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Thread : Buy #palmoilfree and #boycott all Nestle @Nestle products because their #palmoil is destroying rainforest, causing massive global species #extinction. Join me and #Boycott4Wildlife - use your wallet as a weapon!… via @palmoildetect
This brand @Nestle @NestleUSA @NestleUKI @NestleHealthUS
is destroying rainforests, releasing mega-tonnes of carbon into the atmosphere, killing hundreds of endangered species. See Nestlé’s full list of mills where they buy palm oil, six of these are actively destroying forest.
Forest in Indonesia, Malaysia, Africa. They are burn down huge extensions of forests to stablish palm oil plantations. This savage #ecocide is changing the ecosystems forever. Pls take action. Don't keep this going #climatechange #PalmOil #ProtectWildLife #BoycottPalmOilProduct
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 03/11/2022…
'Bot holiday': Covid disinformation down as social media pivot to Ukraine | Social media | The Guardian…
#COVID19, #DisinformationVolume, #RussiaUkraine, #MediaAttention
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#FridaysForFuture Week 79

What caused this war?A complex question,but #FossilFuels is definitely 1 of the answers.The“danger mode”we’ve all experienced lately is exactly the “Don’t look up!😱" that climate scientists,activists or simply climate-conscious popl experience daily
The climate crisis is a "progressive war".It’s killing us at this moment & it’ll keep killing us.If we don’t tackle it NOW,it’ll mean societal collapse&+wars along the way.We need millions of warriors.If u think u’re not“activist material”,think again.Are u“extinction material”?
PLEASE, join the rebellion NOW to stop all wars! #UprootTheSystem! The clock is ticking! We have less than 8 years/94 months/Or just short of 3,000 days to save all earthlings, present and future!
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#AllForAmazon Week 19

An Amazonian area the size of 3,000 football fields is being cleared daily,but apparently,is not enough:

“The Brazilian government has approved a railway that will tear apart 933km of Amazon forest & decimate countless lives & swathes of Indigenous lands.
The "#Ferrogrão" project is being rushed through by Bolsonaro’s government,with heavy backing from agribusiness greedy giants like Bunge, ADM & Cargill.

The situation is extremely serious. Experts confirmed that if this railway gets built, the damage will be irreversible.
Any moment now,the erasure of ancient🌳& villages could begin,but we can still stop this horror.Indigenous leaders are urgently asking 4 OUR support–if ppl across the 🌎 show we're watching,we can ramp up the pressure on decision-makers in Brazil & abroad to halt this atrocity”.
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Human Activities Obliterated Two-Third of #Earth’s Tropical Rainforests Between 2002-2019: Report…

(📸: IANS)
Human activities have contributed to the massive destruction of nearly two-thirds of the world’s original #TropicalRainforests in the last two decades, a new study has found.

The analysis has revealed logging and land conversion for various agricultural practices as the two primary factors behind the wipeout of these forests, which serve as the largest reservoirs of carbon and effectively mitigate #GlobalWarming.

#TropicalRainforests #Environment
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#Facebook #ClimateChange #AmazonRainforest


Retweet so we can inform people of the devastating truth.

1) @Facebook is fueling the destruction of the #Amazon rainforest. The #Amazon’s hydrological engine plays a major role in maintaining the global & regional #climate...
2) Water released by plants into the atmosphere through evapotranspiration and to the ocean by the rivers, influences world #climate and the circulation of ocean currents. This works as a feedback mechanism, as the process also sustains the regional climate on which it depends...
3) What is happening in the #Amazon?
Scientists are noticing something disturbing in the #AmazonRainforest - the hydrological engine is beginning to fail. One factor is the El Niño Southern Oscillation (ENSO), a climatic phenomenon which influences much of the climatic...
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A nation that destroys its soils destroys itself.
Forests are the lungs of our land, purifying the air & giving fresh strength to our people.
~Franklin D. Roosevelt

#AmazonRainforest will only be remembered in pictures

We burned our lungs🌎 for #BEEF

#Vegan bc 👇 Image
🌴 #AmazonRainforest Has Lost More Than ▶Ten Million◀ Football Fields of Forest in a Decade
THIS #rainforest is responsible for storing over 180 BILLION tons of carbon
With #deforestation that carbon is released back into the atmosphere

💧 "One-fifth of the world’s fresh #water is in the #AmazonBasin, supplying water to the world by releasing water vapor into the atmosphere that can travel thousands of miles"

Meanwhile governments 🌍🌏🌎 & politicians ignore #AmazonBurning
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Kurze Richtigstellung: Der Amazonas-Regenwald brennt nicht. Der Amazonas-Regenwald wird verbrannt.

THREAD(mein erster und vermutlich einziger) #AmazonRainforest
Hier zu sehen: alle aktuellen Brandherde. [1]
Der Regenwald brennt. Brasiliens Präsident, Jair Bolsanaro, sorgt im ersten Amtsjahr für 40% mehr Rodung als im Vorjahr.
Seit den 70er Jahren sind 20% des Regenwaldes verschwunden. Werden es 25%-30% [2], wird das Ökosystem Regenwald wohl kollabieren und zu einer Savanne [3].
Forscher vermuten jedoch, dass dieser sogenannte "tipping point" deutlich früher erreicht werden kann, wenn die Küstenregionen des Regenwalds bedroht werden, da nur hier kalte, feuchte Meeresluft ins Landesinnere gelangt [3].
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🇫🇷LIVE from Biarritz, France

The G7 summit starts today, where world leaders will discuss global problems, from the #AmazonFires to inequality.

Follow this thread for all your #G7Biarritz updates⬇️
Will world leaders talk about the climate emergency during #G7Biarritz?

We're on the ground answering your G7 questions
Hosting the G7 comes at a cost.

The French town of Biarritz has closed its beaches in the middle of summer for the summit #G7Biarritz
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@EmmanuelMacron The image on the left shows a fire from 1989, and the image on the right has been online since at least 2012. A number of other outdated and unrelated photographs have also been circulated as if they depicted the 2019 #AmazonFires.…
@EmmanuelMacron Plankton that are plants, known as #phytoplankton, grow and get their own energy through photosynthesis and are responsible for producing an estimated 80% of the world’s oxygen. They need #CO2 to thrive.…
@EmmanuelMacron Many use fire to maintain farmland or to clear land.
Typically, activity peaks in early Sept & mostly stops by Nov.
#NASA satellite data indicates total fire activity across the #AmazonBasin this year has been close to the average of the past 15 years.…
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A wildfire near Robore, Bolivia.

Wildfires in Bolivia have devastated about 745,000 hectares of forests and farmland.

Neighboring Peru says it is "on alert" for wildfires in the Amazon spreading from Brazil and Bolivia.
VIDEO: Bolivia's rainforest is ravaged by wildfires. About 745,000 hectares have been destroyed.

@AFP footage from Bolivia's Santa Cruz region neighbouring Brazil
AFP map locating wildfires in the #Amazon as of August 22-23

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There's probably a lot of talk about the #AmazonRainforest flooding your timelines and we're here to set the record straight. People are saying the Amazon rainforest is on fire and no one is talking about this….well here we are talking about it ☺️
There's a lot of claims to keep track of, but here's a few that have been circulating. Check out this tweet:
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I have written a thread in response to @filgmartin's (Filipe G. Martin) thread, regarding his criticism to the outrage of the current events happening on #PrayforAmazonas.

If you read his thread to the fullest, I encourage you to read my response as well:
But before that, I want to thank everybody sincerely who pushed my tweet for encouragement up! And I want to thank the next people coming here as well for taking their time of to talk about this matter!

Now let's get into it!
I responded to 5 statements he made in his thread. I'll list them up:

1. 60% of Brazil's territory (8.516.000 km2) is covered by native vegetation

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1/ "We are very concerned about these fires both, I think for the immediate damage that they are causing, and also because sustaining forest is crucial in our fight against climate change," says Stephane Dujarric, spokesperson for the UN Secretary General #AmazonRainforest #UN Image
2/ "All forests are essential for the health of the entire world, the international community recognizes this importance of the forest," said Stephane Dujarric. #AmazonRainforest #AmazonFire #Amazonia #UnitedNations
3/ "Not only the Amazon, but also the forests in the Congo basin, in Indonesia, the health of all these massive, massive forests is critical for the wellbeing of humanity," said Dujarric. #UnitedNations #AmazonRainforest #AmazonFire #Amazonia
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The Amazon the largest lung in our world is on fire😭.
It's time for humanity to stop & think seriously about what it is doing🤨.
Is this our legacy for future generations😠?
Is money more important than conserving nature😡?
🗣️We need the forests to survive.
🗣️Protect nature!
"The fires burning in the #Amazon rain forest are so large and widespread that smoke has wafted thousands of miles away to the Atlantic coast, according to the World Meteorological Organization"
Via @Miami_Rebelde
There is no "ngo" burning the #AmazonRainforest these are Cattle Ranchers, most of whom voted for #Bolsonaro. They're destroying the #Enviroment to steal #Indigenous land for themselves #NativeTwitter!#IndigenousRights #NativeLivesMatter
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The #AmazonRainforest is a critical piece of the global climate solution. Without the largest rainforest in the world, we cannot keep the Earth’s warming in check. The Amazon needs more than prayers. So what can YOU do? (1/5)
✔ As an emergency response, donate to frontline #AmazonRainforest groups working to defend the forest. (2/5)
✔ Consider becoming a regular supporter of the @RnfrstAlliance’s community forestry initiatives across the world’s most vulnerable tropical forests, including the #AmazonRainforest. (3/5)
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here’s a thread of what will fucking happen if the amazon rainforest dies:

#PrayforAmazonas #AmazonRainforest #AmazonFire
1. faltering rainfall & increased drought
— and you know what happens with less rain? less water to drink and food to eat, affecting rich agriculture.
2. more greenhouse gases
— meaning poorer air quality and hotter fucking temperatures, and not just in fucking brazil.
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Fires in the #AmazonRainforest are trending, and like most trending topics people are seeing the forest and not paying attention to the trees.

By which I mean here's a thread that I hope gives more detail and background about what's going on…
A huge number of wildfires are burning in the Brazilian states of Amazonas, Roraima, and Rondonia. They’re burning down irreplaceable rainforest and erasing biodiversity. Fire data:…

Is this an emergency? Yes.

Is it new? Sadly, no…
Fires burn in the Amazon every year during this dry season (the season of “queimada”) It’s an old intersection of humans and the rainforest, and it is unequivocally bad for the planet. What's different in 2019 isn't that the Amazon is on fire, but rather WHY…
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⚠ Ante los graves incendios en la Amazonia, circulan fotos sacadas de contexto: algunas tienen años, otras directamente ❌ NO ❌ son del lugar. En @AfpFactual estamos buscando el origen de varias de ellas. Sigan el hilo y ayúdennos a difundir #PrayforAmazonas
1. Los monos fueron retratados en 2017 en Jabalpur, India, por Avinash Lodhi (la cría no estaba muerta)
2. La foto arriba a la derecha muestra la Amazonia brasileña, pero hace 30 años
3. La de abajo también fue tomada en la Amazonia brasileña pero en 2014
#PrayforAmazonia #AFP
@AFPespanol Esta foto ampliamente difundida también es de la Amazonia, pero muestra una quema controlada, y tampoco es actual. Fue tomada el 4 de agosto de 2017 por el fotógrafo de Reuters Bruno Kelly, durante la “Operación Ola Verde" #AFP
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People are deliberately starting fires in the #AmazonRainforest to illegally deforest indigenous land for cattle ranching

Pataxó woman:
“These assholes came in and burned down [our reservation]... I want all of the media here to see this”
For 2 years we’ve fought to preserve [our reservation] & these assholes came in & burned it down.

They are killing our rivers, our sources of life, & now they have set our reserve on fire. Tomorrow we are closing the roads & I want all the media here to see this.
🌎The #AmazonFires show there can be no #GreenNewDeal w/out indigenous rights

🌳By safeguarding sovereignty over ancestral lands-- which make up 1/4 of the earth's surface-- we can reverse deforestation

⚖️#GND is our best shot at stabilizing the climate & repairing injustice
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Every time I try to google info about the massive Amazon Rainforest Fire, I get results for the Amazon Fire stick. And that’s ridiculous.

So I’m making a thread with information about how devastating this is and why we should ALL be concerned #AmazonRainforest (📷: @Reuters)
1. The National Institute for Space Research (Inpe) says it’s detected more than 72,000 fires between January & August - the most since records began in 2013. It’s observed more than 9,500 forest fires since Thursday. #AmazonRainforest @BBC
2. @NASA released satellite pictures from August 11 & 13. You can see smoke from the forest fires from space. In the Amazon region, fires are rare for much of the year because wet weather prevents them from starting & spreading. #AmazonRainforest…
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#Brazil Forces allied to #Bolsonaro have caused a huge forest fire, displacing an Indigenous community and MST camp.
The #Amazon rainforest has been burning for weeks at a record rate - adding to an already alarming level of deforestation. #Bolsonaro
#PrayforAmazonas #Brazil
The Brazilian Amazon, considered the "lungs of the planet", have been burning for weeks. Conservationists have blamed #Bolsonaro, saying he has encouraged loggers and farmers to clear the land for cattle ranching #Brazil #PrayForAmazonia
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