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#Trump tells the truth sometimes. It’s called #RevelationOfTheMethod. Most people ridicule Trump, so this was very effective in killing the #Hoax storyline as one of Trump crazy lines. Very smart. #Corona is nothing but a heavy flu season with the same mortality: 0,1%
It’s so easy to fool the masses with elite controlled “science”, coming from one CONTROLLED source #JohnHopkinsuniversity . The #Corona #hoax is brought to by #JohnHopkins
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The Police Told Me to "Check My Thinking" for a Tweet
Harry Miller is a former police officer and co-founder of Fair Cop. He set up the campaign group after being investigated by police over a limerick he posted on Twitter.
(#NoahideLaws 😉)
Police ‘transphobia’ investigation breached free speech
A High Court judge has ruled that Humberside Police’s investigation into Harry Miller for ‘transphobic’ tweets unlawfully restricted his freedom of expression.…
The police and the masons have a long-standing relationship. In the UK there are occasional shouts for disclosing who is both mason and policeman and whether its policeman-citizen or brother-brother that takes priority in criminal matters.
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Albert Pike contemporary and neighbor of Brigham Young. Hopkinton, MA next door to Framingham.

I'll tie it together later.

Young knocked off Joe Smith, then used Mormons as his slaves in a Gov't partnership to conquer/settle the West. Mormon Battalion.…
Pike buried at House of the Temple in DC.

Don't forget Masons have Holy of Holies in Lodges, as do LDS Temples. Built in likeness of Solomon's Temple, which Jews aim to rebuild (3rd Temple) in Jerusalem.
Saturn Temple same same.

You keepin up here? 😎…
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#QanonLDS #Freemasons

LDS in Saudi Arabia 2003/4, building water plant for leper colony according to wife of General Authority.

Strange🤔Why not work where Christians allowed?

LDS Freemasons.
LDS have temples.
LDS(top) double as Cult leaders?
LDS politicians all against POTUS.
See #feralseminary

Best if relationship w/God isn't dependent on specific doctrines.

Christian religion is built on concept of human sacrifice, focused on Jesus.

Freemason handshake 'Sure sign of the nail' is reference to crucifixion.
#BrazenSea used to brine blood sacrifices.
This Gen Authority Craig Zwick is friend of Mitt Romney. His son Spencer Zwick, has long been Romney's right-hand man.…

Zwick's daughter Jen is married to Henry Eyring's son John.…

Eyrings related to Romneys.

Elites stick together
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Big Year: 1832
▶️Skull and Bones founded
▶️Mormun Church founded
▶️Vatican becomes Jewish

1832 Rothschild loan to the Holy See, remaining under Rothschild banking control til today, symbolized by kissing Pope's ring rather than kissing his feet.…

Did you catch that?

👉🏽"Clown connection."

Q is telling us Deep State runs the Catholic Church and Vatican Bank.

How about the Mormun Church?
Just another branch of the clowns.
Newt is CFR and wife is Ambassador to Holy See.

Clowns — Yes, even Republicans w/great talking points.
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Brigham Young grew up next to Alphonso Taft in Southern Vermont. Joseph Smith was born in Vermont.

Freemasons founded our nation and settled the West.

☠️Skull and Bones was founded in 1832
☠️LDS Church founded, officially in 1832, United Firm.…
Brigham Young's family was from Hopkinton, Massachusetts.

Willard Richards, Brigham's first cousin, was born in Hopkinton and practiced medicine in Holliston, MA.

Alphonso Taft's family was from Uxbridge, MA.
Mormons haven't heard of Jesse Gause, conveniently erased from Church records.

Kirtland Ohio, Counselor to Joseph Smith.

Church claims he left to rejoin family. His sister claims they didn't see him.🥴

Historian Michael Quinn discovered him in 1980s.…
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.@blackwelloxford got teenage ‘team’ up to the second floor today to see these et al. To no avail: apart from picking up @william_whyte unlocking the church (only copy, slightly ripped) day was slightly sad. Hey, Dad, we could have stayed in London and seen way cooler stuff...
@blackwelloxford @william_whyte .@blackwelloxford .@StuartHarker1 @UGLE_GrandLodge 1 day you 'wake up' as Mason: as T Heads, ask yourself, well how did I get here? Alchemists to left, Rotarians to right. Here I am, Deists, stuck in the middle with you. LOVE being FM, but? Don't say, N. Barker Cryer! #Freemasons
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1) @realDonaldTrump @WhiteHouse
#QAnon 3442...
#Q drops a request to the "BO" (Board Owner) on the #QResearch Board.
Please revert 2the way the Board functioned prior 2the recent changes.
Leave well enough alone, yeah?
2) #QAnon 3443...
The BO answers: "Will do."

3) #QAnon 3444...
There had been a secondary Captcha added 2the access function of the Board, The thought was 2cut back on the intrusive s**t-posting by bots & generic shills & trolls.
Those that were/are serious, about disrupting efforts being made, will have workarounds.
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A lot of masonic coincidence happening for me right now! At a recent family gathering, I chanced to ask my Uncle (the family genealogist) if he knew of any #Freemasons, past or present. In the family. Yesterday he sent me this ...
Bro Arthur Watson Proctor (my 3rd Great Uncle) was initiated on 27 Feb 1914 into Bohemian Lodge No 3294 in the province of @CheshirePGL.
He was passed on 24 Apr 14 and raised by Duke of Edinburgh Lodge No 1184 in Liverpool’s Masonic Hall. Sadly, both lodges are now erased. Falling into arrears with his lodge during WW1, he was excluded under Rule 175.
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President Trump and First lady Melania were greeted on the grand lawn of "Buckingham Palace" by Queen Elizabeth II and inspected the Guard of Honor formed by the Grenadier Guards wearing the bearskin hats

👉Notice who's walking behind @POTUS

@GenFlynn #QAnon #MondayMotivation
Trump calls London Mayor Sadiq Khan a “stone cold loser”
Before @POTUS even arrived in UK, he called Khan the "twin" of New York City’s liberal Mayor Bill de Blasio “except shorter.”😂…
@POTUS @GenFlynn #QAnon #MondayMotivation "Buckingham Palace"
☑️Corintha Hotel: Ground Zero for #Spygate
☑️President Trump is staying at the Corinthia where the DS planned the #Dossier & #InsurancePolicy
☑️Lisa Page, Peter Strzok, McCain, Gina Haspel, Carlin
☑️Bill Clinton at the #Corinthia
☑️Brilliant @POTUS #trolling 💗DS
@GenFlynn #QAnon
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"There exists a shadowy Govt with its own Air Force, its own Navy, its own fundraising mechanism & the ability to pursue its own ideas of national interest, free from all checks & balances & free from the law itself.
"Senator Daniel K. Inouye, quote during the Iran Contra Hearings & former chair, U.S. Senate #MKULTRA-era hearings in 1977.
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The main way that high level initiates of #Freemasonry can have a long running supply of children for #sexabuse is by infiltrating Child Care Centres Govt-run Children’s Homes & Boys Clubs. There are numerous documented cases of #Govt #PedoRings by Design…
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They're gonna end up killing me if I dont get donations & some1 that can pick up my groceries & fill my propane tanks 4 me. Currently still snowed in w/additional snow that just fell. Hibbing Minnesota area @RepPeteStauber's dist. PLEASE RT I'M CENSORED!
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The #Vatican / #Nazi / NIV / #NWO Connection
via @YouTube

#DarkToLight 🌌
Illuminati History: The System Explained
via @YouTube

#DarkToLight 🌌
Exposed: Luciferian Satanism in Politics Part 1
via @YouTube

#DarkToLight 🌌
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1/6 - I was sent this link by a person who claims to be a #Labour supporter but not #antisemitic (can't verify if political affiliation is true) with "proof" about a conspiracy involving the #Rothschild family, the #Freemasons, all Jews in North London (lol)...
2/6 - ... corrupt MPs, corrupt Lords, corrupt #royalty, pillaging of #Africa's resources, #war mongering, tax evasion, weapons smuggling, drugs smuggling and a global #Ponzi scheme - all in one "investigation". I was intrigued and decided to read the entire article...
3/6 - ... and found an antisemite's wet dream in semi-coherent passages. The basic plot of this work of badly-written fiction is that the Rothschild family have funded ALL wars for centuries, stealing money from the public by using virtual office addresses (with other Jews)...
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No one especially a victim of crime, should be reduced to live/exist like this! ...courtesy of the #Minnesota #ChildSexTrafficking #Freemasons #PedophileRing #CPS #HumanServices #CharitableFoundations #MasonicCharities #Politicians #LEOS #SecretSocieties ... @realDonaldTrump
@realDonaldTrump That's all this pathetic existance has been! Trying to overcome one intrusively imposed orchestrated problem or crisis after another. THESE PARASITES CHILD SEX TRAFFICKED MY GIRLS, KILLED THEM AND MOST MY FAMILY FOR REAL ESTATE
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Why go into politics as a #Conservative @MNGOP'ers if you're not going to, are too afraid or compromised to stand up to the #MNDFL Party of #Pedovores #Freemasons #Cult. ...asking for a friend🙄 @GOP @realDonaldTrump
@mngop @GOP @realDonaldTrump For 1 thing, they stole the election AGAIN, and no one but #LauraLoomer and myself objected!
@mngop @GOP @realDonaldTrump #MNGOP is just an extension of the DFL. I've been saying that for years, #Minnesota!
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I'm livid w/@POTUS @realDonaldTrump's Admins lack of action enforcement service & protection concerning the horrific retaliation 4 exposing the #Minnesota connection to the grander elite #ChildSexTrafficking #PedoRing, WHO THEY ARE & HOW THEY'RE CONNECTED!…
I am a 54 almost 55 y/o disabled female doing the near impossible just to exist from day to day because of numerous fraudulent schemes by the very ppl in power involved! I have provided all feds more than ample proof! @WhiteHouse @BrettKavanaugh @MattWhitaker46 @USAttyHuber
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There goes the Pancake Pooh-bah...
🗣Where have those fingers been Gerald Clark⁉️… #Freemasons #Sodomites
😏Hate to even phathom, considering your criminal cohort companions are here🙄
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🚨Saw it earlier & a Social Worker (#CPS) who made the claim🤦‍♀️go figure they got the most 2 hide🙄UR getting played #Minnesota in the end(times) they're on the same team against we the🐮&🐑👈👈#NWO #JWO #Freemasons #BavarianIlluminati
🆘️I started seeking help while Minnesota was under Pawlenty gov'ship & here we are today, held hostage, deprived food medicine all my former low income/disability services, improper heat that destroyed my home with mold & mildew, breathing noxious fumes, pretty much bedridden🤬
Playing nice, NOT IN MY GAME PLAN, when I look in the faces of my daughter and granddaughters now 11 yr old cats who've been spoiled rotten 10 or those years and are now being starved right along with me! I'LL DESTROY YOU FUCKERS BECAUSE MINE WILL BE A MURDER THAT CAN BE PROVED!
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