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Trump v. Special-Snowflake* Prosecutor.

Showtime for #TrumpRussia. Bigly.

[New Thread]
*Not alt-right approved.
1. To start, Mueller will investigate #TrumpRussia w/in hazy parameters outlined by Comey to House Intel on 20Mar17.
2. #TrumpRussia update after DAG Rosenstein mtg—Mueller focused on domestic crimes; counterintelligence stays w/ IC.
3. #TrumpRussia—*Confirmed* Case Facts

a. Timeline Apr16—Nov16
b. 18 calls/emails/texts
c. 4 meetings
d. 2 Russians: Kislyak & Medvedchuk
4. Part 2. *Confirmed* Case Facts.

Mueller #TrumpRussia crime focus:
a. Contacts.
b. Business dealings.
c. Collusion w/ DNC hack/Wikileaks.
5. Remember Nunes telling Fox (19Mar) someone in WH is currently under surveillance?

If you guessed Kushner... 👍
6. Kushner is the "significant person of interest" to FBI/Mueller. Why?

Epshteyn/Flynn/Gorsky left WH.

Bannon/Miller? No.

Pence? If only.
7. Unknown if Mueller asks to extend case timeline past Nov16 (Flynn/cover-ups), but Apr16 start is set in stone.
8. By sending copy of this👇letter to Mueller, Rep Cummings magically turned letter itself into material evidence.
9. "Issue" w/ Flynn SF86 security clearance was guessed at soon after he was fired.

Tick-tock until the docs drop.
10. Seems small, but Flynn's security clearance lies are strongest case for WH Obstruction of Justice. According to Constitutional Law...1/2
11. ...Prof who wants anonymity: Trump firing Comey is vanilla compared to stonewalling👇an Equal Branch of Gov.
12. White House 19Apr17 denies having—or refuses to provide—Flynn security docs requested by House Oversight 22Mar.
13. Cummings' comments, after DIA briefing, disclosing White House refusal to comply w/ request for Flynn docs.
14. When Flynn said he had "stories to tell" in exchange for immunity, he meant Kushner.

Flynn in Mtg w/ Kislyak 👇
15. What does Flynn have on Trump, that he could publicly ask for immunity, implicating son-in-law Kushner, & still get "stay strong" text?
16. [Guessing Kushner huddled w/ lawyers btwn dates]

31Mar: Flynn seeks immunity.
6Apr: Kushner admits SF86 "flub."
17. Kushner➡️Kislyak-ed

Before Election, Reuters
2 Calls—Apr16-Nov16

After Election, WaPo
1 Mtg—1/2Dec16

*Gorkov, VEB NYT
1 Mtg—Dec16
18. Reason Kushner➡️Kislyak-ed marks inflection pt: credible Trump motive for quid pro quo—Lifting sanctions lets Russian banks lend to US.
19. Kushner met w/ Kislyak twice (that we know). Apr/Dec16.

But he contacted Kislyak 3rd time via protégé Avi Berkowitz (Dec16).

That's 3.
20. Kushner-Kislyak calls weren't FISA intercepts.

But mtg w/ Gorkov? VEB bank brings Russian SVR Intel into US.
21. Trump HAD Executive Privilege to stop Comey testimony in Senate & w/ Mueller/FBI, but his public Comey comments nixed that.

22. Investigation of Trump for Obstruction of Justice ⚖ began days after Comey firing.

Congress uses findings to decide whether to impeach.
23. Deck stacked against Trump in new Obstruction probe.

a No Executive Privilege (Nixon).
b Scrutiny of his private words on Comey firing.
24. This bit in WaPo-Mueller-Obstruction story, noting "...conversations w/ Trump and OTHER OFFICIALS..."

Very intriguing.
25. Clear now why Coats & Rogers were squirrely abt "legal basis" for staying mum at SSCI hrg last wk.

They'd agreed to Mueller interviews.
26. Remember: Trump doesn't corner Comey, ask Coats & Pompeo to stay, phone Rogers, etc, to get Feds off Manafort.

It's always about Flynn.
27. Jared's finances—& by extension, I assume, his family-owned Kushner Companies (father, uncle, sister), are under Mueller's microscope.
28. Kush & Co aside ("business deals"), Special Counsel Mueller investigating Kushner's "finances" means they'll be looking into Ivanka.
29. Buried in WaPo abt Kushner $:

FBI GenC—w/ties to NatSec/IC—never supported Comey telling Trump he's scot-free.

May have had IC info.
30. News of Pence hiring outside counsel may explain Comey including VP in answer to Rubio without being asked.
31. You don't load a gun w/ experts in Supreme Court & Hungarian money laundering unless you aim to fire.

Manafort➡️cross-hairs—He'll flip.
32. Get Queen lined up on playlist, cause another one is about to bite the dust.

Rosenstein privately acknowledged need to recuse himself.
33. All Manafort investigations—even NY money laundering—now run by Mueller.

Kilimnik—subpoenaed by Eastern Dist VA—likely US Intel asset.
34. In US, Kilimnik met Manafort twice, May16/Aug16.

Topics discussed:
1 DNC/email hack.
2 Former clients in Ukraine.
3 Unpaid bills...
35. Mueller didn't hire Lisa Page who worked Hungary money laundering for FBI cause he liked the cut of her jib.
36. Manafort's Black Ledger—stolen from his Kiev office—revealed $1.2 million in concealed payments to his LLC.
37. Manafort's hidden $—dated 2007/09—overlaps yrs Firtash/Gazprom played petro-dollar politics w/ Hungary.

-Wikileaks State Dept hack
38. Lucky for Manafort, Firtash could clean & send money through Austrian bank Raiffeisen—go-between for Firtash-Gazprom joint venture.
39. Even w/ new facts (his wife), path for Manafort's money laundering never changed.

Mueller has a slam dunk.
40. Putin uses organized crime for plausible deniability.

US law struggles w/ cases merging criminal↔️counterintel.
41. 9Jun16: 1st confirmed mtg of Russian Nat'l w/ Kremlin ties & Trump team.

Veselnitskaya represented Prevezon—Cyprus money laundering Co.
42. Also in Jun16:

a Manafort replaces Lewadowski as campaign manager (Manafort➡️Veselnitskaya 9Jun).

b Carter Page asks to go to Russia.
43. Prevezon Russian money laundering case Preet Bharara prosecuted was uglier than $6m settlement reported by NYT.
44. That time the FBI interviewed Don Jr & Eric.

New significance given Manafort-Kushner-Jr mtg w/ Veselnitskaya.
45. Don Jr's new story: "acquaintance" brokered mtg w/ Veselnitskaya because she claimed to have damaging info on Clinton.

(She didn't).
46. Rob Goldstone ("acquaintance") brokered Veselnitskaya mtg likely for Aras/Emin Agalarov—father/son sponsored Miss Universe 2013—$20 mil.
47. Agalarov family own Crocus Group (real estate firm); planned to build Trump Tower Moscow in 2015.

Don Jr. last messaged Emin in Jan17.
48. Veselnitskaya "clarification" #2—secret Clinton info involved DNC donors.

Also. Prevezon (Magnitsky) still active when mtg held Jun16.
49. Don Jr knew Russian gov was behind damaging Hillary info.

No wonder Jr's new criminal def attorney is mum on ill-advised weekend stmt.
50. Veselnitskaya story—Looking like security clearance revisions forced disclosure.

Why 3 unnamed WHITE HOUSE sources? Trump obstruction.
51. "Crown Prosecutor" is Prosecutor-General Chaika. Friends w/ Veselnitskaya & Putin.

Like FBI/DOJ, Chaika works closely w/ Russia's FSB.
52. Alexei Navalny outted Chaika's corrupt prosecutors in English-language video.

Putin could not rule w/o Chaika.
53. Case Update: 6 undisclosed Trump-Russia meetings.

Don Jr

54. Don Jr-Veselnitskaya mtg (9Jun16)


1 Jr
2 Kushner
3 Manafort
4 Veselnitskaya
5 Samochornov (translator)
6 *Rinat Akhmetshin
55. Breaking soon:

Don Jr didn't disclose 6th person in room—Rinat Akhmetshin, former GRU (Russian military intelligence).
56. Rinat Akhmetshin—Russian national & fmr GRU Intel officer—is a lobbyist w/ hragi.org (HRAGIF, registered 2016, Delaware).
57. Post-GRU Rinat Akhmetshin➡️prime suspect in computer hacking of International Mineral Resources for Russian oligarch Andrey Melnichenko.
58. Akhmetshin confirms participating in Don Jr-Veselnitskaya mtg & more.

Russian lawyer brought documents—Unsure if delivered to Trump Jr.
59. Rinat Akhmetshin: "Veselnitskaya presented Trump [team] w/ details of...illicit funds...funneled to DNC."

She brought printed docs.
60. Update—Jr's Russian mtg, 9Jun16

1 Jr
2 Kushner
3 Manafort
4 Veselnitskaya
5 Samochornov—translator
6 Akhmetshin
7 Goldstone
8 *Mystery*
61. Update #3—Jr's Russia mtg.

1 Jr
2 Kushner
3 Manafort
4 Veselnitskaya
5 Samochornov—translator
6 Akhmetshin
7 Goldstone
8 Ike Kaveladze
62. Kushner stmt to Senate Intel—Campaign Contacts w/ Russia

2 Mtgs
-Apr16 Mayflower
-Jun16 Don Jr

2 Calls—No Recollection
63. Kushner legal strategy (protect assets) puts him in a pickle.

Claims he took Sergei Gorkov (VEB) mtg because banker close to Putin.
64. Kushner would rather risk interrogation over secret Russian back-channel in Russian embassy than disclose family investments. But...
65. ...He muddies purpose of Gorkov mtg by denying discussions of ANY specific polices w/ the banker close to Putin—including sanctions.
66. Red Flag. Kushner doesn't recall any documents offered/accepted at Don Jr-Veselnitskaya mtg (9Jun16).

Akhmetshin—in mtg—remembers Docs.
67. Unnamed assistant in Kushner's prepared statement for private visit w/ Senate Intel Cmte today 👇

Avi Berkowitz.
68. Literally every box to prove Trump Obstruction of Justice ⚖ beyond reasonable doubt is checked ☒ in this story on Jr-Russia cover-up.
69. 3 times Trump demonstrably obstructed Russia probe.

23Mar—Coats & Rogers.
8Jul—Jr stmt on Trump Tower mtg.

3 is a trend.
70. Zero reason Trump WH admits dictation story true UNLESS they can't control narrative.

Mueller knows Hope Hicks never took loyalty oath.
71. Mueller Special Counsel team expands to 16.

Trump-Russia Team:
-3 lawyers who know fraud/corruption/foreign bribery.
-1 from Watergate.
72. Today in Trump-Russia: Special Counsel Mueller impanels Grand Jury in DC.

Proceedings secret—can indict & subpoena witnesses/documents.
73. If correct FBI raided Manafort home for Tax & Banking Docs, then FinCEN noose is tightening.

Leverage to flip.
74. Revealed: Rinat Akhmetshin says he knew Manafort before Jr-Veselnitskaya mtg in Trump Tower.

No stranger to Ivanov either (Fmr #2 FSB).
75. Trump pardoning Sheriff Arpaio pre-sentencing hamstrings Mueller probe.

De-fangs Contempt of Crt against witnesses who ignore subpoena.
76. NYT omits *why*—of all Putin people—Michael Cohen emailed Dmitry Peskov (Kremlin Spokesman).

Steele Dossier says Peskov ran Clinton Op.
77. Trump hamstrung Mueller's power to compel witnesses—via Contempt of Crt—w/ Arpaio, so Mueller hog-tied pardons.
78. Mueller folded Manafort files into Fed case Jun17👇

Farming case back to Schneiderman signals Trump Obstruction.
79. Mueller + IRS Criminal Unit kills two birds:

a Manafort can't afford legal fees (flip).
b Trump Taxes exposed to Max. Legal. Jeopardy.
80. 1st Mueller WH intvw to suss-out Trump statements/docs on Flynn/Comey

McGahn WHC
Burnham—Dep WHC
Raffel—PR Kushner
81. Still unknown—Mueller's info on Facebook accounts/ad buyers needed for probable cause.

I'm thinking Intercepts.
82. Start-date of 2nd FISA on Paul Manafort unknown.

But CNN says it's for Trump-Russia case, which began Jul 2016.
83. Mueller wants White House docs.

13 areas (3 known):

10May Lavrov/Kislyak/Trump mtg
13Feb Flynn firing
8Jul Trump's stmt for Jr TT stmt
84. Mueller opens criminal probe into Podesta Grp violating FARA w/Manafort firm in Ukraine.

Harder for Trump to call Mueller partisan now.
85. Mueller files 1st criminal indictment in DC Federal Court. Dep AG Rosenstein signed order.

Boente—AG EDVA—resigned to day.
86. Time to re-up that then Acting AG Boente may have to corroborate Comey testimony to Senate Intel Cmte, 8Jun17.
87. Boente can corroborate Comey testimony that Trump attempted to interfere in FBI investigation; Trump may have called Boente about it.
88. Veselnitskaya brought Trump Jr info from Russian Prosecutor-General Chaika—(Putin associate, works w/ FSB).
89. Odd time for public interview w/ WH lawyer Ty Cobb.

Unless msg that Trump isn't concerned w/ indictment is intended for Mueller's ears.
90. Until indictment unsealed, we won't know charges.

But Manafort AND Rick Gates points to financial malfeasance.
91. Mueller is a special prosecutor—not an "investigator."

This is where he plays Manafort & Gates off each other.
92. 12 count, 34 page indictment of Paul Manafort & Rick Gates. Summed up as Conspiracy to Conceal Foreign Payments.
93. Line of questioning Mueller will pursue w/ Paul Manafort & Rick Gates that tie into larger Trump-Russia investigation...
94. 2/2

Sergei Gorkov mtg (Kushner).
Trump Tower mtg (Kushner, Trump Jr)/Yuri Chaika.
RNC platform change.
95. Ex-Trump Aide George Papadopoulos pleads guilty to making false statements to FBI.

Mar16, he attempted to set up Trump-Russia mtgs.
96. George Papadopoulos Statement of Offense: 1st admission Trump campaign aide of pushed Clinton dirt from Russia.
97. Papadopoulos arrested 27Jul17 (lying to FBI).

Light recommended sentence indicates he's Mueller's 1st known Cooperating Witness.
98. Ahem. Pg 8, Fn 2:

"Official" who forwarded Papadopoulos email, "Request from Russia to meet Mr Trump" (21May16) is Manafort.

Trust me.
99. Rut roh.

RNC paid Bade LLC—through which Manafort/Gates are accused of repatriating hidden money—for work done w/ Trump campaign.
100. So supervisor Sam Clovis recommended Papadopoulos go to Moscow?

Same Clovis who brought in Carter Page?

101. Unmasked. Consultants Manafort/Gates used to hide pro-Russia Congressional lobbying.

"Company A"—Mercury LLC
"Company B"—Podesta Group
102. If Target 2 is Melissa Laurenza...

Good to re-up known Manafort Grand Jury subpoenas.
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