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The Rothschild Surrealist Ball of 1972 featured imagery that was meant to look “Satanic”(psyop) but to a more discerning eye, actually is mocking all religion. It features many sick examples of the infamous banking family mocking the rest of humankind #truth #SaturnDeathCult
more, do you see the Saturnian symbolism?
Why are the #Illuminati so obsessed with symbolism? Especially regarding horned gods, black cubes and the planet Saturn? #truth #SaturnDeathCults #NWO #awake #woke
more pics from the 72 Rothschild Surrealist Ball What could this all mean? #SaturnDeathCults #truth #Illuminati #awake #NWO #hiddenhand
Same Cult of Saturn, different day. They control the world through religion, banking and music. They worship a god of old. Research Enlil, Sin, Horned God, Moloch, Baphomet, Ancient Mesopotamian history. Anu, Sky God, Bull of Heaven #truth #SaturnDeathCults #Illuminati #NWO #woke
Thank you everyone who has come on this ride with me! Here we are at the cusp of the Great Saturnian Conspiracy! Will you see a new world when reminded of all the horned gods, Saturn the god, black cubes and planet Saturns everywhere? #truth #SaturnDeathCults #Illuminati #NWO
13 Families rule the world. The Rothschild are the “public face” if there is one. They openly manipulate the world using their banking system. Their goals are population control and to hold onto their power over the entire world. We are their slaves! #truth #SaturnDeathCult
The 1972 Rothschild Surrealist Party included guest Salvador Dali. There was a pudding cake that was a woman(cannibalism, ritual sacrifice) highlighting exactly what we mean to the Rothschild family. #truth #Illuminati #SaturnDeathCults #NWO
Why is there an occult symbol on the planet Saturn? We know NASA lies and shows us fake pictures of space and planets but isn’t this going rather far just to show us who owns us? We must stay woke. #flatearth #SaturnDeathCults #Illuminati
In 1895 Edmond de Rothschild visited Palestine for the first time. He later supported huge land purchases and underwrote settlements in early Palestine. This was the foundation of todays Israel and the beginning of the plan to build the third temple. #SaturnDeathCult #truth
Perhaps the most disturbing #SaturnDeathCult material is CERN. Full of Saturnian symbolism including Hexagons, old gods(Shiva) and 666’s. Could this just be a #psyop or are they showing us an Anunnaki portal? #truth #Illuminati
Old god/portal CERN imagery. Shiva is here coming through a portal. As well as symbolism for Sin son of Enlil(Enlilites) from Urak(former home of Abraham). Is this just for Particle Physics? Are they building a portal or just telling is how it all works? #SaturnDeathCult #truth
CERN imagery connects to the gods of old. Inanna, Shamash and Sin. Are they telling us the old gods are still is control, they want to bring them back or is there a mathematical secret here of some kind? #CERN #SaturnDeathCult #Illuminati #truth #Anunnaki
The Rothschilds and the rest of the #SaturnDeathCult families are at the top of the power structure but they use mind control to consolidate their power by using government alphabet agencies to spy, spread propaganda and manipulate us to nefarious ends. #truth #Illuminati
Lets talk about this picture again. We have a woman wearing a cube veil(drawing curtain back)-hand Phonograph in front of another curtain. We have the shadow(man behind the curtain). They are looking at something and the man with the child hands head is blowing Saturns. #truth
The cube veil is black and seems to have planets on it? The thing in the center looks like what, a dead tree of life? What are they looking at and why so posey? Why does the man with the painted gold face look concerned?
They call it “Revelation of the Method” aka Predictive Programming. They make their twisted future happen on behalf of Saturn using occult magic which works on the human collective unconscious! #truth #SaturnDeathCults #Revelations #Psyop
I would like to add this article to this thread. It makes you wonder how long this practice of burning human children to Moloch in a sacrificial ritual has been going on. #truth #occult #SaturnDeathCults #Illuminati #staywoke #awake…
Disturbing Saturn imagery is everywhere. I could not make this up or jump to conclusions if I tried. Why this Moloch as well? Why do they venerate Moloch the horned god at Bohemian Grove? Is Alex Jones in the Club? #SaturnDeathCult #CultofSaturn #Saturn #truth #woke #staywoke
In the book of Enoch, there are five Saturns or Five Satans. Lucifer is a modern invention based on a mistranslation. There is no “Morning Star” as in a fallen angel. The closest is Gadreel who is the one who tempted Eve. His name is pronounced “God”(thanks Alan Horvath)#truth
A very frequent phenomena we see in our skies are triangle craft ufo. This reflects the hidden technology this #SaturnDeathCult hoard and use for their #psyops Look into Pheonix Lights. They have anti-gravity technology and assassinate inventors who stumble onto it #UFO #Aliens
The Tetragrammaton represents the black sphere cube Matrix we are in. It can transform to become so many sacred geometric shapes. The #SaturnDeathCults hide it everywhere in society under our noses to show us who is in control of our time/space. Please get #woke #truth
Aleister Crowley was involved in the intelligence community. Baphomet has origins that trace as far back as the Knights Templar, we can assume he is the older Moloch. These people are all plants, shills and characters using the occult world to manipulate #truth #SaturnDeathCults
Who is part of the Rothschild Family? Well Hillary Clinton seems to be in their pocket. The Paris Hilton family is married into them by her sister Nicky. Hitler seems to be connected to the family as well. #SaturnDeathCult #illuminati #truth #NWO #staywoke
New York City had its own #IlluminatiBall in 2019 thrown by Cynthia von Buhler based on the original 1972 version thrown by Marie-Hélène de Rothschild. Is this an innocent parody? It seems to have garnered quite a bit of attention for something thrown in a secret location #truth
What a strange website btw. #SaturnDeathCult #truth
more pictures from the #IlluminatiBall 2019. Do the cows represent Moloch? Is it Enlil or perhaps his son Sin? They just rub it in our faces don't they? I better read this book. #SaturnDeathCult #truth #woke #staywoke #psyop Is that an #Illuminati pyramid again?
Nur-Sultan formerly known as Astana(Satana?) is known by some researchers as the #Illuminati city If we are looking for #SaturnDeathCult evidence here, then we have hit the jackpot. #truth
Please read The Gods of Eden by William Bramley. It will clear up many loose ends in this #SaturnDeathCult conspiracy where horned gods use us as cheap labor. It ties into Anunnaki research. More recommended books are listed as well to get a full picture #truth #Illuminati #Ufo
More books to get the full picture on the #SaturnDeathCult These will help to understand the magical perspective of #Illuminati occultists who use magic to control us all on the unconscious and subconscious level #truth #occult #magick
and some more books to help tie everything together. These are really good and are the missing link between the #aliens and #magic. #truth #SaturnDeathCults
one more book recommendation for now with the intent to give everyone reading the full picture of the Saturnian perspective. More pieces of the puzzle. #SaturnDeathCults #truth #occult #booklovers
Saturnalia is the original holiday of holidays for the #SaturnDeathCult who for whatever reason would want to worship a god who ate his children. Cronus his Greek counterpart and Ninurta(son of Enlil) from Sumer are associated with the actual planet Saturn. #truth
There are many #SaturnDeathCult movies that feature black cubes, Saturn imagery, Stargates or people being stuck in an artificial reality such as The Matrix, The Truman Show, The Thirteenth Floor, The Adjustment Bureau. Some seem to warn of what happens when you go deep #Matrix
Celebrities pushing horned god imagery(Moloch, Sin, Enlil, Baphomet aka hexagon face) for the Saturn Death Cults #SaturnDeathCult Remember Satanism and Luciferianism are modern #psyops and not ancient religions so what is Lady Gaga really pushing here? Baphomet is an Androgyne.
I analyzed the tattoos of Grimes who is girlfriend of Elon Musk, billionaire #SaturnDeathCult disinformation actor/agent who pushes space fantasies. I suspect Grimes is an abused MK-Ultra sex slave. She uses a ton of alien imagery to prepare us for the #Illuminati Grand Deception
more Grimes Saturn Death Cult weirdness. I feel bad for her, she has such an empty stare. #truth #SaturnDeathCults #Illuminati #mindcontrol #TargetedIndividuals #mkultra
1776 was such a busy year. The Bavarian Illuminati was supposedly founded May 1st 1776. That would mean the #Illuminati would have already taken over Masonry, like they would even have to😹. That means the #SaturnDeathCults started The New World either way. #truth #woke
One god you don’t ever seem to see associated with the #SaturnDeathCult is Enki, Dagon or Ptah. His existence is scrubbed from history and he often gets conflated with the devil by #disinformation and #Psyop which seeks to slander him. He is coming back #truth We do have a friend
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