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#Coronavirus thread for Tuesday as #Croatia, #Finland #Slovakia face new problems and #Russia has the blackest day so far in the pandemic.

But #Poland and #USA have better days

All the #Covid19 news and analysis throughout the day is here...
Let's start with #Russia, which earlier today registered it's 40,000th death from #Covid19 related problems.

Today's death toll of 569 is by far the highest so far admitted to by the Kremlin, beating the old record by 45

New cases remain fairly stable at 26,402
#Hungary looked to be heading for a 3rd #Coronavirus peak, but slightly more encouraging news today

The daily total of 3951 new cases of #Covid19 is only 22 up on last Tuesday, but I suspect more problems ahead; Thursday will be crucial

Also today, 2nd highest death toll of 154
#Croatia saw good falls on Sunday + Monday, but a big spike today means Croats are now again at their highest infection level ever, at 812 AD/M

It's not all bad news - testing is much more widespread now, positive rate is 30%, coming down slowly.
Today 2,900 new #Covid19 cases
Also jumping back up today both #Armenia & #Georgia, showing how hard it is for nations to keep downward momentum

Georgia has a 600+ increase in new #Covid19 cases to 3,759 + back near infection rate of 1000 AD/M
Armenia reduced rates from 700 to 400, but struggling to get lower
In #Ukraine something a little suspicious...

New #Covid19 cases are fractionally up at 12,498 (+200) which added to yesterday's decent drop suggests that Ukraine's near peak infection.

Also 221 deaths today - however peak death rate was 7 days ago. That shouldn't happen
#Ukraine: I will keep an eye on this. Statistically, quirks do happen - standard deviation
It could be that there were a few better days together when fewer people died; we may be in for more record numbers this week
But as a rule peak death rate does not happen before peak cases
Earlier today a much needed fall in new cases of #Covid19 for #Belgium after 2 rises.
However despite only 746 new cases today, the infection rate is still higher than it was 4 days ago, and remains well above 200 AD/M. Still a tricky time with holidays approaching
#Slovakia also seems unable to make a big push to get the infection rate below 200 AD/M.

The mass testing experiment helped rapidly reduce infection numbers. However another rise today in new #Covid19 cases from 1021 to 1254 means infection rate's higher now than 11 days ago
#Latvia suffers most of the Baltic States today
612 new #Covid19 infections, up from 457 a week ago.
Latvia's infection rate breaks 300 AD/M for the first time.

#Lithuania (1187 today vs 1169 last Tuesday) and #Estonia (191 vs 204) show little change
#Denmark also at an all time high infection rate today

1,468 new cases of #Covid19 which is 101 higher than a week ago.
Infection rate is at 220 AD/M in Denmark now.
At least deaths remain much lower than in Spring, but that could edge up this month.
#UK about to come out of #Lockdown (tomorrow) while some of the worst affected nations ponder extra sanctions to cope with #Covid19

#Serbia is considering new restrictions
#Ukraine is rumoured to be heading for a 3-week lockdown over New Year
#Croatia finally restricts visitors
#Sweden hits a record infection rate of over 500 AD/M

The 4-day data drop reveals 17,639 new cases of #Covid19 which gives a mean of 4,410

24 new deaths also reported today in Sweden
New infections in #Netherlands slightly up again today
The increase is only by 119 with 4,045 new #Covid19 cases are reported today

The overall trend is very slightly lower with a 5% fall in the infection rate in the last week, but still a worry for the Dutch.
#Finland is also at its highest infection rate ever right now.

Another 550 new #Covid19 infections today, which is almost 50% higher than a week ago, and almost double yesterday's total.
As predicted, #Serbia posts a new national record

The new #Covid19 case count today is 7,999 which is 1,100 above last Tuesday. Serbia remains the most infected nation in the continent

#UK has quite a big rise in daily #Covid19 cases compared to a week ago: 13,430 today vs 11,299 last Tuesday
Last week's figure did look at the time like a "low blip"

Deaths today total 603, which is 5 fewer than last Tuesday.
For a 9th successive day #Turkey registers a #Covid19 daily deaths record - today 190

But the successive minimal increases looks artificial and despite the quadrupling of cases, the deaths total still looks too low.
30,110 new infections today
#Italy registers its 9th highest daily death toll with 785 further lost lives due to #Coronavirus related problems. However that's down on last week. As are case numbers.
Today 19,350 new #Covid19 infections, down almost 4,000 compared to the previous Tuesday.
Europe's No.1 #Covid hotspot, #Serbia does indeed bring in new restrictions, but they eschew the "simple to follow" mantra and some will argue they're not tough enough.

All shopping malls + bars/restaurants/cinemas/gyms can open to 5pm weekdays but must close all weekend.
Unexpected bad day for #Greece with an increase in both #Covid19 cases and deaths.

111 fatalities is the 2nd worst daily death toll recorded in Greece. While after a string of big drops in new cases, today there are 2,199, almost 70 higher than last Tuesday, but I suspect a blip
Europe's most infected (4m+ pop)
AD/M @ 17:00 Tue
SRB top, HUN up from 7 to 3

1 #Serbia 825
2 #Croatia 812
3 #Hungary 580
4 #Sweden 503
5 #Austria 488
6 #Portugal 445
7 #Switz 434
8 #Bulgaria 419
9 #Italy 392
10 #Romanis 362
17 #UK 222

Another increase in new #Covid19 cases for #Ireland today, the second in 2 days

269 new infections discovered today, 50 higher than a week ago, more than a 20% increase.
Ireland's done so well, but it's so easy to lose control.
#Finland - great local knowledge to explain today's spike.
All local contributions gratefully received to expand everyone's understanding of #Covid19's progression

#France had 8,083 new cases of #Covid19 in the previous 24 hours.

That's just over 1,000 lower than last Tuesday, and the positive test rate is now down to 10.8%
#USA is getting a lot of extra cases today following the Thanksgiving weekend.

#Arizona has reported over 10,000 new #Covid19 cases which it says is due to under reporting recent days, and #Louisiana also missed cases the previous two days and has a record 5,300 new infections
#Cyprus breaks its national record for daily #Covid19 cases

318 new infections today, which is a rise of well over 20% on last Tuesday.
A few days ago I warned of Andorra's rise and for Spain and France to watch out.

Today #Spain has an unexpected rise in new cases, with 8,257 new #Covid19 infections up over 1,000 from last Tuesday.

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30 Nov
Later than usual let me bring you up to date with Monday's #Coronavirus news in the daily thread.

In the #UK, the devolved Welsh government has tightened restrictions just as England prepares to come out of lockdown.

Plenty of warning signs of a #Covid19 resurgence in Europe
I wait with interest data from #USA today after the holiday weekend.

We've had 4 days of significantly lower new cases of #Covid19 infections and no one really knows how things will be as things settle down.
Warnings from Europe come from #Germany & #Belgium

Germany's falls have slowed; they could be in danger of seeing cases rise again this week

Brussels has already announced a 2nd successive daily rise: 2,151 new #Covid19 cases today, the infection rate is up from 210 to 220 AD/M
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Across #Belarus another Sunday protest march, and more inhumane actions from the regime. Here a guy, seemingly unconscious is hauled away, his head almost on the snowy ground, to be dumped next to an unmarked police van
Security forces in #Belarus firing shots, but people are brave and don't flee this time.
Once again Lukashenko's muppets seem out of control in #Minsk
#Belarus protests continue as the snow falls.

credit: @Belsat_TV
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29 Nov
Sunday's #Coronavrus thread starts with developments in the #USA

Fewer testing centres open, fewer labs analysing results and fewer people wanting to be tested over the long holiday weekend, so as expected the drop in #Covid19 infections continues.

143,373 new cases, down 32k
There were signs the #Covid19 case load in #USA was about to naturally lower before Thanksgiving, so whether infections bounce back to previous levels remains to be seen.

Now a new worry as another mink outbreak is discovered in #Oregon

#Bulgaria and #Czechia continue to see case numbers fall

Bulgaria's finally getting good downward momentum with just 1,792 new #Covid19 infections overnight, down almost 500.

Czech Republic's fall is lower than of late, with 2,665 cases which is 522 fewer than last Sunday
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16 Nov
Monday's #Coronavirus thread starts here, as we hope Europe continues to make progress against the spread of #Covid19.
All the news as it happens throughout the day but I'll particularly be watching two things
Countries heading back up again
Deaths falling 10-14 days after peak
#USA continues to surge - initial figures for Sunday not yet in (this total always increases anyway when regions which didn't report over the weekend add their data)

But one big headline came from #Florida, where the Sunshine State went back over 10,000 #Covid19 cases in a day
..it's the first time since July #Florida hit 10k, and for the last 3 months FLA has not even touched 7,000

Today #USA should experience a total of between 158,000 and 180,000 cases as it edges towards 200k in the coming days. I'm predicting 172,000 by the end of the day
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15 Nov
In #Belarus today the usual Sunday protests, but things are sinking to a new low.

Many people have come to a provincial neighbourhood of #Minsk to pay tribute to, protest against, the brutal murder of Roman Bondarenko by police
The regime turns the memorial site into a war zone
Meanwhile, nearby on Pushkinskaya in central #Minsk, another attack on protesters. One can hear the screams, the crack of the batons, and shots of some description

credit: Кулуары KYKY
A good aerial shot of the situation around "Changes Square" in #Minsk where the 31 year old artist was murdered by police this week. Thousands trying to pay respects, view the makeshift memorial and protest.
The regime responds with more violence

credit: Кулуары KYKY
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15 Nov
Here is Sunday's #Coronavirus/#Covid19 megathread with the important news and data as it unfolds.

New lockdowns planned, two more big, badly hit countries turn things around as Europe continues to recover, but death rates still increase.
First good news
I said the turnaround was imminent for #Germany
Late last night we got confirmation that they had lowered the infection rate

By Saturday night Germany had registered just over 16,000 new #Covid19 cases, 1000 fewer than the previous Sat

#Austria is still the most #Covid19 infected nation in Europe, but it too saw its first fall in numbers for weeks.

That didn't stop Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz announcing an even stricter lockdown from Tuesday when all schools will also close for two and a half weeks
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