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1 to 24 - Attempted coup in Venezuela with support from the US - 2019
25 - Attempted coup in Venezuela with support from the US - 2019
26 - Attempted coup in Venezuela with support from the US - 2019
27 - Attempted coup in Venezuela with support from the US - 2019
“We have+than 20,000 doctors in🇻🇪because we provide MedicalSupport,we have teachers, sports coaches in🇻🇪but we don’t have soldiers..🇨🇺has never had soldiers in🇻🇪,We will always stand in solidarity w🇻🇪this is in our principles,we will not accept any threats"aml.ink/EipQs
By @bodhibrian
But has USA a military presence in Columbia or Venezuela?
Even if there were🇨🇺soldiers in🇻🇪who are the🇺🇸to open their mouths when they have 800 military bases scattered around the🌍? STOP Double standards🤬@realDonaldTrump @StateDept @SecPompeo @AmbJohnBolton @VP @marcorubio 🇻🇪has every right to choose its allies
🇺🇸will only have Morals to speak when they remove all the illegal bases they have. Why🇺🇸continue to maintain MilitaryBases in🇸🇾when🇺🇸do not have UN mandate or authorization from the President of🇸🇾?@realDonaldTrump @StateDept @SecPompeo @AmbJohnBolton @VP
By @bodhibrian
Imagine the siege of the🇻🇪embassy was happening in Tehran,not DC.Imagine 🇮🇷had shut off water,power..& then raided the🏠by force.Then imagine how our press would cover it.Then realise it’s absent from literally every MSM FrontPage right now.
By @21WIRE
Based on the lies and shear deception being spat out by @SecPompeo & @AmbJohnBolton over #Venezuela & #Iran, they should be removed from their positions immediately. They both pose a grave danger to global & national security. #Trump now also poses similar risk too.
By @DrJillStein
Critical action on Wed at Venezuela embassy. Congress & Trump need help deciding which way forward. Will it be the rule of law, or the law of the jungle? Let's show them the way - in Venezuela, Iran & beyond.
By @bodhibrian
'How the Venezuelan intelligence service SEBIN (Bolivian National Intelligence Service) defeated the CIA'😉👇🏼
By @RealAlexRubi
Back at the Venezuelan Embassy. A raid is expected soon. A state department representative is stationed by the main entrance
By @RealAlexRubi
Police just kicked me out of the press area after the opposition told them I am not a journalist
By @RealAlexRubi
I talked to the commanding officer who refused to give me an explanation as to why I'm not allowed to stand with my colleagues
By @RealAlexRubi
I tried to get an interview with Mohammed, who broke into the embassy and vandalized an office, but he refused. "Take the rats out," he said
By @RealAlexRubi
This gentleman didn't want to talk to me either
By @RealAlexRubi
Activists chant "hands off Venezuela!" Embassy protectors look on from the second floor window
By @RealAlexRubi
Flyer for passerbys drafted by @codepink
By @RealAlexRubi
Nica Lenin continues harassing the press with impunity. He got in my face and touched me three times. Police did nothing
By @RealAlexRubi
Longtime embassy protector and collective DJ Bobby Robinson with a new chant fresh off the charts:

"Even with the US might
You will never win this fight
You can beg, you can try
In the end your coup's a lie"
By @RealAlexRubi
Another coup bites the dust
By @RealAlexRubi
Supporters on the outside as embassy protectors look on through the second story window
By @RealAlexRubi
Bobby Bobinson explains what a protecting power agreement is
By @RealAlexRubi
Oppositionists yell @anyaparampil"s name as she gives an interview to the media
By @RealAlexRubi
I walked over to the opposition side. It went down as you may have expected
By @CodePinkCLEVE
The pro Guaido guy Carlos who had a bow tie told me “if this was🇻🇪we’d go in and kill all you people. Then cut you to pieces & eat you. But here we have to follow the law so we’re leaving you there.” I was like, yeah that’s probably true.
By @bodhibrian
#Guaido cannibals ... interesting in a grand Guignol manner
By @bodhibrian
President Bolton ( I thought he was only an advisor but I was mistaken ) likes to focus on Cubans when not Iran . Americagate is where Americans 💩 tell Venezuelans how to run their country
Analyzing 76 total press articles of the “elite” press from January 15 to April 15, 2019, Fairness & Accuracy In Reporting (FAIR) could find not one voice that opposed Trump’s regime plans in Venezuela.

US Media Coverage of Venezuela Reaches All-Time Low mintpressnews.com/us-media-cover…
"Parallel president & opposition leader Juan Guaidó says he would like to coordinate with the🇺🇸military, but following his failed April 30th coup attempt, few Venezuelans show interest."

Guaidó Calls🇺🇸Military Cooperation, but few🇻🇪Support the Move
By @bodhibrian
Venezuela reads the riot act over embassies to usa
By @PressTV
Venezuela accuses four opposition lawmakers of #treason for supporting a #coup attempt against the elected government of @NicolasMaduro ptv.io/2jWs
This is what I consider excellent news👌🏼💯💯💯

By @PressTV
Trump considering replacing John Bolton: Report ptv.io/2jXD

By @telesurenglish
May 14
#US to evict #Venezuelan embassy protectors in #WashingtonDC , violating international law. #HandsOffVenezuela
#JuanGuaido called on the #EuropeanUnion via Twitter to impose new sanctions against #Venezuela in order to weaken the country after his failed coup.
🗣️‼️Venezuelans and rest of the world‼️
You do not be fooled by this shit that is not worried about the suffering that the new sanctions can cause the #Venezuelan people. Juan Guaidó only thinks about his interests🤬.
Great China 💓🇨🇳🇻🇪💓👌🏼💯

By @telesurenglish
May 14
The People's Republic of #China delivered a large amount of humanitarian aid to #Venezuela, completing their second long haul of cargo to the Bolivarian Republic since March.
By @telesurenglish
May 14
Metropolitan Police of Washington D.C arrived at the Venezuelan embassy to break the locks and carry out the illegal eviction of international NGO @codepink who have barricaded themselves in the embassy.
Four Embassy Protection Collective activists remain inside 🇻🇪's Embassy in #WashingtonDC after metropolitan police officers failed in their repeated attempts to remove them on Monday. Our correspondent @AlinaTelesur was at the scene last night.
#China delivered 71 tonnes of medicine and health supplies to #Venezuela as part of continued technical co-operation between both countries. The aid comes as the #UnitedStates maintains its economic blockade against Venezuela. #HandsOffVenezuela
By @telesurenglish
#Venezuela's Constituent Assembly approved a resolution stripping four opposition lawmakers from immunity, accusing them of treason.
By @telesurenglish
"Rev. Jesse Jackson manages to deliver food to the activists who protect the🇻🇪Embassy in Washington DC, after a violent resistance & struggle of Guaido supporters,who are determined to prevent them from receiving water, food & medicine."
By @bodhibrian
Pentagon @DeptofDefense has such a good record of bringing democracy!
By @bodhibrian
thanks u Jesse jackson! delivers food to venezuela embassy: him the thugs didnt dare attack
By @AdamCli
A real psychopath.Incites violence in which he knows people will be injured or killed,invites sanctions which are known to kill large numbers of🇻🇪people & invites military intervention which is known will cause civil war with a repeat of🇮🇶 or
Washington orders suspension of all flights between US & Venezuela — RT World News rt.com/news/459444-us…
By @DRodriguez_en
To the heroes & heroines who bravely defend the legitimate rights of Venezuela at our Embassy in Washington receive our recognition forever! We are brotherly peoples,of peace, of hope! Thank you Reverend Jesse Jackson for your solidarity!
By @southfronteng
US-backed Venezuelan Opposition Continues Asking For Foreign Interference To Overthrow Maduro Government southfront.org/us-backed-vene…
@NicolasMaduro @jaarreaza @vladimirpadrino @dcabellor

By @ConflictsW
The 4 people remaining inside the Venezuelan embassy in D.C have been arrested and the embassy is now empty
By @codepink
BREAKING: Four embassy protectors have been arrested! Ann Wright, former state department diplomat, explains why the arrests are ILLEGAL!
Police Raid Venezuelan Embassy in DC, Arrest Last Remaining Members of Embassy Protection Collective mintpressnews.com/police-raid-ve…
Who’s Behind the Pro-Guaidó Crowd Besieging Venezuela’s D.C. Embassy? mintpressnews.com/whos-behind-th…
Us-Backed Opposition Leader Admits Venezuela ‘Is Not a Dictatorship’ mintpressnews.com/us-backed-oppo…
By @bodhibrian
That's the end if the Vienna convention and during @realDonaldTrump presidency. Now any embassy can be raided by police
By @medeabenjamin
Atty Mara Verheyden Hilliard: The fact that the State Dept has broken into a protected diplomatic mission to arrest peace activists will have repercussions the world over. This is an extraordinary violation of the Vienna Convention. #EmbassyProtectionCollective
By @bodhibrian
It's a world first and occurs under MAGA obsessed @realDonaldTrump
Has @MayorBowser taken notice this has happened during her term as mayor?
By @bodhibrian
End of Vienna convention . Well the rogue state thinks it can appoint ptrsisentpresident so why not police state raid an embassy. Any sign @MayorBowser Aware what's happening in her city ?
By @telesurenglish
#UnitedStates | The police have illegally entered the Venezuelan Embassy in #WashingtonDC to arrest the four remaining anti-war activists.
#Venezuela #HandsOffVenezuela
By @maria_engstrom1
Isn't this like an invasion into a foreign country. Isn't the territory of an embassy sovereign soil of the country that runs the embassy, in this case Venezuela?

I hope🇻🇪confiscate🇺🇸embassy & all🇺🇸property in Venezuela as a response.
By @telesurenglish
An📷presumably showing the moment of the arrest of the 4 activists of the #EmbassyProtectionCollective. In the📷that appears to be a screenshot of another image, you see David Paul, Adrienne Pine & Margaret Flowers.
Photo via: .@AlinaTelesur
By @AlinaTelesur
This is the moment when the US Federal police, against all international law, broke into the Venezuelan Embassy in Washington DC.

May 16th 2019, do not forget it.
Police with battering ram raid Venezuelan Embassy in DC & arrest anti-coup activists (VIDEOS) — RT World News rt.com/news/459511-po…
By @bodhibrian
heres a reuters article on illegal raid on Venezuela embassy that manages to ignore Vienna Convention.i
By @bodhibrian
No embassy is safe now @realDonaldTrump is this how u MAGA?
at least @Independent mentions Vienna Convention
By @bodhibrian
hey @Doc_0 Venezuela had a free and fair election just last year.
Maduro won.
By @GrayzoneProject
Meet the wealthy shipping magnates, arms dealers, think tankers, communications strategists and regime change lobbyists behind the rabid pro-Guaido mob that besieged Venezuela's embassy in DC thegrayzone.com/2019/05/16/gua… … via @JebSprague @RealAlexRubi
By @MarkSleboda1
^& this follows the🇬🇧refusing to recognise political asylum for #JulianAssange & putting🇪🇨embassy under seige for years in defiance of binding UN decisions.
Taken together this is a serious Western assault on InternationalLaw & the rules-based InternationalOrder.
By @bodhibrian
im almost glad as now US embassies, havens for regime change, can be entered and their inmates arrested
#ViennaConvention RIP; #VenezuelaEmbassy
By @bodhibrian
end of an era with US led bh president @AmbJohnBolton tearing up the Vienna Convention
at least now US embassies, havens of coup actvity arent protected
#VenezuelaEmbassy #ViennaConvention @realDonaldTrump MAGA?
By @bodhibrian
'transgression of international law at Venezuelan Embassy was likely intended as a tactical move to advance the Trump admin’s strategic goal of imposing US hegemony and installing neoliberal regimes throughout the hemisphere' coha.org/us-raid-on-the…
By @ErikThurman
@codepink You should check this out, the page on the @StateDept 's website regarding the Vienna Convention is offline as of May 16th, 9:34pm EST.
By @kim9973
@ErikThurman @codepink the page on the @StateDept 's website regarding the Vienna Convention is offline
By @aspals
Dangerous precedents undermining the Vienna Convention
By @libbyliberalnyc
Barrickman:”Absent popular support or backing from any major faction of🇻🇪military, Guaidó appears to be banking on direct🇺🇸military intervention. assault on the 🇻🇪’s embassy in DC may well be a warning violent assault is being prepared on the country itself”
VENEZUELA EMBASSY SCANDAL: Evo Morales criticizes Trump for violating international law @FortRussNews fort-russ.com/2019/05/venezu…
By @bodhibrian
Thank you president morales of Bolivia ! Who understands international law when Americans do not
By @evoespueblo
Al apoyar a los enviados de Guaidó para que invadan la embajada de 🇻🇪 en🇺🇸,Trump violó el derecho internacional. Bajo el amparo de la Convención de Viena, los legítimos representantes del Estado venezolano son los que designa el gobierno democráticamente electo.
By @FortRussNews
#Lavrov defends #Venezuela against #Pompeo, tension between #Russia and #US has global consequence is.gd/3oO14x #Maduro
By @FortRussNews
TRAITOR: Guaidó officially begs for #US military #Invasion of #Venezuela is.gd/gj6f7S #Guaido #Intervention #Maduro
By @FortRussNews
DESTROYING THE DOLLAR: #Venezuela and #Russia to begin trading in rubles is.gd/wMLZ0Z #USD
By @bodhibrian
Tulsi Gabbard and the embassy protectors
Venezuela quiere PAZ 🕊️

Trump hands off Venezuela

No coup! No war! No sanctions!

Yankee go Home
🗣️‼️"If wars can be started by lies, they can be stopped by truth."‼️
-Julian Assange-
See Venezuela thread 28🔼@TulsiGabbard @Miami_Rebelde @WarNuse @BitarDeen
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