with Farage saying he had no comment."


"Other invoices show Gunster’s company [Rock Services] billed £108,684 for a party in Farage’s honour at a five-star hotel in Washington DC."

We know. @Hayley_Barlow

@Hayley_Barlow Link to pic in case anyone in UK media wants to use it ; )


@Hayley_Barlow @Channel4News This was convenient, timing, wasn't it?

"Farage to Assange day Congressional leaders briefed 3/9/17. 10 days after Burr called the White House to inform them of FBI investigation details....Dana Rohrabacher and Farage went fishing,"

Who else helped? Russians w/diamond and gold mining interests? Shady foreign hacking/psyops firms?

Wigmore said that those who raised money - agriculture tycoons and tech entrepreneurs - have felt 'left out since Reagan."

What is the original source of the funds for this?
"Too much love: Nigel #Farage and friends have a bad boys' ball in DC
In a hotel overlooking the White House, revellers wondered if the other half of the ‘beautiful friendship’ would arrive"

(1/19/17) MS Gov Bryant, Banks, Wigmore, Lord Ashcroft attend:

@Hayley_Barlow @peterwalker99

Hope you all have reported on Banks' cozy ties to governor of MS, Phil Bryant.

The Gov secured funding for Banks to start a data op at a state-funded university. Swears no data was washed there. Believe him?

@Hayley_Barlow @peterwalker99 Thread on Banks/Eldon Insurance Big Data Dolphins op, here:

@Hayley_Barlow @peterwalker99 Farage Goes to RNCCLE 2016!

Arron Banks paid Tucker Carlson of Fox $11,000 to have a "symposium" w/Nigel #Farage. Bob Corker (foreign relations Cmte), Giuliani, Sessions, MS Gov, make cameos:

h/t @KernowGold

"Nigel Farage’s funding secrets revealed"

Annette, do you know who the man in the middle is here? 🤔
#Farage, Steve King, Tucker Carlson at RNCCLE in 2016:
Video report says Tucker Carlson of Fox News was paid $11,000 by Arron Banks' company to sit on stage with Nigel #Farage at RNCCLE 2016:

No wonder he's so angry all the time - he's involved. Kinda figured. Ingraham for sure (there's pics of her w/Kislyak, college in Russia).
Ahem: Bob Corker (senate foreign relations committee chair, TN GOP), with Nigel #Farage.

Hey, when did that Russian "TEN_GOP" account come out, anyways? Curious....
(8/4/16) Russians post "HRC committed voter fraud" ads to Facebook:

(8/11/16) "voter fraud being investigated in NC" posted by TEN_GOP"

Summer, 2016

#Farage & John Bolton at RNCCLE 2016.

Hey didn't Bolton do a RU sub-titled video for Maria Butina's guns rights club?

Wasn't he in #VoteLeave HQ eve of #Brexit?

Farage & Banksy at the RU embassy...

So weird-all these contacts w/Russians by these people. Prolly nothing! 🙃
"One IRA-controlled @Twitter account- @TEN_GOP-got mentions or retweets from"multiple Trump Campaign official s and surrogates , including Donald J. Trump Jr., Eric Trump, Kellyanne Conway, Brad Parscale, and Michael T. Flynn" per #MuellerReport "

Anyone jumps out at you, let me know:
Nigel #Farage at RNCCLE 2016:

I see, Giuliani, Trump's body guard (#MissUnivers2013), Don Jr., the Gov of MS (Phil Bryant - who had Banks set up a data op at Ole MS, so this investment paid of there), Jeff Sessions, Derp Jr...
Trump calls #Farage out of the crowd: kinda reminds me of the Maria Butina schtick they pulled, where she asked Trump about Russia sanctions:

Impromptu, I'm quite sure 😁
Rudy looks like my little chihuahua when she's so excited she's getting ready to pee herself - he's literally rocking back and forth😄

Look at the lady in the back right...isn't that the ding-bat senator from MS, Cindy Hyde-Smith?

I wonder if she got some Russian help, too, lol.

This must be video of " when #Farage met Trump," 8/24/16, and just after Farage and Banks had met w/the Russian Amb UK, 8/19/16 🚩
And of course, #ColludyRudy was there that evening in 8/16 too. Scavino to the right:
Two doofuses. #Brexit #MAGA
"Ch 4 News can exclusively reveal that, the day before Farage was photographed with/Trump in Trump Tower, American strategist Gerry Gunster, of Goddard Gunster, proposed capitalising on Farage’s celebrity to establish a new int'l political consultancy..."

"Goddard Gunster International would be an “int'l political powerhouse” which was “uniquely positioned with key exec staff that are closely aligned w/the new US admin”.

The org would cover “strategy, lobbying, creative svcs and paid advocacy,” w/“counsel provided by...Farage”.
"The proposal suggested a 50/50 “division of profits” between Gerry Gunster and Arron Banks, with a “separate agreement w/Nigel Farage”.

Mr Gunster and Mr Banks discussed a number of biz opportunities and held meetings w/ prospective clients."
"At...Trump’s inauguration, emails suggest Mr Banks paid more than £15,000 to fly #Farage to and from Washington, approximately £1000 on a rm at the plush Mayflower Hotel.

Invoices show Goddard Gunster billed £108,684 for a lavish party in Farage’s honour at the Hay-Adams Hotel"
In Autumn 2016, Rock Services arranged for Farage and Wigmore to travel to America on multiple occasions, including visits to St Louis MO. The pair also flew to LV for the...debates...

Banks, Wigmore and #Farage also traveled to NY in 11/16 for election night..."
Back to Farage and Gunster's emails...

"The emails suggest that in 12/16, flights to New York for Nigel Farage costing £10,987 were billed to political strategy firm Goddard Gunster, who arranged meetings between Mr Farage and execs from The Coca-Cola Company."

2 stories, dropping w/in day of e/o - intersect is #CambridgeAnalytica:

"...amazing story....today involving Brittany's good friend, the heir to a satellite fortune, Chase Ergen. He's been arrested in St Kitts w/the heir to Coca Cola...load of cannabis"

Coca Cola bottling heir and his fellow billionaire business partner are arrested in St Kitts

(Recall who likes to do shady shit in St Kitts too - Brittany's old boss, Alex Nix)

"Emails also shows a Senior VP at the company offered to fund a further trip by Mr Farage to Atlanta, Georgia in 3/17 where he attended a “series of engagements”.


We have some other stuff for Farage in March 2017 @Channel4News ...
(3/9/17) Farage met Assange @ Ecuadorian Embassy:

@Channel4News Kinda interesting...

Mercer's & Rybolovlev's yachts seen together (3/10/17), the day after Farage sneaks out of Ecuador Embassy

Rybolovlev is the RU oligarch Trump sold a FL property to; the buyer paid DOUBLE the property's value.

"Baugh says he met Farage at President Donald Trump’s inauguration and learned that Farage and Banks would be in his hometown, Huntington Beach, on 3/17/17 to accept an award from the American Association of Political Consultants."

Meanwhile, more Trumps/Kushners and Putin-adjacent Russian oligarch mingling in Aspen....🙄 3/18/17...

A #UKIP guy, Nigel Sussman...he was meeting with Russians...literally....

prolly just a coincidence, all these Russians...

Nigel #Farage and Putin's favorite EX-Congressman, Dana Rohrabacher, 3/19/17:

(feels so good to say "EX"!)

#Farage and Rohrabacher (with staffer), 3/19/17.

(Anyone know of any shady stuff with Nigel #Farage and Iceland? This staffer went to Iceland -doesn't say why - still haven't quite worked that one out. Have ideas though.)

Kinda interesting, the timing of #Farage's, "fishing trip" in the U.S.

I wonder if they thought they couldn't be picked up out in the ocean ; )

Something weird with the Russians that #UKIPer Nigel Sussman was meeting with:

Just, odd, could be coincidence:

"Terror attack on Putin"

Four days after his fishing trip w/Rohrabacher, Nigel #Farage was blaming #Westminster terror attack on multiculturalism.

Missed this one: few days prior to fishing w/Rohrabacher, #Farage met w/another #Putin-adoptee, France's far-right, Marine LePen (3/15/17)

Le Pen, of course, with Trump, a few months previous (with Trump's fake Trump social media clubs guy, Guido Lombardi):

Back to Channel 4:

"Mr Farage does not appear to have declared any of the visits funded by third parties to the European Parliament. It is not clear whether he was obliged to declare these costs under EU rules governing members of the European Parliament...."
"Had Mr Farage been a Westminster MP, he would have had to declare the costs.

Mr Farage denies....

Mr Banks is currently under investigation by the National Crime Agency over the source of money used to fund his Leave. EU referendum campaign."
His companies are also subject to an investigation by the Info Commissioner’s Office. Leave.EU has been found to have breached electoral rules and was fined by the Electoral Commission...."
Skipping the denials here, here they are if you wanna read 'em.

"Another donor, Jeremy Hosking, has revealed he donated £200,000 to the group..."

Before I forget: Arron Banks', Rock Services, Limited:

Arron Banks "Southern Rock" is not appearing. Inc'd somewhere else?

Here's all 22 of Arron Banks' listings with Companies House:

Going to check the rest of the vid now...
Gang, can we back up a bit? Anyone know if this is "Posh George" Cottrell (Cotrel), in here? To Farage's left (hand on his head):

Kinda looks him, What do you think? 🤔

Perhaps, no. Guy in video has a mole on his cheek looks like. My bad.
#Farage and Gerry Gunster...
#Farage, Gunster...
Banks, Farage, Gunster...
Wigmore, Lord Ashcroft, #Farage, Governor Phil Byrant of MS, Banks:

"Back in town for the inauguration..." at the Mayflower hotel.
Recall, Lord Michael Ashcroft is an #SCL "OG" ; )

The gang on the Ole Miss campus in 2017:

Banks, MS Gov Bryant, Wigmore, #Farage, Ashcroft:
Farage, MS Gov Bryant, Gerry Gunster...
OMG, this is so funny! Look at #Farage's face after he is asked:

"Nigel Farage - ARE YOU A KEPT MAN?" 😁🤣😂
Say what?! 😆
The indignity! 😄
"Can we talk about the money for a second?" 😂🤣

<skidmarks and smoke, as Farage peels out>
Journalsit: "You rail against the elite [#Farage], and yet you're living a life style of the elite..."

Farage: "...we have an election coming up." 🙄😁
Journalist says #Farage has at least FIVE bodyguards walking with him, while being questioned.
#Farage being diverted inside to escape journalist 😁
Is Arron Banks paying for all this protection for Nigel #Farage?
Why is #Farage in such a hurry - I thought he was a man of the people? 😁
The journalist pursuing #Farage while he's surrounded by body guards, is Matt Frei. Kudos to Matt, he didn't give up! ✌🏽🏅
Back to original article <eot> ✌🏽

"Nigel Farage’s funding secrets revealed"

*journalist... 🤦🏽‍♀️
Just went back and read that Banks’ “Southern Rock” is based in Gibraltar. thus its not appearing in Companies House search.
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