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Hello everyone and thank you for hosting me on #Audacious, @arkinsquare! My tweets will be a thread, so please follow along. I'll also take questions afterwards.
First of all, introductions. I'm Subomi Plumptre, wearer of many hats - investor, #brand strategist, #socialmedia strategist and idea developer. #Audacious @arkinsquare
Here are a few of my professional credentials - I'm a member of the Executive Committee at @AlderConsulting, a Creative Intelligence Firm. #Audacious @arkinsquare
I'm a corporate wealth representative of @StanbicIBTC and @MeristemNigeria. Finally, I'm a Director at Volition Capital (, an #Investment Cooperative. #Audacious @arkinsquare
My task today is simple - to talk about money; a topic I can speak about, day or night 😊😊. #Audacious @arkinsquare
I have discovered that too many people have spare capital lying around and they often wonder where to invest it, in #Nigeria. #Audacious @arkinsquare
Therefore, I will speak about 4 things:
1. The #investment climate in #Nigeria
2. My thoughts on wealth
3. Difference between savings and investment
4. Seven investment options in Nigeria
#Audacious @arkinsquare
1. Here's a typical picture of the investment climate in #Nigeria: Investors make incredible returns, despite the environmental risk. A return on investment (ROI) of 100% per annum, is not uncommon. #Audacious @arkinsquare
Even with currency risk, at every point in time, you have a buffer of at least 7% ROI, which provides enough space and time to convert Naira to FOREX, if there's a sudden change in exchange rates. #Audacious @arkinsquare
So, a lot of Nigerians in Diaspora invest in Nigeria, make the returns and then repatriate their funds. #Audacious @arkinsquare
In Nigeria, many institutions and individuals tend to hoard #investment information. They prefer to keep wealth to themselves. This is not unfair. It's just life. Life rewards those who bother to take the time to discover and mine opportunities. #Audacious @arkinsquare
Now, unless you have assets of N20m or more, you rarely qualify for private wealth advice or management. So, you're on your own (OYO). You need to devote personal time to actively creating wealth. Your banker won't tell you "what's up". #Audacious @arkinsquare
In Nigeria, many lose money because of three things - lack of knowledge, lack of time and too often, lack of investment speed (analysis paralysis). On to the next point. #Audacious @arkinsquare
2. Here are my thoughts on wealth: #Audacious @arkinsquare
It is common for professionals to eat their "seed". You see, jobs and businesses are rarely designed to produce enduring generational wealth. (There are exceptions, of course). Many times, they are designed to produce salaries and profit. #Audacious @arkinsquare
It is what you do with your salary and profit, by way of investing, that creates sustainable wealth. #Audacious @arkinsquare
True wealth is the ability to be away from business for months and yet, still earn well without your business imploding in your absence. #Audacious @arkinsquare
Wealth is being able to afford life-saving surgery without crowdfunding on social media. #Audacious @arkinsquare
Wealth is having a network of people who can raise significant capital for you in 24 hours, on the strength of your integrity. #Audacious @arkinsquare
Wealth is having a network of people who can raise significant capital for you in 24 hours, on the strength of your integrity. #Audacious @arkinsquare
Wealth is not being afraid when stock prices crash or #bitcoin prices fall. This is because you make money on both sides of the buy & sell equation. #Audacious @arkinsquare
3. There are a few differences between savings and investment. #Audacious @arkinsquare
Savings are in a savings account or God forbid, a current account. You earn between 4% to 10%, depending on how wicked your bank is 😀. On the other hand, an investment earns a minimum ROI of 15% per annum, which is above Nigeria's inflation rate. #Audacious @arkinsquare
4. So where can you invest? How do you ACHIEVE FINANCIAL LIBERATION? Here are 7 options in #Nigeria. #Audacious @arkinsquare
- Direct investment in farms, cooperatives and agro-allied industries. ROI is 30% to 220% pa
- Indirect investment via crowdfunding platforms like Thrive Agric or FarmCrowdy. ROI is 15% to 40%
#Audacious @arkinsquare
- Long term holdings in virgin land. ROI of 300% plus over 3 to 5 years.
- Investments in property development & sales or Joint Ventures (JVs). 35% pa
(To avoid "omonile", buy land from credible property development companies.) #Audacious @arkinsquare
Option 3:. EXPORT
- Commodities. ROI of 60% pa
- Investments in the export value chain e.g processing, packaging and transportation. ROI depends on area of focus. #Audacious @arkinsquare
- Long term value stocks. ROI of 50% pa
- Day trading. ROI of 100% plus.
#Audacious @arkinsquare
There are online apps that allow individuals to buy and sell shares in Nigeria, without talking to a stockbroker e.g @MeristemNigeria's Meritrade. #Audacious @arkinsquare
- Individual Coin Offerings (ICOs) and investments in blockchain applications: ROI of 300% plus
- Day Trading: 100% plus pa
#Audacious @arkinsquare
- Investments in businesses and start-ups. The ROI depends on the business case. #Audacious @arkinsquare
- Mixed mutual funds of government securities (eg Treasury Bills and Bonds). Also securities of blue chip corporations (e.g Commercial Papers). ROI of 15-18% pa
#Audacious @arkinsquare
I deliberately made money market funds last, because they have the lowest risk profile of the different investment vehicles. They are low risk and therefore have the lowest returns. (Returns and risk are typically proportional.) #Audacious @arkinsquare
With money market funds, you deposit money with an asset management institution and your principal and returns are guaranteed by them. No thinking required. #Audacious @arkinsquare
I use my money market fund account as a "vault" for the investment proceeds I make elsewhere, to protect them from inflation. I also use it as a place to pool smaller sums, until I have enough to invest elsewhere. #Audacious @arkinsquare
Unfortunately Twitter is limiting, so I can't break down each investment option in detail. But know this, FINANCIAL LIBERATION goes beyond knowledge. You must take the practical step of INVESTING in at least 1 of these platforms to MULTIPLY/CREATE WEALTH. #Audacious @arkinsquare
To learn more about the 7 investment options in #Nigeria, please register for my video and WhatsApp investment course which holds on May 11: #Audacious @arkinsquare
The floor is now open for questions. I will respond to some of them now and others after 9pm. Please use #Audacious when you ask questions and respond directly to this thread. Thank you for having me @arkinsquare!
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