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gm frens,

The free alpha of today is to trade $PEPE on @arbitrum 🐸

Save gas and earn $SUSHI 🔜

Get ready to bridge over some frogs through instant bridging from @SynapseProtocol:

#wenfarm #rewards #soon Image
@arbitrum @SynapseProtocol Get into the frogpool, #PEPECOIN is taking over 🐸🔥

Trade or provide liquidity for $PEPE and earn some $SUSHI for dinner 🍣

👀 ETH/PEPE pool (on @arbitrum) at 8 digit APR right now:…
@arbitrum @SynapseProtocol ❗️When trading for $PEPE Be careful of tokens not in the tokenlist.

Official token address: 0xA54B8e178A49F8e5405A4d44Bb31F496e5564A05

Also, the APRs displayed in the liquidity pools are algorithmic and subject to change.
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Concentrated Liquidity, everywhere.
Capital Efficiency, anywhere.

🔥 We have launched Sushi’s concentrated liquidity pools on 13 networks with more coming #soon. This launch marks the largest deployment of v3 pools, ever.

🌐: Image
LPs can now have more control over how their capital is deployed on the following chains:

🔸 @ethereum
🔸 @arbitrum & Arbitrum Nova
🔸 @avax
🔸 @FantomFDN
🔸 @optimismFND
🔸 @Fuse_network
🔸 @MoonriverNW
🔸 @0xPolygon
🔸 @gnosischain
🔸 @MoonbeamNetwork
...We're also including zkEVM networks starting off with:
🔹 @0xPolygonDeFi (Polygon zkEVM)

And many more networks will be rolled out over the next few weeks 🚀
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The wait is nearly over...

After months of development and testing Cherry Network's Ethereum Virtual Machine (#EVM) compatibility parachain is about to hit our public testnet #soon
Once online, the Cherry Network EVM compatibility parachain will allow anyone to deploy and run Solidity code using the world's most widely adopted and stable smart contract development frameworks, such as @HardhatHQ & @trufflesuite, directly on the Cherry Network!
Parachain network transaction fees will be paid in $pCHER, a token seamlessly interchangeable with our relay chain's $CHER and across other parachains through Cherry Network's own interchain messaging system dubbed Cross-Consensus Messaging format (XCM).
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Looks like @coinbase just partnered up with @optimismFND in the L2 arms race! Let's take a glance at the current most important person in the room: @buildonbase!

2/🧵 Why is it a big deal? Some bullet points:

→ Coinbase is the biggest American exchange, and they'll onboard their 110m+ users into #DeFi

→ It'll be their on-chain base of operations
→ They'll build a bridge from Base to most L1s, L2s, and non-EVMs like #BTC and #SOL
3/🧵 @coinbase and @optimismFND first worked together helping develop #EIP4844, an update that will rise #ETH's TPS to 1,000, as a way to allow L2s to achieve exponential cost savings, making crypto affordable for mainstream users.
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Yesterday the @ByteMasons conducted an AMA in their Discord. They dropped quite a few announcements, so I'll summarise it here for anyone that needs the TLDR 🧵
If you've got the time, here's the link to the recording. If you're an $OATH holder or just interested in what the Byte Masons are building, it's well worth a listen
Reveals: the team revealed that there will be a sweeping rebrand of their products, with the asthetic sitting somewhere between cypher punk (legacy) and polished/professional (future)
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Soonaverse is a project often spoken about in the #Iota community.

I have uncovered alot of information about the soonaverse and how it's built

Here's everything you need to know about @soon_labs in this thread 🧵.

#IOTA #Shimmer #SOON $SOON Image
Here is the scope to the mother of all $SOON threads:

1️⃣ Introduction (What is the soonaverse?)
2️⃣ NFT's on the Soonaverse
3️⃣ Tokenomics
4️⃣ Staking
5️⃣ Conclusion and Recommendations.

Let's kick start with what the soonaverse is all about ↓.
1️⃣ Soonaverse is an ambitious project that is part of the $IOTA Ecosystem.

It exists to power the growth of Decentralized Autonymous Organisations (DAOs), both within IOTA and beyond.
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Yesterday @jonastheis_ joined a space with @CryptoMiners_Co and talked about #IOTA 2.0

He did provide very valuable information about the development of #IOTA2, that i want to put together for you.

Link to the space:…

🧵👇 Image

Let's start with an overview about everything #IOTA.

The #IOTA Ecosystem consists of 2 live networks 🌐🟢
and one running development network 🌐🟠

1) 🟢 The #IOTA 1.5 Network
2) 🟢 The #Shimmer Staging Network
3) 🟠 The #IOTA2 Development Network

1) The IOTA 1.5 Network is the acutal running #IOTA network. The token is $MIOTA. It still has a coordinator (COO). A centralized unit issuing milestones in the dag. This network is able to perform value and data transactions. It has no #SmartContracts (sc) and no #NFTs yet Image
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1/ Everyone's looking for the right DEX after FTX shitshow

If you missed $GMX at 10$, Don't sleep on $GNS 🚨

→ 8,550 Holders
→ Arbitrum Launch #soon
→ 500K$ weekly fees


Here's everything you need to know

↓🧵 @GAINSnetwork
@GAINSnetwork 2/ Abstract 📜

While the crypto market run aways from CEXs, Decentralized Exchanges are doing crazy numbers 📈

The Real Yield family spread through @0xPolygon and @arbitrum is munching Xs non stop

Let's go over how $GNS work and why it could go places!
👇🧵 Image
@GAINSnetwork @0xPolygon @arbitrum 3/

TL;DR 🎙️

@GainsNetwork_io is a decentralised exchange offeing more than 77 trading pairs from crypto, stocks and forex

It's capital efficient and user-friendly 😌 Image
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Soonaverse is a project often spoken about in the #Iota community.

Today I decided to do a deep dive to uncover what soonaverse is building

Here's everything you need to know about @soon_labs

#Iota #Shimmer #soon @soon_labs Image
So I heard all of your requests to write on Soonaverse.

I will be dissecting this great project in this thread

Let us dive in

What I will be covering in this thread:

•Soonaverse Shimmer Launch
•The Full Power of Shimmer
•Cross Network Trading
The Soonaverse has always been a place to experiment with cutting-edge, decentralized technologies.

Every new market cycle introduces industry-changing concepts, such as PoW, PoS, tokenization, DID, DAOs, DeFi, etc.
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What is #Tokenmint ?
Where to get #ZEN $ZEN
#Youtube #Zendoo #sidechains
timestamped here without intro: @horizenglobal $ZEN 🎬📽️🎞️🫡
What is $ZEN @horizenglobal @HorizenClips #ZEN #ZendooShorts #HODL attention👀

The only real $ZEN in #cryptocurrency
The mainnet currency and native asset of the #Horizen #blockchain
There is no token contracts for native main chain $ZEN
#Zendoo IT
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Why is it that @john_walsh's @MissingKids 501c3 "BIG TECH $$ DONORS", Are Always Working Hard to Protect Child Sex Trafficking Operations?? TikTok/Backpage/Google/AirBNB/FaceCrook donate(d) a ton of $$ to #NCMEC every Yr.

Class Actions piling up...…
2) See @john_walsh / @MissingKids BIG Donors...
Epstein's Money Supplier Les Wexner from "LBrands" just so happens to be #NCMEC's funder as well. Well isn't that interesting???
3) And WHY is it that #NCMEC & @john_walsh always seem to be protecting peee-doz instead of Busting Them???
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You've read about @stablekwon's latest move - the 4pool on @CurveFinance - but you're still unsure what this means for $UST and $LUNA?

We got you covered 🎓

All the alpha to get you started, in six short tweets ⏳
1/ If you're new to the #DeFi space or just a hardcore #LUNAtic you might be wondering: What's @CurveFinance?

Let's keep it short: Curve was one of the first DeFi protocols on #ethereum and is currently host to the deepest liquidity pools within the $ETH ecosystem.
2/ These LPs are what really enable high-frequency and high volume trading with guaranteed low slippage.👀

This is the bread and butter for every #stablecoin looking to play a major role in the #DeFi space and as such THE place to be (on $ETH) for $UST!
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J'ai décidé de vous faire le thread en plusieurs parties pour pas qu'il ne soit pas trop barbant à lire.
Dans ce premier épisode je vous parlerais de ma manière de dig avec certains sites et twitter!
Je vais commencer par la chose que je pense vous attendez tous comment être early sur des projets ou tout simplement trouvé des projets
Le premier outil, qui je pense et le plus important est twitter.
Comment faire pour optimiser ses recherches et obtenir le byakugan?
Premièrement utiliser
Grâce à twitter deck vous pouvez effectuer plusieurs recherches en même temps.
Comme sur le screen vous pouvez créer plusieurs colonnes de recherches avec des # différents
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🚨Massive droppage of Alpha detected🚨

in today's podcast between @APompliano and @stablekwon!

$BTC x $LUNA will kickstart the next paradigm shift in crypto🤝

Missed it? Don't worry, here's a quick summary. A short thread🧵
1/ What was the idea behind starting @terra_money ?

Stablecoins make up 80% of crypto trading volume👀.

Current gen stablecoins are however either centralized or based on leverage and thus not scaleable.

@terra_money is a new way to scale stablecoins, using an algorithm.
2/ How does this algorithm secure the peg?

The $LUNA token absorbs volatility in price demand💡

- $UST above peg = $1 of $LUNA can be burned to mint UST, increasing $UST supply .

- $UST below peg = $UST can be burned to receive $ 1 of $LUNA , decreasing $UST supply.
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"WHAT THE F*CK IS $pLUNA?" Say no more!

Finally it's here, the COMPREHENSIVE GUIDE to $pLUNA 📚📚📚

A thread🧵for all #LUNAtics, #THORChads and those just looking to invest in strong fundamentals 🚀
1/ The overview

1. What is $pLUNA? (tweet no. 2)
2. What can you currently do with it?🛰 (tweet no. 7)
3. What will you be able to do with it #soon?🚀 (tweet no. 10)

2/ What is $pLUNA?

To understand $pLUNA, we must first introduce its parent: @prism_protocol and their one-of-a-kind "refraction" mechanism that they recently introduced to the @terra_money ecosystem.
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Here's why everybody should be buying $pLUNA on @prism_protocol right now👀

A short 🧵, you won't regret💸
1/ Let's start with the basics: @prism_protocol let's you split ("refract") your $LUNA into two components:

- $yLUNA: representing the underlying $LUNA's yield (current APR 42 % on @prism_protocol) and
- $pLUNA: representing the principal

2/ The current ratio of these two components is heavily weighted towards $yLUNA, it representing around 87 % of $LUNA's price ($81), while $pLUNA is only capturing the remaining 13 % ($12). 🤔

That's no wonder as...
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Hey @milesdeutscher, great write-up on the $LUNA #yield opportunities on @prism_protocol! 🥳

We missed some more information on the capabilities of $pLUNA, though! No problem - that's what we are here for 🤝

A quick 🧵 on what you can currently (& soon!) do with $pLUNA!
1/ $pLUNA represents the principal token of $LUNA.

In theory, you should be able to do everything with $pLUNA, that can be done with $LUNA, except of course, earn staking yield (as that's what $pLUNA's counterpart $yLUNA is for!)
2/ Since @prism_protocol just recently launched, in practice things are looking a bit different though.

Naturally, you can #hodl your $pLUNA. Besides that, you can...
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Up until now we have only been seeing moderate gains for #PRISM and its liquid staking token #xPRISM.

A quick 🧵 on why #PRISM will be the next #terraluna #altcoin to break out soon and fly towards the🌕! #Moonshot #LUNAtics
1/ @prism_protocol's innovative approach of allowing users to split ("refract") their #LUNA tokens into #pLUNA and #yLUNA lies at the core of the protocol.

For this service, a portion of yield derived through the protocol goes towards #PRISM stakers, i.e. #xPRISM #hodlers.
2/ While all of the juicy details can be found @, the gist of it is as follows:

By holding #PRISM and staking it for the auto-compunding #xPRISM token, you effectively become a shareholder of @prism_protocol's income stream.
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We are live! The first danku_zone Expansion Pack has been deployed: The Validator ⛓️

danku_zone w/ DAIC

Click here to delegate with the node. And a big thank you for your support! 🙂…

The journey to the Top130 begins now! 🧵👇/n
1/ The validator is one of three pieces to create sustainable, free, and fair content 📺

We use the power of Web3.0 instead of ads, paid content, or paywalls. We benefit & earn together ✊

2/ The next goal is clear! We want to enter the top130 to join the active validator set! So, when?

Let's check! @daic_capital has created a webpage to see the progress 📊

You can also get more insights on the webpage like FAQs! 👇👇
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GREAT Q! @starspangled76

Long QTip Shoved in Your Nose-Hole for CV Tests Proven to Be Fugazi?

DNA FLOCK PROFILING for Genetic Archives? 23&Breed?


3yrs of this Deep State Time Suck could've been totally avoided w/ Just One 5min "SHEEPLE"/"SHEEP" Speak-Easy Sesh!

SHEEP: "Jeez Louise! We're Just a bunch of Silly Fenced in Animals w/ Ear Tags! What's Your Excuse?"

SHEEPLE: "Duhhh..."

SHEEP: "Never Mind! Go Back to Watching CNN on Your Iphone 44... DumbAsses!"😆😅
3) DEEP STATE CHICAGO FAKE POP UP RONA-JAB JOINTS!?? Happening ALL over the Country too.


Bye Bye LOOP Capital & Chicago's Hyatt Hotel Family (Pritzkers). #Soon…
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Do You Wanna See The Durham Report??

3) WHAT IF???

The thousands & thousands of #chidlren sex trafficked AFTER the Clinton Earthquake, Grew Up? What if many of these Haitian Victims made their way to our border(s) recently & tell us their stories? #RedHaiti #AIDS #ClintonCrimeSyndicate
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1/14: Lightning⚡️Network developers are attracting users by solving problems in novel ways. Thus far, those solutions are mostly global micropayment based. But, what if consumer micropayments are just the tip of the spear for the Lightning Development Stack?

Time for a thread 🧵
2/14: Recently, I've been diving into Lightning Service Authentication Tokens (LSAT). I learn best by attempting to explain 🤓 Plus, this stuff is totally mind blowing 🤯 So, I'm sharing some thoughts..

Let's start from the beginning. Ever heard of the 402 HTTP Error Code?
3/14: HTTP uses status codes to communicate server responses to a client's requests. This allows for developers to consume APIs. One rare code is: 402 Payment Required, which was marked as reserved for future use. Seemingly, it was waiting for an internet-native global currency🤔
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Is Joe in REAL TIME???
2) This is interesting!
3) Ahhh. Great Point @RichardGrenell!
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❄️Attention Yetis❄️

THREAD - Blizzard.Money’s Partners

We have a TON of SnowBanks Vaults for our users.

By tapping into new protocols like BakerySwap, while expanding our reach on PancakeSwap, we bring new ways for our users to generate an income passively.
2/ Previously, our vaults were tied exclusively to @PancakeSwap, so all LPs were created there, then imported over to SnowBank.

This will be the same process for any other AMMs we decide to onboard.

Do you have a favorite DeFi site you’d like to see on the SnowBank? 🤔
3/ SNOWBANK VAULTS 🏦 from @PancakeSwap 🥮

These pools will reward stakers with $xBLZD and $GALE, while your original LPs will be auto-compounded.

Less work, fewer fees, more rewards.

More than $3.3M staked in:
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