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The UN is full of incompetant & criminal individuals. 30-60% of UN aid disappears-much of it goes to Hamas, Boko Haram, African warlords, African Presidents & former pres who are close friends w the Clintons. UN peacekeepers rape & UN ldrs don't stopa any of it. NWO plan.
The poor management, lack of accountability, lack of oversight & lack of penalties for failures has made the UN ripe for corruption & plunder for decades. Leaders of the UN are self serving corrupt little tyrants w too much power & money. Theft is rampant…
The UN NEEDS perpetual war. They NEED poor, hungry, diseased people. Think of all the money they have spent & each contributing nation has (supposedly) sent. There's very little improvement. If people were healthy, fed, educated & peaceful the UN would shut down.
Your tax $ goes to the UN but do you know how? The cabinet secretaries, heads of govt agencies, lawmakers all have their pet projects, problems. The goal of most of them is power & $, only a tiny fraction really do care. This how the establishment in DC works 1 hand washes the
the other. There's an understanding that each person has their role to play. Beginners have to suck up, do the grunt work, build coalitions, raise $ & power, prove their loyalty. Loyalty is paramount. Its difficult to determine which came 1st the chicken or the egg but lets start
w the heirarchy. A pres is elected. Now he has tremendously power to grant favors & pay people back. Thats done in several ways. 1)Appoint them to a cabinet post 2)Judges or atty may get a Fed'l appointment in the Dist courts. 3)Big donors often become ambassadors 4)DNC Leader
Big campaign bundlers or personal friends have often been given ambassadorships. Never have posts been outright sold like under Obama. Here are a few examples of unqualified ambassadors. These are people who represented US!
Leaked emails show Obama sold various offices! The cabinet, WH, Pentagon & intel agencies are very powerful. Some people in the highest positions simply bought their post & are completely incompetent & corrupt. They have multi-billion $ budgets.
Their job is to create or display a need. A crisis is welcomed. They need to tell the public that we are at risk of war disease, destroying the planet etc. They publish some report on how bad the problem is & how to fix it. Its now up to politicians & MSM to sell it to the public
This brings everyone in now. Lets say the Secty of Def & Pentagon (deep state) tell Congress our military is weak & we must do XYZ to make it stronger. Congress talks to MSM & raises the alarm so the public is led to believe the world will end if we don't fix this.
MSM & Congress bring it to our atten BUT former cabinet secretaries, WH officials etc are now univ presidents & profs. They ensure that "independent studies" fit w what Congress & the Pentagon are saying. Univ provide the "scholarly work", empirical studies. MSM, UN pick it up
War is big business. The Pentagon, weapons manufacturers, Congress are all cozy. 1st they need a war or a threat of war. Congress can declare 1. Each member of Congress wants to get reelected. They need $ for that. Enter the lobbyists. Its now very very serious. Lobbyists are
Anyone who has contacts in the Congress &/or other agencies where they can make a difference. Lobbyists work on behalf of industries, specific co's, or even foreign countries. Lobbying is legalized bribery. Lobbyists live & work in DC & they have to build & maintain relationships
They schmooze with Senators & Representatives & they know everyone around them. They need to woo the lawmaker. Their "friendship" is bought by promises of campaign contributions, free tickets to events, use of private planes, favors etc. Lobbyists will do anything to get what
They want. What they want is for their members of Congress to write up a bill, call for a vote etc.The lobbyist tells the lawmaker-we need your vote to authorize war/approve the budget for the purchase of our jets, tanks, planes. Lobbyists explain how much $ the lawmaker will get
Toward their reelection campaign & maybe the lawmakers spouse, child or friend suddenly gets a great job working for the weapons manufacturer. Lawmakers want more manufacturing in their states so they get reelected. Building jets or guns in their home state is an easy sell to
the people of their state. But if Lockheed, General Dynamics & Boeing all want the contract for XYZ weapon then they have to dump a lot of $ (legal bribes) into DC. Its not enough that politics wage war, they now fight over who will profit from it. Congress IS allowed to engage
in insider trading. Its no coincidence so many politicians are married to bankers & Wall St types. Lots of back door deals happen, $ changes hands. War starts. Poor & middle class provide the troops & make the war personal, worthwhile. Just their presence does that. Soldiers
aren't tasked w selling the war just fighting. So mil industrial complex profits, Congress gets their campaign contributions & can engage in insider trading (which is why few bankers go to jail & why bankers can run amock or create something like the housing crisis).
This is an example of what goes on behind closed doors in DC. Lobbyist takes Sen staffer to lunch regularly & gives them tickets to XYZ.Staffer talks up co the lobbyist works for. Phone calls & emails result in the lobbyist promising X $ for Sen reelection campaign IF lobbyist co
gets the multi-mil or multi-bil $ contract. THIS is the swamp. Congress get their legal bribes in exchange for their votes to authorize the war & the budget for the weapons of war. Now whether its for weapons, med, energy, global warming etc the US sends some $ to the blackhole
which is the UN. They have aid agencies, ed, energy, military & much more. Congress & the pres develop & pass the budget. We pay for it. Lobbyists get paid, Congress gets $ for their votes. Staffers get more perks from the lobbyists & the deep state, Pentagon gets more. Some of
our tax $ gets mixed w UN $ & then its mostly stolen, misused or wasted. Very little of the $ any nation gives the UN ever makes it to the needy. That doesn't stop them from issuing warnings "big famine", "epidemic" SEND $. Money they can embezzle. Here're just a few offices
involved. Its not just food aid that goes from the US to the UN but virtually every agency & dept. The UN gets $ from the State Dept, Dept of Energy, Ed-ALL of them! Meanwhile Congress can engage in insider trading, like maybe just before a vote in Congress about whether to
authorize war or send X $ in emergency funds to the UN to be used for XYZ med. Of course its not illegal before the vote,for them to tell their spouse to buy a bunch of stock in the pharmaceutical co that makes that drug. Former WJC WH people are all over the UN. The UN even
said they'd let Bill negotiate the contracts with suppliers of aide bc Bill explained he "knows people". HRC sent aid from the State Dept to the UN aid agencies. Many of the agencies have Clinton people in leadership. The CF is a sham. Bill just brings people together. ALL the $
that the CF gets in donations & probably a lot that it controls via partnerships is used ONLY for admin (keeping Bills friends employed), Clinton Global Forum where world leaders, corp leaders, academics all get together. The CF pays for it. Bill arranges for XYZ co to get the
contract from UNICEF for 30 million doses of some vaccine. Thats a big sale. Stock price will probably go up. Bill & HRC caused wars, death & destruction in the ME. Now they profit from it by getting the W to donate $ to the UN & CF. War & disease keeps prying eyes away.
Countries in a state of perpetual war, famine or disease are simply markets to globalist UN NWO. Pictures on TV & HW's propaganda machine show us how bad it is there & why we should donate & pay more taxes to help these poor people. Establishment doesn't WANT peace. No $ in it.
Since the NWO headquartered in the UN, wants lower population they use many methods. The US pushed the UN to force Int'l Planned Parenthood into poor nations.The poor war ravaged country FORCED to accept Int'l PP into their country or the UN will REFUSE live saving aid like food
The Clintons mastered all of this. Bill & Hillary started wars years ago. Their friends in HW made movies like "Hotel Rwanda", "Black Hawk Down" & so on. That kept the public engaged & enraged. The Clintons are so huge that they're everywhere. Right now google any US or int'l
charity & you'll understand. Add words related to crime like
"Clinton UNDP stolen". Pick ANY charity & you will see how many they have "partnered" with. Sierra Club, WWF, UNICEF, World Vision, American Heart Assoc, Red Cross & on & on & on.
Here's just a tiny sample of the agencies & people they worked with. Suppose any of them got a portion of the aid?
Note how many different charities the CF has under it & who they partner with. Fortunately for Bill he knew all about the UN agencies & leaders. HRC Spied on them
HRC was SoS when she ordered everyone under her PLUS the CIA & FBI (Mueller) to spy. FBI=DOJ not SD. This is only a sample of who & what she was after. It had nothing to do with our national security & everything to do w $, & controlling UN agaencies.…
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