@Beth_Alize a couple of thoughts / resources that might interest you re: feminism and gender narcissism.

In my book, based on a 19 year marriage to a woman with expert-confirmed narcissistic personality traits, I argued that covert narcissism is a feminine form of the disorder.
As far as I can tell, this was a unique suggestion in narcissism theory. This Mars-Venus interpretation is very intuitive and leads to a simple model that has a strong Occam’s razor appeal. DM if interested, I have a free extra copy I can send you.

I also noted essentially similar traits in the feminists who persecuted me throughout my divorce. I again saw this inadvertently documented in every book/paper I read critical of feminism, though these authors did not recognize this. (Excellent books by @CHSommers)
In researching if any expert had similar thoughts, I discovered psychoanalyst Gerald Schoenewolf’s concept of gender narcissism. His was different from mine, but complimentary to it—it gave me the bridge to understand [non-equity] feminists’ gender narcissism.
This necessarily implies that contemporary feminism is a gender narcissistic subset of the general social decay in Lasch’s “The Culture of Narcissism.”

When I explained this conceptual thesis to reformed former feminist & A/Prof Janice Fiamengo, who’s familiar with Lasch, she immediately “got it.” 1st rational explaination for the otherwise irrational feminists.
I foresee the thesis, once developed (PhD thesis level of effort), unifying many works including Gibbons’ “Decline and Fall” and Quigley’s “The Evolution of Civilizations.” Narcissism is inherently fractal, manifesting at all scales up to civilizations. en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Carroll_Q…
Simply, a covert narcissist tends to require belief / feedback that she is a victim or in need of sympathy (e.g., MBP mother harming her kid for medical attention). She needs to be mirrored as a social female.
The (militant) feminist, however, has an unconscious pathological need to believe she is an inherent victim of her feminine BIOLOGY. Key difference from covert: women share same essential biology.
If other women aren’t inherent victims (of men and society), then neither can be the feminist. But the feminist must be, so to her all women must be.
Through a process known as mirroring, feminists (shared pathology) naturally align to social engineer inherent women victimhood into the fabric of society. When critically analyzed, virtually every feminist gain of past few decades fits this pattern.
Because they are narcissists, they have the classic traits: (moral) grandiosity; exploitative; superficially charming; lack of genuine empathy; etc. In guilt-tripping, they exhibit the defence of narcissistic projection.
It is exceedingly difficult to reason with militant feminists, as they are pathologically adverse to truths about male-female population differences and any social ordering that might logically arise from this.
I should add that the masculine half of Western Civilization is also narcissistic, so this isn’t a commentary on relative merit. Simply, that scholars (and the rest of us) have yet to correctly understand feminism and society.
As a thought, on the male side, perhaps the best example of masculine narcissism were the New Testament Pharisees. Both Pharisees and militant feminists share classic clinic traits of narcissism.
I should also add that moderate women who simply insist that their rights be respected and who associate this with feminism aren’t necessarily narcissistic, but they are mistaken in associating rights and equality with feminism.
This is a good paper on the existence of covert narcissism: scottbarrykaufman.com/wp-content/upl…
These scholars document the Manichean, essentialistic / dualistic nature of feminist thought.

I suggest this represents the split representation of objects per Kernberg and objects-relations theory. amazon.com/Legalizing-Mis…
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